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Richmond Hill's Prettiest Pooch

Richmond Hill's Prettiest Pooch

Luna Park: Coney Island

- Peter - Friday, April 12th, 2002 : goo

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image luna
image luna3
image luna1
image luna2
image luna4
image luna7
image luna6
image luna9
image luna8
image luna5

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o: 12th Apr 2002 - 12:34 GMT

woah. those are rad photos!

Peter: 12th Apr 2002 - 13:26 GMT

Supposedly, Luna Park was the most well-lit place on the east coast; they say you could see it at night, even several miles out at sea. Unfortunately, faulty wiring in all the lighting (turn of the century quality, of course) caused almost the entire place to burn down.

trouble: 12th Apr 2002 - 17:26 GMT

damn, that looks incredible! it looks like ol' walt took a few cues from this place.

Jamie: 12th Apr 2002 - 22:52 GMT

The Loop the Loop looks dangerous!

moebius: 13th Apr 2002 - 19:20 GMT

...reminds me of the history of a San Francisco entertainment palace that also went down in flames: the Sutro Baths. (hope these comments handle HTML...)

Peter: 13th Apr 2002 - 20:22 GMT

can you find any jpegs?

Debbie: 20th May 2005 - 17:25 GMT

We need to bring luna park back to nyc!!!!

Peter: 20th May 2005 - 17:27 GMT

I agree!



Jeffrey: 19th Jun 2005 - 12:21 GMT

Kinda related to this---I live in the coop development that is on the Luna Park site. No evidence of the amusement park remains. Neither does any evidence of the adjacent community now occupied by Trump/Warbasse/Brightwater exist. Does anyone have memory of that neighborhood? What was there before the re-mapping and re-allignment of Neptune Avenue? Thanks for your response.

Peter: 20th Jun 2005 - 14:46 GMT

id love to know about that too, jeffrey! luna park and coney island are some of my favorite pieces of nyc lore... i love visiting coney.

jack: 23rd Aug 2005 - 21:54 GMT

i believe there were apartment buildings and cottages for summer renters at brighton beach. the hand ball courts are famous for some of the best games in the country. if you were travelling down ocean parkway to the shore you would bear to the right to go to coney. on the left were the handball courts and on the right was luna park. i think there are apartments there now. if you continue along on surf avenue on the left is the acquarium now and then the cyclone. as you continue on the right was feldman's dance hall where grable, romero, jimmy duratne and eddie cantor got their start. next to that was a carousel and then on the left was fascination and then on the corner of surf and stillwell was nathan's and opposite was the lowie oriental movie theatre. also the train station that all trains came into at the end of the line at coney island. i hope that was helpful al. jeffrey, luna park bordered surf avenue and neptune avenue. your apartment building and the police station were not there yet. there was an inlet for boaters to come ashore to go to the park. its now a stinky, rotting bay. beautiful homes were in that area streching all the way to lincoln high school. i remember the area from the forties and fifties. i was born in '42' but lived not to far away.

Matt: 18th Jan 2006 - 17:14 GMT

I lived in Luna Park (apartments) for over 20 years in the 70's, 80's and 90's. I miss it dearly. Growing up, I knew very little about the history located there so I've been doing research on the web. One interesting tidbit is the story behind an old fire alarm box, located somewhere in Trump Village. Apparently, it is the only thing that remains untouched from what was there before that area changed. It stands, alone, on a strip of grass between sidewalks.

Debbie Feb. 17, 2006: 17th Feb 2006 - 19:50 GMT

I enjoy looking at wed sites about Coney Island. I've found interesting photos on a site called "Unforgotten New York". Check it out.

anon ( 24th Apr 2006 - 20:42 GMT

wow! it's looks fun!

athar elhassan: 16th Aug 2006 - 08:05 GMT

i enjoyed coney island alot because of all the rides were so exciting i liked the most was the pirate ship to all future commers your going to like it

aj schure: 21st Sep 2006 - 13:48 GMT

i used to go to coney is. as a kid us guys hung out at brighton 4 i hope to go back to the ole hood in oct. iwant t take a load of pics igrew up around st.johns and utica ave, ilived on president st. from 44 -64 my grandparents lived there also from the 30!s the brooklyn dodgers and ebberts field as a little kid of 8-9 iwould walk there anytime icould turn in enough return bottles to muster up 50cents to get in!!!!you can take the person out of brookyln but never take brooklyn out of them!!!!!!!!

