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Veterans Day, 2008

I liked the army. Iou would probably think I'm crazy but I liked the army. It brought me to another dimension of myself. It made me more independent, self reliant, a sense of importance, a part of...

Veterans Day, 2008

Fuck Neck Face

- Peter - Thursday, September 8th, 2005 : goo

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image 4732

This happened on the roof of my art studio.

image 4733

Here's Manny, the Super in the newspaper article, telling me how it went down... and how bad he wanted to wring Neckface's neck.


Art genius or pain in the 'Neck Face'?


Graffiti by Neck Face irks Manny Suarez, Williamsburg building super of 65 Hope St.
The graffiti writer known as Neck Face is a success in the art world - but he's still the bane of one Williamsburg superintendent's existence.

Last Tuesday marked the fourth time since January the high-profile tagger spray-painted his street name across the sixth-floor facade of 65 Hope St.

Scrawled three times in a row in big, black letters, "NECK FACE" was visible from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

"I'm really p----- off - it's all the time," said building super Manny Suarez, who spent two hours dangerously perched off the roof to paint over the markings. "I really don't care who he is - he has no right to vandalize this building."

Graffiti, which is illegal, creates notoriety for vandals that can translate into commercial success in the art world.

"Neck Face tagged our building. He's everywhere," said an impressed artist who lives in the building.

Other area residents were disgusted.

"I hate that crap," said artist Peter Caine, whose artwork is on display at PS 1. "It's just dirtying up our environment."

Cops have more than doubled the number of graffiti arrests so far this year - 1,741 in 2005 compared with 913 arrests at this time last year, officials said. Police attributed the jump to an initiative that boosted the number of cops assigned to the anti-graffiti squad.

To his frustration, Suarez unwittingly watched his nemesis get away - again.

"If I'd known it was him he wouldn't have been Neck Face - he would have been in the hospital with a red face!" Suarez growled.

Thinking that a furtive figure he saw was a tenant's guest, Suarez watched the man scurry down the building's outside staircase at 1:30 a.m.

Besides spray-painting the building, Neck Face also left his mark on a giant billboard on the roof and under an advertisement for a television show, "Wanted."

While there is no proof Neck Face is the culprit who struck on Hope St., Los Angeles gallery owner Marsea Goldberg, who has displayed his art, had no doubt it was him.

"It's him," said Goldberg who would not reveal the artist's real name. "He's an enfant terrible."

The 20-year-old graffiti writer has struck repeatedly from Tokyo to San Francisco to Manhattan's lower East Side and Brooklyn.

Considered the most recent graffiti writer to cross into the mainstream, Neck Face paints colorful, heavy-metal gothic monsters and has a strong following.

Goldberg offered up some advice to the aggrieved Suarez.

"He should hold on to [the graffiti]; it's valuable," said Goldberg, who sold a mural by Neck Face to a collector for $5,000.

Originally published on September 7, 2005

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ian: 8th Sep 2005 - 21:05 GMT

"I'll get you next time, Gadget!!"

Laura : 8th Sep 2005 - 21:56 GMT

hahahaha... I loved that show

jeff: 9th Sep 2005 - 20:11 GMT

i can understand why the super's mad at neckface - that's his livelihood. but "artist Peter Caine"? i can't imagine why a working artist couldn't at least see the playful side in neckface's work. especially going so far as to provide angry quotes for a newspaper article. "crap"? what about pushing the boundaries? is his idea of art limited to painting cows in a pasture? the word that comes to mind about "artist peter caine" is wanker.

i dunno, what do you think peter?

ea: 9th Sep 2005 - 20:44 GMT

I notice you didnt ask for MY opinion....hehe

but um
working artists do have a reputation for taking themselves quite seriously. which I must venture to say Neckface does, if he thinks his giant block letters are "art" or pushing any boundaries. it looks to me like negligable creativity or stylistic quality and zero craftsmanship. although he does go to great heights for the installations.

and I'm not convinced it's just one person. since it looks so unoriginal, maybe it's just turned into a logo. like everybody posts OBEY stickers...

iknowsanddobutyou'dneverguess: 9th Sep 2005 - 21:29 GMT

Have you seen more of his stuff than his tags? if you dont think his tags are art, see the rest of his work. he pushed boundaries in other ways. And yes, it's one person. OBEY is Shepherd Fairey's deal, but he gets help. He's an exception though. writers just really do put in that much work.

ea: 9th Sep 2005 - 21:40 GMT

yep I was just talkin about the nametags in regard to the quoted article. too bad they're so much more notorious than anything else, it doesn't help spread the street art love or convert any cynics.

jeeff: 9th Sep 2005 - 22:23 GMT

i'm just curious cuz peter's our "man on the scene".

not all art is about converting cynics. i don't think james joyce's ulysses has won over too many of the masses, but it's still widely touted as the best novel of the 20th century. i've never managed to finish it.

my main point is that the artist quoted, by passing judgement on what is or isn't art, is denegrating himself as a hack. or at best, an art critic. it's cool to say what you like or what you don't, but to state that something is "crap" is a mistake. especially an artist should know that beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

as for neckface specifically, why is he so notorious? is it just the outlandish places that he tags? if so, i'd say dr. sex would be world famous by now. in fact, in a world full of taggers who endlessly copy each other's style, neckface is totally original. the fact that he's gained notoriety by throwing all the "aesthetics" of tagging out the window is kind of inspiring, i think. i only like his work so-so, but i'm glad he's doing it.

jeeff: 10th Sep 2005 - 08:27 GMT

i agree with both versions. tho that might make me an aging gen-xer ;) i wouldn't fuck with manny.

fuzzytank: 12th Sep 2005 - 07:15 GMT

yes i have seen the rest of his work, and after reading the interviews... i hope he can skate better than he can paint

if not hes gonna have a LOT of broken bones

my annoyance: the Hype ignores his lack of skill

more living proof that just cause its in a gallery dosent mean a damn thing

Im not sayin hes missing heart, but gettin up in difficult places and being prolific still cant cover the fact that there is a substantial lack of concept and skill.

half of me wants the guy to catch him an kick his ass, but the rest knows it will just increase the selling point of his 'paintings' which are already pushing a ridiculous 5g's

Peter: 12th Sep 2005 - 16:15 GMT

jeeff: why is neckface so notorious? well, how can i put this delicately... he had a few very visible ups in some really hot spots in brooklyn. add a few graf-scenester/williamsburg hipsters who flicked them for their blogs, and whammo! you have neckface appearing online alot more than he does in real time. he paints a few choice spots (with images that look like he lifted them from slayer album cover art), has osme connections to do some clothing and design, and blammo, its hte next basquiat! or thats what the media likes to think. they love "crossover" artists around here.

as for , that kid is notorious! if you havent heard of his exploits in bombing manned cop cars and highway streetsigns during rush hour traffic, then you might have heard about his widely publicized cat-and-mouse game that culminated both in his doing $2mil "damage" to california highways... then his subsequent arrest, heh.

the difference is that dr. sex is a graf writer with some fame. neckface is a School of Visual Arts dropout who decided that quick money and fame could come from throwing up his tag alot. which apparently is true. not judging him here, just giving a different POV.

Peter: 12th Sep 2005 - 16:35 GMT

to be fair:

image 4802

image 4803

image 4804

image 4805

image 4806

image 4807

elaine: 12th Sep 2005 - 16:50 GMT

thems kind of wild

Anonymous ( 30th Sep 2005 - 19:10 GMT

i've seen that van parked in brooklyn on north six

Peter Caine: 3rd Oct 2005 - 00:01 GMT

It's crap. It like "T peenig" someones House. Its peoples house's and stores.
If people dont like my work, fine dont come to the show. His shit is no differnt than writeing "Kill roy was Here" on a wall. Jack off boy should stick to canvas and keep his stuff in a gallery. If hes any good,time will tell.
What the artical did not print is that if I catch him or anyone doing that crap to my building they will bleed. He needs to grow up and stop costing people money.
I never wrote on a wall, I never felt the need to get a Tattoo either. If that fool thinks that writeing his name on a wall will make him famous,someone should tell him it's been done. He is as commen and boreing as everone elese that write's on wall's
OOOOh- he's such a Bad boy..........
Neckface = guts less pussy. The next time he has a show I will write on the gallery window with paint. No one will want to show him because its gonna cost money. then mabey he will understand the cost of thing's cause no one will show him for fear of getting thier Gallery screwed up. To bad for Dick head that the reporter interviewed me. I'am a much bigger asshole than he could ever be, and much more creative.
Neck Face-
You dont have to thank me, I will help you grow up fast.

