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The Next Stop Is... Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway...

This is the of the / line. lies atop the station, and it exits right in front of the . The proclaiming the stop... most of these were done in...

The Next Stop Is... Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway...

New York 1930

- Franny Wentzel - Friday, January 8th, 2010 : goo

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Photos from the November 1930 Nat'l Geographic's New York City article

image 37982

Bowling Green

image 37983

The tallest building in the world

image 37984

Lucky Lindy returns from Paris

image 37985

Central Park skating

image 37986

The Chanin Building

image 37987

Fog over Manhattan

image 37988

A clearer view

image 37989

Ticker tape parade

image 37990

Madison Square from the NY Life Bldg

image 37991

The SS Leviathan

image 37992

The Battery & Lower Manhattan

image 37993

Artsey Grand Central

image 37994

Artsey Woolworth Bldg

image 37995

Underneath the city

image 37996

The New Yorker Hotel under construction

image 37997

and the

image 37998

The money to pay for it all

image 37999

Elephants run loose in Harlem

image 38000

The Woolworth Bldg & the old Post Office in colour

image 38001

Washington Square in The Village

image 38002

Fashion Show

image 38003

Bryant Park

image 38004

Old World Immigrants

image 38005

New World cliff dwellers

image 38006

Fifth Avenue

image 38007

Belmont Raceway

image 38008

Tudor City's mini golf course

image 38009

A mini-golf course in a large apartment bldg

image 38010

The fleet's in!

image 38011

SS Mauritania at the Cunard pier

image 38012

Broaway show

image 38013

Ultra-modern offices

image 38014

The Garment District - One fig leaf started all this

image 38015

Lower East Side pushcart market

image 38016

Don't touch my bags if you please, Mister Customs Man...

image 38017

Changing the lights atop the NY Central Building

image 38018

News from your hometown!

image 38019

New York's bravest

image 38020

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

image 38021

Sidewalk shopping in the hardware district

image 38022

Chrysler & Johns Manville Bldgs under construction

image 38023

Riverside Drive & Grant's Tomb

image 38024

Top of the Fred French Bldg

image 38025

Madison Avenue ad agency

image 38026

Artsey window display on Fifth Avenue

image 38027

Painting class off Columbus Circle

image 38028

Brooklyn Bridge and the Hotel Margaret

image 38029

Hungarian Gypsy children

image 38030

Greenwich Village gypsies

image 38031

Washington Square North townhouses

image 38032

Gramercy Park

image 38033

The El where Park Row meets the Bowery

image 38034

The NY Public Library at 42nd Street

image 38035

Lower East Side where bread is sold by the slice - butter 2 cents extra

image 38036

Soup kitchen - the Great Depression was just getting started

image 38037

Central Park South by day...

image 38038

...and by night

image 38039

Battery Park

image 38040

Book store in the Village

image 38041

Soldiers & Sailors monument

image 38042

New York's finest

image 38043

Street scene in Chinatown

image 38044

Stickball on Orchard Street

image 38045

Boating on Central Park Lake

image 38046

The Theater District

image 38047

Wall Street bank

image 38048

South Street piers

image 38049

Washington Square artist's studio

image 38050

Huntington Collection at the Met

image 38051

Roman Court at the Met

image 38052

Curb Market on Avenue C

image 38053

Immigrant students

image 38054

The foot of Wall Street - note demolition underway at #1

image 38055

Fifth Avenue double-decker busses

image 38056

Entrance to Holland Tunnel

image 38057

Demolition of the Waldorf Astoria in preparation for the next world's tallest building

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anon ( 21st Jan 2010 - 20:47 GMT

Those are amazing! I just spent a month in NYC (my first time) this past summer. It's so cool to see this history!

Glen: 8th Feb 2010 - 15:58 GMT

Outstanding pictures ! Are they from a book

Franny Wentzel: 8th Feb 2010 - 16:27 GMT

They're from the November 1930 issue of the National Geographic Magazine.

Sarah: 16th Apr 2010 - 05:22 GMT

I think if you check, you'll find that the photo marked "First Street Houses" actually shows townhouses on Washington Square North.

Franny Wentzel: 16th Apr 2010 - 10:30 GMT

Oops... maybe the robot in the cupbaord can fix that. Oh, Mister Roboto...

anon ( 31st Jan 2011 - 16:02 GMT

great photos. They really show of nyc at that time. The coulor pics were my favorite.

ECS Sanchez, London, UK: 18th Jun 2012 - 09:46 GMT

I came across this cornucopia of beautiful photographs quite by accident.
I had Googled ‘Townsville, park, painting, class’, trying to identify the tree in a photograph emailed to me of a watercolour painted on Sunday by a relative living out there.
Browsing through the resulting images and had clicked on an image of an old colour photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge. Intrigued, I clicked on the image and it brought me to this wonderful page!
Many thanks for uploading these delightful photographs – so interesting, both from architectural and sociological perspectives: they capture the essence of 1930s New York so well.
I was in surprised to see the Chrysler Building described as ‘the tallest building in the world’, but then realised that the Empire State Building hadn’t been completed until the following year, 1931. I still much prefer it to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, for the moment, the tallest in the world. The Empire had something solid and reassuring about it!
Again, many thanks for sharing these photographs.
Best wishes,
ECS Sánchez, London, UK

SC Eng, Edison, NJ: 24th Apr 2013 - 02:01 GMT

Been trying to find NYC CHinatown pics from the 1930's, these are the best I have found. Thank you!!

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from the archives

The Hoof

Vanderhoof Skatepark night session

The Hoof

from the archives

from the archives

Time-Lapse Graffiti Door

Passed this door a while back, next to the and . It was covered in and s... After several months, went over ... Three days later, the door got ed... (sorry for the blurry pics) , ...

Time-Lapse Graffiti Door