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Shot from the Scoot

Inspired by 's around Brooklyn. Though the quality and composition leave something to be desired, the getaway is quite swift! This is the intersection of and out in , , near the ...

Shot from the Scoot

St. Johns Place Then

- Janet - Monday, April 18th, 2016 : goo

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image 52859

Lots has happened since we from the old Crown Heights neighborhood got together here to remind each other of the unique, remarkable days in the great place we grew up in, a place bordered by Flatbush, Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Aren't we part of the Greatest Generation? Who remembers those days? Does anyone growing up nowadays have a real attachment to the streets, stores, neighbors, movie palaces (yes, we used to have some--Loew's Kings, Pitkin--remember the Fox on Nevins Street?--had to travel for that gorgeous dream factory specimen. They fit the dreams created in the movies we loved. How else did we learn about the world outside, past and present. Any thoughts? memories?

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HAROLD CHICHESTER: 18th Apr 2016 - 22:25 GMT

Good Luck Janet, I`m Sure Many Have Memories That Were Born In The Same Locales As Ours. Lets Hope They Share Them.

County of Kings: 19th Apr 2016 - 02:43 GMT

Hi Janet, I'm just now seeing your post. Crown Heights was a great place to grow up in the old days. The FOX Theater with all of the shows with "Murray The K" as MC. All of the local movies showed two movies with a cartoon or/and the "Three Stooges" or some other comedy in between each movie. In the evenings the older folks would get their beach chairs and sit outside in front of their buildings and just talk. I lived on Carroll St. We had places we called "Luncheonettes" where you could get almost anything a kid would want or afford, like: 5 cent bags of potato chips, penny candies and bubble gum, or, if you really had money, an egg cream or a milkshake maybe even a burger and fries. We had things in our neighborhood that I don't see anymore. Two Real Deli's, Two shoe repair shops, two real bakeries, two real candy makers and a Chinese Hand Laundry, plus all of the Mom and Pop grocery stores. It was so convenient to go to the corner and get whatever your parents sent you to the store to get. It was a kinder, more safe and gentle time that I will never forget!

Janet: 19th Apr 2016 - 03:37 GMT

I remember the Fox well, but the pre-Murray the K days (by the time he came around I was out of high school and in the work force). I was too young to appreciate the palatial interior and only in recent years saw photos of it which really made me regret that in my great appetite for movies I was too dumb to notice the beautiful setting. Probably I never saw the place lighted up (my interest was always what was on the screen). Amazing how lavish and detailed these movie palaces were. Yes, County of Kings, locally (Utica, Congress, Carrol) two movies and a cartoon. Then on a really bad day a newsreel (like --bleh!). Will be back tomorrow. County of Kings--everything you wrote brings back days and events we all shared. More to come . . .

County of Kings: 20th Apr 2016 - 00:13 GMT

Back in the day, sometimes, there was a period of time when nothing was on the screen. (the person was having a time putting in the next reel). That's when I would look all around and notice the true artwork of light fixtures and carpentry of these once magnificent palaces. True, sometimes the lights would be on, but, once I looked up and around, it became a habit to compare each one to another.
We were fortunate to have more than a few place to go. The Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Gardens, The Main Branch of the Public Library, Prospect Park and the schoolyards of two high schools and a elementary school where we played all day long. The adults of that time actually looked out and protected the children of their community and if they were doing something that was out of order, like drinking or cussing, they hid that from us. A form of respect that's so hard to find now. I enjoy reminiscing about the old days, I hope more folks will join in and share their memories.

Dan from Tampa: 20th Apr 2016 - 03:35 GMT

I grew up in Prospect Heights across the street from the Brooklyn Museum so we share some of the same memories. I liked being walking distance from so many great places to visit as well as to eat.The Deli's,Luncheonettes, and the best pizza to be found anywhere.
How about a 10 minute walk to see the Dodgers?

Janet: 21st Apr 2016 - 03:11 GMT

What was missing in the old neighborhood? Can't think of anything that could have done a better job at making us part of that "greatest generation" than growing up where we grew up. We understood and respected limits, took advantage of what Brooklyn had to offer (and Manhattan for those who ventured out--anyone ever get to the Bronx? We had the local deli (Greffs for St. Johns and Schenectady), wonderful P.S. 167 the Parkway School, Utica Avenue for good stuff, downtown for upscale, great churches and Young Israel on Eastern Pkway (Wednesday's hour of religious instruction that was sure tough on the rabbi and probably not so bad for the priest or nun at St. Matthew's). Most folks were good, neighborly, not extravagant because there wasn't much money around; lots of entertainment in radio and movies, friendships that lasted till death. More to come. . .

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 21st Apr 2016 - 15:40 GMT

My Cousin Joyce Felsberg And I Graduated 167 In June Of 1947.My Wife Barbara Silverman Graduated In 1949, My Sister June In 1955.I Have Been Able To Track Down 5 In My Class Who Are Still Living,Are There Anymore Out There ?

Janet: 21st Apr 2016 - 18:41 GMT

I went to PS 167 on Eastern P'kway and Schenectady until a transfer to John Marshall JHS 210 on Rochester Avenue and Park in the days before 210 became notorious. Moving from 167 where I was comfortable and knew my way around to a school blocks away in a setting I didn't know at all well was a mistake. Everything was different. The lure was skipping a grade there and starting high school in the 3rd term. I was a stranger at 210 and again at Tilden. Every morning in foul or fair weather I walked St. Johns Place past Schenectady where all my friends were happy and where I'd been happy. Did anyone else here go to John Marshall JHS 210?

Richie Rubin: 23rd Apr 2016 - 02:10 GMT

Finally!..Some Of Us Are Back..Dan Hoagland & Chick`got It',Chick I'll Mail Your Shirt When I Get Back To My House,&Find A Nice`giftbox',& Thanks For Both Of Your Hospitality, My Family Really Likes U2...Yeah,Our Old`hood Will Never Be The Same As We Remember It,We Had Everything We Needed Within'a Few Blocks![Even A`local'poolroom Ran By Chick On St.Johns Pl.Just Down The Block From Utica Theater & Across Street From Our Apt.Bldg!
Even Our Drs.& Dentists Were Nearby!As Was Public Transportation,Even Trolley Cars & Trolley Buses`til `Bout 1960Ish?& Utica Ave.Irt Subway Station,Which @ Rush Hrs Seemed Like The Center Of Brooklyn[To Us`locals']Glad We're Back,I'll Inform The Few X-Bloggers I Know E-Mails,& See If They'll Return?.

Richie Rubin: 23rd Apr 2016 - 02:38 GMT

I E-Mailed All The Crown Hts.Folks I'm In Touch With.Hope They Respond?

Lenny : 23rd Apr 2016 - 04:04 GMT

I lived in Brooklyn 60 year ,24 of them in CH.I recently went on a 3 hour walking tour in CH organized by a Lubavitcher Rabbi.Our tour guide took us from Kingston and Eastern Parkway to Albany and Empire .The only thing left from my CH days is the White Castle on Utica and East New York Ave .
I felt very safe walking in that area ,however my thinking is that CH is okay between eastern Parkway and Empire and between Brooklyn and Troy Avenue's.

I am a graduate of Lincoln Terrace PK ,PS 221 ,Winthrop JHS ,Wingate HS and Brooklyn College.

Keith Bernstein: 23rd Apr 2016 - 04:43 GMT

Hi Janet, Chick, Richie, Dan…I hope we can re-establish our internet community here. As for PS 167 and JHS 210--my family left CH in 1959 just as I was finishing the sixth grade. I was to go to 210 to the SP but by then the place had a dangerous reputation. We moved to Canarsie and I was able to avoid the place. Almost 60 years ago…who can believe it! St Johns Place will always be in my heart because it was where Sam Ash was located. Greetings to all from NJ.

Richie Rubin: 23rd Apr 2016 - 13:51 GMT

Lenny,Keith,Glad U Both Found This Site,Hopefully More Of Folks I Contacted Will Follow,Keith;Before Sam Ash On St.Johns & Utica `Twas Angelo's Shoemaker & Benny Polo's Barbershop,In`50'S,Also Had A Hat Cleaner/Blocker/Shoeshine Stand[Mike]In Same Space,The Original Sam Ash Was On Utica Ave.`Twixt St.Johns & Lincoln Pl.[A Tiny Store Where I Bought My 1St 45Rpm Record,Or Did I Buy It Across The Street @ Woolworth's?..I Usta Get Them @ Both Stores,But Model Airplanes/Ships @ Woolworth's[Cheaper Than @ Hobby Stores]& St.Johns Pl./Crown Hts.Will Be In All Of Our Hearts,`Cause We Grew Up Learning Real Life There!Btw:No Trees On My Block,So We Could Play All Sports On W-I-D-E Sidewalk, W/No Objects In Way!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 23rd Apr 2016 - 16:58 GMT

Polo the barber came here from ITaly as a POW in camp Kilmer NJ. He told me stories of how he would have sex with the American girls through the chain link fence. I met one women from a VERY prominent family who confirms this. After he retired he continued to cut my hair, he came up to the poolroom and did it there ,heating water in my electric coffee pot to shave my neck.

Lenny: 23rd Apr 2016 - 17:44 GMT

I lived in Canarsie 36 years after leaving CH.

I had a CH get together in 2008 with a group of guys and am still in contact with all but one , a St. Johns Place guy who unfortunately passed away 5 months ago.
I bought my first 45 on Eastern Parkway near Utica ave.

Lenny: 23rd Apr 2016 - 17:47 GMT

Does anyone remember Radow's Hardware Store on Utica near Union St ? How about the Income Tax preparer named Goldstein on Utica and Eastern Pkway ?
What about Dr.Leonard Sonnenberg,DDS who was on Utica and Union St upstairs over a store .
What about the Bluth family who owned the Famous ?

Janet: 23rd Apr 2016 - 18:12 GMT

I don't remember Radow's by name, but must have passed it on the way to The Carroll or Empire Blvd for White Castles. I believe we bought our hardware on Schenectady and Lincoln. Wasn't the hardware store between the corner drugstore (remember him?--a meany, didn't like kids from 167 loitering--you know, gotta control the Parkway School's criminal element!), and the butcher's shop? Hardware store was a long, narrow place , full of stuff, always interesting.

Bernie Fox: 23rd Apr 2016 - 19:29 GMT

I grew up in Crown Heights and went to 167. I graduated with chicks wife Barbara. My wife Sheila went to 210. Lived across the street from the Utica theater. Miller's luncheonette on the corner. Call the fruit market on Schenectady Avenue. It was a great life. I left there when I was 17 and join the airforce. I still remain friends with some of the people I grew up with. Leon rich lives in Arizona. Chick is in New Jersey and I am in Florida. It was a great place to grow up and have great friends and the experiences.

Richie Rubin: 23rd Apr 2016 - 19:34 GMT

Chick,Did U Hang Out With Benny Polo's Son Phil?He Gave Me A Ride In His Green Hudson Hornet Once...Now That Car[Or Any Hudson From`50'S]I$ Worth Big Buck$!Btw:I Dreamt Of Your Fun Lionel Train Set Up In Your`attic'i Guess We All Had A Set As Kids,But They Went`poof' When We Moved,But Not Yours!I Really Dug Trolley Car![Found Box For Shirt]Will Mail Asap]...

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 23rd Apr 2016 - 19:52 GMT

No Rich
I did not know Polos son although they lived only a few doors down from me on Sterling Pl. In 1955 I bought a 22cal. rifle,Bernie Fox had one too. We would go shooting at his grandpas place in Binghamton NY
. or my Aunt Alices` in Farmingdale LI.
Lenny, the only guy from Crown Heights that I know who died recently was Alan Kupperberg,was there another ? Richie ,post the photo you, took by my trains
took by my trains.

Janet: 23rd Apr 2016 - 20:30 GMT

Hey Bernie--I bet we knew each other, and I probably knew Sheila at 210. I'm pretty bad at remembering names, better at faces. I take that back--at this age I'm happy to remember my own name. You must have lived near Rich. I went to the Utica as often as I could. Do you remember any commotions in the front rows where the screen was 20x bigger that we were--probably my friends and me. Utica--I loved that place. For years moves I saw there taught me everything about the world I wanted or needed to know. Were you inspired to join the Air Force by movies? Planes and pilots always seemed so heroic up there with nothing between them and earth but gravity. My mother shopped on Schenectady or sent me. I don't remember her ever kitchen shopping anywhere else.

Richie Rubin: 24th Apr 2016 - 00:42 GMT

Bernie Fox;I Knew U,But You Were One Of The`big Guys'[Older Kids]Glad To Hear Ur Doin' Ok[In Fla.]Chick & Barbara Are Still Mashuggana,& Have A Good Life In Nj[Where Many Of My Kin Now Live]Great State[I Stayed In So.Belmar On Jersey Shore For A Few Daze,& Winter `Split'when I Landed From Cal.& That's Main Reason I Left N.E.Coast;For Good:Winter:Feh!

Lenny: 24th Apr 2016 - 03:37 GMT

The CH guy who passed away was Marty Lampe.He lived on St.Johns Place .He graduated HS in 1958.
I took some pictures of CH when I was there a few weeks ago .I will scan and e-mail them to Richie .

Lenny: 24th Apr 2016 - 03:40 GMT

I am in e-mail and or phone contact with 32 CH people .Next month I am going to lunch with a guy who lived on Kingston between Montgomery and Empire.

Richie Rubin: 24th Apr 2016 - 17:01 GMT

Morralkan,Ru Still Of The Living?..If So,We'd Love U To Contact Us,As Ur The Only Jew I Know Still Living In Crown Hts..& I'm Sure U Have Many `Tales' To Tell Us X-Crown Highters...Fershtase?

Janet: 24th Apr 2016 - 21:13 GMT

Lenny--tell your CH friends about us, won't you? I think we're more concentrated on our neighborhood than the Flatbush sites where some have been posting. Plenty of good memories out there--St. Johns is a mighty long block--and has lots of parallel streets that so many grew up on. Are you the Lenny who knew/knows Helen who lived on Lincoln Place? Did we speak once by phone?
BTW--who posted that great photo of somewhere on St. Johns Place? Nice! But that certainly wasn't my block

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 24th Apr 2016 - 21:15 GMT

Has the individual who signed on as "county of bklyn identified themself yet ?
Rubino, give Tommy O`malley a call,also Yamos` son & the music store owner from Conn.
I just called Freddy Demarco and told him to contribute.