Robert G: 26th Oct 2006 - 18:36 GMT

I moved to Trump Village when I was 5 years old, that was the year it opened, we lived on the 23rd floor facing the ocean. When I was a kid I use to watch the fire works every Friday from Coney Island on my Trace. I had the Greatest child hood growing up with hundreds of kids.I really miss those days. We hung out in 3rd street. I now live in Florida and wish I could move back home.

Ithaca: 28th Oct 2006 - 18:26 GMT

Was there a dance pavillion at Luna Park...I know there was one at Dreamland, but it burned down around 1911.

jack: 14th Mar 2007 - 17:42 GMT

there was a dance pavillion and before that there was one on the boardwalk, and how many people do you know who say, 'broadwalk' it should be, 'boardwalk' there are boards on the walk but when the service men came to coney in the 30's and 40's they saw girls and called it the broadwalk. i hung out on bay 10 in the late 50's listening to dion and the belmonts, elvis, went to the rock and roll show at ravenhall pool, good times, no worries, no responsibility, just go home and mom would have a great meal waiting for me, sigh.

Rose June 8th: 8th Jun 2007 - 14:35 GMT

Love the pictures, brought back many happy memories.

caron June 22 2007: 22nd Jun 2007 - 23:30 GMT

I too grew up in Luna Park. We moved in when it opened in the early 60's and my parents lived there until 2000. I didn't realize when I was growing up how wonderful Coney Island and Luna Park was until I moved away, had children and came back to visit.--- It was a great place to live and grow up

jeremy : 12th Sep 2007 - 19:30 GMT

I wish I had a time machine. Id go back to the early 1900's when Luna, Steeplechase, and Dreamland were up and running. It would seem that every other ride you see in amusement parks now is some sort of spin off of these old rides. Like tidal wave at Magic Mountain is the shoot the chutes ride. And Walt disney probably did his research and pirated several of the old rides that used to be then revised them. Not to mention you couldnt beat the prices of that time. I was born in the worng time period!

Scott .W: 18th Oct 2007 - 19:26 GMT

I to grew up not far from Luna Park in the Warbasse houses from the early 60's until we moved in 1982. Although not to far, i probably spent more time there after I moved. We would play football aginst the guys from Luna Park whether it was the "Red Army" or Blue Machine" lATER ON THEY HAD A GREEN TEAM.Always the toughest to play, but some of the more intresting charachters in the neighborhood. Finding sights like these are great for reminising, I love it. Hope to see more in the future.

Peter: 18th Oct 2007 - 20:29 GMT

thats weird, because was destroyed by fire in 1944... and the warbasse houses werent built until 1963...

Scott .W: 6th Nov 2007 - 16:49 GMT

When I said Luna Park, I meant the apartment houses, ther'e a collection of five 23 story buildings on both west 8th and west 12th street. nice open areas in between with grass. Although the amusment park burnt down the projects that took their place are still there.

Chris: 26th Nov 2007 - 17:26 GMT

Hey i might as well add since i'm reading through the posts, I myself grew up in coney island. I am now 25 and love to check out old photos at times , i've seen the area change. The new redevelopment thought isnt as near to being done as some might thing. I believe it might be another 3-6 yrs before anything happens or longer who really knows....hopefully the batting cages wont be empty and nothing on it. Atleast this year the circus came to town and some other things brought to you by thor so lets hope he can continue with that atleast..Since it is his property now. There still fighting over the zoning which is on going...

Chris from Luna Park

joey: 17th Jan 2008 - 04:49 GMT

luna park was a popular amusement park name. there was a luna park in cleveland, ohio as well.
go see ->

elena: 12th Feb 2008 - 00:53 GMT

I grew up in the Luna Park Buildings. I spent my childhood and early teen years before moving, but I agree with Robert, those were the best times in my life! It was early 90's-early 00's. I also remember the fireworks out my window and on the terrace. We were right on the water by the police station. Good times...

????: 6th May 2008 - 01:12 GMT

luna park is a gud park were u can hang out with friends and family!!!