Peter Caine: 3rd Oct 2005 - 01:58 GMT

One other thing- His gallery stuff is OK, just OK, nothing new. And It dont push anything. Ive seen the same shit on the bottom of skate boards. He will never be known for anything but defaceing property unless he can find a way to reinvent him self.
Same goes for most you jerks on this stupid fucking blog about a Nobody. Your Just a bunch of jerk off's. Get a life
Go Fuck your self, Peter Caine

jeeff: 3rd Oct 2005 - 04:34 GMT

seems like marcel duchamp made a pretty elegant refutation of the "that's not art, it's crap!" argument wayyyyy back in 1917:

image 5426

i've always thought he prefigured modern graffiti a bit with the signature on everyday object too.

the problem with you, peter caine, is that if you can dictate to someone else what is/isn't art, it follows that some authority can dictate the same thing to you. if we didn't have artists pushing the boundaries of "art" then we'd all still be stuck looking at church-sanctioned scenes from the bible. that might suit you. if so, better to call yourself a craftsman than an artist.

Peter Caine: 3rd Oct 2005 - 23:36 GMT

The differnce between duchamp and this idiot is not even close. Duchamp was doing something new. He is not pushing anything New,its old and every kid with a spray can can do it. You most likey think his real great cause You are coved in Tattoos. Tagging some ones building just lacks sophistiction and shows a lack of respect. It coast people Money
I never called myself an artist, I just make things. If you have ever seen mystuff you would know Im all for fucking with people. Iam totaly about the disrespect, but not peoples property. It makes no sense, fuck with the person not the building. But I have the guts to use my real name and stand up for myself. Dick head runs around on a skate board at night running from the Law. Iam going to give this dick a taste of his own shit. None of you idiots are saying one thing by spray painting trucks. You all take no responsiblity for your shit. You all are gutless kids,with out direction. If you had guts you would stay and get caught and use Freedom of speak as you defense. But see- your not saying any thing but "fuck people that own things"
You could have found a more contempary artist to use as an example, Neckfuck is not doing anything except haveing fun at other peoples expense. At least if you are going to do it, make it good. Oh, i forgot. That why it done at night and you dont use real names.
Peter Caine, Maker of stuff
Ps Hover boy- you must be a retard, come to any opening I have and will kick your ass

Peter Caine: 4th Oct 2005 - 02:16 GMT

Bottom line- Its childish, I cant waste anymore time at this blog.
I bet iam in the Whitney befor fuckface or any one else wastein time talking about this fool. You all just waste your time on this Planet, just kill your self now,your breathing my air

elaine: 4th Oct 2005 - 06:41 GMT

jeeff, i didn't know you were 'coved' in tattoos, and i am impressed if peter caine can tell from where he is sitting - maybe you got yourself a stalker?

Peter: 4th Oct 2005 - 13:47 GMT

"peter caine", youre a wanker. check the title of this article... "fuck neckface". many of us agree with you- so i doint understand your point. i do understand that youre insulting other users here, and thats not cool. chill the fuck out or go away.

jamie: 4th Oct 2005 - 18:33 GMT

How exactly does one become coved in tattoos? also: yeah chillax peter caine dude. take a vicodin.

Angry Detractor: 4th Oct 2005 - 18:37 GMT

image 5458

Artist Peter Caine (right) with art dealer Bill Brady at ATM*, Sept. 10, 2004

* ass to mouth

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 00:11 GMT

I am good looking and I could use a Vicodin if you have one.
Peter- your the butt kissing Wanker. Go back to england you stupid wigger.
i will insult who ever I please. sticks and stones
"Neck face this and neck face that"
You all love fuck face, why dont you just blow the kid. You know you want too.

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 00:21 GMT

Thats right coverd in tattoos, and to be differnt you all put a baseball cap on back wards. You all have whats called Pazazzzzz
Neck face is the New "P Didie"so know I spend my energy thinking ways to make his life a never ending hell.
My shit dont stink, but the things i make do, Peter Caine

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 00:42 GMT

One last thing- Peter is a punk and so is jeef. Angery D is just a Neck face wanta- bee. You 3 are just as retarded and the king of defaceing buildings. just as sophmoric, just as lost and going no place. Get on your skate boards and ride, the x-games are just around the corner. Dude

Gay for neck face: 5th Oct 2005 - 01:12 GMT

I would like to corn hole neck face, I think he's cute. I like fudge
Angry Detractor

Neck Face: 5th Oct 2005 - 02:12 GMT

Peter caine is very wise. I will put down my spray can tonight, never to deface a wall again.
while I still have your attion, I will "come out"tonight. Any one that would like to make sweet sweet love please leave your # and I give it a go. Man love sounds preety nice to this Ex-Tagga.
I would like to thank Peter caine, you are the best.
Neck Face AKA * Brown Eye

naj: 5th Oct 2005 - 03:26 GMT

yo. is this ESL party for real?

but seriously why is it that neckface is taken to task for a "lack of talent", rather than acknowledged for cultivating his own style. i would hate to think that graffiti an artform fed by freedom has become so strict, "if you dont do certain letter forms then you aren't a real writer". maybe i'm reading too much into it.

whatever the case...peter caine is a toy in the worst way.

jeeff: 5th Oct 2005 - 05:35 GMT

i just noticed peter's long comment up there that i missed before. good to hear a new yorker's perspective on these things. as someone from outside new york, i have a different perspective. i tend to see photos of his tags from outside nyc. the international angle makes it more interesting to me. almost like part of the art to fly all the way to tokyo and tag things. (i've really been enjoying above's graffiti travelogue on woostercollective too - but i guess it depends on perspective.

jeeff: 5th Oct 2005 - 05:39 GMT

and peter caine: yes my example was old. this argument is old. that was the point.

a haiku: 5th Oct 2005 - 11:07 GMT

i am peter caine
my favourite thing in the world
is asses of men

Peter: 5th Oct 2005 - 13:36 GMT

Go back to england you stupid wigger.

uh, im a new yorker, thanks. but hahaha. you are a funny little troll.

Jamie: 5th Oct 2005 - 13:41 GMT

Yeah. But, you are a wigger

Peter: 5th Oct 2005 - 13:59 GMT

lol! Brooklyn Massive!

jamie: 5th Oct 2005 - 14:49 GMT

dot com

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 15:29 GMT

a haiku is 15 year old from a "broken Home". Are you looking for a big Brother? I know your dad and you uncle most liky had sex with you from an early age. Im just not interested. Maybe you can write micheal Jackson a letter, he likes screwed up little kids. Mabey you and neck face can get adopted by Jackson. Im sure when he see's Neck faces work he will want to put it in his home. Jackson has good taste.

jamie: 5th Oct 2005 - 15:58 GMT

if you're not interested, then why ask? Are you being deliberately confrontational to prove some kind of point? or are you just a twat?

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 17:14 GMT

My last post- jamie I dont care
The truth about neck faces stuff is its just decrotive crap. Goofy lookin monsters,gooffy space creatures and his name,ect. I cant stand looking at some guys name as I enter my door. Maybe he can find a middel ground like K.H. and say something...anything. And not subject every one to his visual world. Just decrotive junk at best.
Thanks you all, i had fun P.C.

Peter: 5th Oct 2005 - 17:30 GMT

"peter caine", did you not notice that most of us here agree with you re: neckface's "art"? duh.

Jamie: 5th Oct 2005 - 19:30 GMT

Yeh "Peter Caine" We pretty much agree with you. What i think we don;t agree with is your fucking attitude. You big spastic.

Kelsey: 5th Oct 2005 - 19:31 GMT

maybe you can learn how to spell peter caine

Peter Caine: 5th Oct 2005 - 21:10 GMT

I am Back
Bull shit, you all love neck face.
The people that write on walls miss spell on purpose, i do it cause i can't spell. I dont have a fancy education like u all. I was raised in the bush untill I was 9. by the time I got to the usa i was past the point of wanting to learn all that crap. Kelsey- as longs as people understand what Im saying who cares? Its content, not how spell ass wipe. Maybe I go back to school so I can be a big boreing guy like your self. Besides, I make stuff thats a visual languge; and do quite well.
Columbia ask me for a resume, U.Mass painting students our coming over fri. for a studio talk. I dont need to spell. Who are you? Kelsey's a teacher or wants to be a teacher. Im more than a littel smarter than you, Im a lot smarter. Those who cant teach. have fun correcting paper's dumb ass

Rodney King: 5th Oct 2005 - 21:13 GMT

Come on, can't we all get along?

barry: 5th Oct 2005 - 21:58 GMT

This article got it to day by the looks off things.

barry: 5th Oct 2005 - 22:24 GMT

I have soom feeling it's not over yet.

jeeff: 5th Oct 2005 - 22:43 GMT

ha, this thread is great!

ape man: 5th Oct 2005 - 23:24 GMT

neck you keep on keepin on

Neck Face: 6th Oct 2005 - 00:34 GMT

Thanks ape man, I apriciate the suport. I would like to thank Peter Caine most of all for his advice.
With the will of god I will continue not spay painting things. Its been 24 hours since my last tag. I will just take one day at a time and when I get the urge to spay paint I will masterbate instead. so far its pretty sore so I will go and apply some cream to my sardine. Im thinking of starting a suport group for ex-tagga's and chronic masterbater's and useing my real name "Brad smith"

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 00:36 GMT

Keep it up Brad, it will be all right.

