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Cross Street in Glorious Technicolor

in glorious technicolor , ,

Cross Street in Glorious Technicolor

A Schlepp Through Schenectady - Lower State Street

- Franny Wentzel - Thursday, March 11th, 2010 : goo

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Continuing on our journey to the less frequented side of the downtown district...

image 40363

First a look back uptown from under the railway bridge...

image 40364

image 40365

image 40366

and the shiney new cineplex...

image 40367

Just before you get to the bridge - the underside of which was turned into a bus stop - you see this old Uneeda Biscuit sign...

image 40368

It had been hidden from the main drag for well over a century...

image 40369

Was visible from the railroad platform...

image 40370

as was this sign.

image 40371

The train to The City just happened to pull in...

image 40372

image 40373

Probably there by the time I post this.

image 40374

image 40375

The other side of the street

image 40376

image 40377

Buildings along Erie Boulevard - once part of the Erie Canal

image 40378

The Wedgeway Building - basically a hallway to a now demolished theater

image 40379

Camcorder framegrab of the GE plant

image 40380

Meant to take one on this visit but this little rascal showed up...

image 40381

Wanted to get more pix but my camera kept shutting down on account of a low battery...

image 40383

Managed to squeeze off a few more shots by letting the battery rest for a bit...

image 40382

Results of an 'emergency' demolition due to collapse...

image 40384

Great view of a 1950s gem - there used to be decorative slats along the front...

image 40385

Still looks nice...

image 40386

From the 'fancy trimmin's' school of architecture...

image 40387

Right - former Patton & Hall store
Left - former Barneys Department Store

image 40388

The Un-building...

image 40389

Former Barneys - now apartments

image 40390

A few remaining architectural gems...

image 40391

Former Breslaws store - Schenectady had quite a few substantial businesses back in the day...

image 40392

Formerly a fire station...

image 40393

image 40394

When the Breslaws building was converted to apartments they reconfigured the entrances and didn't bother to rip up the old tilework...

image 40395

won't you please come home?

image 40396

Formerly the Freeds Auto Exchange - Schenectady has a few remnants of the buildings other cities used to have further uptown...

image 40397

The former Van Curler Hotel - now a community college

image 40398

Battery was almost completely spent but there was just enough juice left to get one more image...

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Franny Wentzel: 12th Mar 2010 - 17:54 GMT

An addendum. Found a 2004 photo I took of the Olender and Robinson's Furniture stores

image 40440

A few years ago the Robinson's building partially collapsed necessetating its complete demolition...

image 40441

joey: 18th Mar 2010 - 01:07 GMT

those low battery shots can be interesting.

Franny Wentzel: 19th Mar 2015 - 18:34 GMT


That Mid-century Modern bank just got an unwelcome 'facelift'...

image 52144

Some upstart tech firm bought the building

image 52145

And - inspired by Spinal Tap - ordered a set of Nun-Mor-Blakô glass panels

image 52146

To go from this - to this...

image 52147

Thanks a heap!

Franny Wentzel: 8th Oct 2015 - 18:31 GMT

image 52317

image 52318

Most recent views down lower State Street...

Franny Wentzel: 3rd Apr 2016 - 18:32 GMT

*Another Update*

image 52797

More demolition work was undertaken on lower State...

image 52798

...this time on the former Olender furniture building - which had been vacated a half-decade ago.

image 52799

First the ugly green facade was flensed from the corpse...

image 52800

...revealing a remarkably intact pair of century-old commercial fronts.

image 52801

As the mid-century modern skin of the Olender flopped to the pavement, one can make out...

image 52802

...the loss of two more buildings further down the block.

image 52803

Preservationists had hoped seeing the old facade might encourage saving it...

image 52804

...but that movement had faded considerably now that today's generation has learned to live without cities and neighbourhoods and all that history.

image 52805

As demolition commenced, the one survivor on the block...

image 52806

Revealed a long hidden .

image 52807

It was intended that the Nicholaus Block would remain but construction work has weakened its foundation and engineers are busily trying to stabilise the situation.

image 52808

All this demolition work in is advance of...

image 52809

...this clutch of 'luxury apartments'- Mc-Architecture.

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from the archives

Love Graf Tree (Zelkova Carpinifolia)

Love Graf Tree (Zelkova Carpinifolia)

from the archives

I Was Told...

to walk across the brooklyn bridge to patsy grimaldi's pizza. thunder lightning and I. when we got back, it was night, but not dark.

I Was Told...

from the archives

Allout Shelter +

Stuff within a 1 block radius.

Allout Shelter +