Arnold Magraner: 2nd Jun 2008 - 00:53 GMT

In the mid to late 50's even into the early sixties, I used to go to Brighton Beach Bay3, during the summer with many of my friends from the Borough of Manhattan.
We had formed a singing grp. Then it was called Rock&Roll, now it's called Do-Wop.
We used to hang out with the local Jewish girls from the Area.
Had a lot of good times on Brighton Beach.
I know live in Los Angeles and am in the Hollywood casting field.

luna park: 2nd Jun 2008 - 03:03 GMT


db: 2nd Jun 2008 - 03:24 GMT

I wonder if it was built by the same company, but its amazing that while the one at Coney Island is gone the one in Sydney Australia is still in operation, and the gate is almost exacly if not exactly the same.

image 27896

T J O'BRIEN, ANNANDALE, VA: 20th Jun 2008 - 02:41 GMT

The article below it will mention the Luna Park. During the WW II I worked part-time for the New York Daily News as a copy boy. One afternoon I came in early at about 3:00PM before the evening shift at the Editorial Department. While waiting on the bench for a call of “Copy Boy”, a photographer came running out of the Photo Department and told me to follow him. We raced to Coney Island for a fire in Luna Park.
Upon arriving at the entrance the mounted NYC Policeman would not let us in to the park. Kelleher, the photographer told me to jump into the rear seat and grab the two helmets marked Civil Defense in bright red colors. He turned the car around into 180 degree turn and yelled out of the car window that we part of the Civil Defense Corps. The policeman who mounted on his horse pulled up on the reins and horses front hoofs raised in the air as we passed beneath the hoofs into the park.
Kelleher parked the car and tossed me the case that carried the 4X5 negative plates. In the early days of newspapers, photographers carried a camera called the 4X5 Speed Graflex. The camera could only shoot two pictures at a time by reversing the 4X5 glass plate. I was to carry the plates in a case that was about 2feet long and deep enough to carry the plates. It was heavy.
While taking ground shots he turned around and found the roller coaster standing nearby. We worked our way into the assembly and stared to go up the maintenance stairways. Kelleher (by the way my mother’s maiden name) wanted to get an overall shot of Luna Park now in flames throughout all the buildings. The park was built in the early 1900’s and now about 40 years old, with rotting wooden members. I was carrying the camera plate case and he his Graflex. When we arrived at the peak or first drop of the roller coaster it was swaying back and forth because the down side rails and wooden assembly was burned away. He took his shots and we proceeded down the broken and missing steps. I was terrified looking over the roller coaster wooden structure, or what left of it.
Normally I would go back to the Daily News office by subway. The plates were given to the Daily News motorcycle driver for delivery to the 42nd Street office. Kelleher was to remain at the Police Headquarters for any further stories. He passed a remark that I did OK and said I was to remain with him and meet the people at the Brooklyn Police precinct branch at Coney Island. It was there I met my namesake John O’Brien, police reporter and later the paper’s columnist.

Fran: 19th Sep 2008 - 04:59 GMT

I lived in Luna Park in one of the buildings on west 12th Street til the early 70's and remember the Bonomo Turkish Taffy factory on west 8th Street. Anyone know when that was built?

EA: 14th Dec 2008 - 21:09 GMT

I also grew up in the Luna Park houses (west 8th) from the early 60's, when the bldgs opened, to early 70's. I remember the Bonomo Turkish Taffy Bldg, and I remember hanging out on the beach and watching the fireworks every Tuesday nite in the summer. There was a Bat-A-Way on Surf Ave next to a walk-in spook 'ride' and Carousel. Before Trump Village & Brightwater Towers were built, a group of us would take a shortcut to PS 100 by walking underneath the 'el', in an alleyway between the police station and the back of the Bataway. There, scattered between mud and broken glass, were tattered baseballs - which had been hit over the Bat-a-Way fence at some point in time. I believe there was an older police station back then and we used to get a chill when we passed the jail window - also visible from under the 'el'. Directly across from PS 100 were a handful of tiny, shack-like houses, which were eventually demolished to make room for Trump Village. In summer, we'd come home from school and meet up again at the beach. Then we'd take our roller skates (no blades then) and skate all around the Luna Park. It was a fun place.

Bart: 7th Feb 2009 - 22:06 GMT

Luna Park was the greatest place to grow up. I only realized it when I had moved away and thought about my childhood afterwards. I wish my children had experienced the same thing that I did. We are all lower middle class, but we had anything a child would ever need growing up. There were always kids around in the many parks, and we all had our hang out place. There were different groups that had claimed certain areas. I think my was the "fire engine park". Wow what fond memories of Paul the Good Humor Man and Saturday nights in the park with all types of healthy entertainment and activities including occasional square dances. We all experienced our "firsts" there.