Brad Smith: 6th Oct 2005 - 03:22 GMT

I dont now if I can keep jerkin it, it hurts bad and Im bleeding. All I can think about is the sweet smell of Krylon. I am weak. I keep thinking people wont like me unless Iam Neck face. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. This weekend I will go to a Army recurter and see if i can inlist. I hope they will make a man of me and get this monkey off my back. I just hope they still have the "dont ask ,dont tell" policy ,cause me and a- haiku had sex last night and it was pretty good. I never new haveing sex with a young Boy from Japan could be that good. It was strange, after we made love in the butt, he farted and it smelled like rice,Brown rice. Im confused cause all I think about is that sweet brown rice smell,then I start jerking it and that Krylon smell happens. It real hard to give up the things you love.

vz: 6th Oct 2005 - 04:17 GMT

that will be a post for the ages... and the people who drop in from time to time to look for sixy pictures will never leave disappointed again.

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 04:41 GMT

Its funny cause its true

Neck Face: 6th Oct 2005 - 04:43 GMT

I think Manny the super is real hot!

Peter: 6th Oct 2005 - 16:10 GMT

Peter Caine's art:

great stuff!

boston bomber: 6th Oct 2005 - 19:05 GMT

neck face is a toy and his canvases are on Jean MichelBasquait's. fucking biter.
fuck you Peter Caine dont plan on any love here in boston we are going to destroy any of your art we come across in our city.
and Manny Suarezanny we got your address you dumb fuck. i will be paying your place a visit next trip to ny.

Anonymous ( 6th Oct 2005 - 19:07 GMT

both of you suck

will: 6th Oct 2005 - 19:37 GMT

Neck face is raping graffitti. he is riding the wave of graff and using the medium to try and cetch some fame. he didnt put in work or spend years trying to improve his skills, he has no respect for graff. what he is doing is not graff. its heartless and empty. he will either fade away or get hemmed up and the world will forget about him. he doesnt know shit about graff, he didnt grow up on that shit he didnt watch it evolve, all he did was jump into the game head first and abuse it and give it a worse name then it already has. he makes us look bad. he is defenetly not pushing shit, there is no talent in his hands just another stupid art fag who decidet to pick up a can of spraypaint and attempt to be "cool" he is ruining it for the rest of us. fuck em.

Neck Face: 6th Oct 2005 - 19:53 GMT

Oct. 6 2006
Its been 48 hrs since my last tag. Last night I went to my first Gay bar. It was so much fun. I went by my real name Brad and every one excepted me. they even gave me a nick name "Brad Burger". I love my new life. Me and A-haiku met a friend last night he said he is a famous actor. I had neverheard of him cause he is a bit older, his name is Rip Taylor. Rip is very cute he reminds me of my Ganpaw. We all made love and wore dippers last night. Boy it was fun!

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 20:00 GMT

Boston bomber, have at it. Museum have insurance. besides i can fix any thing. maybe it will look better?
Boston bomber why are you so angery? are you in the closet like your friend neck face. Come on out and rejoyce in your gayness. Look at how happy neck face is.
We all are very proud of neck face, keep up the good work "Brad".

ronald p finklestein: 6th Oct 2005 - 20:01 GMT

neckface you bitch, you little whore you broke my heart!!! u told me you loved me then you go parading whats mine around town with a little jap kid? flusy. remember???i was Thor your god of thunder and you were my little honey suckle.

Neck Face: 6th Oct 2005 - 20:11 GMT

Boston Bomber- you sound like a tuff guy. I like tuff guys. Thats why I think Manny the Supper is so hot. post a picture of your self, I like Fudge games, what do you like? I am 20 years old and a Tarus, whats your sign??? My turn on's are sunny days, ice cream and kites. My turn offs are angrey people, rainy days and insects (spiders watch out) How about you? lets get to know each other. Friends?

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 20:20 GMT

Boston Butt hole- the only thing is, You have no balls. Thats why you run around on you skate board at night. OOOH what a bad boy you are!
I could only wish some one would destoy my stuff. The amount of press i would recive would be amazing.
You are so stupid you dont reilize the favor you would be doing me. Talk about a retard

wooly huevos: 6th Oct 2005 - 20:37 GMT

mmmm.... i love all you mexxxican trannies... please hum the 'mexican hat dance' song while i'm balls deep in your piehole again, that was the best... and for the new guy/girl/whatever: i'll let you simultaneously suck on my taint, but you have to hum 'la cucaracha'..... xoxoxo

ThatNigga: 6th Oct 2005 - 21:19 GMT

Neckface is garbage. Learn how to write. And how the fuck is stickfigures and 3rd grade handwriting art?

Peter Lame: 6th Oct 2005 - 21:25 GMT

Hey Peter Caine, neckface might be toy but you sir are a tonka-built corn-dog card-carrying duck. After seeing your picture, all I can think is, "Who's the little dog making all that big noise?"

Be careful, I know some of these graffiti cats and you don't want a war with them. Not all of them carry skateboards if you catch my drift. They may show up at your next "art" exhibit and steal you in the face for living. I know you may not understand my words, and that just proves you probably deserve it. The streets are watching, Dudley DoRight. You just bit off a bit more than you can chew little doggie.

This ain't a threat, just an observation. Don't get your panties all in a bunch. Just keep on making that stuff you call art. I sense a twinge of racism in your words and your "art" with the picaninny blackface and exaggerated lips and eyes. You should have your therapist look into some of this anger and repressed hate before it gets you fucked up. You live in Brooklyn, not some compound in Oregon.

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 23:27 GMT

Peter Lame- You street kids are real tuff. And if you new me, or any thing about the stuff I make you would now I have never called it art. Other people call it art. I make things, some times i work on my car; Its all the same. And Yes, You dumb fucking idiot ,its about racism. That dont mean it racist.
Do any of you tagers have a brain? My work is about Racism. politics and religion. You might be the stupidest poster yet. Do any of you grafti artist know anything about art history?
One other thing Mo. state wrestling champ, 10 years judo, Ex-military. Never judge a book by it cover, you fucking jerk off punk. I am quite srue i can take any jack ass posting on this board, though I dont find my self in a fight cause i got nothing to prove.I bet you live with you Momie. Man your dumb

Peter Caine: 6th Oct 2005 - 23:33 GMT

I dont know whos dumber Boston bomber or Peter Lame. Have to be one in the same. You cant be 21. You better go eat before your mom gets mad at you. Your momie do your laundry too?

Neck Face: 6th Oct 2005 - 23:44 GMT

Tonight I will show a-hauki how to fart on his hands and smell his fingers. early today I found a pair of my mother's dirty underwear and i activated the skid mark by licking it. I am still Gay, right? My mom is a girl, and I do live with her just like peter Lame.
Peter Lame, maybe you could come out to San Fran with a pair of your mothers panties and we can have a party. also you should know
Peter Caine is not a racist, his work is about racism. You should listen to him he is very wise. I dont care if your studid we can still make love. Luv, Brad smith aka Neck face

Rodney King: 6th Oct 2005 - 23:49 GMT

Thatniggas right. But lets all do that thing tonight at 12:00 thinking good thoughts and say a prayer for good old Gay neck face. The biggest joke of D'aTaggin world.

