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New York 1965

- Franny Wentzel - Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 : goo

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National Geographic visits New York City just in time for the World's Fair - this article was posted a few years back but lost in one of the server crashes.

image 38093

image 38094

image 38095

image 38096

image 38097

image 38098

image 38099

image 38100

image 38101

image 38102

image 38103

image 38104

image 38105

image 38106

image 38107

image 38108

image 38109

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image 38146

image 38147

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CartLegger:: 22nd Oct 2015 - 05:59 GMT

Restored comment from 9th Jan 2010 - 02:58 GMT

wow. this was a worthy burden, Franny. It stands next to Lost New York (1965) as a lost new york in and of itself. I just sat down and could not look away as I read through the whole thing. I am sure others will, too!

Thanks for posting! You've inspired me once again!

nathan brown: 25th Oct 2015 - 05:31 GMT

Restored comment from 9th Jan 2010 - 07:25 GMT

great pictures wish i grew up in that era .it had a sense of character .not like todays society most citys look the same

Robert: 25th Oct 2015 - 05:33 GMT

Restored comment from 9th Jan 2010 - 20:48 GMT

Thanks again Franny, for giving us all these wonderful articles about N.Y.C.
This New York, 1964 took me back to to my teens, listening, to the Ad Libs', on a transistor radio, The Boy From New York City:
Oo ah oo ah oo oo, Kitty
Tell us about the boy
From New York City
Oo ah oo ah come on, Kitty
Tell us about the boy
From New York City
He's kinda tall
He's really fine, yeah, yeah,
Someday I hope to make him
mine, all mine yeah, yeah
And he's neat and oh, so sweet,
and the way he looked at me just
Swept me off my feet
Yeah, yeah
Oo ee you oughta come and see
How he walks yeah yeah
And he talks
Oo ah oo ah oo oos Kitty
Tell us about the boy from New
York City
Oo ah oo ah come on, Kitty
Tell us about the boy from New
York City
He's really down and he's no
Clown yeah yeah
He has the finest penthouse
I've ever seen in town yeah, yeah
And he's cute in his mohair suit
And he keeps his pockets full of
Spending loot yeah, yeah
Oo ee, yeah we're all right
Yeah, oo oo
Ev'ry time he says he loves me
Chills run down my spine
Ev'ry time he wants to kiss me
He makes me feel so fine.
That's him
Alright he's the boy from New
York City
We call him Jill, we're all right.
Oo ah oo ah Kitty,
tell us about the boy from New
York City
Oo ah oo ah Kitty,
Tell us about the boy from New
York City

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from the archives

The Island

A few photos from the Isle of Dogs, to the south of canary wharf. Taken by Adrian Nettleship on a little cycle about.

The Island

from the archives

Brownsville Bike/Record Shop

Bike Shop West Indian & American Records This could possibly be my new favorite store in . It sells two of my favorite things. , , ...

Brownsville Bike/Record Shop

from the archives

Graffiti in the Hammer

Here are some photos of in , . Most of the graf is from KTA, MVP, NAV Crew, Poke, Relic, Cosmo and the generally disliked Chillen and Belio, who tag anything and everything with crude tags, messy spray and...

Graffiti in the Hammer