Bart: 7th Feb 2009 - 22:06 GMT

Luna Park was the greatest place to grow up. I only realized it when I had moved away and thought about my childhood afterwards. I wish my children had experienced the same thing that I did. We are all lower middle class, but we had anything a child would ever need growing up. There were always kids around in the many parks, and we all had our hang out place. There were different groups that had claimed certain areas. I think my was the "fire engine park". Wow what fond memories of Paul the Good Humor Man and Saturday nights in the park with all types of healthy entertainment and activities including occasional square dances. We all experienced our "firsts" there.

Richard Sirop: 7th Feb 2009 - 22:28 GMT

I grew up in building 2. It is funny, we did not have much but thought we had it all. Tough times like these make you think of the good times you had with nothing. Go Red Army!!!

anon ( 17th Apr 2009 - 19:29 GMT

Phyllis (Berman) Schlanger
I agree with you. We didn't know any better then but when you look back at it now, it was a great place to grow up. Sitting on the benches in the summer was the best. We all had a place to be without getting in trouble. Sometimes of course the guards and their dogs would chase you but other than that, it was the best time of my life.

gail ( 1st May 2009 - 21:48 GMT

I found old pics of Luna Park Circus: Proski tigers, Maybellis elephants, LaVerus Hauser? dates are 1926 1922. Were theses in N.Y.?

anon ( 6th May 2009 - 19:06 GMT

yes I grew up in luna park also 70-80s any body remember me??
Billy Blinkin (russian Kid?)

EA: 15th Aug 2009 - 02:01 GMT

Hey, I remember Paul the Good Humor guy. Wow -- that goes way back! Our family was one of the first tenants and I recall when all new tenants received a welcome gift from Nathan's: it was a carton with glass tumblers that had the Nathans inscription.

shobish50: 27th Aug 2009 - 09:27 GMT

What is the name of the beach between Brighton Beach and Coney Island?

Rich: 27th Aug 2009 - 22:07 GMT

To shobish50:
I'm not sure but was it Manhattan Beach you're referring to?

Florie Freshman: 21st Dec 2009 - 19:53 GMT

i grew upin seagate and always rode my bike on the coney island boardwalk. every tues nite there were fireworks. we ate at nathan's. i attended coney island Y day camp where i finally learned to swim. my best friend lived in the coney island houses. those were the days.

Harold: 25th Dec 2009 - 19:19 GMT

I loved growing up in Luna Park. I lived there from 1962-1975. I have caught up with many of the old gang but am still looking for others. Has anyone been in touch with Mark Lefkowitz from building # 1?

anon ( 27th Dec 2009 - 20:17 GMT

I too grew up in Luna Park, bldg 3. My mom still lives there (original occupant - dad just passed recently) and I still visit frequently. My kids, now adults themselves, vicariously grew up there as we went so frequently during their childhoods. I have the same remembrances as EA (who perhaps lived in apt 4L), and Harold ....your last name wouldn`t be Ko---y.
Boy, I too wish I had a time machine to relive some of those wonderful experiences (punchball, off the turtle, stickball, and skating , ringalevio, 3 steps over germany, johnny on the pony....I could go on and on.....

Mark H

EA: 2nd Jan 2010 - 23:46 GMT

Just glanced at this website again after nearly 6 months. Amazing how many of us have similar memories. I wonder if PS100 is still around? BTW, Anon, I did not live in 4L. Happy 2010 to all!

lilly: 13th Jan 2010 - 00:37 GMT

PS100 yes it is still up there

camille: 23rd Feb 2010 - 17:41 GMT

In August 1942 I won the most Beautiful Baby Contest at the Baby Day Parade in Luna Park (amusement area). I've been trying to locate the archive that might want to display some memoribilia in the new Luna Park in Coney Island opening on Memorial Day 2010. Anyone knowing who to contact - Please post Thanks

anon ( 18th Mar 2010 - 21:58 GMT

im 16 and had all my of my childhood memories in coney island, and yet i still go to Coney each summer for atleast a month to hang out with my friends and enjoy the atmosphere. basically all of the rides are gone except the wonder wheel, cyclone, and the parachute jump, new ones should be arriving in a year. id give it a lil over 2 years before the whole new park is done. although i will miss the original park, the new, more expensive park will help keel some of the dangerous "hooligans" who live a few blacks down out of the area and not robbing my people. just sayin

David: 18th Mar 2010 - 22:43 GMT

I remember going on the chute the chute; before the damn thing burned down. The whole park, I mean. It was a tragic thing, but the good part was that Steeplechase still remained.