Anonymous ( 7th Oct 2005 - 00:22 GMT

Let me be clear. I do not hate Grafti art. I own 3 Dalek paintings they hang on my wall.
I like the stuff that takes up a whole wall and is done durnig the day,stuff that has cotent. Its nice because it made with care in daylight and permission fron the owner was granted and the artist are most liky getting money at least for paint.
I use spay paint about every day. spray paint is good stuff.
If you morons think that running around at night writeing you tag in Black spay paint is saying something then you are fools.
Now for a treat
My next prefomace will go like this- I will be useing The Karon and the Bible to wipe my Ass with
If im not afraid to the 2 stupidest religions, why would I worry about some dumb fucking kids that run around at night.
That goes for the crips and Bloods stuff too. Very lame.
Just try thinking, its not that hard

Peter caine: 7th Oct 2005 - 00:26 GMT

That last post was mine. I got the idea when i ran out of tolite paper. It takes a few pages of the good book, I cant wait to wipe my butt with the Karon

Peter: 7th Oct 2005 - 00:38 GMT

neck face: I used to not be much of a fan. now I think I love you.

peter caine: I'm definitey coming to your next nyc show and saying hi. ill be the guy in the silly hat.

hool: 7th Oct 2005 - 00:56 GMT

i feel embarassed for and confused by those who post as artists or makers of stuff, yet cannot communicate in the most basic visual medium (text). i'm not talking about poor spelling, althought "Im more than a littel smarter than you" was particularly funny. text is a visual medium. words are visual art. if you cannot communicate through the most basic of visual mediums, your ability to communicate in more complicated ones is highly suspect.

the execution of most of the tagging i see is quite craptacular. i understand the negative reaction to it. but i also understand the compulsion to tag, to project your name out into public space. i see it as an act of resistance, conscious or not, against the proliferation of idealized lifestyles shoved into our eye sockets by adverts every time we step out of our home. don't like the identity being marketed to you? market your own. most ads are ugly, hence so are most tags.

if you disagree with anything i've said, i will kick your ass at recess.

Peter caine: 7th Oct 2005 - 01:26 GMT

I think that makes sense, but words or the writen word is not a true visual language. A topigraphical map, or a road map, Yes. Words are differnt. Words when writen only mean one thing one. However when spoken can mean differnt things. A map is interprated, or a painting like the spokein word can mean differnt things to differnt people. Thats language.
I told you I lived in Africa till I was 9. get over it, I dont spell well in any language. Maybe my writeing needs a interpreter.
The tages are uglyer than any ad and when they all look so alike how can it be affective? Maybe those stenciles, that makes sense. Mass media, production art over and over again.

Peter caine: 7th Oct 2005 - 01:31 GMT

hool- The funniest is every time I told some one to shut up case I was smarter, they did. They might be 17 and frighten easy

Peter caine: 7th Oct 2005 - 02:51 GMT

its true.
Some one did a wheat paste on my building of a Boy with Boxing gloves jumping in a puddel of water. Its real nice I would post it but cant figure out how you all are posting pic's.
all the othe stuff on my building suck's Neck facelike stuff ,tags ect

barry: 7th Oct 2005 - 02:54 GMT

hey citynoise Neck face an Peter caine will keep you's here for ever talking bayonne! Farting on hands,smelling fingers,licking mothers dirty under wear, WOW. The two guys are not playing with a full deck.

jeeff: 7th Oct 2005 - 05:17 GMT

i saw dalek's show here in toronto. i didn't like it at all.

elaine: 7th Oct 2005 - 08:09 GMT

i see your peter caine and raise you jake and dinos chapman

Editor: 7th Oct 2005 - 11:25 GMT

Peter Caine: read for instructions on how to post an article of your very own right here on citynoise. we'd love to see some of your shit.

Peter (not caine): 7th Oct 2005 - 13:22 GMT

gotta second wanting to see some of peter caine's or neck face's shizza.

elaine: 7th Oct 2005 - 13:28 GMT

peter, you are like a battered wife, addicted to the slapping - step away from the thread! ;-D

Neck Face: 7th Oct 2005 - 15:38 GMT

I was sittin on my moms couch is morning eating cereal and my Mom's cat sat down beside me. I got a boner. I feel kinda strange about it cause then i jerk it with the cat sitting next to me.

Neck Face: 7th Oct 2005 - 17:01 GMT

My mom is realy pissed off. I had wiped the jizz off on my moms curtains and she come home and started screaming at me "What the hell is this" I told her it was Elmers Glue.
I have to go to work, if I am late the Maneger at subway screams at me too. He's such a dick, and he looks like My step father

Peter: 7th Oct 2005 - 20:54 GMT

I'd like a zen sandwich, neck face. make me one with everything.

ThatNigga: 7th Oct 2005 - 22:49 GMT

Everyone on this page is stupid. Looking at this is like looking at a trainwreck.

Graffiti is more of a sport than art, but Neckface is still a joke in the graffiti world.
Those legal permition wall pieces dude was talking about are murals, not graffiti. People that strictly do them are also a joke in the Graffiti world.
And Peter Cain you're just a silly fag, if I ever here about you having an Art show me and some niggas are deffinately gonna CRASH it. Nobody believes that garbage about Judo and the Military, you're just a silly fag. And even if you did know how to fight it aint gonna do you any good when you got 10+ niggas stompin on your head. Buy a helmet.

Peter caine: 7th Oct 2005 - 23:22 GMT

Your right no one can win a fight aganst 10 people. And 2 little guy's can take one real big guy. More arms and legs dum ass. Its all on the web if you dig deep anuff.
You my friend are a big pussy that needs 10 of your fags to back you up.
If you had any guts you would use your real name, but once again your a sceard little 19 year old kid talking tuff and has done nothing in your life. You can check you my backround if you like cause you have my name.
You are big pussy. I will give you the name of a pussy. Thatniggas new name will be...lets see....Robert Oppel. Thats it
Your new name is Robert Oppel the little pussy.
The whole thing is funny case you dont know how stupid and pussy like you sound saying you need 10 people to fight your battles. Robert Oppel you are a little white girl. Go home and suck you Dads dick if you know you even now who he is. White Girl= Robert Oppel= Thatnigga Big Pussy

Neck Face: 7th Oct 2005 - 23:33 GMT

I got fired from my job today. My boss is such a dick. I left my nose ring in, it was my 3rd warning.
I know Robert Oppel, hes cute. Thatnigga is one cute white Boy or girl.I have found I dont careany more boy, girl, cat, pumpkin I will fuck anything. My mom was mad at me today for wipeing jizz on her curtains so she made me clean out puffs litter box. It was fun! I got some cat pooh on my finger so i went in the bathroom to wash it off. Once the door was closed i decided not to wash my finger and jerk it instead.

Rodney King: 7th Oct 2005 - 23:46 GMT

Thatnigga Sounds sooooo cute! I love those tuff little white boys.
White Boy you talk shit, caine would beat you ass.

Neck Face: 8th Oct 2005 - 00:07 GMT

My step father Steve just put my neckless head behind his knee and squished it between his calf and thigh, then farted. My mom didnt even help me. One night Im going to get pissed off and stab him with a fork. Tonight me and A-haiku are Going "Clubin", Rip Taylor said he would meet us latter at his house. Rip has a lot of money , since I lost my job I think he might give me a job or maybe "Loan". If he give's me anuff money i will show my mom's husband who the boss is. I am sick of him picking on me cause I dont have a normal sized neck. Steve has a glass eye, if I ever get the chance i will skull fuck that prick. My mom is real hot and should have better. My mom shaves her pubic hair

Peter caine: 8th Oct 2005 - 00:10 GMT

Neck- let it all out buddy..It will be OK

Neck Face: 8th Oct 2005 - 01:28 GMT

A-haiku and I are at Kinko's. I appiled for a job. A- haiku is wearing his little sister's underwear and I am wearing my Mother's undies with her skid mark on them. It so much fun being Gay now!
I just want to sceam! NECK FACE IS GAY! I want every one to know, I am Neck Face! and Im an ex-tagga the likes Boys! I am GAY ! GAY ! GAY ! I am Neck face. 72 hours and no spray painting, just a lot of sex in the butt.I would like to thank every one for the suport and most of all, a big shout out to thatnigga...You go girl friend!

you know who!: 8th Oct 2005 - 04:47 GMT

nasty neck boy, you were so hot at bay area now 4. shame you wore that ski-mask in the photos. and so sad you're gay now- what a loss for womankind worldwide :-(

ThatNigga: 8th Oct 2005 - 04:47 GMT

Who the fuck is a Robert Opal?
I don't need 10+ niggas to woop your ass, I just aint gonna stop them. Keep running your mouth fagboy. Piss off some more graff niggas.

Peter caine: 8th Oct 2005 - 04:57 GMT

Your new name is Robert Oppel. Thats you.. get over it.
To late you all ready said you need 10. Your a chicken shit. It easy to be tuff when no one knows who you are.
Robert oppel is white boy from the upper middel class family.

