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Sunset Park 3

- Lou - Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 : goo

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Lou: 4th Jul 2012 - 17:20 GMT

Hello all and welcome to the new Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York site, Wishing all of you a Safe and Happy 4th of July 2012. I'm in the above photo top right behind oberlander, i'm also the kid with the straw hat on in the 1st photo, that was fun times then, hey Catanzarro are you there?

Lou: 4th Jul 2012 - 17:23 GMT

Vinny wherfore art thou yon knave, paceri was always a good guy, so was his brother anthony, denise cavaretta wow, snooky and marie costello nice people, they're all in the class photo, friel was a friend on facebook, he dropped off, wayne was a friend on, wayne? where'd you go?

doug: jul 2012: 9th Jul 2012 - 22:51 GMT


lou: 10th Jul 2012 - 13:29 GMT

doug thank you, i know all who are in the photo, vinny paceri was a close buddy of mine back then, he and his brother anthony lived on 50th along with marty cipoli, bergen, marie costello and others, just down the street from freidheims cafe, we played kings right there and wondered if any one who went into freidheims was an escaped war criminal from germany since it was a german cafe, we used to say gestapo when someone went up their steps to go eat, we laughed at what we thought up,yeah vinny oberlander was another vinny who sat right behind me in second grade, i use to pass him toys to play with as he made comments on the toys actions, he was fun to listen to, he lived near marty cusack and his sister who lived on 48th and 4th over the car showroom, i remember all these kids like it was yesterday, thanks again doug.....bill green horn and dave levassaeur was the 4th and 5th kid's that hung out with us on 50th, way back in '64 and '65......

lou: 10th Jul 2012 - 13:50 GMT

patricia laurie also lived on 48th near 5th, she was nice, i wanted to talk to her in the schoolyard and date her in the 4th grade, we had a guy named kevin rogers in our class, good guy, his brother was in vietnam in '65, he sent him a southeast asia silk jacket embroidered with the map of vietnam on it, so when the nun seen it she got an idea to have us kids write letters to the sevice members serving in vietnam, when we got letters back we were all in awe, and we kept them in our prayers also, did you know tutti, jimmy the owner of jimmies pizzeria, they both lived on 48th, also jimmy burke, he we all knew, he was the half brother of 2 guys i hung out with frankie and phillip duganero from 46th near 5th, lived in the same building as manny and vinny cutter and our new friend carmine from naples who also attended saint michaels school with us, that barber on 5th near 46th was a good cut joint, one of the barbers married my friend frankie espositos sister, she looked like nancy sinatra, she was a fox, and that chick who worked waitress in the brighton restaurant, i was 8 and wanted to date her.....hey i gotta run, gotta meet someone and get them a job at saint martha's.......

lou: 10th Jul 2012 - 16:12 GMT

remember the jewish discount stor they had near 46th, things hanging up outside, no one bothered them and them gypsie fortune tellers, 1 near 47th and 1 near 57th, i never seen anyone go in and get their fortune told, i met one years later, he was going around trying to earn money by pulling dents out of cars, he asked me if I knew cars and he's let me work with him, i told him no, i really didn't, i was 13 and not auto inclined since we didn't own a car, we came from a poor family, but managed to have something every week, sound's like the gypsie's, their ladies went around the bars and streets selling flower' the class photo above, oberlander is the first guy on the left with the big ears (left 2nd row near top)I don't see mcnamara and dunleavy in this photo, guess they were in another class then (oh yeah 6-3)our class is 6-1 here....what was our class outing? Rye beach (yeah)

doug: jul 2012: 10th Jul 2012 - 22:33 GMT

lou you are naming all these people i dont know. we are ten years apart in age and that is why that car dealer ship was on 4th ave and 47th street it was a desoto and plymonth dealer dont remember jimmies pizza do remember zas zas pizza 5th ave between 47th and 48th st i did get haircut on 49th above fifth movies were the park alpine and dyker on 86th when u first stared to hang out i was already in the serviceim going to throw out some names of kids who grew up on 48th with me trotter newman priano oberlander rose maddelena timko west martin lake mancini valanti hansen hanely these are name of kids i grew up with

lou: 11th Jul 2012 - 03:04 GMT

I'm just namingt them in case some others see the site and remember some of them, from your other messages I kinda figured you were older, didn't you say you were in the service in '63? Anyway, the dyker was on 86th, the alpine on 69th and 5th or bay ridge avenue as it's called, the park theatre on 44th and 5th, I went to that barber in '58, then went to the one on '46th and 5th, no i was way too young to remember them in those years, I knew of west from James West going to st. michael's, he was a grade behind me, then his brothers along with their aunt opened sparky's bar, she with some help bought the bar from sparky but she kept the name, jimmies pizzeria was nestled right in between Johnsons bar and the delicatessen on 5th, come to think of it Jimmie opened his in the summer of '63, i'm waiting for some of the and people to find this site, found some people I knew on those sites and wrote a bit back and forth, classmates was in a lawsuit and no one seems to be able to get on it anymore and was getting old and people dropped off and whoever was left on was just talking about dope and getting high, not my kind of thing so I left that site for good.......some people just don't or can't move on.

lou: 11th Jul 2012 - 03:07 GMT

i see that is still there but there's no more chat......just as well.

Lou: 22nd Oct 2012 - 16:53 GMT

Thanks to Gods' good Grace's, I now have 4 Roman Catholic title's added to my name, Novice Oblate Benedictine-3Rd Degree Knight of Columbus-Knights Court Courtesan of the Knights of the Holy Eucharist-and Eucharistic Minister, i'm looking to become a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher also, God willing it will be done, in Jesus' name. I have many to thank for this, God first, all the priest's, nun's, lay teacher's, school nurse, custodian's, usher's, Sacristan and classmates of Saint Michael's from the 1960's, and all the school mate's and the family's from then also, thank you all and God bless every one of you, and bless the soul's of those gone to the Lord before us, amen +

Lou: 22nd Oct 2012 - 18:29 GMT

4 title's and a fifth EWTN Missionary, now also a Catholic Online (OSV) writer, gee, this is fun, thinking back on our Saint Michael's matinne bazaar day's with Sister Mary Estelle and Miss Muscatel, you naughty boy's in row 4 dropping pencil's and bent over picking them up but stopping to peek up her dress as she sat in front of us, didn't think I seen you, i'm a sinner also for I had looked to see what you guys were all looking at as you were bent over, I repent for my sinful eye's, went over, I had a laugh at that then, miss muscatel noticed you guy's also, we were all Little Benedict's of Sainthood there, some were little John Bosco's Saint Don Bosco, the girl's were St. Joseph's, but, Benedictine was the real thing....become Oblate's, Sacristan's, Eucharistic Minister's or Ushers for Holy Mother the Church +

Lou: 26th Oct 2012 - 17:41 GMT

The new Evangelization will have us evangelize ourself first, then we can go and evangelize other's...the temporary vow's I professed that sunday the 14th of october are for a year, this year formation will be enough, for I am ready for my permanent vow's now, but will wait the prescribed required time until I can profess those, it should be an interesting year with all that is happening in our Abbey and our Holy Mother The Church +

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