Jeff Kasman: 24th May 2010 - 20:20 GMT

Luna Park great memories of not having much, but having everything

Jeff Kasman: 24th May 2010 - 20:23 GMT

if anyone remembers me find me on facebook

HOWIE: 1st Jun 2010 - 17:31 GMT

Anyone have photos from the 50's and 60's of the area now occupied by Warbasse and Trump Village. Streets with names like Nass Walk, Stern Pl., Cortlandt Street, Rodman St., Roeberge Pl. (pointed to entrance of PS 100 I think), Sheepshead Bay Road at it's full length to Ocean Parkway, Holmes St., New St., Kister Court etc. were all elimanted and others truncated or moved (Neptune Ave.)
Thanks for the info.
I grew in the old neighborhood but have few photos of my own.

Joy: 4th Jun 2010 - 21:55 GMT

My parents told me about Luna Park & Coney Island - When they were kids, they used to go with their families & rent out bungalows where the Trump towers are now. The bungalows only had cold water & outside toilets. When they were courting, Luna Park was a great place to visit. I grew up when they had built the Luna Park apartments. It was a very rough neighborhood then, though one of my boyfriends lived there & he was a fine young man. I grew up 5 minutes walk from Bay 1 in Brighton Beach. Summer was wonderful - walking on the boardwalk in the balmy breeze & sea air, watching the fireworks, having fun "under the boardwalk"! (they've filled in under the boardwalk with sand now - you can't go under it anymore)

scooby: 6th Aug 2010 - 03:23 GMT

you have all that open space on the boardwalk now they should put rides and build it up there is so much that can be done yet so much redtape and people being greedy its a shame
maybe one day it will be half of what it ones was.

andrea: 30th Aug 2010 - 00:39 GMT

image 44750

image 44751

image 44752 me and the gang on Nass walk 1954

HOWIE: 14th Sep 2010 - 02:09 GMT

Nice photo from Nass Walk which was affecionately known w/o the letter N!. I lived on Neptune Ave. & Holmes St. at this time and am about the same age. I used the barber on the corner of W. 5th. and Nass Walk. I think he was also an artist. I knew an Elliot Rubenfeld and an Alan Issacs from the Nass Walk complex.
If you could post any other photos of the old neighborhood that would be nice. As you may know today Nass Walk is one of the Trump Buildings, a parking lot and the shopping center area.

ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 7th Nov 2010 - 22:37 GMT


barry: 8th Nov 2010 - 02:26 GMT

i just got shot on west 8th by stillwell.. not a good area

HOWIE: 8th Nov 2010 - 18:55 GMT

It's amazing that you happened upon this blog just months after I mentioned your name as someone I remember who lived on Nass Walk. Did you monitor it reguarlly or was it an accident? The Web makes it a small world sometimes!
Neil Lisnow is someone I forgot who lived there too. If you were in Mrs. Reilly's, or Miss Lichterman's or Mr. Bates' classes at PS 100 or Troop 528 of the Boy Scouts or Lincoln HS, you might remember me that way. At any rate I once bought some of your father's technical books which I still have! Indeed it says Paul R. and your father was apparently attending the Melville Radio Institute at some point.
I still live in Coney Island by myself. I attended Brooklyn College, NYC Technical College. I was never married and was not in Viet Nam. I worked for NYC for nearly 30 years. My parents are still alive.
Hope you are still checking this blog. OK,.... hear from you soon.

ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 8th Nov 2010 - 21:24 GMT

Howie, I remember Mrs. Reilly, I remember when she became pregnant and we had a party for her. the picture above, to the upper right looks like neil lisnow.I can't make it out, but i think the boy with the checkered shirt is me. i can't recognize the rest of them.
My grand daughter looked me up on google, while looking at some of the sites that had me, i saw this one which sent goose bumps when i saw my name and alan's. I haven't seen him since 1970 when he got married.
I was just in coney island a week ago. My sister, Helene has a laundromat on brighten 4th street called gladys's laundromat. My brother who was two when we moved out of sterns walk lives in trump village.
My father became an attorney. I graduated brooklyn college majoring in accounting.
Keep in touch. I have to get my sister to look for some pictures of us back then.

michael oland: 22nd Nov 2010 - 15:42 GMT

I happened to find this web site by accident........I live in Luna Park when it open up and was friends with Howie Fahn, Neil Lisnow, Jerrey Eagel, Ronnie Levine, Ronnie Zweibaum, Steve Mate, Arthur Jonas, Joey Volpe, Butch Chapnick, etc (others too many to list) and the FAMOUS MARK RIEMAN. Where are they now? Only one I know is Arthur Jonas.......