Rodney King: 8th Oct 2005 - 05:41 GMT

Graffiti is a sport? That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Do you think it will be in the Olympics?
Caine's right, your a little kid, Wanna Beee Gangsta. Ever time I read niggas this, niggas that, i think your parents must realy be bummed.
Ciane sumed it up well, Robert Oppel/Thatnigga you are a fool with a IQ of about 94 at best.
As a black man, you offend me.
I will be at caine's next opening. I didnt know his work untill he posted here and It's better than most I see in NY.
I have a gut feeling that his openings are packed with people that like him and his work.
One thing I think caine is wrong about, your age..14 or 15

Peter caine: 8th Oct 2005 - 05:47 GMT

Ya a sport..Kids real bright. works out lifting Krylon. Got an "A" in gym class

Larrpix: 8th Oct 2005 - 05:53 GMT

I agree with P.C. Young, Dim.
Tell us about your self Kid. I know caine and his work, but who are You?

Mr. Pfierfer: 8th Oct 2005 - 17:54 GMT

Known cain since 8th grade. He only weighs about 140, but know way this kid could do anything. When he was 15, Caine was second in the Nation.
Besides,Cains gang is much bigger than yours will ever be.
Thatnigga, give us your Bio

Btwilliamson: 8th Oct 2005 - 19:36 GMT

Came over from had to see for my self. Thatniggaw- caine's nuts dont tell them your name.
Peter caine- love your work

no: 8th Oct 2005 - 21:09 GMT

this is ridiculous.. i hate to see a good website get downgraded to childish insults and teenage retardness

id hate to say it.. but maybe there needs to be moderators on this thing

Neck Face: 8th Oct 2005 - 21:24 GMT

A-Haiku and I went to rip Taylors house last night about 3:oo am. Rip and I tied A- Haiku up, made him blow us and then burned him with a lighter. Boy it was fun!
Then I was fucking Rip in the ass real hard and he started screaming "Give me 10 inches and make it hurt!" So I gave him 3 and hit him in the head with a brick. He was bleeding real bad, so A-haiku and I went in the other room to play video games and eat sour candy. We got board so we went in Rips room and he was still sleeping and bleeding. We got him in the ass again and he did'nt even wake up. We took some of his money and left.
Next week we will go dig up my Granpaw. A-haiku thinks if we soak him in a bath tub for 24 hours he will soften up so we can fuck him.
We want to take some of the money we took from Rip and buy a Electic saw to cut off my grandfathers Boner. I want to wear it arund my neck but A-Haiku thinks we should chew on it like beff Jerky.

a-haiku: 8th Oct 2005 - 21:25 GMT

I nominate Neck Face as Moderator!

Neck Face: 8th Oct 2005 - 21:26 GMT

I except

Peter: 8th Oct 2005 - 23:16 GMT

best thread on citynoise EVAR.

minotaur: 8th Oct 2005 - 23:29 GMT

holy fuck! dumb fucks who don't know their ass from their face (aka "that nigga" and friends) are such chumps. y'all give a bad name to our game, kids.

graffiti is a sport?? HAHAHAHAHA! you don't know shit about shit, much less graf, you a punk tagger, son. way to let the world know, motherfucker.

up the neck face (i got yer back, bro). and peter caine, I never heard of you but your art is some pretty fine shit, as far as I can tell from here. keep on keepin on and standing strong for all y'all selves.

Gomers Pile : 8th Oct 2005 - 23:38 GMT

Just a nother form of Da Art . Shazamm

Peter caine: 9th Oct 2005 - 00:04 GMT

The last few days I ve realy been looking hard at stuff people do, tagging Gafti ect. The Good stuff is just so few and far between, If i was one of the few with talnet,thier are some that a good. I would want to take a roller and some stain kill with me to block out the Athletic few that have no creative talent and think of a form of expression as a sport. Each time you write your name, it makes it less important. If it looks like everyone else's then your just a Dog takeing a crap to mark his teritory.
I have a call in to the Mayor of San fransisco to see if Neck Face can be a honorary Marshal Of the Gay Day Parade.
We are all proud of you Neck!

Neck Face: 9th Oct 2005 - 00:29 GMT

The manager at Kinko's called, told me to bring in some I.D. so I guess I have another crapie Job. At least if Iam working at Kinko's I will be involved in the art world. My step dad steve wants me to pay rent for my room in the basement. I hate that fucker. Today he took out his galss eye out and left it in the kitchen while he took a shower. I put lemon juce on it and spayed it with Windex.
My Mom is so hot, she can do so much better. Some times after my Mom takes a shower I will go see if she left any Pubic hair on the soap. Most of the time I cant find any cause she shaves real close.
Iam meeting A- haiku in about an hour, he seem's kinda up set about what happened at Rips house last night. I promesed him i wont burn him again and we decided to get "safe" words. Mine will be Ice Cream.
It dont matter what A-haiku's is cause if he says it, I will not stop. That little jap boy will learn to like it. We are out of money so we have to go over to Rips to get more cash. while over at Rips I will tie A-haiku back up and beat him for what his people did to our boys in Batan. Love A-haiku, but what those Jap Rats did in WWII was not cool.

Neck Face: 9th Oct 2005 - 03:07 GMT

We are over at Rips house. Rip is still sleeping so we are going to just take some money and go to T.G.I.Fridays for some Potato skins. Rip has a car in the Garage, its like this computer;real old. The car is nice, i think we will ask Rip to barrow it for are trip to dig up Granpaw. Neither one of us has a Drivers License,but how hard can it be. I told A-haiku if he blows me on the way to fridays i will cut his hair when we get back. I think I will pick up some blond dye and make him look like Jodie Foster. I keep thinking of putting a glass rod up his weiner hole and smashing it with 2 bricks.

Neck Face: 9th Oct 2005 - 07:23 GMT

Rip wont wake up. I think he might be dead. I have a Boner

kc: 9th Oct 2005 - 13:40 GMT

maybe this is what it was like back in the Cedar Tavern days...

Barry: 10th Oct 2005 - 03:02 GMT


editor: 10th Oct 2005 - 05:52 GMT

neck, you gotta get jumped in. email! or send us grampa's cock so we know you are FOR REALS.

Peter: 10th Oct 2005 - 13:51 GMT

image 5575

a haiku: 10th Oct 2005 - 13:57 GMT

i am peter caine
i once did it with a man
and thought it was ace

mackelmurray: 11th Oct 2005 - 02:20 GMT

peter caine send me your sperm we must make more of you

Neck Face: 11th Oct 2005 - 04:46 GMT

We just yanked Rip out of the pool wraped him up in a plastic tarp,cut some glory holes and then "plastic bag" fucked him.
A lot has happened, but we are in a hurry to go over to A-haiku's house to dig up his dead Dog Hobo. I aways wanted to have sex with a dead cocker spanial and he has one in his parents back yard. 3 of Rips fammos friends came by, Gean Raybun, Nipsie Russel and some guy Named Charles Nelson Rylee. We told them that Rip was in Vegas staying at the Sands. Gean got drunk and kept talking about some movie he was in called "Match Game 79" I had never fucked a black man so I had sex with Nipsie on Rips blood stained Bed. The blood didnt shock him at all, he just mumbeled some thing about hemeroids. I think A -haiku and Charles Nelson Rylee where haveing fun cause I kept hearing Charles yelling "Simlply Delightful Naaaaaaaaa".
After we finished fucking, we exchanged e-mail addresses and they left.
I have a score on my weiner with puss, a-haiku says it taste like when he had a abcess tooth. When he won't swallow, I hold his mouth shut and stroke his throat like when my step dad Steve would give his german sheperd a pill.
I would like to ask for every ones Help. I want every one to know I am Gay and love Boys. When you see one of my old tags that say Neck Face, please write in the front "I am"(Neck face) and after my name "And I love boys"
Please help... I want every one to know.. I am Neck Face and I love Boys!
I need a Snickers Bar and some Chips.

Peter caine: 11th Oct 2005 - 04:48 GMT

Neck-Anything to help buddy
P.S. Snickers bars are good!

