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Columbus Circle, Way Back

Found and uploaded a copy of this very old postcard for Citynoisers to enjoy. Don't know the exact publishing date but, according to the cars and trolleys, it could well be about 90 years old. If anyone has recent photos of this...

Columbus Circle, Way Back

We Will Miss You, Peter

- upfromflames - Friday, October 2nd, 2015 : goo

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The founder of this wonderful site is now gone gone from this world. Peter passed away on Monday night, from a recent illness. Its been a long time since he's posted here, but he will never be forgotten in these pages or in the hearts of those that knew him.

image 52290

via BSA:

Please come Saturday night for A Celebration of Peter Carroll AKA Laserburners AKA PET Bird
and in support of his partner Katherine Lorimer AKA Luna Park whom he loved dearly.

Pandemic Gallery
Saturday October 3rd from 4pm until late
22 Waverly Avenue Between Park and Flushing
Brooklyn, New York

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upfromflames: 2nd Oct 2015 - 04:04 GMT

PS: No idea who is editing CityNoise anymore, since Peter is gone, and my editing priveleges as well. But I can only hope that the sixy freaks are edged out by the visionaries that Peter had in mind when he created CityNoise.

luna park: 3rd Oct 2015 - 16:30 GMT

I'm going to look into this in the coming weeks as I'd like to preserve Citynoise in Peter's memory but I honestly don't know how...

Ekg Labs: 3rd Oct 2015 - 17:22 GMT

Rest In Paint, Pet. Much love. Piece..... + + +

cash4: 3rd Oct 2015 - 18:09 GMT

thanks for putting me on.

joey: 3rd Oct 2015 - 19:28 GMT

Rest in peace my digital photo friend.
thanks for this wonderful site and all your kind and thoughtful comments.
image 52291

Nicole: 3rd Oct 2015 - 21:22 GMT

So sad. Thank you Peter for creating this wonderful place. This was the first blog I posted photos on.

cartlegger: 4th Oct 2015 - 03:54 GMT

image 52293
bye, old friend.
image 52292
You are now missing from the landscape
image 52294
But never forgotten by it.

Sine: 4th Oct 2015 - 05:02 GMT

Luna, used to be hosted by our friends and they are looking into it. It's currently being archived in its current form as I write this and we will update you privately about how to proceed from there. It's the least that I could do. Please know we will take care of it and it will remain as his legacy. One less thing for you to worry about.

Best and love.

Sine: 4th Oct 2015 - 05:08 GMT

Luna, used to be hosted by our friends and they are looking into it. It's currently being archived in its current form as I write this and we will update you privately about how to proceed from there. It's the least that I could do. Please know we will take care of it and it will remain as his legacy. One less thing for you to worry about.

Best and love.

Sine: 4th Oct 2015 - 05:12 GMT

Sorry that posted twice...

Franny Wentzel: 4th Oct 2015 - 07:31 GMT

image 52295

Goodbye from the Robot in the Cupboard...

Upfromflames: 4th Oct 2015 - 18:54 GMT

@sine, Luna, or Jamie:
I have admin access.
You can find me @gmail

Jamie: 4th Oct 2015 - 20:33 GMT

Peter. I will miss you man.

If anyone needs any technical assistance from me, either to archive the site or keep it running please let me know.

Sine: 4th Oct 2015 - 21:04 GMT

I used to have admin access but it was years ago. Let's move this convo to email.

Janet: 5th Oct 2015 - 01:15 GMT

We oldies from Eastern Parkway Memories had a great time getting together thanks to CityNoise and we're grateful to Peter for making it possible. Together we all remembered our childhood and youth here day after day for a few good years, made new friends, connected with old friends who lived down the street or around a corner or two--altogether this became our remarkable and unique block-party bringing much pleasure to all and reviving what were truly the good old days. Thank you Peter, RIP.

Sine: 5th Oct 2015 - 04:08 GMT

elaine: 5th Oct 2015 - 07:12 GMT

Not only the first place I posted pictures, but also my first online community.

I carried on, of course, all over the place, but citynoise has a chunk of my heart, and I am terribly sorry to hear of Peter's death. We never met IRL, but I made friends who I did meet here, and certainly spent lots of time talking to people online. I was terribly isolated by my own illness, and Peter's creation was a big part of how I managed to get through. We'd lost touch over the years, but I remember him very fondly and was only thinking about him the other day, vaguely thinking of getting in touch, the way you do.

