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Woodbine Beaches

Woodbine Beaches

A Random Sampling of 9/11-related Articles Posted to Citynoise Over the Years

- The Citynoise contributors - Sunday, September 11th, 2016 : goo

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It's been 15 years since that day - long enough for there to be people of voting age in this country's election with no real memories of the event. Here are some of the articles posted by various contributors to this site.

image 1105728512manhattan1

Citynoise was just getting started at the time and this is one of the first postings related to that event.

image 30691

Ground Zero Visit 2002 by Franny Wentzel

image 9953

130 Cedar Street by jack - showing some of the area around

image 1105727499groundzero1

Ground Zero - Lower Manhattan As It Looks Today by our late founder.

image 8614

A Rainy Visit in Manhattan by Elicar - lower Manhattan with a shot of The Pit.

image 2534

The World Trade Center Site (2005) by our late founder.

image 17529

Buildings in Mourning by jack

image 20866

Story Corps WTC by CartLegger - travelling oral history recording booth.

image 9300

Video Stills of the Pre-9/11 New York by EvilGentleman

image 34539

Random World Trade Center Images by Franny Wentzel

Notes from 9/11/01 by GGP

The Bones of Sepember: New York - by Mitchel Cohen

image 33083

WTC, 1995 by our late founder

image 23043

Brooklyn Bridge and World Trade Center - by WallyG

There are more articles with some relation to 9/11 to be found within CityNoise - this is just a random sampling...

This article was viewed 803 times (Counting ceased in 2017)

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from the archives

The Rails

the rails in downtown sacramento. K street. I love that city!

The Rails

from the archives

Under the 407

Under the 407

from the archives

Summer's Day

Lookin' through old stuff. This was a nice day.

Summer's Day