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 02:22 GMT

Chick,I Told Steve Schiffman[X-Nypd[71Stpct]& He Did Reply,& Emailed Me 2 Pics,I'll Forward `Em 2U..He's A Year Younger Than Me[72]So U May Not Remember Him,As He Also Patrolled Our 77Th Pct On Utica Ave.& Dean St.But Not Regularly..& Tommy O'malley Never Posted On Epm..But Maybe We Can Prod Him?

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 02:50 GMT

`County Of Brooklyn'[Kings]U Seem To Know Our `Elderly' Crew[?]Do U Know Me?[St.Johns Pl.1942-`62 When Family Moved To Ave.U & Ocean Pkwy Area[E.8Th St.]I Was In Navy When They Left Crown Hts,& Actually Was Upset...I Dug Our Old `Digs'.& Still Miss It!..Do U Miss Your Old`hood?...Nuttin' On Planet Like It Was Back In Our Daze...No?

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 14:35 GMT

Aha!,I Got Steve Schiffman[X-Nypd[71St & 77Th Pcts]To Come Aboard,& He Told Me He'd Post Later In Day[*He Now Lives In Scottdale,Ariz.]Yep,Gang;Seems All We`nudge'do Come Back!A Really Good Sign,I Wish I Knew Other Emails So I[Or Youze]Can Contact Them? As So Many Wre Pissed Off When We Were`cut'@ Epm...

Janet: 25th Apr 2016 - 14:53 GMT

I've followed many of the postings on other sites that include our neighborhood, but i gave up. Alan (RIP) gave it a good try with his EasternParkway site, but illness cut him down. There's something about the place we came from between the Pitkin and the Brooklyn Museum that makes us stand out whether in enduring friendships, shared memories (we're certainly proved in that), or gripes. I've just found photos sent by Helen Blitzer (lived on Lincoln Place). As soon as I figure out how to post them here, I'll do that. She visited the old nabe a few years ago, and we can see how some streets have changed. She also identified what used to be there when we were young.

Steve Schiffman: 25th Apr 2016 - 17:08 GMT

Greetings Rubini and all !! Steve Schiffman here... I was a semi-lurker on the old EPM site...I'm happy to see a re-start - congratulations Janet- well done !!! I grew up at Schenectady/Union (285 Schenectady) and graduated 167 in 1957... a bit behind Rubini but it seemed at one point that Schenectady and Union was command central for all CH urchins.
Chick- I did spend some time in your poolroom although I think during my day you were just a guy hanging out ? I seem to remember it as Harry's or Benny's ? Of course I don't remember what I had for breakfast so... You were a tallish blonde hair guy ?
I do have some snaps of PS 167 taken in 2007 which I will post a bit later
Take care all and stay safe

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 17:21 GMT

Steve S;U Came Thru!..Now We're Cookin',Need Some More Email Addresses So We Can Find Our `Lost' X-Epm'ers..Let's Toast With An Eggcream Made With Fox's U-Bet Syrup![It'll Be Different Time Zones,Natch!]But I'm Gonna Whip Me Up One Asapee..& Here's To All U X-Crown-Highters Who Ain't Dead.Yet?,Chick,Steve Does Remember U[B4 U Took On Poolroom]& I Never Showed Him A Pic Of U!I Guess U`old Farts'stood Out Amongst Us`kids'[Lol!]

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 25th Apr 2016 - 17:25 GMT

Hi Steve,welcome . I was that tall skinny blonde haired guy ,I gradated 167 in 1947,it was a great school. I had friends who also lived on your corner,Dickie weintrab,Zena Moskowitz .My close friend Joe Caramanica worked at the 79 for many years. He came up to the poolroom most nights. we played pinochle often with Alan Mandel

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 20:34 GMT

Chick;We Didn't Discuss Alan[Alias:Mickey Mentell]Mandell,Is He Still Around?Lived In Middle Of Block,Across From Poolroom,& Usta Go To Racetracks With Us Boys From 1405[Jackie Nolan Drove]If Ur In Touch With Him Lemme Know,I'd Like To Connect & Yak About Those Good Old Daze!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 25th Apr 2016 - 21:11 GMT

Last I Heard Of Mandell He Had Moved To Those Highrise Apts. In Coney Island. That Was 40 Years Ago. Leon Rich Is In Arizona ,Plays Cards Twice Weekly,Does Not Use Computer And Is Not In The Best Of Health.Barbara And His Wife Keep In Touch By Phone Philly Ginsberg Has Been In Poor Health And I Believe Is Hospitalized Now. He Lives In East Patchogue Li.With His Wife Millie.We Got Together At Katzs` About 4 Or 5 Years Ago.

Richie Rubin: 25th Apr 2016 - 21:16 GMT

Chick,Those Highrise Apts In Coney Island Could Be,Yep:`Trump Village'..Oy!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 26th Apr 2016 - 02:00 GMT

Hey ,Who Remembers Butchie Kelly ?Born In 1941 He Is Now A Bishop Of The Roman Catholic Church In Switzerland.....Wow

Steve Schiffman: 26th Apr 2016 - 02:23 GMT

Greetings Rubini and all !! Steve Schiffman here... I was a semi-lurker on the old EPM site...I'm happy to see a re-start - congratulations Janet- well done !!! I grew up at Schenectady/Union (285 Schenectady) and graduated 167 in 1957... a bit behind Rubini but it seemed at one point that Schenectady and Union was command central for all CH urchins.
Chick- I did spend some time in your poolroom although I think during my day you were just a guy hanging out ? I seem to remember it as Harry's or Benny's ? Of course I don't remember what I had for breakfast so... You were a tallish blonde hair guy ?
I do have some snaps of PS 167 taken in 2007 which I will post a bit later
Take care all and stay safe

Lenny: 26th Apr 2016 - 02:49 GMT

To Janet:

I am the Lenny who posted on the other board .I never spoke to you.

To Steve Schiffman :
Did you ever know Gene Getlin from the 71 ,Harold Schiffer or Steve Epstein (all retired Police officers )

Lenny: 26th Apr 2016 - 02:50 GMT

Unfortunately none of the CH people that I am in contact with have any interest in posting on internet message boards.

Steve Schiffman: 26th Apr 2016 - 02:52 GMT

Butch Kelly- St. John's Place guy ? I think so... wow a Prince walked amongst us ! Whoda thunk it !!! Who were some of his crime partners ?
Chick my last command in the PD was the 75 in ENY which at the time was on Liberty and Miller... I only worked the 71, 79, 80, 81 on details or when "flying" Prior to 75 I worked in Manhattan I left the job and went to CA with the Santa Clara County SO in San Jose. I've worked for 4 different LE agencies ( not sure if you count ICE as having anything to do with LE :) and the PD was the most fun I've had.... like anything else ... all I remember is the laughs and fun.... other stuff get buried. Cops have a saying " I don't miss the circus but I do miss the clowns" ...says it all.
Chick- I think Rubini gave me the history of your pool room a few year back but I could use a refresh... What was the actual business name ? Benny's/Harry's ? are they both accurate ? When did you take over ?
Probably a subject for off line but I'd love a refresh on some of the regulars... I did spend more time than I should have there....
Rubini- If you haven't done so- I'll reach out to a few chaps in my 167 class to see if we can reach some critical mass.
OK- pipe me over the side bos'n
Stay Safe all

Richie Rubin: 26th Apr 2016 - 03:08 GMT

Janet;Lenny's Alias Was:M836 On Epm,& He Did Post Quite Often,& That's How We Realized We`hung Out' @ Many Of The Same Places, From York Diner/`The Pit'on Utica & Empire Blvd,To Max's Kansas City In Manhattan,Yet,We Never Really Met In Person,& We Knew Many Of The Same People!

The Citynoise editor Ninjas: 26th Apr 2016 - 03:16 GMT

Please turn the CAPS LOCK key off when posting comments. All-caps are considered 'shouting' and is dishonorable internet etiquette...

County of Kings: 26th Apr 2016 - 03:31 GMT

Hi folks, I too was a contributor to Eastern Parkway Memories, although, I'm younger than you, Richie and Harold, I treasure my memories of that time. Franklin Ave was my main street for stores. I went to P.S. 241 on President St with Clara Barton, Prospect Heights and Bishop McDonnell all girl High Schools just steps away. We had it good! Not just for the schools, but, in addition to everything else that was around. (In my earlier post). I'm just sharing and enjoying a stroll down Eastern Parkway.

County of Kings: 26th Apr 2016 - 03:35 GMT

Btw, the picture of St. John's Pl (above) looks like it's between Brooklyn and New York Aves.

Steve Schiffman: 26th Apr 2016 - 04:18 GMT

Lenny- I do know Hal Schiffer-He came in the job about the same time I did- maybe a month or two later- we bounced around a bit back in the days of young single coppers. I'm in contact with him today - he's a good guy and solid citizen !

Janet: 26th Apr 2016 - 04:38 GMT

About the picture, thanks for posting it--nice start for the EPM crew. Once when I was a kid I had no fare to ride home from the Savoy, so feet do your thing! I remember lots of stone and cement, nice grey 'brownstones' with steps (but no apt. houses), Franklin Avenue a busy place with stores and lots of traffic, and drawing closer to home across the street the big Catholic church on Brooklyn Avenue with a large stone crucifix at the St. Johns corner. Once I passed it the rest was easy, just Kingston, Albany, Troy, then half a block after that. Between Troy and Albany, there were some brownstones and a few apt. houses. These had gardens, or mostly lawns enclosed by wrought iron fences (mostly small enclosures in nice designs sitting on squat brick walls--you know the kind: apt. houses on Eastern Parkway all had them. Then the Protestant church, the post office, a vacant lot, a couple of stores--and a drug store at the corner of Troy. The other side of the street must have been identical except for the church, but I guess I never noticed. Once I crossed Troy and reached home (halfway between Troy and Schenectady) the landscape changed a lot. Still the same old cement, but with a much different feel.

steve salomon: 26th Apr 2016 - 16:19 GMT

I guess I found it chic, STEVE SCHIFFMAN i've been trying to find you .are you in flagstaff or phoenix?
Well I guess I;m a beginner in this but its nice to see and have .I will try to be a member and participant ,THANKS CHIC for the info. my best to all who remembers me and write to me for the memories.
J|Steve sad news Jay O. passed away several months ago.
my best to every one who wrote and is going to write .chic keep up your selling job

Richie Rubin: 26th Apr 2016 - 17:34 GMT

Editor;`CAPS'ARE EASIER TO READ FOR US OLD FARTS,which I guess :U ain't..NO?,Butt I'll comply w/the `SHOUTING'theory,& attempt to type in:dis harder to see crap!as I like dis REFRESHED`Blog'
Steve Salomon:welcome aboard!Cool We got dis back[thx to Janet] Hope more find out & We can resume Our Memories & udda stuff!

steve salomon: 26th Apr 2016 - 17:40 GMT

for those who can't remember i lived on pres, and schenectady corner bldg. went to 167 and then to wingate
live in ft. lauderdale fla. the last 40 odd years been a being e.p.m. writer if you remember give us a yell. still looking for natalie levine from union street..
witht the joel bercy crowd, epstein, and joel sanders

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 26th Apr 2016 - 18:14 GMT

I went to school with constance Bannon one of her sisters married Eppy (epstein). Another married Ronnie Hinksons younger brother. I believe Ronnie lives in Northern Pa.

Richie Rubin: 26th Apr 2016 - 19:05 GMT

Kitty[nee:Bannon]& Marvin Epstein[Eppy]now live in Las Vegas after leaving Naples,Fla. I had a HUGE Chinese Buffet w/ Them 2 yrs ago in Cape Coral,Fla...He retired from NY State Corrections,as a Prison Guard,Kitty was about to retire[?]..Haven't heard from them since,as They told Me They wanted`Privacy'..don't get it? as We had a Blast Yakkin'`bout Our old`hood & Friends.& I respected Their wishes..& `Butted Out'

steve salomon: 26th Apr 2016 - 19:06 GMT

janet ,just so you know the area of albay and troy is where my grandsom goes to college at RPI

best regards thanks for the start

steve salomon: 26th Apr 2016 - 20:05 GMT

richie,,,,don't be upset ,chick will still let you stay in his house

regards steve s.

Janet: 26th Apr 2016 - 20:40 GMT

Are we talkin' cities now, Steve? Fine school too. BTW Rich, do the Bannon girls just mentioned belong to the Bannons who lived in 1292 (or 1296) St. Johns? I remember a bunch of kids in the family. They lived on the ground floor but not for long. I think that was Gilbert Lichter's address too--did I spell that last name right? He's known to a number of folks out there. Marcia Bernstein, one of my dearest childhood friends (and certainly my oldest friend) lived there too. Those apt houses were special on the block, different. They were three-storied, built of brick with some gray stone below, and had the typical small octagonal tile floors in the hallways. They had a wide lobby with mailboxes on both sides. In good weather a few tenants would hang around chatting, but not on chairs often. These apt. houses are still standing. In fact, a photo of the street I've seen shows things today practically as they were in the 40s. The only bldgs missing are the two middle tenements and stores at 1310 and 1306 that flanked them. They were demolished long ago I suppose (at two different times my family lived in both of them.) Poof!

Richie Rubin: 26th Apr 2016 - 20:50 GMT

Kitty & Eppy,Didn't`kick Me outta their place..evah!..They told Me not to pass on Their Las Vegas address/info. to Anyone![not even Alfred & Louella Brown the`Super's kids in Their bldg on Union st.Remember Them? I usta go to Betsy Head Pool w/Them & the late Roger Brown to try & teach Them to swim,I hope every one I mentioned is OK/in Good Health now-a-daze..

Lenny: 27th Apr 2016 - 01:56 GMT

To Steve Schiffman :

I have known Harold Schiffer aka Heshy since 1947 .We still e-mail occasionally .The last time I saw him was at a funeral for a deceased police officer about 5 years ago.

Lenny: 27th Apr 2016 - 01:59 GMT

I too hung out at Betsy Head.

There are 5 former Wingate people living in the same complex as Kitty and Eppy in Vegas .I am in contact with 2 of them.

Steve Schiffman: 27th Apr 2016 - 03:48 GMT

Steve Salomon- a) Scottsdale AZ b) my email hasn't changed since our last contact- if your's hasn't - i'll reach out and we'll catch up.
Lenny- I knew Hal from the hood as well but he was not a 167 guy so - more limited. Tell him hi and package out next week.
Rubini.... your a good marketing guy.... ya done good...

Stay Safe all

steve salomon: 27th Apr 2016 - 13:06 GMT

to steve schiffman --email the same lets hear from you
steve s from pres. st,

Richie Rubin: 27th Apr 2016 - 13:40 GMT

Lenny;Is One Of Those Las Vegas`kids'johnny Fulton Or His Bro' That Live In Eppy&Kitty's Complex? I Know Johnny From Old`hood!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 27th Apr 2016 - 15:32 GMT

to the ninja guy, this site wold function more efficiently for the users if their posts were shown in inverse order.With an ever expanding population it becomes a lengthy process to get to the most recent comments. Would this be possible?