HOWIE: 1st Dec 2010 - 14:21 GMT

I too lived in Luna Park from its inception, Sept./Oct. 1961 and knew everyone on your list except JE and BC. Your name sounds famliar but does not ring a visual bell. RL and MR were in my classes at Mark Twain. I played stickball etc. with AJ, JV. Probably knew SM and/or relatives from Boy Scout Troop 528 and from Luna Park playground area.
I remember that AJ was tall and very athletic. Don't know where any of these people are today but SM I believe I saw in a documentary movie about 7 years ago called "The Boys of Brighton 2nd St. Park" or something similar.

michael oland: 6th Dec 2010 - 20:38 GMT

I lived in building #4........steve mate's brother was bobby who was in boys of brighton 2nd street......i see arthur jonas was in awhile.......butch chapick was really michael..........I hung out with all of these guys.......jeffrey eagel's dad owned a cleaning store in coney island. i went to PS100, Mark Twain JHS played basketball, lincoln h s and then LIU downtown brooklyn campus with Neil lisnow, Ronnie Zwiebaum and Mark Rieman. Ronnie Levine went to brooklyn college and we had an appt together on Ocean Avenue during college and when we were single roommates.

Diane West: 14th May 2011 - 08:50 GMT

OMG, the memories you all brought back. I was born on West 8th street, between Bonomo's and Kister Court. We moved to West 16th Street after that and I went to Our Lady of Solace and then Lafayette HS. It was wonderful spending summers on the beach "down the block" and Steeplechase and Ravenhall Pool. You said it all, we didn't have much, but we sure thought we had everything and now looking back, I think we did have everything and I wouldn't change a thing. I'll make this a favorire and keep checking back and getting court up with neighbors we passed at Nathans!!!!!

jack g: 23rd May 2011 - 23:42 GMT

I lived on West 3rd street, next to P.S. 100. Roberge place was the Street that led up to the main teachers entrance to the school. The candy store on the corner was owned by Buddy and his wife Mimi. That was on Nass walk and West 5th street. The barber shop was owned by Nick Baldo, which was right next to Schlangers hardware store. Nick Baldo loved to do oil paintings when he was not busy cutting hair. Some of the people that I knew fron the neighborhood were, Henry Goldstein, Alvin Natkin, Joey Cadorette, Irwin and Lennie Schwartz, Benny Harris, Milton Benjoya, Joe Samansky, the Rothstein Brothers, Roxanne Victoria, May Abraham and so many others that I can't think of right now.

jack g: 23rd May 2011 - 23:45 GMT

Diane West, did you know Rena Glickman, Billy O'Shea, Lila, all who lived on Kister court. Rena became a Martial art professional.

ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 29th May 2011 - 15:34 GMT


ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 29th May 2011 - 15:35 GMT


David: 17th Jun 2011 - 23:59 GMT

My thanks to Barbara for sharing this link with me. Wow! What memories. Years ago, I lived in LP Building 5. I was always told we lived on the spot of the former Luna Park Roller Coaster.

Eileem McMahon July 18th 2011: 18th Jul 2011 - 04:18 GMT

Jack I hung out with them. Annamay O`shea Carol Tarbach? Theresa sullavan and her brother John. Jack conway and som others. I also lived on west 3rd street between neptune and sheepshead bay road.

Eileem McMahon July 18th 2011: 18th Jul 2011 - 04:18 GMT

Jack I hung out with them. Annamay O`shea Carol Tarbach? Theresa sullavan and her brother John. Jack conway and som others. I also lived on west 3rd street between neptune and sheepshead bay road.

HOWIE: 23rd Jul 2011 - 04:16 GMT

Eileen. I do not think I know you or the others mentioned in your posts but I did live on the corner of the next block, ie. Sheepshead Bay Road and West 2nd. St. from 1954 to the end of our neighborhood, by condemnation, in late 1961. I recall an incident on your block in which a gang headed by a 'Billy Walsh' tried to steal my bike!

