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My favourite plant in my backyard. I call it "Plantenomio"


The Next Stop Is... Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway...

- Peter - Wednesday, June 15th, 2005 : goo

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image 2637
This is the of the / line. lies atop the station, and it exits right in front of the . The proclaiming the stop... most of these were done in the old days, 1900-1930s, before the such a profit-hungry, cost-cutting bureaucracy...

image 2639
This indicates what lies above. The is also visible, underneath...

image 2640
Some random station information, added here simply for tose that like seeing random ...

image 2641

image 2642
The designating what stops lie on this line, and what times of day/at which station the trains actually stop (the 2/3 runs through some parts of town)...

image 2643
Ahh, finally... heres the 2 train! Gotta go to ...

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kobe: 15th Jun 2005 - 17:25 GMT

wow i feel like i was waiting there for the train or something!

GGP: 15th Jun 2005 - 19:04 GMT

glad you posted these, Peter. But I am surprised you did not include the old architectural elements they've added to the first level, where the token booth is.
Eastern Parkway was the first-ever Parkway in the US, I do believe.
See ya on the 2!

Peter: 17th Jun 2005 - 14:04 GMT

GGP: i did take photos, but they were sub-par thanks to the lighting...

but here they are!

image 2729

image 2730

Meister: 18th Jul 2005 - 15:05 GMT

At 3 AM in March 1999 after a party around the corner my girlfriend at the time barfed in this station when we were waiting for a train. I always liked this station. It was the last normal one before things got scary. Back in 1998/1999 this area was not like it is today.

anon ( 9th Jun 2006 - 02:34 GMT

absolutely! what a reminder of the past for me....i lived right their for the first 19 years of my life.

Joanne O'Connor-Buscema: 25th Feb 2007 - 15:33 GMT

Flashback to 1972 and riding the subway to Bishop McDonnell High School on Eastern Parkway.

Thanks for the memories!


H.J.H.: 7th Jun 2007 - 23:33 GMT

Thank you for these photos. They evoke memories of when I lived there and this was my subway stop. I love Brooklyn, NY; Eastern Parkway, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

andrae: 31st Aug 2008 - 03:21 GMT

thiz shit iz crazy yoww i like it for reeal

Spesh: 24th Oct 2008 - 06:01 GMT

Wow, I love the "oldschool" camera-phone photos! :-)

anon ( 1st Jul 2009 - 15:26 GMT

Thank you, I rode the subway when the lines were known as the IRT or BMT. I lived at 135 Eastern Parkway and attended PS 241

Dan Hoagland: 3rd Dec 2012 - 17:44 GMT

The apartment building where we lived was directly across the street from the Brooklyn Museum.(175 eastern Parkway) My father was the "Super" from 1952-1965. We moved in February 1966. I remember that train station only too well. Thanks for the pics.

Ed Hoagland: 3rd Dec 2012 - 22:57 GMT

I paid a few visits to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden within the past two years, and the look of the Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum station really impressed me. The improvements do the station justice, although a short walk through other nearby parts of neighborhood show much work still needs to be done. The original(?) tile stations signs are equivalent to a time machine, in that they can make you feel you are back in 1965 (or earlier). They are also marvelous to view up close, representing the past in the present.

While I missed the old wrought iron gates of the old BBG, the new look is quite nice, and the garden itself appears to have changed little. It is still a quiet oasis in the middle of the EP thoroughfare - provided you can ignore the jets overhead...

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