The Citynoise editor Ninjas: 27th Apr 2016 - 18:19 GMT

Alas, the founder of this site passed away last year and it is currently being administered by volunteers. The last person to look at making changes to the site code declared they would rather commit than try...

Janet: 27th Apr 2016 - 18:33 GMT

It's really nice reading these names again, many from the EPM days. Of course, we had dozens back then, not all contributing all the time, but enough to cover the Tilden-Erasmus-Wingate neighborhood, occasionally a Jefferson High alum. I got mail recently about a '51 Tilden reunion coming up, but none of the names are known to me because the girls I knew or can remember have married; and as for first names, there were just too many Sandras and Marcias, Marlenes and Arlenes to mean much after so many years. Most belonged to Arista, never got detention, cheered Ronny Bly, took French, and lived in East Flatbush. Nothing wrong with any of that, I envied them all. Anybody from this group out there?

Richie Rubin: 27th Apr 2016 - 20:39 GMT

I Dated A Sandra W/All Those Credentials,But She Went To Brooklyn College In 1960[Anyone Know Of`sandie' Blair?

Gladys Resnikoff Kaplan: 27th Apr 2016 - 22:55 GMT

St. Johns Place such wonderful memories. The Utica movie theatre known as "The Itch "2 movies,5 cartoons, a serial & news reel, plus contests such as Duncan yo yo, trying to whistle after eating crackers, blowing bubble gum bubbles. Do you remember Barbara's grandma as the matron & pumpy as the usher? I was so sad when they tore it down & became The A & P.
I went to P.S.167 then Erasmus & graduated in 1956. Loved my childhood, my friends & life growing up in CH.

Richie Rubin: 27th Apr 2016 - 23:17 GMT

Gladys,ain't U Barbara's sister?..& I won a contest @ Utica on sat.`kiddie show'matinee[10 cartoons +`Abbott & Costello' ,or Bowery Boys'etc.movies]oh,I won a Dollhouse[for Teri My sister] &`Clue'game in the Balloon Blowing up w/Flour inside & Milk in baby bottle contests,but:Alan Blicker won a`Jukette'small Juke box in one of those contests! prize Utica ever awarded![in My opinion!]yeah,We All wept when Utica theater closed to become an A&P market..FEH!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 27th Apr 2016 - 23:56 GMT

THANKS GLADYS , welcome aboard tell your sisters . hope all is well.

Lenny: 28th Apr 2016 - 00:47 GMT


I have known Johnny Fulton since he moved to Crown Heights .We are still in touch and e-mail nearly every day .He lives in Vegas.
To Steve Salamon :

Did you know Dennis Hoffman who graduated Wingate in 1959 and played on the basketball
team with Roger Brown ?
Dennis and I see each other about once a week.I should be seeing him tomorrow.

steve salomon: 28th Apr 2016 - 01:04 GMT

lenny......I didnot know dennis I graduated in 61 but did know roger and /I played in the band when went to the garden against boys...
maybe dennis remembers me ask him...kennt where did you live..?

Lenny: 28th Apr 2016 - 01:23 GMT

Steve :

I thought you graduated in 1960 .I graduated in 1961 and you are not in the yearbook .
I will ask Dennis if he knew you .

Did you know Sheridan James who played basketball for Wingate ? I used to e-mail with him but not since 2014.

Janet: 28th Apr 2016 - 03:39 GMT

Gladys, I remember all those wonderful things. Why was the Utica so different from other movie houses that even minute details stick to the memory years and years later? And didn't you groan when the boring newsreel went on? Of course, Barbara's grandmother we all knew (I've never been kicked out by a more likable, more patient matron). Also, I don't believe there's another collection of common memories so specific and profound about growing up where we did when we did. Maybe the 'when' explains it. Everything was tough to come by in those days, common things were valued more. Life was interesting, everybody had ambition to have a better life than their parents had, families were very close, friendships were made to last a lifetime, and the Utica would go on forever.

Richie Rubin: 28th Apr 2016 - 03:51 GMT

The Utica Theater opened in 1920,& closed in 1954,seats:1,508,`twas operated by Randforce co.just Google:Utica Theater,1410 St.Johns pl,Brooklyn,NY..a food market now,but the original Facade still shows!seems All 1,508 seats were filled on those Fun sat.Matinees & `kiddie Shows'I bet Many of Youze were

Janet: 28th Apr 2016 - 12:57 GMT

Last night we went to our local movie palace for live “In the Mood” show--lots and lots of songs from the wartime 40s, very good band, all brass except for piano and bass, singers/dancers in 40s dress and 40s hair--and swing music all over the place. Listening to the best pop music of WW II days in the styles of Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller, Harry James, Stan Kenton, Andrews Sisters and others, 40 pop favorites played, sung, and danced to felt like cloud nine. Hard to beat was the closing round of military theme songs honoring Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard vets. That‘s always rousing. A month ago Roseanne Cash was on the same stage—a big hit.

steve salomon: 28th Apr 2016 - 15:01 GMT

lenny; maybe 62 ,who remembers i'm 72 going on 73

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 28th Apr 2016 - 17:12 GMT

Rubino, I discovered Mario Solis on FB he lives near Edison in No. Plainfield nj.

steve salomon: 28th Apr 2016 - 18:23 GMT

chic you think it was intentional ?
I never took typing in school .
so so sorry...................

Janet: 28th Apr 2016 - 19:16 GMT

Was the Palace at the end of St. Johns Place, around the corner from the Pitkin? I know some on EPM used to see movies there because I had called it RKO Palace until corrected. I often walked home along St. Johns, but remember little beyond a used book store on the north side of the street. I always stopped there to look at old National Geographics. There was a stack of them I looked over while there; the storekeeper was very patient, maybe because the place was busy. I don't know if I ever bought anything. If I had money I'd have taken the trolley or the bus home. It was a long walk to Schenectady and Troy. When I reached Buffalo the neighborhood became familiar because the Congress and Unity Hospital were right there.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 28th Apr 2016 - 19:47 GMT

TO ALL, Janet gave birth to this site so that her former neighbors might bring back pleasant memories for Janet to share .I believe Janet has never met any of the posters on this site , therefore;
I suggest we dig up (not actually)someone who knew Janet in the old days OR during the summer or when the leaves are changing in the fall make plans to drive up to n
New Hamshire and take her and Saul out to lunch, you owe her that much.

steve salomon: 28th Apr 2016 - 20:27 GMT

CHIC by the way you went to the same typing school as me ,,with double repeats

Richie Rubin: 28th Apr 2016 - 20:38 GMT

Chick;Is He Same`mario' We Thought Of?.His Age? Small World,Huh?
Funny,He Also Moved Across Hudson,I Wonder How Long Ago?,Good Find!Ask Him If He Knew: Miles,Butch,Eddy,Tommy,Jackie,Me, Anthony O'levio,Or Any Poolroom Guys,If U Contact Him..Natch!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 28th Apr 2016 - 21:35 GMT

He Knew You Richie And Said You Would Remember Him

Richie Rubin: 28th Apr 2016 - 23:45 GMT

Aha!;Yeah,He Was A Very Cool Guy[& Alwaze Well Dressed!]Glad U Contacted Him,If U Saw Mario,You'd Remember Him..I'm Sure,Man,This Site Is Really Pickin' Up!

Lenny: 29th Apr 2016 - 00:22 GMT

I knew some people who lived on St. Johns Place between Schenectady and Utica who went to Jefferson and not Tilden .I thought everyone on that block would automatically go to Tilden.

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 00:30 GMT

Lenny;When I Graduated P.S.167,Wingate Wasn't Finished,Ergo,I Hadda Go To Tilden..As Did Janet;Morty;Warren Z;`Muddy'[1409]; & Some Others Who Lived On My Block!

Janet: 29th Apr 2016 - 01:03 GMT

Nice thought Chick, however unlikely. Of all the terrific message-bearers on the old EPM I recognized only one by name--Blackie Mazzio--and he didn't remember me. We lived on the same block too. Pete Mazzio was a good friend of mine, however. Others I knew were mentioned in notes, but none male or female on our site knew li'l old me. Lots of names went by that I recognized--I'll remind you now of some names that stick, Tommy Creamer, Billy Finn, Isabel Diamond, Stella Stagnita (one of 13 kids!), the VanHorne brothers, a couple of Jimmys and one Norman. You knew my best friend's brother Jackie Schulman,sweetest guy who died young,and Jackie Boyd, killed in Korea. I've forgotten all but these names. Of course, I knew some kids who lived on the block. But I've got to say you and Richie knew everybody on the block up and down and sideways--but not me though I lived smack between you both.
Headin' out tomorrow for the Big Apple outskirts.

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 01:12 GMT

Janet;We[Almost]Met Whilst I Was `Hitchin'the[Trolley]Bus On St.Johns Pl..U Shook Your Fist @ Me & My Hitchin' Companions,On Back Of Bus...We Thumbed Our Noses @ U When We Hopped Off, Nyah,Nyah,To U![Or Maybe`twasn't U;..But Other`kvetchers' Who Paid A Fare To Do What We Did...For Free!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 29th Apr 2016 - 01:47 GMT

THERE IS A George Solis commenting on news in DC. I wonder if he is related to Mario ,even looks like him.

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 02:11 GMT

Chick;Hmmmm,Solis Not A Common Last Name[?]Anyone Else Outdere Knew Of Mario Solis?[I Think He Went To St.Matthews?[But Not Sure,As He Hung Out W/Guys Who Went There...

Lenny: 29th Apr 2016 - 02:29 GMT

Did anyone here hang out at the York Diner and The pit ?

Alan Blicker: 29th Apr 2016 - 12:08 GMT

I won the Kuke Box when the Utica closed and became the A&P, not when the building was the theater. A&P had prize drawings as part of their grand opening. I filled out a "slip" that was placed in a drum. By pure coincidence Diane Deniff, my next door neighbor, picked my "slip" out of the drum.

Alan Blicker: 29th Apr 2016 - 12:10 GMT

I won the Juke Box when the Utica closed and became the A&P, not when the building was the theater. A&P had prize drawings as part of their grand opening. I filled out a "slip" that was placed in a drum. By pure coincidence Diane Deniff, my next door neighbor, picked my "slip" out of the drum.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 29th Apr 2016 - 13:44 GMT

hi Alan ,welcome to st. Johns pl. I was scheduled to play in a foursome today but it looks like it`s gonna be a rainy day.Do you keep in touch with anyone from the old neighborhood ? give them this address.Rubin is still jealous that you won the juke box He was a guest at my house in NJ a few weeks ago and I can tell you

steve salomon: 29th Apr 2016 - 13:46 GMT

lenny we try not to mention the pit.
chic follows our words (that was competition)

Iremember when I was 16 I took my birth certificate to the pit so they couldn't throw me out becouse I was 16 and was legal to play...
later on I graduated to st. johns place where my que is probably still on the rack

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 14:17 GMT

Only Reason Us Guys From N.Side Of Eastern Pkwy Went To Pit: Bowling!& Didn't They Have A Pin Ball Machine? & We Were In That Area For Either Carroll Theater Or White Castle Or York Diner,Uddawise Harry's/Benny's/Chick's:St.Johns Pl.Hangout'was Da Bestest!With A View![The Pit Was Underground!]

steve salomon: 29th Apr 2016 - 14:41 GMT

RICHIE the pit was mostly a bowling alley with about 7-10 lane .
and pool tables on the far side also about 7- 10 tables and A BILLIARD TABLE


Janet: 29th Apr 2016 - 16:32 GMT

Richie--you and your j.d. pals made me mad! Not only did you hitch on to the bus but you were pretty noisy about it. Seriously, was it the S. Johns Street electric bus or the trolley? (nah, you're not old enough for the trolley). Gotta court more folks here like me who came over with the Pilgrims. Who knew Rita Schier, Melvin Nudelman, Sandra Adelman, Libby Gusaroff, Dolores Zolotgoor, Marcia and Marty Bernstein, Joan and Jacky Schulman? Some lived on St. Johns Place, others on Lincoln. Won't be writing till I'm back from NY with brief visit to cemetery in NJ.

Lenny: 29th Apr 2016 - 17:16 GMT

Some CH names that people might have known:

Bruce Sherer ,Harvey Adelson ,Shelly Miller ,Noel Kent Lloyd Kornreich

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 17:27 GMT

Lenny;Lloyd K. Had A Brother...No? & Went To P.S.167

Steve Schiffman: 29th Apr 2016 - 18:02 GMT

Rubini... Lloyd K was a close crime partner of Hal Schiffer.... He went to Wingate but alas my memory... think he was a 221 kid.

Lenny- I spent a fair amount of time at Pit.. ( President Bowling and Billiard Academy ?)... a guy who used to hang there and was in the Merchant Marine- Jack the Shadow ... helped me get my Coast Guard Merchant Seaman's papers and with the SIU... was a great job for a young kid !! I think Jack's full name was Jack Goldman.... Rubini- did you hang at the Pit or just at Harry's ? Don't think I ever asked ya and if I did..... of course I don't remember. Stay Safe all

steve salomon: 29th Apr 2016 - 19:06 GMT

Chick Sorry Again ,I Understand What Happened.

Richie ... Lloyd K. Had A Brother By The Name Of Joe ,,And A Good Friend Eddie Kravitz..

Hope That Helps You They Lived On Pres.St.We All Played Ball In The Street Together..

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 19:08 GMT

Steve S;I Hung Out @ Harry's,Benny's,Chick's,Poolroom As I Lived Across The Street On St.Johns Pl;&`Hit The Pit'if In Area,Jerry Tillem Usta Bowl W/Me..We Both Stunk,Never Broke 100 Pts! Jerry Died Many Years Ago,A Nice But Tough Guy I Delivered `Daily Mirrors' With,& Our Last Load Was`yamo's' On E.P & Utica, Of Course A Baked Apple @ Dubrow';S & Free Seltzer To Make A Maple Syrup`egg Cream'w/Those Tiny Glass Pitchers Of Cream,U Took For Coffee & Cereal & Even Baked Apple! Dontcha Just Miss Those Daze?

