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montreal, canada: i went to mutek this past weekend in montreal. i didn't have too much time to walk around the city. here are a few scenes. downtown montreal is absolutely saturated with beautiful intracite graf like this. i only...

Montreal was a public photoblog where people with a love for the urban form, modern world, or a general appreciation of their environment gathered to post stories, narratives and often upload photos of their favourite cities, hometowns, travels, or current locations.

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We Will Miss You, Peter

author: upfromflames : Brooklyn, NY (Oct 2nd 2015)

The founder of this wonderful site is now gone gone from this world. Peter passed away on Monday night, from a recent illness. Its been a long time since he's posted here, but he will never be forgotten in these pages or in the hearts of those that knew him. via BSA: Please come Saturday night for A Celebration of Peter Carroll AKA Laserburners AKA PET Bird and in support of his partner Katherine Lorimer AKA Luna Park whom he loved dearly. Pandemic Gallery Saturday October 3rd from 4pm until late 22 Waverly Avenue Between Park and Flushing Brooklyn, New York

The Freedom Tunnel

author: Peter : New York, NY (Jun 9th 2008)

This is the north entrance to the in . I could go on and on describing this place, its contents and meaning, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. More reading here, though: , but in the tunnel, it was much, much cooler, less humid, and filled with an atmosphere of dark, still, dead air... I carried a tripod in order to avoid using the tell-tale flash. Most of these photos were very long exposures to get enough light. This photo is unedited, and gives a pretty...

Feeling Sixy?

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Oct 16th 2007)

One for the ... After (or or , etc) as apparently many non-English-speaking visitors confuse this almost-homonymous word with , and apparently have surfed here looking for . So imagine my amusement when I found this for "Page Six" of the in a car, in ... :

Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club

author: Peter : Philadelphia, PA (Nov 16th 2009)

The Wheels of Soul MC headquarters in ,


peter's posts

Public Urinals: Amsterdam

author: Peter : Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 4th 2004)

Hell's Angels - New York City

author: Peter : New York, NY (Aug 3rd 2006)

The Bridges of New York City

author: Peter : New York, NY (Apr 13th 2005)

Side-by-Side Tandem Bicycle:

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Apr 15th 2005)

Fuck England

author: Peter : New York, NY (Oct 20th 2005)

Sane Smith: Puttin' the Green in Greenpoint

author: Peter : New York, NY (Apr 30th 2004)

Fuck Neck Face

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Sep 8th 2005)

Abandoned General Motors Plant

author: Peter : Sleepy Hollow, NY (Aug 3rd 2005)

Ground Zero: Lower Manhattan As It Looks Today

author: Peter : New York, NY (Apr 16th 2002)

Dr. Sex

author: Peter : New York, NY (Aug 2nd 2010)

Penn Station Greyhound

author: Peter : Newark, NJ (May 23rd 2005)

1990s NYC Graffiti: Part 8

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Nov 2nd 2009)

The Ghost Ships of Coney Island Creek

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (May 1st 2009)

Queensboro Plaza Roller

author: Peter : Queens, NY (Jan 11th 2010)

Occupy Wall Street

author: Peter : New York, NY (Oct 6th 2011)


author: Peter : Queens, NY (Jan 13th 2010)

A Walk Through Brick City

author: Peter : Newark, NJ (Apr 15th 2005)

The Next Stop Is... Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway...

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Jun 15th 2005)

Sewage Tunnel

author: Peter : Queens, NY (Jan 12th 2010)

Luna Park: Coney Island

author: Peter : Brooklyn, NY (Apr 12th 2002)

from the archives

Last Days of 2011

Last Days of 2011

from the archives

Ghost Town

We went to Bodie, CA a mining town east of Yosemite NP off Highway 395. Actually in the middle of nowhere. I was trying to photograph a ghost by looking into reflections. Not sure if you can see any in...

Ghost Town

from the archives

The End of the Brotherhood Winery Collection

the winery was once used as a fallout shelter. many people became alcholics from running in there so many times to excape the atomic bomb and wound up getting bombed anyway. my fallout shelter was in my Catholic...

The End of the Brotherhood Winery Collection