Sargent Carter: 11th Oct 2005 - 04:53 GMT

Peter- post a picture of your self, for us not like Neck. Do you like to eat ice cream and fly kites? or take long romantic walks down Metroploitan Ave.? so us some skin

Peter caine: 11th Oct 2005 - 05:46 GMT

I ve been known to do some photo work if I can help

norm abram: 11th Oct 2005 - 15:34 GMT

show us some skin yo

Neck Face: 11th Oct 2005 - 15:52 GMT

I got some magits on my dick from the dead dog. A-haiku thought if we fucked a smithfield smoked ham they would come off and stay on the ham. Ham is good stuff, its the same as fucking a dead pig. It worked too.

norm abram: 11th Oct 2005 - 15:54 GMT

fuck a pig! fuck a pig!
dress her in a little wig
make her look real nice you see
making love under a tree

Peter caine: 11th Oct 2005 - 15:57 GMT

Peter- show us i picture of the wife, she sounds hot. We all will be respectful and not use a rateing system, cause that would be imature

Peter: 11th Oct 2005 - 16:28 GMT

lol, peter caine. lets keep our patriarchal hegemony in our pants, thanks. until then, feel free to walk-the-walk and post some photos of you or your own work...

Jingle Bell Rock: 12th Oct 2005 - 00:51 GMT


Neck Face: 12th Oct 2005 - 04:37 GMT

I like Xmas, this year i will rejoyce in my new found Gayness and blow a Department store Santa. Then i will take that Big bad Bat and bash his head in. Then skull fuck him with A-haiku watching, dressed like a Jap solder.
Plaese every one change my tags to read "I am Neck face and I love boys"

Neck Face: 13th Oct 2005 - 23:26 GMT

Buffed? what kinda hip hop crazy word is that? Buffed? whats some weird wild stuff

kobe: 14th Oct 2005 - 17:06 GMT

did you take a photo of it buffed? you should and post it here.

Peter caine: 15th Oct 2005 - 05:44 GMT

Its nice and white ready for some one to write neck face is Gay

Eric Ziegenhorn: 17th Oct 2005 - 02:49 GMT

I'm reading this thing from the beginning and I'm asking myself, did jeff right in the first entry deliberatey taunt Peter Caine to come out swinging? To make this exciting? Or is Peter Caine Neck Face and this is a publicity thing?

Eric Ziegenhorn: 17th Oct 2005 - 15:18 GMT

Caine can be an asswipe. He does great shit though.

Peter caine: 17th Oct 2005 - 15:30 GMT

Its ture, I am an asswipe.
I think I will stay here forever in honor of Neck face for being so Brave for confronting his Necro/Gay sex thing.

Neck Face: 17th Oct 2005 - 15:32 GMT

I think bald Guys are Hot

Peter: 18th Oct 2005 - 14:54 GMT


image 5683

cake: 18th Oct 2005 - 17:07 GMT

neck face is a goober.

Ten Cents: 18th Oct 2005 - 18:19 GMT

I wouldnt argue that his stuff is kind of a gimmick, and i dont really like looking at it much either, but to me the most interesting thing about him and how his shit relates to graf and the art scene =

If this dude painted the exact same amount of the exact same spots in the exact same cities ... but was writing some conventional type of meaningless tag name like ZOR1 or KAZER or whatever ... with an arrow under it and a star at the end and a swirl underneath it ... he'd probably get 95% less attention than he's gotten ... both from other graffiti people and the art world alike. He'd fade right back into the landscape of however many hundreds of thousands of kids take the exact same approach. Which goes to show how his shit has become almost entirely about the fact that he attracted more attention than most other people who do virtually the same thing, and simply by doing it slightly different.

Whats even crazier is that he writes and chills with dudes who do "normal" graffiti (most of whom are approved of or at least not seen as ignorant of traditional graf by the same graf types who hate on him) proving he probably does know something about the style of graf he gets dissed for not doing.

How hard is it to come up with an average graffiti-tag style that meets some "non-toy" graf citeria anyway? Like do people look at JA and think "wow, that J and lowercase A are 100% acceptable in the graf rule book, and its so amazing that he does such acceptable graf instead of something i'd view as the result of a low level of talent" ..?

drunk sober: 18th Oct 2005 - 18:22 GMT

Artfags dont bomb, they do art projects and wear turtlenecks and eat cheese at art galleries

...: 18th Oct 2005 - 20:34 GMT

Wow Peter, you're 120% nerdburger. If I still lived in your area I'd make it a point to rob your tired ass.

Peter: 19th Oct 2005 - 23:32 GMT

"peter" or "peter caine"? were totally not the same person, dude. i know its hard for some people to believe that there could be two peters on this here internets. but its true. i bet there could be even four or more!

Eric: 20th Oct 2005 - 03:03 GMT

Very funny Neck Face.

haiku fan: 20th Oct 2005 - 17:38 GMT

image 5754

elaine: 20th Oct 2005 - 17:41 GMT

heh - that deserved a post of it's own

haiku fan: 20th Oct 2005 - 18:08 GMT

no doubt

fart person: 21st Oct 2005 - 01:02 GMT

I'm hungry

Damien Thorne: 22nd Oct 2005 - 18:23 GMT

What's up with the trash talk on Robert Oppel? The poor kid killed himself after he went to jail on a graffitti/ concealed weapon charge. I guess that's what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.

Graff tist: 22nd Oct 2005 - 18:27 GMT

At first I thought he was bullshit writin his real name but that does take some balls too bad that niggas dead. at least he ain't gonna be writin that pentagram devil shit on my wall no more.

peter cain: 22nd Oct 2005 - 18:29 GMT

I want somebody to tag a giant penis across my face!

mellisa7: 22nd Oct 2005 - 20:23 GMT

Yo Robert Oppel is the real honest graffitti shit. he was sexy and raw. his name was written out of pain and trying to get his shit out there. He was in movies and made a movie in brooklyn. i wish i could have sucked his dick! 22nd Oct 2005 - 20:28 GMT

Fuck Robert Oppel that satanic alcholic fuck painted his name on my apt. building and he was all aggressive and pissing on the street. he's a faggot booty selling fag, no wonder he has pain. i'm glad he's dead that fronting faggot fuck!!!!!

mellisa7: 22nd Oct 2005 - 20:29 GMT

You just wish you could have sucked his dick. Your the fag

fritamish@edu.reg: 22nd Oct 2005 - 22:25 GMT

Robert Oppel is alive and well. He is a messsiah to graffitti. Melissa you sound hot and on point with shit. Write me back if you wanna talk. Robert was a good friend of mine and he was angry but truthful and I helped bail him out of jail before he bit the bullet. He was a strong individual and I hope his name stays marked where it remains.

der67: 22nd Oct 2005 - 22:31 GMT

Robert Oppel was a sick fuck. That nigga lit my garden on fire with a cigarette. I don't care who he was or how famous he was he 's a destructive manipulative fuck. I'm also glad he's dead. I'd spit on his grave.

mellisa7: 22nd Oct 2005 - 22:33 GMT

Hey der67. You got some hate problems are you a repressed homosexual as well? I bet Robert Oppel's rolling out of his grave to skin you alive.

barry: 23rd Oct 2005 - 00:04 GMT

yeah mellisa this as bent as thay come.

Shanizzal Fo Rizzal: 25th Oct 2005 - 22:23 GMT

Robert Oppel Is My Nigga. That Mo Fo Is my roommate. He didn't kill himself after the concieled weapons and graffiti charge. He just staged his own death to publicize his upcoming movie "my elephant named Gonzolez".

gsis: 25th Oct 2005 - 23:29 GMT

I say go 'neckface-
hes effected enough of the public to get in the paper, props ...
though he could jazz up his tags a bit, it will do his statement good. people whine too much, and its actually funny to see how mad people get, its a thrill, so what. and yeah, this comment is late but i thought id get it out there.

jakob: 26th Oct 2005 - 00:13 GMT

that niggas wack....

N:CE**: 30th Oct 2005 - 15:59 GMT

Neck Face is funny

peter cain: 30th Oct 2005 - 22:20 GMT

I am gay, look at my picture up there, I am so hard...

Peter caine: 3rd Nov 2005 - 05:58 GMT

Wow, peter cain your name is almost spelled like mine. Glad to hear your a Gay. Talk to the fag Neck face maybe he can help.
I'm showing in a film festival this weekend if any of you pussy with the big mouth want to find me and say something to my face.

Xaostica: 3rd Nov 2005 - 23:09 GMT

Stop crying you gallery neutered girls! Neckface has done his thing and all you can do is knock him for lack of talent or for doing something already done! What is really going on is that your still in the studio with your degree getting no attention and some other guy, a dropout, who you think lacks what you have is getting the attention. Let me tell you, sitting in a "studio" painting a piece of fabric has also been done, and many times over.

You donít agree with his work, you donít agree with his methods, you donít agree with his talent, you donít agree with his attention, and you donít agree with the connections and money making options he has.