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 19:19 GMT

Chick;Tanks For Compliment,As I Found U As Mashugga As Ever,But With The Best Altah-Cockah Head Of Hair Since Ronny Reagan,I'm Glad It Seems None Of Youze Changed For The Woyst!It Makes Me Feel Good That Most Of U Are Still`with Us'..Keep It Up All U X-Crown Heighters..I Wonder If There's A`parallel World' On One Of The Planets Out There Just Like We Grew Up In,Even The Neighbor Hoods Were The Same & Utica, Congress & Carroll Theaters Still Were Selling.25Cent Tix To The Old Films We Flocked To...Wouldn't That Be Nice?[Sounds Like A`twilight Zone',Night Gallery,Rod Serling Shtick...No?

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 29th Apr 2016 - 22:37 GMT

WOW, Rubino was a guest at my house a couple of weeks ago. He came in from the west coast to attend a wedding . His family is very gracious ,which leads me to believe that Richie was probably adopted.My Becky and I were invited to a pre-nup dinner at a fine restaurant,Richie wore his best green sweatshirt ,which is probably acceptable in Berkley.He borrowed a black shirt from me to wear to the wedding the next day,I never expected to see it again but it arrived in the mail today.Richie said he didn`t wear my shirt but if I were back in Bklyn I would hang it out on the line,I detect the aroma of flatlence.Thanks Rich it was fun but too short.

Richie Rubin: 29th Apr 2016 - 23:39 GMT

Chick;Too Bad U &`Nurse Becky'don't Have An Entirely Flat Roof Or You Can Put Up Clotheslines Like Back In Old`hood That'll Make`dull'edison,Nj Look More Like Exciting Crown Hts,Oh,U Also Gotta Put Up Some Tv Antennas To Give Your Home That`authentic'crown Hts`ghetto'look!I Told U I'd Mail Back Your Black`zorro'shirt[Which May've Absorbed My Farts Like A Sponge]Now U Can Use It In Your Traps In Yard To Kill Vermin[Or Anyone Who Dares Aproach It!]Lol![I'm Trying Some Hair Restorer I Got From Benny Polo 6+Decades Ago,I Hope It Didn't Expire,As It Make Make Me Balder?..Impossible..No? I Want A`mop'like You,That Way I Can $Pend Big Buck$[Like U]For Haircuts,Shampoo,Combs,Brushes,Hair Dryers,Curlers,Wildroot Creme Oil,Jeris,`Pomade',Brylcreme[A Little Dab Will Do Ya'] Etc...Hey! By Losing A Bet In`95 I Hadda Shave My Keppy,But I'm $Aving Lot$A $Hekel$ By Bein'a`skinhead'..Good Move..Huh?

Lenny: 30th Apr 2016 - 00:39 GMT

Unfortunately Lloyd Kornreich's brother recently passed away. I know his son Craig very well.
Lloyd lived on President near Rochester .I do not think he went to PS 221.
I knew Eddie Kravitz very well .When I saw last about 25 years ago he was living in Westchester.

Steve Schiffman: 30th Apr 2016 - 00:40 GMT

Rubini- I knew your were a Harry's guy... Did you know Jack Shadow from the Pit? I think he may have helped Ed P. as well... and I think we may have discussed Jerry Tillem a few years back... I knew he was deceased... I think he got himself in jackpot at some point? ... didn't know him well enough to make any judgement but I do remember VERY well a " heated discussion" he had at Utica and EP with a guy named Billy was a first round ko.... what a show !!!
Chick- you and Rubin are really making me homesick.... I feel like I'm looking out the window onto St. John's place and listening to the background "noise" .... very cool. This board is a time capsule... hope we don't screw it up but of course... :)

Lenny: 30th Apr 2016 - 00:40 GMT

Lloyd Kornreich and Harold Schiffer are "attached to the hip."

Steve Schiffman: 30th Apr 2016 - 00:44 GMT

Lenny- you are correct sir... I think I'm on a another planet.... I went to a PS 167(50) reunion in 2007 and Lloyd was there... don't know what I was thinking... or not thinking....
stay safe !

Lenny: 30th Apr 2016 - 00:44 GMT

Nobody is talking about the gals of CH .Some that I remember are :

Elaine "Chickie" Greenberg ,Sandy Melzack ,Sheila Yotes ,Sharon Sacks.

Richie Rubin: 30th Apr 2016 - 01:12 GMT

Some Gals From Our Old`hood Stood Out,But I`dated' 2 One From Union St.Joni Burruso;& Carole`foxy'cohen From Eastern Pkwy,Who Later`dated'john Dhuy[Dewey]But Sandy,Dianne,Pam,& Marietta,Who Didn't Live Near St.Johns Pl[Sandy:Of Flatbush;& Dianne:& Pam; Of Brighton Beach,Marietta Of Queens,Were Just As Fun/Cool As Our C.H.Galz,Btw:Pam Was Killed In World Trade Center On 9/11.

Lenny: 30th Apr 2016 - 01:49 GMT

More females not necessarily from CH but nearby:

Fran Pizziotola ,Ann Unger ,Susan Nienaltow

Gladys Resnikoff Kaplan: 30th Apr 2016 - 04:08 GMT

Riche Rubin, yes I'm Barbara's sister (7 years older)I knew your Sister Terry & Mom Dotty. I was friend's with Arlene Zaretsky & Blossom Leventhal who lived in your building.
More memories remember the knish place on St. Johns Place? The Charlotte Russe place on Utica Ave.?
Remember parades on Eastern Parkway & hanging out on the benches with your friends?
P.S.167 & crazy Mr. Allen the science teacher who loved the young girls? If you wore a tight sweater you got a good grade!
Who remembers Mrs.Scanlon the sewing teacher & making our white graduation dresses? I'm still in touch with Minna Wexler & Diane Sabeson who lived on St. Johns near Schenectady & Troy. Does anyone remember them?
My Sister Marsha who lives in CA worked at Jerry's about 12yrs.Ago ran into The Behar boys,Solly & his older brothers.

Gladys Resnikoff Kaplan: 30th Apr 2016 - 04:10 GMT

His brother Henry.

Larry Prusak: 30th Apr 2016 - 13:59 GMT

At the prompting of Steve S and Richie R I am entering this revived conversation: Greetings from 1580 President St

Steve Solomon I am saddened to hear about Jay Oshinsky's passing...He was sometimes known as Pahoo because he was such a quiet guy,(from the old Yancy Derringer TV show),,,we all used to walk to Wingate together with Melvyn, S. Holtzman(also gone), you, me and Dennis Greenbaum-who was always eating a bagel en route....
Janet the Bookstore you passed on your walk was owned by a nerdy guy named David Solomon..who later resurrected it at Flatbush and Newark
I am amazed that there was another Nudelman in the neighborhood...he must have been Harold and Stevie's cousin...couldnt be a coincidence. Ed Poska finally convinced Harold to meet him for coffee a while back but Harold had no interest in nostalgic talk..unusual in all our experiences.
We paid 47$ in monthly rent and I recently saw our 600 SF apartment went for 2,100 a month in parents would jump out of their resting places if they heard that fact!!
Good luck to all of you and try and stay well...

Richie Rubin: 30th Apr 2016 - 14:16 GMT

All;I[& Chick]Type This In`caps'so Youze Seniors Can Read It Easier,But Magically It Appears In Lower Case Letters! Who/What Is Doin' Dis?..Can It Be A Robot? Or Is Admin.Takin' Time To Make It Harder For Our Now:Old Farts Eyes To Read,Remember:I Posted This In`caps'will The Mysterious`cap' Shrinker Once Again Do It?..Hmmmmmm?

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 30th Apr 2016 - 14:46 GMT

ALL, if you want to go back "HOME" there is an ad in todays NY TIMES 345 Montgomery St. 2 br 1 bth only $605,000.00 this is a co-op built in 1927. Sounds fantastic.

Richie Rubin: 30th Apr 2016 - 14:48 GMT

All;That Headline Photo Above Is 900 Block Of St.Johns Pl.[Between New York & Brooklyn Aves];As`county Of Kings'mentioned In Past;Nice Block,Huh? Homes Are Closer To New York Ave.On South Side Of Street!
It's`yiddle/Hassidim Central'`hood In Crown Hts Now!

steve salomon: 30th Apr 2016 - 15:02 GMT

Larry P. A Big Hello ,I Saw Jay O. Last Year For Luch In Florida He Loved To Travel With His Wife ,He Just Retired.

Steve S ,Pardon My Ignorance What Is A Crime Partner/
I Thought You Were Going To E- Mail Me ,My Machine Was Changed And Lost All My Contact Numbers Write Me

Good Day To All

Richie Rubin: 30th Apr 2016 - 15:47 GMT

Larry Prusak;Aha!..U Thawed Out..Finally!Glad To See U Are Now A Part Of Our Nostalgic Goofy Site;I Did Mention In Past That I Saw Judy Oshinsky In S.Fla.A Few Years Ago,She's Fine & I Hope She Finds Out`bout This`blog',I Lost Her # A While Ago Or I'd Contact Her Again,As We Know:If U Don't Have A`landline' U Just Ain't Listed In White Pages,& Even Finding A Person On Line Ain't Easy,As So Many Folks Have Same Names, Or If Ladies,Many Took Married Names[?]Ergo;Untraceable In Many Cases!I'm`in Touch'with Carole`foxy'cohen,& Saw Her Also A Few Years Ago,Same With Kitty&Eppy Who I Saw In S.Fla. B4 They Moved To Las Vegas.All Were Doin' Fine!Keep Postin' & If U Know Any Other Of The Folks U Grew Up With..Clue`em In On This Site..I'm E-Mailing Eddie Poska,On A Regular Basis,But Can't Get Him To Visit This Site!..I'll Keep Prodding Him!

Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 01:07 GMT

Larry Prusak:

I was on President St. 2 weeks ago . I was part of a group that took a 3 hour Crown Heights tour .

steve salomon: 1st May 2016 - 16:37 GMT

Larry P---- Good To See You In Print Its Been A Lot Of Years.Just Heard From From Schiffman Wants To Play Johnny On The Pony.
Heard From Denny Greenbaum Hes He's Head Of Internal Medicine At Harlem Hospital,,Same Position As /
St. Vincents. Sad News He Lost His Wife 2 Years Ago ,Lives In New Jersy

Sad About Jay O He Was In Very Bad Shape. We All Grew Up Together .The Memories Were Great.

Richie Rubin: 1st May 2016 - 17:55 GMT

I Knew Dennis G Also,But Didn't Hang Around With Him,Did Steve S. Mention`johnny On The Pony'oy!..I Got To Be The`pillow' @ Times When I Lost The 1-Strikes,2-Strikes,3 Using Our Fingers To Choose!Did All Of Us Choose That Way?..Only In Nyc Did I See `Johnny On The Pony'&,Stick,Stoop ,Box,Punch:Ball Played!Can Any Of Youze Hit 3`Sewers'?Hey!,I Got An Idea,If We Ever Get Together[Again]I'll Buy A `Spauldeen' & We Can Have A Punch Ball Game,My Side Of Eastern Pkwy[77Th Pct.]Vs Your Side[71St Pct.]Waddaya Think? Wouldn't It Be Fun[We'd Need A Case Of Ben-Gay]Lol!]

Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 18:29 GMT

Did anyone here know Harvey Jackalow ? He is a CH guy who graduated Wingate in 1962 .I have known him since we were little kids .

Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 18:31 GMT


I still have my Spauldeen .How about a game of Punchball in the PS 221 schoolyard .That is where I used to play .

Norman: 1st May 2016 - 19:09 GMT

Hi All Caps are back!!!
Janet it's great to see that you started this up.
You have come a long way since you had no idea about the Internet ,I am proud of you.
It's great seeing some old EPM posters some with new names.
I had a bit of a scare about a month ago as my Kidneys were getting worse,but thanks to my Doctor I am doing much better.
My middle daughter is getting married in October.
I have a new Italian Greyhound puppy who is very fast and I wasn't expecting how energized she would be as all my Iggy's were getting old and were not that energetic.
Lenny what a great summer we had with the Mets
Good to see all the familiar names

Good to see all who have returned

Richie Rubin: 1st May 2016 - 19:24 GMT

Normie;Ur Back!...Like A Good Yiddle,& Lenny,We Need A Team For Punchball.If It's Just Us[U/Me]We Can Play Boxball,Stoopball,Handball Or`chinese'...We'll Play For A Dozen White Castles!

Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 19:33 GMT

Handball is my preferred game .I still have my gloves .I do not know if we can find a stoop ,my old building no longer has one.
I play boxball with my grand kids and also hit the penny.

Norman :Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding .Glad to hear that you are feeling better .
My prediction for the METS this year (I made it in December) is 108 wins and a World Series championship.
They are not doing well today but they will bounce back against Atlanta .

Norman: 1st May 2016 - 19:43 GMT

My father was an expert handball player
When we went to the Lower East side in NY he took his glove and black handball with him to play if he could get a game
My father was a Lower East Side celebrity I vividly remember walking with him down there and this man came up to say hello to him,the man said hello to my father Jack and my father said to the man hello Jack,he was Senator Jacob Javits who hadn't seen my father for over 20 years

Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 20:21 GMT


Three weeks ago I took a 3 hour CH tour given by a Lubavitcher Rabbi. We were at 770 Eastern Parkway then walked to Union St and Albany Ave to Empire Blvd. to Kingston and back to Eastern Parkway.The Rabbi lives on Empire between Albany and Kingston .His 2 family house sold 2 years ago for $990,000.
He said houses on my old block are going for more than a million.

Richie Rubin: 1st May 2016 - 21:23 GMT

Lenny;Yep,I Left Out The Udda 2 Person Game,Which U Did Above,`Hit The Penny',Hey!,When U Put On A Glove For Handball,It Was Serious,I Usta Goof Around In:Lincoln Terrace Pk,Manhattan Beach & Coney Island Handball Courts[When Courts Were Free Of Any`challengers',..Natch!]Some Terrif.Players In All Those Venues!..Was Your Dad One Of`em?..Btw:There Were No `Private'houses On My Block,Just Apts,& Even Smallest Bldg Had 8 Apts[4 Stories]Lotsa Families/Folks Lived On That Block! Normie,I'll Send A Pic Of My Apt.Bldg To U To Post,As It's Noy Woykin' When I Try It[?]