Eileem McMahon July 18th 2011: 25th Jul 2011 - 07:39 GMT

Howie in 1954 of aug.I had my 1st child I moved to brighton beach. I went to PS100.I grad.1950.I remember the Walshes, they were younger then me.they didn`t live on my block then.I lived on west 3rd street all my life. I live in Florida now.

anon ( 24th Nov 2011 - 16:25 GMT

howie or elliot. I lived on Nass Walk and would love to talk to either of

Harvey Friedman: 24th Nov 2011 - 17:05 GMT

On FaceBook their is a site called Nass Walk. It is filled with members who lived in the area. Please visit and join to enjoy with us our rich heritage.

martin (mutt) rothstein: 24th Nov 2011 - 17:26 GMT

this is for jack g--since you knew me and my brother and some of the other guys from nass walk, join our group.tell us who you are.go to

martin (mutt) rothstein: 25th Nov 2011 - 04:00 GMT

howie-i was there when billy walsh broke both his wrists.he fell from the batting cage at lincoln high.
not sure what year.maybe 1953.

ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 28th Nov 2011 - 04:45 GMT

sharon weinstein (anon) trying to contact you via e-mail and facebook thru Beth rubenfeld my wife. I am Paul and Gladys's oldest son. I'll always remember your mother Beatty. Please let me know how to contact you.Got lots to talk about.

sharon weinstein: 29th Nov 2011 - 16:29 GMT

got you on my face book page now...........Do you know who this howie is?

Jeffrey: 13th Feb 2012 - 00:08 GMT

What a blog! Amazing how this thread has continued over the years! My first post was in '05. I am getting a littile sentimental myself. I have lived in Luna Park almost my entire life. I am now moving out of the neighborhood. Like many of you, my family was a first tenant. I have to be honest, I never really liked living in Luna but many of your comments have made me reassess the situation. For what it was/is, Luna offered a lot of opportunity for working class families. The apartment layouts are great compared to what else is out there. Always wished that the apartments had at least 1 1/2 or 2 baths and of course (?) air conditioning long before the early 00's. Since I was a loner I do not remeber most of you by name but I bet I'd recognize you by sight.

Concerning the many posts concerning "the gut" (Trump/Warbasse) do any of you have photos of the area. I'd love to see them.

Neil Lisnow: 6th May 2012 - 02:26 GMT

What memories. I can't believe the picture from Nass Walk. Bumped into Elliot when I did a tandem jump. Speak to Jeffrey Eagel and spent an afternoon with Howie Fahn a couple of months ago. Now living in Florida but miss the old days, especially Luna Park, a whole lot.


Michael Oland: 7th May 2012 - 20:18 GMT

Nice to hear about you and Howie Fahn. I emailed mark rieman, who now lives in Atlanta.
Hope all is well with you and family. Would like hear more about the past.

Neil Lisnow: 7th May 2012 - 22:35 GMT


My daughter lives in Syosset and we visit a lot. Will be up for Mother's Day and for a good part of the summer. Let's get together. Are you still in Plainview?

ELLIOT RUBENFELD: 14th May 2012 - 20:45 GMT

Hi Neil,
Long time , no hear. I'm glad you remembered me when you and your friend did a tandem jump out at my dropzone on Long Island.
Where do you live in Florida? I live in the orlando area, and still skydiving. I too, go to New York frequently. My parants both past away and my sister runs my mother's laundromat on Brighton 4th street and brighton beach ave.. Every so often, I see Bobby Tropper when he does his laundry.
Allan Isaacs Lives in south florida. The last time I saw him was at his wedding sometime in early 1971. If you want, let me know I can correspond with you.looking forward to hearring from you.

Indra: 28th May 2012 - 12:49 GMT

Hi LP'ers ..... 1962 Building 4 , and mom is still there . I remember all you guys and hope you all are doing well ! Thanks Elliot for providing the link on FB . I believe that our last loss from LP was Bobby Trotta . RIP

Michael Oland: 5th Jun 2012 - 16:00 GMT

My email is
Send me a note and I will contact you direct. I still live in Plainview.

Lou: 5th Jun 2012 - 20:20 GMT

it was better than disneyland in its time, and I think old walt borrowed a few ideas from luna park for his own park........