It's a sad sight when a grown man is angry that another grown man is getting something he's not. Judging from the frustrations and stance in this article and comments, Iíll bet you never got this much attention before trying to knock Neckface down.

If you were such an expert on things that people are doing or have done, why don't you go out and do something new? Quit bellyaching and show the world that square in your cube already!

Maybe it's time the gallery culture wakes up? No more trying to lobby through a network of friends and finance trying to get gallery space. No more expecting a dime for your work because unless somebody asked, you are probably not getting paid. Stop expecting years of hard work and time wasted in some art class to be the needed steps in acquiring "fame" "fortune" or "artist status". If you spent more time paying attention to the world around us, you might see a people that are over-stimulated with so much information that one must fight for an audience. Realize now that people have so many options to kill time, that unless you can capture them in the real world, nobody is going to look!

Neckface is not your problem, but society. Realize that and maybe you can get the attention that you think you deserve. Maybe that attention would be positive? Lemme put it like this, who do you want respect from? City council? Are you a politician or an artist?

Make up your mind and stop trying to knock other people down. Contrary to ignorant conception, it does not get you any higher. So! Get off your ass and climb motherfucker; you got more important things to worry about.

Oh yeah, keep up the good threats. You might beat the talent out of some young graffiti artists but one day somebody will buff you.

Peter caine: 4th Nov 2005 - 07:24 GMT

Xaostcia- Wow I been acused of writting crazed diotribes (spelled Phoneticly like a Grafti artest) but Wow! your nuts. Are you the real neck face? Im not attacking you, you just seem like the real thing.
No young chicken chit Grafit artist that runs around in the middel of the night is going to do anything but spray paint my building. Thats because They have biger conserns like, getting new wheels for thier skate boards or finding some skunk bud.
Its very unlikey that any of the Grafit artist that I see will say any thing with this medium. Not imposible, just unlikely. hasnt been any good Grafiti in years. Or at least not much. Its just that every one that can pick up a can or a pen scribbels on a wall. Its like looking through Dark smoke to find the sun. Its just gray, ugly and sad. No humor. Very angrey Good luck real neck face, dont listen to any one but your self.Peter

Xaostica: 4th Nov 2005 - 14:59 GMT

Am I the real neckface? No. I'd pay a dime for one of his drawings, I find his work crude. It reminds me of a kids sketch book displayed onto buildings. Kinda cute but nothing I would hold against him.

Your right about graffiti, cept it's not just "graffiti" thats bad. Art be it in a gallery or not is the forerunning influence on graffiti. Art in general is crap and I fell the same about "art" I find in galleries. You are right, anybody can pick up a paint medium and paint, but not just scribble on walls, but on canvass aswell.

dipshit: 8th Nov 2005 - 05:06 GMT

yeah i've met the guy through a close mutual friend. hes a fuckin cock-smoke. stuck up is putting it nicely. hes going to far with this. his 15 minutes are up. . nuff said.

Peter caine: 15th Nov 2005 - 01:01 GMT

Xaostica- Hay shit hole,Its a well known fact that I dont have a Degree. I came from the US military. Its sounds more like your the jealous one, and your talking about yourself.
PS. How come all you tuff guys didnt come to the opening last week to kick my ass?
90% of you all on this site are jerk offs. I would'nt even come here except its funny seeing the stupid shit you all write.
Xaostica is a dumb ass and Dipshit suck's his dick with neck face watching

Xaostica: 15th Nov 2005 - 03:25 GMT

Well known fact you say? Kinda like when somebody says "Dude, you hear about that really famous (fill in BS)?" I just heard all this bitchin about neckface.
You actually thought I read this entire page? I'm assuming you bragged about yourself somewhere above. This is nonesense. Have fun with the dipshits, you fit in well!

Xaostica: 15th Nov 2005 - 03:28 GMT

joe: 9th Feb 2006 - 19:28 GMT

how does it cost lots of money to remove graffiti? go down to the paint store and buy a 4 dollar bucket of white paint and a roller. pussys.

ha: 9th Feb 2006 - 19:28 GMT

i hope your building gets fucked up even more peter caine sucks

neck face: 9th Feb 2006 - 19:44 GMT

The end of the world is upon us at last.

SEPO OnE NYCX CRU: 27th Feb 2006 - 00:52 GMT

is neck face joking with that gay shit?

poops: 5th Mar 2006 - 23:11 GMT

peter caine, how does it feel to be a target? U need to keep your mouth shut. You may have coverage, you cant replace your garbage you claim as art.2o2s2f2

Rick Dean: 24th Apr 2006 - 04:17 GMT

What's up with the Robert Oppel tags? Nigga using his name takin all that time no wonder he got busted

CHORO: 22nd May 2006 - 23:07 GMT

Peter Caine - The boy with the boxing gloves jumping in the puddle has been there for almost a year now, it is a self portrait. It is a good coninsidence that your green wall loked like a good place to paste it. You sould post a picture of it, I had no idea it was still up.

chiamattt: 17th Jul 2006 - 05:23 GMT

See? Art IS wonderful. No matter how good or bad it is. In my opinion neckface is pretty boring stuff, but if people are talking about it, then he/she has our attention. Art is supposed to get the juices and emotions flowing, no matter how rude or obnoxious they may be.

My opinion is, if the people are talking, they aren't sitting around just listening. Everyone should make some art and everyone should talk about it.

chiamattt: 17th Jul 2006 - 05:26 GMT

Oh and Peter Caine, don't be dissin the skunk bud man. Seriously.

mellisa7: 20th Jul 2006 - 04:39 GMT


N3CK_ONE : 11th Aug 2006 - 03:14 GMT

Anyway neckface rocks and peter caine does not.
I aslo rock so suck my beries


john: 22nd Sep 2006 - 13:22 GMT

I heard that neckface and Gregg Griffin are fighting because Griff has been going around New York crossing out necks tages. If you are a neckface hater you should like Griffin at Blah Blah Gallery.

rev roger: 1st Oct 2006 - 01:00 GMT

i think alot of you people take yourselfs way to fucking seriously its like being in high school all over again,jealousy over who is making money and whos not in the art biz.fuck.. for once im happy that low brow art is finally going places,alot of you people are bitching about the simplicity of his work while on the other im pretty sure some of ya fucks are the people are the types that paint bullshit shapes and patterns or perhaps(vomit rising towards throat) a fucking white square on some white canvas artist.i believe in art for arts sake and i think graffiti and street art is one of the purest forms of that.i know its a bitch when you want make a living off of your art and see someone that is not really puting effort in their work making money when your starving to death,but for fucks sake what gave you the impression that making some bread off of art was easy.i never got in to art for money and i have alot of respect for people risking their lives for something they enjoy to far as the manny situation goes,it does suck to have your building vandalized and have to pay for it however you ignorant fuck you live in new york the city that birthed graffiti to the rest of the world of course your fucking building is going to be covered with for the rest of you....get over your fucking selfs.

benji: 13th Oct 2006 - 13:58 GMT

"Cops have more than doubled the number of graffiti arrests so far this year - 1,741 in 2005 compared with 913 arrests at this time last year" - huh? my maths isnt that good, but...

this is the funniest thread ive read in ages... Peter caine will you take my hand in marriage?

mellisa7: 12th Nov 2006 - 02:50 GMT

Robert Oppel's not dead. Some asshole posted that he killed himself in jail, that's not true.

RAT: 21st Nov 2006 - 00:10 GMT

NECKFACE IS ALEX MONTIJO from stockton california his dad RUDY MONTIJO he own's ELCAMINO TIRES 3 stores in stockton and one in lodi he sould pay for all of alex's defacing give them a call
209 462 4460
209 462 4490
209 462 4440
209 333 4493

xtian: 11th Jan 2007 - 02:46 GMT

The first Neck Face "piece" I saw was on North 7th in Bedford, an old garage door with "Beat Your Kids" or's probably still there. Graffiti is so played out. I'm so sick of Williamsburg/LES kids with a pen/can who think they are artists and leave their skid marks everywhere. Maybe I'm a purist...but Neck Face is to graffiti what Blink 182 is to punk music...a sad vestige. What ever happened to technique?

forecastmazy: 12th Feb 2007 - 08:45 GMT

what has neckface done that's even art besides writing his name? Everything is not art. But that's just how I see it. Anyhow, if the guy can make cash off just that he's certainly more clever than most in the financial realm.