Larry Prusak: 1st May 2016 - 22:15 GMT

Hi Steve S, etc..That is sad about Dennis' my doctor told me recently when I was complaining about something... "You know that bumper sticker "Shit Happens" -well after 70, more Shit happens"
Here is some news about people I have seen named in the former iteration of this post:
Phil Nashinoff-Once in a while, when he couldn't find anyone better, we would play in Chicks poolroom..I wasn't in his league as player but I knew him since we were 7 or so...saw him in Boston a few times(we both live here)- he opened a photography studio in Beacon Hill...sadly he's had a tough life and Im not sure he is still around.
Joel Sanders-whose father worked with Yamo in that famous newsstand and ran the numbers book there-did pretty well too by all accounts-does real estate in California and seems to have a good life.
Bobby Lazerus-a 167 friend to others on this page-lived on President St across from Lloyd K and Kravits-now lives in Texas and has his own actuarial consulting business-this will amuse all who knew him since he handled much sports betting in 167 form the 5th grade onwards..
Joel Bercy lives in New Jersey and works at Target....Marty Sparrow-who worked at Rosen's Deli on Utica-passed away I was told. Karl Herman became, most unlikely of all, an evangelical minister.
Thats all for now..some of this news is hearsay but I think its reasonably accurate... Best to all Larry

Richie Rubin: 1st May 2016 - 22:34 GMT

Wholley Kee-Rap!,Larry;U Named Names That I Remember From P.S.167,& Haven't Seen Since Then! & I Do Recall What They All Looked Like,Way Back Then[6+Decades Ago!]Sad To Hear`bout Marty S,& Phil N;I Hope He Ain't Dead,Yet[?]I Wish Eddie Poska Would Find Us Here,As He Took Some Terrif.Pics From Our Past,Wonder If`dusty'is Dead Yet?[Remember:He Got Shot By 71St Pct Police Whilst Commiting A Burglary On Carroll St[?]P.S;He Survived!]

steve salomon: 1st May 2016 - 22:35 GMT

Larry Thanks For The Update I Know Phil Nach. Lives Or Lived In Boston As A Photographer.
Bobby Lazarus I Always Remember Him Running Away From Someone Who Wanted To Kick His Rear

Iheard Bob Machato From Union Street Died As A Race Car Driver Can't Confirm Though,


Lenny: 1st May 2016 - 23:55 GMT


I sent you an e-mail about an hour ago with some more names of people I knew (some I still do) that you may know .Larry just mentioned a few:Phil Nachinoff ,Joel Sanders

Lenny: 2nd May 2016 - 00:04 GMT

Richie: Re handball : I played in Lincoln Terrace Park from 1959 to 1966 .My friend Myron was the USA Mens singles champion from 1964-1966 and was elected to the Handball Hall Of Fame last year.
He lived on Carroll St. and Rochester Ave and also on St.Marks and Rochester.
He played in Lincoln Terrace and Coney Island .

Larry Prusak: 2nd May 2016 - 00:31 GMT

Hi Richie...Eddie P informed me a while ago that Dusty bit the dust many moons ago....same for Howie Dubin. And i do remember playing Johnny on a Pony right under Joannie Barusso's window and you were the pillow-did an excellent job at it,too...
Steve-yes, Bobby Machado also died a long time ago.
My father died playing tennis at Lincoln Terrace Park in 1962-he practically lived at the tennis courts and knew everyone there..a Wingate teacher, Julie Bloom, also was a big tennis player there...

Lenny: 2nd May 2016 - 01:06 GMT

Re Wingate teachers :

Victor Spetalnick and I go to the same Podiatrist. Paul Becker and I work out in the same gym.

Lenny: 2nd May 2016 - 01:35 GMT

I am in contact with the following Wingate class of 1961 alum either by phone ,e-mail or in person:
Stanley Reiff ,a CH guy
Gerald Maxey
Philip Rosenberg,a CH guy
Barry Schenker
Jerry Bard,a CH guy
CG Groveman ,a GH gal
Lois Borenkind
Betsy Arnold,a CH gal
Jackie Blaize
Sheila Yotes,a CH gal
Ida Feuerman
Harold Schiffer ,a CH guy
Susan Nienaltow
Valerie Reid
Steve Klein
Ina Sherman
Patrick Ballen
Paul Lovizio
Melvina Mason
Linda Altman,a CH gal
John Fulton,a CH guy
Ricard Scantlebury
Ira Lavinsky,a CH guy
Linda Sohn,a CH gal
Zena Barsky,a CH gal
Ron Roberts

Richie Rubin: 2nd May 2016 - 02:15 GMT

Lenny;I Gather Many Of These X-Wingaters Still Live In Nyc Area Or L.I? Or Ru In Touch W/These Folk Like We Are[E-Mail Being Many Humanz Cheapest,Fastest,& Easiest Form Of Communication]Do Many Live Not-To-F-A-R From U? Closest C.H.Person I Know,Arnie, Diamond,Lives In L.A.`Bout 400 Mi. From Me,But In`bout 1-1/2 Years[When I Hit 75 & Really/ Finally Retire]I'm Gonna Move To Cape Coral,In S.Fla.Where Much Of My Family Now Lives,Sure Calif.Has All I Need,Want,& Great Weather,Etc;But It Don't Have Family,Which In Our `Golden Years'is Most Important To Me[& U?]

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 2nd May 2016 - 02:36 GMT

Larry, Phil Nach was a regular in my poolroom ,Dubin too.If anyone knows how I can get in touch with Phil , I`d love to re connect Thanks for a very informative post.

Lenny: 2nd May 2016 - 02:46 GMT

Stan Rieff,Sheila Yotes and I are in LI
Gerald Maxey is in Southern Calif as are Steve Klein and Betsy Arnold
Barry Schenker is in Northern Calif.
Jerry Bard and John Fulton are in Vegas
CG Groveman ,Linda Altman ,Linda Sohn ,Paul Lovizio,Ron Roberts ,Jackie Blaize,Valerie Reid and richard Scantlebury are in Fla.
Lois Borenkind is in Westchester
Ida Feuerman is in Israel
Harold Schiffer and Zena Klorese are in Queens
Ira Lavinsky is in Georgia
Susan Nienaltow is in NJ
Patrick Ballen is in NC
Mevina Mason is in Maryland

steve salomon: 2nd May 2016 - 13:39 GMT

I Saw Dubin Years Ago ,If Sameone He Was A Plain Clothes Detective .
Sawe Him In Manhattan Before I Moved To Florida.

Shame We Lost Many Friends And Aquaintances .

My Best To The Rest Of You.

Larry Prusak: 2nd May 2016 - 14:52 GMT

Very impressive Lenny! I can add some footnotes: Marty Feuerman,Ida's twin, lives in Brooklyn Heights and is a retired statistician...Alan Burdick lives in LA and is a semi-retired businessman, Mark Menchik is in DC and works for the NSF; Jeff Borer is active as a cardiologist in NYC; Gene Shaw is a retired librarian living in New Jersey, One of Dubins younger brothers(Bobby?) became a senior guy in the Teachers Union. Judy Fazio lives near Syracuse NY and is a retired Therapist, Judy Wood is an immigration attorney in LA. That all for now Larry

Mark: 2nd May 2016 - 15:43 GMT

Hi Richie. I only found out (by email from Norman) last night about this site. I wanted to read through all the posts before I actually contributed anything. Interestingly, I was just thinking yesterday of googling to see if any new site about the old nabe had popped up. Nice to know that you thought of me, though it seems a few weeks has gone by since this site was started. What took you guys so long to reach out???

Unlike the rest of you guys here, I grew up on EP, between Ralph and Howard, right next to the funeral parlor there. My father was a doctor and had his office on the first floor. One of his brothers, along with his family, had a house down the block from which they ran a compressed gas business. It seems that I'm the only one who went to PS 189. And that was only till 3rd grade, at which time my family moved out to Oceanside.

After college, I moved back to Brooklyn and, in 1976, I bought my single family brownstone on President Street between Troy and Albany. Even though Richie thinks I'm crazy, I've always felt reasonably safe here ... and the houses are worth a LOT more now. I know that we did not know each other, Lenny, but it still unfortunate that I could not have met you before you took your 3 hour tour of CH a few weeks ago.

steve salomon: 2nd May 2016 - 15:49 GMT

Lenny...Since We Seem To Know Some Of The Same People,Where Did You Live .
Were You At Wingate .Maybe We Know Each Other ,But Don't Know It .
Friends From This Writing Larry P, Joel Sanders Bercy, Kornreich , Kravits ,Dennis G,
Gals I Wouldn't Know Where To Begin.....Think About It


Norman: 2nd May 2016 - 16:06 GMT


Richie Rubin: 2nd May 2016 - 17:47 GMT


Richie Rubin: 2nd May 2016 - 18:00 GMT

Morralkan[Mark?]No One Knew Your E-Mail Or Ph#,Ergo,Only This Site Reachin' Out To Any X-EPMers Or`yentas'who May Just Be Fotzing Around On The Net..& Lo & Behold Came To This Site!,Ergo,I'm Glad Ur A`yenta'& Did Check Out The Latest `Gossip'[The Old:M836 Is`lenny'& He's Back W?Some Good Tales Of Our Old`hood,He Probably Passed Your Home On His Tour,& Never Knew It,Glad Ur Back & Sound`hale'& Healthy[Hopefully?] Be Well,Our Friend,& Keep On Postin'..Janet Is Thrilled That So Many Of Us X-EPMers Are Back!

Mark: 2nd May 2016 - 18:40 GMT

Nice to hear that I am still welcome here, Richie. :-)
I had no way of giving anyone my email address before, though Norman did have it. (As I remember, he had emailed me previously when EPM still functioned.)
The email I'll give out is --- and i do seem to be surviving. :-)

The Citynoise editor Ninjas: 2nd May 2016 - 18:41 GMT

I forgot to type in my name and did not realize I would appear as anonymous.

Your comment has been fixed Marku-san. If you wish to upload photos there is an 'upload photos' feature above the posting window. Images must be narrower than 700 pixels. If you're on a phone or tablet and can't use the uploader, post the full web address of the picture you want uploaded and we'll post it for you.

I know it seems to be a lost cause but others have to read these posts too and ALL CAPS is a strain on the eyes. You can always use the Text Zoom feature on your browser.

Richie Rubin: 2nd May 2016 - 23:32 GMT


The Citynoise editor Ninjas: 2nd May 2016 - 23:48 GMT

Right here Rubin-san...

image 52878

Please note that due to a bug/feature in the system, single pictures posted without any comment will only show the raw code and not the picture itself. Someone in the dojo will fix it - so don't panic and try to load the picture again.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 2nd May 2016 - 23:52 GMT

i and Anthony Alvarez. In front of 1395 St johns Pl this photo Bernie Fox ,Fred Demarco, Ed & Gene kowalski

image 52881

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 3rd May 2016 - 00:02 GMT

image 52879

comment is above ......I HOPE

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 3rd May 2016 - 00:32 GMT

image 52880

WHO DO YOu KNOW AT THE TAVERN ON THE GREEN ? The Bass twins Sheila and Alice on the right : Ruby Davis Schwartz Barbara Silverman Chichester ,Lilliana Dephillipus .Standing , Eddie Kowalski; Leon Rich is the big guy in the center .Paul Nadelbach on the right next to Mark Goldman.The honoree is Elaine. I dont know the others . Paul & Lillianna are deceased

Richie Rubin: 3rd May 2016 - 01:02 GMT


Richie Rubin: 3rd May 2016 - 01:10 GMT


HAROLD CHICHESTER: 3rd May 2016 - 01:23 GMT

image 52882
this is the scene of much of the activities discussed.west of Utica on Johns pl. lot of begaimage 52883ting was done in those buildings Rbino is a product of that activity
He still blames the Stork

Lenny: 3rd May 2016 - 02:05 GMT

To Larry Prusak:

I was in touch with Jeff Borer in 2006 when I was looking for a Cardiologist .I saw Marty Feuerman in 2011 and he was living on Eastern Parkway between Utica and Rochester.
To Steve:
I lived on Montgomery and Troy .

To everyone else .I took pictures when I was in CH 3 weeks ago and during 2 prior visits to CH .I will scan and e-mail them to Richie and he can forward them to anyone who wants to see them.

To Mark: Paul Janotte remembers you and said Hi

Richie Rubin: 3rd May 2016 - 02:40 GMT


Lenny: 3rd May 2016 - 02:48 GMT

I will send the pictures on Thursday night or Friday afternoon.

Richie Rubin: 3rd May 2016 - 02:54 GMT


Richie Rubin: 3rd May 2016 - 13:37 GMT


steve salomon: 3rd May 2016 - 15:28 GMT


HAROLD CHICHESTER: 3rd May 2016 - 15:50 GMT

I have the picture but for some reason it wont "upload" Wait `til my grandson comes home.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 3rd May 2016 - 19:01 GMT

Richie whenever you want to reach me please use E mail or FB this site is too unwieldy. Back up any photos that you want to keep.

Janet: 4th May 2016 - 02:11 GMT

Back from Paramus visit to my parents' graves after a bit of humor in entering a Jewish cemetery (very big) and exiting at the neighboring Italian end, from Jewish stars to Catholic crosses, a rather smooth transition actually (we took a wrong turn somewhere). An overcast drizzly day but a satisfying one with a stop off the highway for a Nathan's hot dog or two. Residential section of Paramus was quite nice, lots of one-family homes with gardens. Chick would know that neighborhood. Then back to Chappaqua and dinner with son and family plus daughter and her family. So nice to be with children and grandchildren one doesn't get to see often enough. Sad day in other respects because at home husband and two other daughters were dealing with my best dog in the world, the most faithful and charming Archie who had come to the end of the line.

Lenny: 4th May 2016 - 03:22 GMT


Did you know Elliot Faigin who lived on President between Schenectady and Utica ?

We became friends in 1996 and he unfortunately passed away last year.

Norman: 4th May 2016 - 17:41 GMT

Very Sorry about your dog Archie.Unfortunately we only have the dogs for a short period of time and we put all our love into them, Their love for us is always there.We lost 3 dogs in 2 years they were all older and part of our family.
Very glad that this blog came alive,My 2 grandsons are growing up .Jill is getting married in October so we have a lot of good times ahead

steve salomon: 4th May 2016 - 18:12 GMT

lenny''''the name is not familiar ,but the area is i should know him i

was there in the 50s and 60s.
did he go to wingate or 167 how old was he/

Janet: 4th May 2016 - 19:00 GMT

Thanks, Norman. Archie's twin brother Jake is still here for comfort (but the brighter light's gone out). So glad you're back with us and that yes--there are good times ahead! J.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 4th May 2016 - 23:48 GMT

TO ALL wife showed me a trick ; after hitting st johns pl. then hit END on the keyboard. this will bring you to the latest comment instead of scrolling down each time like I was doing

Richie Rubin: 5th May 2016 - 02:46 GMT


anon ( 5th May 2016 - 02:46 GMT

For MAC keyboards- I think it's Command and down arrow together


Lenny: 5th May 2016 - 03:54 GMT


Elliot would have been 72 last June .He went to Yeshiva .