Goodbye, dear friend.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 5th Oct 2015 - 14:48 GMT

I am so sorry to hear that Peter is gone. Peter and the Citynoise community gave me a venue to post my ordinary-to-some-but-worderful-to-a-few photos. I will miss him, but I am re-committing to the crew here. Let's wheatpaste this town!

cartlegger: 5th Oct 2015 - 17:27 GMT

You are not alone in your pledge. It's the best thing we can do, to honor the memory of his existence.

Richie Rubin: 5th Oct 2015 - 21:04 GMT


Reid Harris Cooper: 6th Oct 2015 - 02:12 GMT

I unfortunately never took use the opportunity that Citynoise provided, while taking Peter's kind friendship in the real world.

I wish I had cause then I'd have a history here. Hopefully the revised/relived Citynoise done in Peter's memory will be somewhere I will love to come to.

Love to Pet Bird forever.

Jamie: 6th Oct 2015 - 15:20 GMT


It's taken me a few days to gather my thoughts. For the news to sink in. For me to put fingers to keys and actually write something coherent in response to what has happened.

You were a true friend Peter. I deeply regret that I drifted away like I did. From you, and from this place.

I will forever hold dear the memories of our endless haiku battles, the tough times you coached me through with your pragmatic outlook on life and your astute advice about Chinese girls (namely that one should stop thinking that they're all okay). There were many times when you, a million miles away in americkaay were my only solace. And I thank you for all that you did for me.

And though you are gone, this place you built for us will live on, in memory of you.

Goodbye old chap. I will miss you.

Luke: 7th Oct 2015 - 13:18 GMT

Rest in Peace Peter. Hopefully this website will run on as part of a legacy you left.

cartlegger: 9th Oct 2015 - 00:45 GMT

cartlegger: 9th Oct 2015 - 00:48 GMT

image 52320

image 52321

image 52322

image 52323

cartlegger: 9th Oct 2015 - 00:49 GMT

If anyone is against posting this, please take it down, Jamie. I just thought ya'll deserved to see what an incredible human being he was.

Jamie: 9th Oct 2015 - 05:53 GMT

Thank you for posting this here. It brought a tear to my eye.
For those of us that loved Peter but had been out of touch in recent years, seeing these outpourings of love and respect from those who were with him at the end is very heart-warming.

cartlegger: 12th Oct 2015 - 03:08 GMT

image 52333

@ Brooklyn Navy Yard, building 128.

That guy never turned down a new view, angle, or experience.

und1sk0: 15th Oct 2015 - 08:32 GMT

totally unfair and incomprehensible.

i don't know where i'll text my tail numbers whenever i fly somewhere.

"millions! nanananananaananan-nanan-nananana peterrrrr!~"

will miss you terribly, brother.

Luke: 15th Oct 2015 - 12:08 GMT

Had no idea Peter was a graffiti writer, though makes sense given the subjects of his photos. I used to be a mod on the 12oz forums *years* ago.

County of Kings: 20th Oct 2015 - 04:02 GMT

OH WOW, I'm just now seeing this! I'm so sorry to hear about Peter's passing. I've always admired his passion and the variety of his pix and stories. I pray that your spirit is rejoicing with GOD!

Robert: 19th Dec 2015 - 00:28 GMT

I just found out about Peter's passing away six months ago.
It's very sad to see such a talented and nice young person leave us so soon,
may he rest in peace next to God!

Michelle: 28th Dec 2015 - 01:24 GMT

RIP Peter!
image 52645

Adam: 4th Feb 2016 - 13:22 GMT

Wish I had said something at your wake but I feel like it takes time for thoughts/feelings to sink in. I still think about you often and I didn't even know you that well! This website is your legacy and proof of your ability to bring people together. Inspiring some to do photography (like me), others to paint and then the rest as an archive to this crazy world we live. Last time I saw you and Luna, you guys were biking down I believe Flatbush ave together and taking pics of graffiti on like.. the perfect fall day. I really can't imagine a better way to remember you. Thanks for everything..

Hugh: 7th Apr 2016 - 00:21 GMT

This is so sad. I never knew Peter but the first time I saw Citynoise I fell in love. The site stayed in my browser for 6+ years and the stories and photos have given me new insights on how one could appreciate and love cities for all of their flaws and idiosyncrasies. All I can offer to him and any Citynoise staff is my eternal thanks and love.

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from the archives

Crossing Box

Crossing Box

from the archives

What to Do in Sarnia?

Do some work on the back deck: Eat chips under the bridge: (Yes, singular. For some reason nobody started saying "under the bridges" when the second was built.) Look at the big sky in Pt. Edward: Electrocute insects: Roast marshmallows over a backyard fire: More...

What to Do in Sarnia?

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Guess what it is. Winner gets a banana.