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The Giant Cat of South London

, South East London, a burb of with a sense of humour. I had to drop these pictures, as the makes me smile every day I pass it. I know from talking to some of the more Skippy...

The Giant Cat of South London

The Wedgeway Building

- Franny Wentzel - Saturday, May 4th, 2013 : goo

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Since the mid-late 1800s the Wedgeway Building has framed the view from Erie Boulevard to Lower State Street...

image 50950

One would think it's an integral part of the neighbouring Kresge Building

image 50951

As this Googlesat view shows...

image 50952's its own separate entity.

image 50953

The Wedgeway began life in the mid-1800s a single storey covered walkway on State Street next to the Myers House which would've otherwise had frontage on the Erie Canal.

image 50954

Later in the century the little wedge would gain a couple extra storeys and a fancy bay window.

image 50955

In this turn-of-the-century view it was known as the Wedge Building.

image 50956

This canal side view shows a slice of the Wedge before construction of its five storey annex.

image 50957

Some time in the early 20th century a new facade was installed and the Wedgeway served as the marquee and arcade to the State and Erie theaters on Liberty Street.

image 50958

By the sixties both theaters had closed and their auditoriums were gone by the mid-80s...

image 50959

... but the marquee has proved useful for community announcements and advertisements.

image 50960

That with a bit of composing...

image 50961

Let's step back...

image 50962

And have a squint at some details...

image 50963

image 50964

image 50965

image 50966

Before we step inside...

image 50967

...for a look at the Wedgeway's arcade.

image 50968

image 50969

image 50970

The first of the three businesses using the arcade is a tattoo parlour.

image 50971

Signs at cross purposes...

image 50972

Reminder of the theater days.

image 50973

Used natural light for most of the arcade views save for this flash image...

image 50974

The second business is a barber shop...

image 50975

The Wedgeway was once billed as the largest office building in Schenectady. Here's the fancy-schmancy elevator lobby.

image 50976

Not the stairway to heaven...

image 50977

...and probably not the waiting room to purgatory

image 50978

...or any other portal to the hoary nether regions

image 50979

OK... so there is one place for spirits...

image 50980

Pub patriotica...

image 50981

A look at where we've been before we go...

image 50982

...and some recent repair work. For such a marginal structure it seems fairly well-maintained.

image 50983

While we adjust our eyes to the light...

image 50984

...let's have a look in one of the theaters that used to be here.

image 50985

The State had closed in the 1960s (the Erie had been torn down in '63) but was still standing till the mid-80s.

image 50986

There was the usual talk of maybe fixing up the place but there were only enough community resources at the time to save Proctor's theater.

image 50988

So down she went...

image 50989

To this day her ghost remains.

image 50990

Now she provides parking for business in both the Wedgeway and Kresge buildings

image 50991

Artsey back-of-house views

image 50992

image 50993

image 50994

Artsey Erie Boulevard views

image 50995

image 50996

image 50997

image 50998

Rainy day view from a decade ago...

image 51000

image 51001

Artsey ironwork...

image 51002

image 51003

image 51004

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Michele: 18th Dec 2015 - 15:32 GMT

Used to be my home

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from the archives

The Answer.

The Answer.

from the archives

Usual Suspects

the little darlings. of course, i had a technical hitch which prevents me bringing to you the next installment which was the dragging of a double mattress onto the water thing, and the jumping on of said mattress. it's still...

Usual Suspects

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Cool Cars at the Bank

and an oldskool hot rod

Cool Cars at the Bank