Janet: 5th May 2016 - 13:17 GMT

Good show, Anon! Thanks.

Richie Rubin: 5th May 2016 - 13:57 GMT


Richie Rubin: 5th May 2016 - 14:40 GMT

OOPSIES!,`END' KEY ON lower right> SIDE, NOT

steve salomon: 5th May 2016 - 15:03 GMT

lenny ,,,iguess he was out of my league,, i'm sure yeshiva on eastern parkway ,, sorry but as far as name goes strike three.


steve salomon: 5th May 2016 - 15:05 GMT

richie .....even your pix scares me. where should i leave the $$$$$
just don't stay at my house
best regards,,,

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 5th May 2016 - 16:09 GMT

My pal Albie Garber went to yeshiva he and his sister Sande lived on pkway adjacent to ps 167. Anyone know him ?

Richie Rubin: 5th May 2016 - 19:30 GMT


HAROLD CHICHESTER: 5th May 2016 - 20:31 GMT

Richie's Limoimage 52889

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 5th May 2016 - 20:39 GMT

Richie feels the neighborhood has changed a bit and now he needs this special vehicle to ride down St. Johns PL. I think if the new "natives" saw him with his shaved head and many tattoos they would hide behind closed doors.

Richie Rubin: 5th May 2016 - 23:58 GMT


HAROLD CHICHESTER: 6th May 2016 - 00:33 GMT

RICHIE , when l had the poolroom there was a boy who lived in Foxys bldg on E Pkway he sold HAND GRENADES out of an attache case. We still keep in touch ,now he sells guns legally. HE IS 1/2 YID.

Richie Rubin: 6th May 2016 - 01:30 GMT


HAROLD CHICHESTER: 6th May 2016 - 01:43 GMT

..AVE. Rand cleaners was on corner of St Johns before 1947 . Regal cleaners was on opposite side of Schnectady. Each owner had daughters who were friends and graduated 167 with me. Also on that block ,nicks ice cream parlor where the Irish kids hung out and teachers had lunch. The Swedish Deli,The German bakery,Billy boys candy store and a few more. crossing the street is Rubinos` pal who owns a record shop in Conn.

Janet: 6th May 2016 - 02:29 GMT

I remember Nick's on Schenectady between St. Johns and Sterling. It was a hang-out for older Irish boys--as Chick reminded us. In fact St. Johns was the dividing line--north of it Irish and Italian; south of it Jews up to about Brooklyn Ave to the west (I'm guessing here). Once in a while we went to the German bakery (just around he corner from us), but almost always it was Famous Bakery on Schenectady (wasn't Famous the one before Lincoln Place? Or was it the bakery closer to Eastern Parkway? That was too far a walk for my mother). Remember salt sticks? My favorite bread treat. Just another tasty tidbit health police have confiscated. Made a fine chicken soup tonight, plenty of flavor. Tomorrow the Goodman's noodles, maybe some knadels if I have the patience. After so many years still the Friday night favorite.

Lenny: 6th May 2016 - 02:57 GMT

Unfortunately only one picture that I took on my recent CH walking tour came out clear and that was of the synagogue on Troy between Empire and Montgomery.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 6th May 2016 - 04:05 GMT

rubino, that fellow sells in FLA. he says he can get whatever I want.Stanley is the closest thing to WHITE TRASH that l can think of.A wannabe. Kesty was a really tough guy. My friend MARVIN GOLDBERG Threw Joe Bubich through the front glass window of the TRACK bar on Utica near Park . I think Marvin got Jackie Nolan into the carpet business.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 13th May 2016 - 14:39 GMT

well it appears that we are back so lets hear from yo. Keith ,maybe you can post the entry that you sent to me yesterday, I`m sure others would enjoy seeing it.

Janet: 13th May 2016 - 15:12 GMT

Wonderful development--thanks Chick for posting the news on FB. Though I've been checking regularly, I missed the last couple of days--disappointed and depressed. I'm smiling now.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 13th May 2016 - 15:54 GMT


Janet: 13th May 2016 - 18:18 GMT

We're talking depression,, not hara-kiri (or as we kids called it exiting the Utica hari-kari).

Lenny: 13th May 2016 - 18:59 GMT

Three years ago I got together with a couple of CH guys ,Stanley Reiff and Noel Kent .We met at a restaurant in Brooklyn and shared a lot of memories .
Stan and I are getting together again in 10 days .

Janet: 13th May 2016 - 19:05 GMT

Melvin Nudelman was our next door neighbor. Our kitchens on St. Johns Place faced each other over an alley and often we could overhear bits of conversations. Not that anyone intended to listen, but with windows open on a hot day, couldn't be helped. Our apts. looked across a cement courtyard to the backs of houses on Lincoln Place. I mention Melvin again because somebody on our old EPM site told a funny story about his running into a telephone pole. Probably he didn't think it funny.

Keith Bernstein: 13th May 2016 - 19:17 GMT

Here's a link to an article about five of the worst disasters in Brooklyn history:

I'm glad were back up and running.

Janet: 13th May 2016 - 20:53 GMT

Just read the Brownstoner Brooklyn disaster article Keith posted. Very interesting, terribly costly event. Have sent link to grandson who very recently moved from Park Slope to upscale Park Slope--what was to us (and still is) not far from the Atlantic Avenue/LIRR link our bus (or trolley) passed on the way to downtown Brooklyn for a window shopping spree at A&S or Namms or Mays or Martins. Cherry blossoms blooming there last week. Botanical Gardens can be seen from his window.

Lenny: 13th May 2016 - 22:53 GMT

My father saw the plane crash from a window where he was working in 1960.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 13th May 2016 - 23:21 GMT

There is a small wooded plot between the 71st precinct and the botanical gardens. My pal Bozo,(Bernard Obrien) and l discovered this @ 1945 while walking to prospect park.We decided to explore these woods that we had never noticed before and discovered a passageway that lead us down into an abandoned subway line .We visited this secret place of ours often It wasnt until many years later that l realized we were in the Malbone St station.

Janet: 14th May 2016 - 12:21 GMT

Fascinating detail. Amazing what secrets can be stumbled on, particularly if you're a nosey kid out for adventure. Did someone say that Malbone Street is now Empire Blvd.? That train wreck killed more than 90 people.

Keith Bernstein: 14th May 2016 - 12:56 GMT

Malbone Street was renamed Empire Boulevard after the 1918 train crash. For more on the disaster, see // There is episode on the PBS Series The American Experience entitled "Death Beneath the Streets" about the disaster (I haven't seen it). More on Malbone Street can be found on the ##Forgotten New York# web site at I went to public school in Brooklyn through high school and never learned any of this history…

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 14th May 2016 - 15:01 GMT

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.In todays NY Times is the story of a black woman ,who landed a job teaching in a crown heights charter school. She had grown up in crown heights and was happy to be going back. However when she went looking for an apartment she discovered that gentrification had brought high rents and white people ,she had been forced out of her own neighborhood. Well 60 years ago the parents and grandparents of those retu. rning white people were forced out of their neighborhood by the high crime rate that came along with the projects . Whwt goes around comes around. Read the article if you can ,it includes a photo of loehmans the exclusive ladies shop on Bedford ave.

steve salomon: 14th May 2016 - 15:20 GMT

JANET.....YOUR DIVISION OF CH AREas was very correct and recognized even by my own mother .
i could not cross to the north side of st, johns place .Chicks joint was safe ,remember friedmans dept store ,cheap sams, with his linoleum display in the window.

even the neighbor hood knew the boundries I didn't challenge them till till mucholder when i learned AND THE IRISH AND ITALIANS.

Lenny: 14th May 2016 - 16:29 GMT

I had friends at 1248 St.Marks Ave and had no problems hanging out there or even further north of Eastern Parkway.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 14th May 2016 - 18:29 GMT

I got a call from HERMAN PORTNOYS daughter today HERMAN passed away in 2013 but she asked for this pictureimage 52891

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 14th May 2016 - 19:16 GMT

Herman is the fellow in the bottom row displaying his tie,I am the good looking boy to HIS right Ed Poska sent these others image 52892

up a while ago , thanks Ed Rands USTA WUZ on the corner of St Johns but moved down past NICKS

Janet: 14th May 2016 - 19:30 GMT

Everything's relative as they say. When I was 18 or 19 I volunteered to help out at St. Johns Episcopal Hospital on Dean Street between Troy and Albany. I had a car then but one Sunday I had to walk to Dean Street from St. Johns and Albany (where we lived at that time). Except for Utica, I'd not been that far north before on foot. Walking the street blocks alone from Dean to St. Johns as it got dark and then in the dark was scary. Nothing happened, but it was not safe for a girl alone and I never walked that walk again.

Janet: 14th May 2016 - 20:29 GMT

Yeah, I was about to ask who's that great lookin' Anglo-Saxon blond kid at the bottom (probably blue-eyed too). But seriously . . . I remember many faces from days in the Parkway School (God bless!), but the names are lost. Doubt if we even said hello, but that wasn't unfriendly . . . just kids that weren't your best friends, kids you didn't go to movies with, or talk to much if at all. Sweet days of youth. Biggest domestic problem was clean middy blouse for Tuesday assembly (assembly on Tuesday, no?). I still see Miss James's white hair, I see the neatly scripted alphabet (capitals above and small letters below) tacked above the blackboard from end to end, and the inkwells that almost never had ink in them, and the somebody who came in from time to time to fill them from a big jug. What a mess.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 15th May 2016 - 01:52 GMT


Janet: 15th May 2016 - 03:26 GMT

Chick, Gilbert Lichter lived in the next building from us. (isn't he the kid second from right in row behind you?). He had lots of good comic books but wouldn't trade because mine weren't as good. I knew Walter Feiler (recognize him easily in the photo, great hair). I know the girls by face. My best friend Joan Schulman is barely visible (upper second row first girl on left--her photo looks scratchy). So many faces are familiar to me, but their names are gone--unless I'm reminded of them. Tomorrow daughters and I are off across Hogback Mountain to edge of Vermont (NY to west, Mass. to south). Norman--have you seen much of Vermont?

Janet: 17th May 2016 - 03:13 GMT

Daughters and I capped off our day in chilly Vermont with a hometown movie event--a positively gorgeous Wizard of Oz in local movie house. Plenty of memories for us old folks, and for the little kids in the audience an unforgettable visit to Oz. I must have been about 8 tor 9 at the first visit with the Wizard at the Utica, a long time ago, but don't remember the color being more vivid or Toto more lovable than they were yesterday.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 18th May 2016 - 15:43 GMT

Janet, if yo want to keep this site alive take a look at "the stoop" another group that comes p with FB The moderator or a member poses a question that evokes several responses On the other hand Alan Kpperberg drew many to EPM to view the wonderfl photos that he posted of his daily walks thru Manhattan .BTW today is his birthday. I have phoned Harry E many times with no response,he was a prolific and interesting writer. I even tried to get the fellow who lived at 2 fifth Ave to reply . These sites dont have a long lifetime folks get tired of repeating the same memories over and over,like silvers knishes,how mch can be said abot silvers knishes ? Certainly not something that hasnt been said before. I think Keith shold post a short jazz recital every morning, that wold pt St Johns PL. on the map......oh , my U doesnt work.

Keith Bernstein: 18th May 2016 - 21:32 GMT

Thanks for the complement, Chick. You can get better jazz at Youtube or Pandora than from my fingers. I do miss Silver's knishes but fortunately Gabila's factory is back up and running. And so are we…

Janet: 19th May 2016 - 01:35 GMT

True, some sites get a bit tiresome, but think how many years of life the old EPM had. No one tired of it, and it was always lively, sometimes explosive. It was a perfect conversation with the past, a daily log of our life and times long ago well remembered and recorded. We grew up in a unique time; a record of that needed to be preserved. Nothing I've seen on the internet matches it. Nor can it because many have gone away, or lost interest or forgotten. Some have died. Anyway, on to Keith's note: we get Gabila's knishes here I'm very happy to say--what a treat! What I really miss is appetizing: the chubs, the baked salmon, salty lox very thinly sliced. But it's hard to find that anywhere nowadays. And who ever imagined the dIsappearing corner deli!

Keith Bernstein: 19th May 2016 - 03:28 GMT

Janet, in New Jersey I can get a variety of smoked fish products from Acme in Brooklyn Lox, whitefish, herring, etc. I agree that the old EPM thread was wonderful and irreplaceable. Too bad it is gone. But, then again, so are PS 167 and Tilden HS. Among my favorite memories is the first music ensemble I ever played in: there was a little band that got together once a week at PS 167 when I was in the fifth grade (1957, when I was 10 years old). It was run by a teacher who was a professional sax/clarinet player (I can't remember his name). I'm still playing in a school band, this time at our local community college. However, I'm 50 years older than some of the kids!

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 19th May 2016 - 14:30 GMT

Some of my classmates from 167 formed a band and played at dances in the girls gym on Friday nights. Sheldon Spieglman was one that I remember.I never danced but went to meet friends. This was 1949 .

Janet: 20th May 2016 - 00:30 GMT

Thanks, Keith, for the address. I'm going to write for price list. I can taste that baked salmon now . . . Last summer I picked up some 'appetizing' at a little store on Broadway and 95 that sold sturgeon, carp, etc. and deli items (but not grilled franks unfortunately). It was soooo good. Also got a few things at Zabar's in Manhattan: not top notch that day. Probably I expected too much. Did you go to Tilden? If so, when? Did you know Mrs. Byrne? She was an inspired teacher (marvelously zany at times). Finally, was it you who put Jack Benny & Giselle MacKenzie doing "Getting to Know You" on utube? I've watched it dozens of times. So much pleasure and memory in it.

Keith Bernstein: 20th May 2016 - 00:41 GMT

Hi Janet. I did go to Tilden and graduated in 1964. I did not know Mrs Byrne. And, it was I who suggested the Benny/MacKenzie video. My three years at Tilden were very good for me. Great prep for college, lots of music playing, good kids as classmates. For a moving article about Tilden, see The pictures in the article are from my yearbook.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 20th May 2016 - 16:18 GMT

HI Keith, thanks for posting .I should have graduated Tilden in 1951 , I never did Finally got it in 1957 while in the army, I also took a college level GED that allowed me to enter NYC Community college while still in the army. I took 2 busses to get there from FORT TILDEN in uniform and continued after my discharge.My wife and the army made me grow up ,Any success I may have had in life I owe to them.

Lenny: 20th May 2016 - 17:36 GMT


Did you know Cynthia Goldstein whop graduated Tilden in 1964 ?

Lenny: 20th May 2016 - 17:53 GMT


Cynthia graduated in 1965

Did you ever know Lois Steinberg or Arlene Soloway ?Both graduated Tilden in 1963 and lived in Canarsie.