BRN57: 15th Mar 2007 - 12:50 GMT

That billboard is a heaven spot if I ever seen one.

fuzzytank: 26th Mar 2007 - 01:35 GMT


woo : 22nd Aug 2007 - 01:53 GMT

this is the funniest shit i ever read in my life

Nivo VanDolow: 6th Nov 2007 - 22:52 GMT

Dude This is funny I all most died!!!!!!!!! But It was going to happen to u sooner or later.

bebe: 16th Nov 2007 - 23:02 GMT

neck face is a no talent hack.

H2: 18th Nov 2007 - 18:33 GMT

Neck Face is TERRIBLE. End of story.

JOEY THE PUBLIC ANIMALS: 29th Nov 2007 - 09:41 GMT

Neck Face Rocks. Guy gets up. He has ballz. Goes places most are afraid to go.

PLUSHMONSTER :): 10th Dec 2007 - 00:10 GMT

everyone here has to realize that art is all about expression.Neck face is good at writing on walls, and peter caine is cood at ummmmmmmm.......... sculpting naked santas getting raped by people.The bottom line is that you sholdnt be hating anyone cuz there doing what they wanna do.

STRANGLENECKFACE: 22nd Feb 2008 - 16:42 GMT

Art or not ( I don't care if its Van Gogh himself) you have NO right to use OTHER peoples property as your canvas. Let him go write all over his parents house.

skip: 26th Feb 2008 - 00:02 GMT

art has always been about expression, and this is why most graffiti is plain vandalism.writing a tag and some crew under it has no expression.there are a few graffiti artists that used/use expression. heres a few of them: SAMO(jean michael basqait RIP), neck face( not the ones shown up here, but if you google his work youll see some nice stuff),abe jr, PLUSH MONSTER (not sure if he is the one that commented on this; that might be some wannabe. He does stickers EVERYWHERE in nyc, incorporating collages and mixed media to show expression. his stuff has also popped up alot around chelsea. he has also been painting plush monster in dripping yellow paint alot around dumbo. his stuff has been coming up for a couple years now.), and of course andy warhol.
Graffiti, art or vandalism, is in to stay wwith the urban world, no matter what you do about it. Graffiti always intrigues people and increases their curiosity, but only when it is done with expression.
people on this blog also need to stop hating peter caine; he is a pure artist. unlike gang related graffiti he uses expression; that is what art is , and what some graffiti is.

nobody: 26th Feb 2008 - 00:13 GMT

andy warhol was a "graffiti artist"? and who the fuck is plush monster? youre prolly him, some toy tryina talk himself up online. im nyc born and bred and never heard of him. step off.

101/202: 3rd Apr 2008 - 21:16 GMT

as long as he is not a toy! he's cool!

neckface rox fuck u bitch ass artists: 3rd Apr 2008 - 21:20 GMT

fuck u peter caine u r a fuckin faggot. the only reason y u hate neckface is because u suck at painting. u dont do anything good. u sit in a god damn house and paint he tries 2 get places and climb he has balls

NECK FACE: 4th Apr 2008 - 21:03 GMT


sanspoint:: 11th Apr 2008 - 00:42 GMT

I used to like Neckface before he drew on the AIDS awareness mural in Sydney. That was shitty.

JD: 12th Apr 2008 - 06:52 GMT


skippy oner: 30th Apr 2008 - 21:22 GMT

yo neck face sucks.he got no handstyles, he just draws lil pictures on the wall and says hes a writer. last year he got caught by v sqaud, and they give 20 percent off your fines if you tell em bout some other writers info. he snitched out aber, made him pay 190000 in fines. hes prolly the dude that snitched drap both got bagged, with fines. aber is gettin back out, but DBK is puttin him up more. neck face is a snitch. someone should snitch him. his names alex montijo, his dads mad rich.hope he gets caught.

emily: 24th Jun 2008 - 15:16 GMT


TJ Dunn: 13th Aug 2008 - 21:14 GMT

Peter Caine:
"Bottom line- Its childish, I cant waste anymore time at this blog. "

I see you really stuck to that one.

"I bet iam in the Whitney befor fuckface or any one else wastein time talking about this fool. You all just waste your time on this Planet, just kill your self now,your breathing my air"

Whoa bro. Why so hostile?
Are you a little insecure maybe?
You better get used to all the "fags" as they run the art world
in which you so desperately want to make your mark.

K: 29th Aug 2008 - 16:28 GMT

I was gonna give these pure maggots fifty percent of this nation since fifty percent actually are willing to infest this continent with their dogma. Now I think we should just put the zionist/neocolonial type regimes in America on probation and give them a choice:

They can wear a replica of my dick around their neck from 9 to 5, and make sure that they syncronize the world of my nuts in their mouth.

If they complain about this, then they need their medicine, and they can be put on SSI.

FACE FACE: 1st Oct 2008 - 04:37 GMT


your all queers.: 3rd Oct 2008 - 04:54 GMT

i hope you guys have noticed neck face is probably taging some shit right now and he dosent give a shit what any of you have to say. and damn. if manny every fucks with neckface hes screwed. the kids deep in the baker team. your all crying like little bitches cause this kid probably tagged your house or something and honestly yu cant do anything about it

The Dark Messenger Of Truth: 7th Feb 2009 - 02:01 GMT

Poor Peter Caine. He actually really might be gay. His fascination with it is basically an admission. The only problem here is that he thinks being gay is a BAD thing. By believing that it is a bad thing... he goes against everything he claims to be. As for Neck Face? I think the stuff is funny... I like some of the newer watercolors he's doing... Call it what you will and you definitely don't have to like it, but you're talking about it a whole hell of a lot and that's exactly what Neck Face wants... Because you see... for him, ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY.

superduper: 25th Mar 2009 - 10:58 GMT

the super is retarded, instead of painting over it, he should have supplemented his income by removing any neckface surfaces and placing it on ebay for the japanese money morons to purchase, super makes $25K a year, sells a two original neckface pieces for 10K, then doubles his yearly income, laughing all the way to the bank.
the super is an idiot, hes actually in a great position to make $$$$ and instead complains about painting over stuff he could actually sell. (BTW NECKFACE SUCKS AND IS OVERHYPED GARBAGE KINDERGARTEN ART SCRIBBLE, MR. SUPER MAKE $$$ WHILE YOU CAN WHILE THE HYPE IS THERE...)

TheCatieMarie: 8th Jul 2009 - 04:34 GMT

Neckface is a badass. Admit it.
At least he has dedication to his art and actually travels where he could just to tag a spot.
I think he's got better style than most.

destro: 5th Aug 2009 - 01:00 GMT

neckface is a hipster who likes to see his name up. he isnt into graff, hes into makin people laugh. stop being serious, the reason he's gettin so much attention is cause u people love to hate. i dont like his shit at all, but when i do see it it cracks me up. funny dude causin a ruckus

HBD Anthony!: 16th Sep 2009 - 17:13 GMT


anon ( 3rd Feb 2010 - 02:19 GMT

you guys really dont understand. when you critisize neckface he doesnt care at all. he doesnt want to be an artist, hes just a fucked up kinda guy who is weird. hes not trying to do anything with his art he just likes creeping people out and offending them. you know like NECKFACE BEAT YOUR KIDS!!!

lovend: 1st May 2010 - 16:41 GMT

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what youíre saying here and the way youíve presented it is awesome.

appleseed: 9th May 2010 - 02:21 GMT

This article is a prime example of how the art world is molested by the artists with no desire but to make money, it's a sad reality.
Neck face is pushing the boundaries, and will undeniably continue to do so, no other opinions matter, his self expression is his artwork, nothing will change that.

Woodside: 29th Nov 2010 - 20:33 GMT

Wow... I am speechless. Peter Caine, you really seem to be quite the art theorist. I too consider anything outside of my realm of understanding "crap". Wether he vandalizes buildings or not, NeckFace has an amazingly unique style. Wether it's intentional or resulting from a lack of skill is irrelevant. And yes, this type of graffiti does address the same issues as Duchamp's work. Do you know why? Because the art world is full of people like you.

xnyxca: 30th Nov 2010 - 04:52 GMT

This train of thought has been going on for 5 years! What happened to Neck face, Peter Caine, peter cain, and the rest of the homophobic artist-wannabees? Poor Manny the Super, I wouldn't want to have to keep climbing up the building to paint over the NeckFace crap! If he didn't, your building would look like some fucked up shit from the South Bronx in the 1970s. Is that cool? And isn't it so expressive??

peter cocaine: 19th Apr 2012 - 17:43 GMT

so it turns out when peter was in the military he was violently raped.. hectic.

Kevin Kadafi: 26th Apr 2012 - 11:49 GMT

"art is meant to disturb" -Georges Braque

(I think the kids a genius by the way.)

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