Keith Bernstein: 20th May 2016 - 18:42 GMT

Lenny, I don't recall any of those names, but remember, Tilden had 5200 students. I lived in Canarsie when I went to Tilden and was lucky to do so, as kids from my junior high who lived east of Rockaway Parkway were consigned to Jefferson.

Lenny: 20th May 2016 - 20:36 GMT

My late brother-in-law graduated Jefferson in 1951 .He should have gone to Tilden but somehow did not .
I have no idea what Brooklyn high schools were like in that time period.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 20th May 2016 - 21:37 GMT

Lenny , he was my age what was his name ,and your sister ?

Janet: 20th May 2016 - 22:12 GMT

The high school I knew lots about was Tilden. I owe those patient teachers (even the ones I didn't like or didn't like me) and a particular guidance counselor Mr. Lieberman more than I can say. When out of my mind temporarily I asked to change my major to home economics, e.g., cooking, cleaning, needlepoint and like duties, he refused to allow it. He almost made me mad. Later I was able to thank him personally for interfering. My friend Marcia Bernstein RIP (who by that time lived on President and Albany) went to Erasmus and had a fine education there. Someone here may have known her brother Martin. I went to Thomas Jefferson one summer before senior year. Needed to take bookkeeping in lieu of advanced algebra (bbbrrrrr). Also took senior English (good course!). But the school and neighborhood were strange to me. I was uncomfortable. Took the bus home, but don't remember where it dropped me off.

Lenny: 21st May 2016 - 01:56 GMT

My late brother in law was Jack Liebowitz .He was married to my wife's sister .I am an only child.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 21st May 2016 - 15:48 GMT

lenny, sorry I did not know your late bro in-law

Janet: 21st May 2016 - 19:26 GMT

Here's a coincidence! Some years ago my daughter who worked for a Manhattan law firm was introduced to a young man also a lawyer who came from Ohio. On their first date she called me quite excited to say that her date's father had graduated from Samuel J. Tilden (I think the term or year before me). What are the odds! He had played bassoon and oboe in the Tilden band/orchestra under Mr. Miranda--everybody at Tilden knew this very popular music teacher. Keith--you must have known him too. Of course, daughter and date read something mystical in it all. Now, years later and two children richer, they live in Westchester and still work in Manhattan.

Keith Bernstein: 22nd May 2016 - 01:29 GMT

Mr Miranda had left Tilden before I entered in 1961. The music teachers were Mr Weil (orchestra) and Mr Arthur Stracher (band) and the chairman was the choral teacher (I don't remember his name). I believe that Mr Miranda composed the school song "Hail Tilden High" long before I attended the school. I had Mr Stracher for a class in each of the six semesters I was there. It was a wonderful school.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 22nd May 2016 - 03:11 GMT

It really is a small world, my wifes friend Josephine Margulio was MR.Mirandas niece
She married Pete Comito who was best man at my wedding.

Keith Bernstein: 23rd May 2016 - 21:19 GMT

I know this is way off topic, but Nathan's is celebrating a century of hot dog business: Makes me hungry…

Janet: 23rd May 2016 - 23:07 GMT

Coincidence--had two Nathan's for dinner just tonight (had to settle for baked beans). Maybe we'll top off the evening with special treat of Gabila's knish later on. All that lacks is celery soda.

Lenny: 24th May 2016 - 01:12 GMT

Am I the only one here who does not eat Nathan's hot dogs ? I like their french fries .

Janet: 25th May 2016 - 00:06 GMT

When I allow myself to think back to the 'olden days' and think of my mother's special dishes, I do get a tad misty. The really disappointing dinner was Saturday's because there was no cooking beyond Friday afternoon so we ate Friday night's dinner also on Saturday (again! the gefilte fish, chicken soup with knadels, chicken and stuffed derma (kishka) and tsimmes, plus disgusting grayish jellied dishes that I'd never touch). I mustn't forget the Good Health seltzer and braided sweet challah. Good taste but two days in a row of Friday supper was too much. This menu was repeated at holidays, but with red wine on the table for the occasion. I would watch my mother prepare the fish in the metal grinder she clamped to the sink, and when she had rolled the fish, egg, spices, matzoh meal into balls I would take a spoonful or two to eat raw. Sounds awful, but it was really tasty. The balabustas of St. Johns Place always thought they made the best gefilte fish. Nope. My mother made the best gefilte fish, raw or cooked.

Robert: 25th May 2016 - 21:18 GMT

It's been great to find this interesting article of St. Johns Pl. where I lived as a child in 1958 and 1959 and went to PS9. I was on the Prospect Heights side of St.Johns, but your memories and comments have taken me back to place and time. So, I thank you very much, Janet!

Janet: 27th May 2016 - 03:35 GMT

Thanks for kind words, Robert. Always hoping to fire up more interest in our common Brooklyn memories. There was a special unmatched quality to growing up in our neighborhood in the "old days" that deserves permanent record. We had a long rolling story going full of shared "Eastern Parkway Memories" and personalities, but that can't be duplicated now because with every year our numbers grow smaller and memory grows less. Well, hoping for growth and "Speak, Memory" moments here. Stay tuned . . .

Janet: 28th May 2016 - 03:14 GMT

Tomorrow daughter and husband are heading down to Brooklyn to see our grandson who has just moved into a new apt in Park Slope. I'll be going along but not into Brooklyn. They want to see some of the old neighborhoods they've heard about (but not our piece of Crown Hts.--which exists only in memory now). I did urge them to visit Eastern Parkway at Grand Army Plaza and take a long look at the beautiful entrance to the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, to walk to magnificent Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens next door. What else in NYC can match the beauty of this piece of Brooklyn? It's our own Champs-Elysées. On an earthier note--one of their stops will be at Brennan-Carr on Nostrand and Ave. U.

steve salomon: 28th May 2016 - 23:39 GMT

janet....... just so you know, in the old days I didn;t eat nathans hot dogs either/ I ate there bbq sandwiches instead there fries were cooked in the same oil for 30 years,and were great.

now once in a while i'd eat a dog still don't like the taste of them.
there fish dept. was great clams, muscles and fish sandwiches..

Lenny: 28th May 2016 - 23:48 GMT

Who recalls Wetson's ? I think the closest one to CH was on Empire Blvd and Washington Ave .I think it opened in 1962 .

Keith Bernstein: 29th May 2016 - 16:32 GMT

I seem to remember a Wetson's on Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie when I lived there in the 1960s.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 29th May 2016 - 23:01 GMT

Keith, do you teach at RVCC or just play piano for events ?

Keith Bernstein: 30th May 2016 - 01:40 GMT

I was a student there in the past. Now, I just show up and play piano in the jazz ensemble and accompany some of the students at the student recital or at their juries each semester. I consider myself sort of an unpaid volunteer: I'm a musician, arranger, accompanist, and vocal coach for the kids. It keeps me young, hanging out with kids who are 50 years younger than I am (they're less than one-third my age!). I also play piano professionally about once a month. It all started when I was in the third grade at PS 167 and the school offered group piano lessons for 25c each week. We didn't have a piano at home and I practiced on a keyboard printed on stiff paper (I still have the keyboard as a keepsake). After doing that for a year, my parents scraped together the money for a piano and private lessons. And, as they say, the rest is history.

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 30th May 2016 - 03:50 GMT


Keith Bernstein: 30th May 2016 - 04:09 GMT

I would like to direct your attention to an interesting article about Weeksville at // In previous iterations of this board, I wrote about this settlement of free blacks in eastern Crown Heights. Of particular interest is a map dating before the opening of Eastern Parkway in the 1870s. EP follows a street then named Sackett. At the time, St Johns Place was named Douglass Street but was renamed St Johns Place in honor of St Johns Episcopal Church (I recall posting a reference to this in the past). The many of the streets north of Union Street had different names at that time. Seems like nothing is forever!

Janet: 31st May 2016 - 02:41 GMT

In a day or two I'll try to upload photos taken in Park Slope and Flatbush on Saturday along with some details of familiar places with names like St. Marks Place, Dean Street, Bedford Avenue.

Janet: 1st Jun 2016 - 14:15 GMT

One of the happiest times on Saturday was seeing Brooklyn College again. From the Bedford Avenue side one looks at Drenan Hall (arts and humanities) on the left of the quad, LaGuardia (library) with its beautiful steeple, Ingersoll (science) on the right. The big lawn in front and shrubbery make a beautiful centerpiece. It all looked smaller to me than I'd remembered it--but BC is really quite big with many buildings behind the central campus stretching down to Nostrand. Roosevelt Hall across Bedford has another big bldg next to it and there are also a few smaller bldgs plus an overhead glass-enclosed walk across Bedford. The College was gated so there was no entry (at least not from that Bedford side). Many good memories for me: lots and lots of hard study, very competitive--everybody in a hurry, smart but not especially friendly, everybody striving to get good grades, get ahead, make something of themselves so life would be better than their parents' lives. The streets were rather quiet from there down to Avenue U or so (more about interesting Bedford Avenue later).

Norman: 1st Jun 2016 - 15:19 GMT

Brooklyn College was a great way for us to get a Quality Education at a very moderate price.My sister graduated Brooklyn College and became a teacher in the New York city school system,she taught Spanish ,I went there for 1 term at night as my father passed away and we needed the money.When I got married my wife pushed me to get a college degree as I needed that to have a chance for promotion at work.I wound up earning a Bachelors degree at Edison State College.
Changing the subject,there is a store on the lower east side called Russ's daughters which is a great place for appetizing very similar to the way we had it in Crown Heights,they recently opened a store in Brooklyn the food is great but a bit pricey

Janet: 1st Jun 2016 - 21:23 GMT

Don't know when I'll get to the lower East side again, but I'll be making a top at Russ's Daughters. I haven't had my favorite appetizing delights in a long time. My daughter works on 8th & 16th Street, but that's not downtown enough probably. I've tried to post a few photos of Brooklyn but can't manage it. Though they're quite small sitting on my computer screen, they're apparently not small enough. So I've asked the editor to help. Two are of Brooklyn College and two of Brennan Carr where we stopped for much looked-forward-to roast beef. We weren't disappointed. BCarr is just about the same as it was when I last visited, and a real treat for daughter and family. Nice that so little has changed (at BrennanCarr at least). Plenty has changed elsewhere.

Chic: 2nd Jun 2016 - 15:58 GMT

Along that stretch of ave, U near Brennan & Carr there are several excellent bagel bakeries and appetizer shops ,also Mrs. Stahls knishes is not too far away, I believe it`s Emmons Ave,

Janet: 2nd Jun 2016 - 18:06 GMT

Don't know when if ever I'll go back that way, but the visit on Saturday not only to familiar places like Bedford Avenue but also to Ocean Avenue and Ocean Parkway was very pleasant. Talk about that in a later message. We turned of off the highway into downtown Brooklyn. I was a little shocked at the changes. I found nothing recognizable, not even the streets themselves--well, I had a vague notion where the Bklyn Paramount had been. The whole area was very, very crowded with strollers and traffic. Barklay Center is the ugliest bldg ever built. Nothing I've seen that's actually been designed can match this monstrosity. Grandson's nearby street was quite nice--quiet, stone stairs to the entrance, all bldgs. alike but for individualized touches (tiny garden with pots, wrought-iron). Also many are the beginning of streets we all know from our neighborhood: Dean, St. Marks, etc., and are well maintained. Some side streets are rather beautiful, very pricey I imagine and top drawer for Brooklyn (probably where Chuck Shumer and Mayor De Blasio live.). Almost all are dark red stone. We returned that way later that night and took the bridge to FDR Drive, but getting away from that Center was hard--bus traffic, cars, blazing lights, strollers everywhere. Almost like a Manhattan experience. At least at night it was easier to ignore Barklay--ugh.

Chic: 3rd Jun 2016 - 20:55 GMT

image 52942
Brennan & Carr .....the best roast beef sandwich on a gravy soaked roll. Ave U & Nostrand Ave.

Lenny: 4th Jun 2016 - 02:13 GMT

Both of my parents became disabled when I was a HS senior and being an only child I went to college at night and worked during the day .It took me 14 years to graduate Brooklyn College.

Janet: 4th Jun 2016 - 19:14 GMT

Big responsibility Lenny. I'm grateful that BC made it possible for those who had to work to get a degree though it often took years. I worked too from the day after graduating from Tilden (not yet 17) to 1956 when I had to transfer to BC full time. Course work demanded it. I was able to get a job after classes at doctors' offices and so had a little money though my father paid the rent and utility bills. Such things make one appreciate a good education all the more. I think the education BC offered in those years was superior in every department. Sometimes I resented requirements (math, for instance, which was my torment), but bad came with the good--others hated languages which came easily to me. All in all lots of angst, but the end worth it all.

Lenny: 5th Jun 2016 - 01:09 GMT

I had some wonderful Professors at BC and I am thankful for having the opportunity to learn from them.
My wife graduated BC in 4 years as did one of my daughters but her husband also went at night and graduated in 14 years.

We all had a wonderful educational experience.

Norman: 6th Jun 2016 - 00:14 GMT

Happy Birthday Janet and many more
Missed your birthday yesterday
You are a lovely person to all your friends

Janet: 6th Jun 2016 - 15:10 GMT

Thank you for the good wishes, Norman. Remember the old Tennessee Ernie Tubbs "16 Tons"? and the line "... another year older and deeper in debt"? The line comes to mind when the gardeners are here, as they are now and have been. You know how woodsy NH is and becomes after rain, and there was lots of it yesterday. Stuff cut down last week is popping up again. However, the place is lookin' good! That's what happens when you deprive a kid growing up on St. Johns Place of a garden and give her a sweet potato to grow in a dark closet (PS 167 horticulture). Oh, there were the seed packets we all bought, remember petunias? I watched the seedlings come up, and make a stem and a few leaves, maybe some pink or purple blooms. It was exciting to buy seed packets at school and hope for blooms. Little childhood pleasures on St. Johns Place.

Chic: 6th Jun 2016 - 19:41 GMT

Keith I tried to relocate this site to a GROUP accessable thru facebook. I lack the necessary computer skills maybe you can do it. It appears that you are not on facebook.

anon ( 6th Jun 2016 - 22:56 GMT


Thanks for the memories. I am the Harold aka Heshie mentioned in some of the talks about the golden era of growing up in Crown Heights. I know Richie Rubin, Lenny Ginsberg, Eppy, Bobby Lazarus, Steve Schiffman, poska and Prusack, not to mention Johnny Fulton and Karl Herman.

Last night I attended a reunion of my old gang hosted by Lloyd Kornreich. In attendance were Harvey Waldman, Irving Shafran, Eddie Kravitz,Alan Green, Steve Nadler,Barry Cohen,Steven Heller, Steven Klein , Joyce Davis and Nancy Susser Levy. Franklyn passed away a few years ago.

Most of the wives All also attended. It was a swell get together and many memoriebys were brought back to life in the stories that were told. I was in theNYPD for 20 years and retired in 1987. Worked in security for 17 years and ended my career in Law Enforcement in 2009 as Acting Chief of Police at the US Merchant Marine Academy.

Keep this going it brings back so many memories.

Harold Schiffer

I was in the Army with Billy Greenberg, a fellow Richie Eisenberg from crown Heights

steve salomon: 6th Jun 2016 - 23:11 GMT




steve salomon: 6th Jun 2016 - 23:18 GMT



Lenny: 7th Jun 2016 - 01:18 GMT

Harold aka Heshey lived on Empire or Lefferts near Albany .
Harold when you read this ,did you ever meet a CH guy named Bruce Sherer who worked at the US Merchant Marine Academy.

Chic: 7th Jun 2016 - 01:27 GMT

hesh Did you ever go to chics`poolroom on st johns pl ? ,where did yo work in NYPD ? My grandson attends Webb Institute in Glen Cove is that near you ?

Lenny: 7th Jun 2016 - 23:40 GMT

Heshy worked in Manhattan South

STEVE: I spoke to Dennis Hoffman today .He never heard of you as a Wingate basketball player .He graduated in 1959 .

steve salomon: 8th Jun 2016 - 15:05 GMT


steve salomon: 8th Jun 2016 - 15:08 GMT



Lenny: 8th Jun 2016 - 17:40 GMT

The last time I saw Eddie Kravitz he was living in Westchester .

I know you graduated in 1962 ,Steve

Chic: 8th Jun 2016 - 20:31 GMT

Heshy ,I went to 167 with harvey kornreich he would be 82 now. Also Phil nachinoff was a regular in my poolroom, do you know what became of him ?

steve salomon: 9th Jun 2016 - 15:08 GMT


Chic: 9th Jun 2016 - 19:23 GMT

hey gys, I go onto another site that is mch livlier than this site. The owner poses a daily question and gets many responses. Today on bklyn board someone asked ,"what were your favorite restaurants in Bklyn in the 50s & 60s?for . I replied ,Peter Luger for steaks, Brennan and Carr on Ave U & Nostrand for gravy soaked roast beef sandwiches,but for the best Pastrami you need to come to Harolds deli in Edison NJ. There were many responses some in categories .chinese ,diner,kosher,cafeteria etc. I FORGOT THAT ONE WOULD`VE SAID DUBROWS ON E PKWAY.

Lenny: 10th Jun 2016 - 02:15 GMT

My favorite Brooklyn restaurants were Dubrows on Eastern Parkway ,Famous on Eastern Parkway ,Jahn's on 86 St .in Bensonhurst ,Grabsteins in Canarsie and Richard Yee's on Ave. U .

Chic: 10th Jun 2016 - 14:07 GMT


Janet: 10th Jun 2016 - 14:25 GMT

Greff's Delicatessen, St. Johns and Schenectady.

Lenny: 11th Jun 2016 - 04:22 GMT

Wow,Brooklyn Board .I last posted there about 15 years ago.In 1999 I was a very active poster there .Brooklyn Bridge magazine decided to do an article on Brooklyn Board and they chose me and another guy to interview for their article.
Several phone conversations ,many e-mails and the article was basically a paragraph,2 sentences about me and they spelled my name wrong.

Chic: 11th Jun 2016 - 12:49 GMT

the bklyn bd is not very active but the restaurant query generated a BIG response.I had hoped that would happen here but you were the only one.there is another group,"the stoop" that is very active,the owner keeps it alive by posing a new question every day thats what we should do here.

anon ( 11th Jun 2016 - 18:54 GMT

Great idea Chic..... here's a topic that's good for more than 1 day.... "Most Unforgettable Character" from Da Hood.... operational word is CHARACTER..... tough to name just 1 as it was a real zoo..... I'll start and throw out " Jack "the Shadow" Goldman..... he was a merchant seaman, gambler, and shot a pretty good stick as well- not the best BUT he was the best at making the right bet. He hung mostly at the pit but I think he could be found once in a while at your place as well Chic...maybe before you bought the place. Truly a piece of work

Lenny: 12th Jun 2016 - 01:22 GMT

My most unforgettable character from CH was Richie "The werewolf".I have no idea where that nickname came from .His real name was Richie Gold.

Everyone I knew in CH had a nickname .Some which were fine in the 50's and 60's are not PC today .

Richie Rubin: 12th Jun 2016 - 15:42 GMT

YIKES!We're back...again!..good to see some of U Mashugs still with US,I'll contact JANET & pass good newz on...

steve salomon: 12th Jun 2016 - 19:16 GMT


Janet: 12th Jun 2016 - 20:15 GMT

Yes, Richie, as Steve said we've been here waiting and hoping for your posts. Glad the glitch (whatever it was) is no more. Am watching PBS here right now and lovin' 40's music--"in the Mood" at the moment with Tex Beneke conducting--here's "Don't Sit under the Apple Tree." This 40s delight is a little oldish for you 50's fans, but I can't get enough of it. Went to a retired faculty reunion last night, so nice to see old friends again. But what would I give to see some faces from my PS 167 past! I know some are still with us, but scattered all over the place. You guys had so many friends, so many street games, sports, just hangin' around fun, I do envy you. Some on my block you may have known, the Wengers, Sheldon Spiegelman, Gilbert Lichter, Melvin Nudelman, Judy Kessler. Chick knew the VanHorn brothers, Jackie Schulman, the Conrads, Blackie and Pete Mazzeo, and some others from Troy, Albany, Schenectady, and Utica. Many kids in my 167 class lived on Eastern Parkway, Lincoln, President, Union. I've mentioned some before--and recognize their faces in the 167 graduation photo Chick posted. I really regret not having known Richie or Chick, though we probably ran into each other at the Utica's candy bar. I was the pretty one.

Lenny: 13th Jun 2016 - 00:01 GMT

I was at a party today .Most of the people there grew up in Brooklyn .one said that her cousin posts regularly on The Brooklyn Board under the name Brooklyn Guy .His name is Len Green .He is not from CH but he hung out at Lincoln Terrace Park and i think I knew him there .
Nearly all the people at the party today grew up in Canarsie and or Brownsville.

anon ( 13th Jun 2016 - 03:09 GMT

yes b`klyn guy has been posting for a long while on the board. In fact he is the guy who posed the "favorite restaurant ""question

Mark: 13th Jun 2016 - 03:43 GMT

Glad to see that this site is back up and running. (Thanks Richie for the heads-up.)
I was pleased to see the comment about the ugliness of the Barclay Center. To me, it resembles a rusty toilet bowl with the seat down. Once correction though about the beauty of Eastern Parkway near the Plaza: It has been terribly marred by the addition of what looks like a high class bus depot to the facade of the Brooklyn Museum (at a cost of approximately $63 million).
Occasionally I go to Russ & Daughters down on Houston. When I am having a bunch of people over, however, I will go to Greenpoint. On Friday mornings, Acme Smoked Fish sets up tables and offers all sorts of smoked fish at wholesale prices. Nothing fancy, for sure, but the prices can't be beat and the quality is quite high. (Pickled lox, though, is still much better at Russ.)

Richie Rubin: 13th Jun 2016 - 04:24 GMT

Janet;I was the kid @ the movies[Utica,Congress& Carroll theaters] cursing the[NOISY]Popcorn machine[no bags]& Soda machines[no cups]losin' My dimes!@ the sat.matinee`kiddie shows'[prize contests & 10 cartoons,& a Double`B'Movie feature,[usually an`Oater'& Bowery Boys]& All for just.15 cents!..what a deal! anyone else out there that attended those Mashuggana shows?

CHIC: 13th Jun 2016 - 14:46 GMT

the above blrb credited to anon was me ,i`m not ANON

steve salomon: 13th Jun 2016 - 19:48 GMT



Janet: 13th Jun 2016 - 21:19 GMT

Mark--I recently saw a photo of the museum showing that addition. Unforgivable in this most beautiful of all places.

Mark: 13th Jun 2016 - 21:52 GMT

Thanks Janet -- I'm glad that you agree with me. About 7 or 8 years ago, I had the former curator of the Museum at my house for dinner along with some other guests. He assured me that, when the restoration of the facade was planned, it in no way resembled what was ultimately built. It was supposed to have restored the steps to the second floor that were original to the building. They had been removed (during the 30's if I am not mistaken) in order to provide a more "democratic" ground floor entrance. In any event, the curator agreed that the new new facade was pretty horrible.

Since I grew up on EP between Ralph and Howard, I can only remember going to the Congress once in my life: to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Mostly, I went to either the Loew's Pitkin (a really magnificent theater) or to the Sutter ... usually to the Sutter because it was cheaper.

RICHIE RUBIN: 13th Jun 2016 - 23:20 GMT

Yeah,Mark,the Loew's Pitkin was a Beaut!the ceiling looked like a Planetarium, stars came out when houselights went off..whew!..what a theater! & across the street:`Jungle Jim's'Coconut Whip' drink..Dee-Lish![He dressed like`Jungle Jim', Pith Helmet & Safari shmatas & High Boots..what a Character!

Janet: 14th Jun 2016 - 02:15 GMT

I recall The Carroll had a nice marquee straddling the corner. I went there only now and then. Probably I didn't like walking up the hill on Utica back to St. Johns after the movie though I did shop on Utica once I went to work. I've got a strange memory for movies, usually remembering where i saw this movie or that--you too Mark? The last movie I saw at Carroll was Magnificent Obsession with Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman. Does anyone remember that one? I was working for Loew's MGM (Broadway & 47th) then and one of my duties was creating a one-paragraph synopsis of MGM movies for use by distributors. Talk to you tomorrow.

steve salomon: 14th Jun 2016 - 17:17 GMT




Lenny: 14th Jun 2016 - 23:40 GMT


I have 2 names that you may have known ;

Mario "Sam" Eshkanazi-He is your age ,went to Jefferson and may have been a pool hall guy.
Mey Gold- also your age ,also went to Jefferson.

Both guys lived in Brownsville.

Mark: 15th Jun 2016 - 00:25 GMT

Actually, I remember very few of the movies I saw ... though I do remember that I saw Around the World in 80 Days at the Pitkin. I really am not a movie fan and haven't seen a movie in about 15 years or more. Even with "around the world.." I was ready to go home after no more than 50 days. :-)

Janet: 15th Jun 2016 - 02:01 GMT

I was very much a movie fan when I was young. Today I have no interest at all. I did see Lord of the Rings (big Tolkien fan but not because of "Ring" ), but so much of it was battle, battle, battle between digitalized armies, I found it all predictable and tiresome. I loved movies as a kid. Most of what I knew of the world came to me through movies. That's probably true of most of our generation. Here's how pathetic I was--one summer I went to the Utica and Congress six days in a row, but couldn't wrangle the 12 or 15 cents for a record seventh day. Made me miserable. Movie houses couldn't keep up with my appetite. Was there any fun like Saturday fun at the Utica?--the kids, the noise, the prizes, What's Up Doc?--Wimpy and Olive Oyl and the rest of the matinee gang. The candy machine, everything a nickel, then the candy concession at the back (or did that come before the machine?). Had to be very picky when you owned only one nickel. All very long ago.

RICHIE RUBIN: 15th Jun 2016 - 03:26 GMT

I guess the religious Jew kids didn't attend Those Sat.afternoon`kiddie shows' `cause they probably were in Shul/Synagoge[probably Pektak-Tikva on Rochester ave & Lincoln pl.]but All the kids of All faiths on Our block did!Chick's GrandMom-in-Law was Matron there & gave out`secret' entry slips for the Fun contests We vied for against other neighborhood kids for cool prizes! I won a dinosaur game in a baby-bottle w/nipple milk drinkin' contest,& My Sister Teri won a Dollhouse a few weeks later!..oh what FUN We had way back then[`50's]too bad `dem daze are gone forevah'anyone remember THE`teeny-weenies'in the sunday paper`funnies'? but:`Dick Tracy' was My fave[I( was even a`crimestopper']anyone else?

RICHIE RUBIN: 15th Jun 2016 - 03:46 GMT


steve salomon: 15th Jun 2016 - 15:31 GMT




CHIC: 15th Jun 2016 - 15:36 GMT

Lenny neither of those names are familiar to me.

Keith Bernstein: 15th Jun 2016 - 18:32 GMT

The first time I went to the movies was in 1953, when I saw "It Came From Outer Space" at the Utica. I went to the Carroll on a regular basis until we moved out of Crown Heights. My favorites were the "monster movies" of Ray Harryhausen, such as "Twenty-Five Million Miles To Earth," 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," and "It Came From Beneath The Sea." I agree with Janet that the modern digitized films are tiresome. They don't compare to the stop-action sequences of these films, and others by Harryhausen, such as the Sinbad films.

Janet: 16th Jun 2016 - 00:40 GMT

My son was (and remains) a big fan of Ray Harryhausen and never missed a RayH. movie. The creatures and special effects are primitive by modern standards but they were original and scary in their day. A movie I didn't like because the poor hero was so pathetic was The Incredible Shrinking Man. In my opinion the best of the best in suspense, credibility, technical polish is "The Thing." I first saw it at the Utica in 1951 (I think). I never tire of seeing it (even though the thrill is gone).

RICHIE RUBIN: 16th Jun 2016 - 03:42 GMT


CHIC: 16th Jun 2016 - 14:43 GMT

RICHIE, I`m worried that you are so concerned with what other men have in their pants.

anon ( 16th Jun 2016 - 18:39 GMT

To paraphrase Rod Steiger in the classic " No Way to Treat a Lady".... " Doesn't make him a bad person" :)


RICHIE RUBIN: 17th Jun 2016 - 00:05 GMT


Lenny: 17th Jun 2016 - 01:00 GMT

The scariest movies I saw as a kid were Horror of Dracula and Horror Of Frankenstein.The first movie I went to was in 1947.

Janet: 17th Jun 2016 - 11:19 GMT

Is anyone here old/aged enough to have seen "Diabolique"? Granted, it was the late 50s and by the time the movie played on TV here and there "Psycho" had come around to replace it as the scariest, and after that . . . the deluge. But watching Diabolique, I wasn't the only one cringing in the seat, hiding behind the upper rim of the chair in front of me. It was that scary! It's the scene no one who's seen it can forget.

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