Lou: 5th Jun 2012 - 20:20 GMT

it was better than disneyland in its time, and I think old walt borrowed a few ideas from luna park for his own park........

Jeffrey: 16th Jul 2012 - 12:17 GMT

It is now official. I no longer live in Luna Park and I am already homesick. I feel like I missed-out. My side of the building just recently completed the brickwork but didn't have the new windows installed just yet. Once completed, the renovations will make the place better.

Of course the renovations are superficial--Luna Park is still Luna Park underneath. Take it for bad or good. The condition of the elevators, terraces and hallways is not too great. The smell of urine and drugs is not too pleasant. But still, it was home. It was by the beach and all the new rides and excitement. The cost of living was very reasonable and the location convenient to transportation.

The frequent refinancing makes opting-out of Mitchel-Lama and going private like Trump did less likely. That's not a bad thing. Mitchel-Lama accomplished what it intended to. It provided descent housing for working class people. Although I would have loved the money the sale of my coop would have brought on the open market, in a way I feel good knowing some working class family will have an opportunity to have a reasonable lifestyle when they move into my old apartment.

Here's to Luna Park. I'll never forget you!

Jeffrey: 16th Jul 2012 - 12:28 GMT

With the above post said, let me comment on some of the recent changes to the hood. My memories of growing up in Luna Park/Coney Island aren't as pleasant as most of the posters here. I remember the crime, the fires, the decay and the abandonment. Luna Park/Trump/Warbasse/Brightwater escaped much of the devastation but it was still felt in many ways.

While walking thought the amusement zone just a couple of short weeks ago I could not help notice how much better things have gotten. I don't remember rides as cool as they are now in Luna Park and the Scream Zone. If things continue to progress like this, I can imagine Coney Island being a destination location at some point in the future. Even the residential zone is looking better than ever. I discovered that during the Mermaid Parade. I couldn't get back to Luna Park Housing until I walked to 23 rd Street where I was finally able to cross Surf Avenue. I was then able to walk back along Mermaid Avenue.

Jeffrey: 16th Jul 2012 - 12:31 GMT

By the way. Does any one have memories of any if the synagogues located in Coney island. How about Yeshiva Sharie Zedek?

Lynda Ehrich (nee' Sabara): 28th Aug 2012 - 04:07 GMT

Found this site by sheer accident. Neil Lisnow was my first boyfriend. We were five, and it was 1954, and his mother and my mother were best friends. My mother had this really adorable picture of us sitting on the couch, looking at each other with pure adoration. I attended kindergarten at PS 100, but then we moved to Jersey. Neil had an older sister, Marilyn (I think!) and an older brother, Jay, who walked in his sleep. We lived at 1-3 Nass Walk which eventually was razed to make way for the Luna Park Apartments. It's been a very long time, but I think if you're a Coney Island Baby, it's with you forever.

Michael Trotta: 15th Oct 2012 - 03:47 GMT

My family was one of the first in LP bldg 5 17 floor. I remember the original police station and the separate fire house on w8. Other LP bldgs were still incomplete, No walkways or parks, Sycamore hotel on corner of w8 and surf where brightwater parking lot is now, Had a mean print shop teacher mr. Punturieri ay Mark Twain, Class of 68 at Lincoln. A big guy named Hook (Bobby something) ruled a gang that thought they owned LP A kid named Nicky Trotta (no relation) took a fly out his 12 floor window. All in all I think LP was a great place for a kid to grow up. Any replies?

Nate Bergerbest: 3rd Nov 2012 - 03:25 GMT

Luna Park 2 inception to 1969. Facade improvements look great but j

Nate Bergerbest: 3rd Nov 2012 - 03:28 GMT

How did Lp fare in sandy? Seagate looks pretty trashed. Fond memories hanging out at late councilman Horwitz place on Atlantic av in late 70s.

Howie Rogoff: 9th Nov 2012 - 01:47 GMT

Michael T.(10-15-2012) I think I remember you from the earliest days of LP. I lived in B4 starting late Oct. '61. I recall the Sagamore Hotel at the se corner of W8/Surf. and the old 'castle like' police station and an equally old style fire house next to it. Also recall 'Bonamos Turkish Taffy' factory opposite B3 and now a City Welfare Off. and 'Mangels ride factory' next to it, now Motor Vehicles!. I too had Mr. Pontereri for 'Print Shop' class at MTJHS239. He was not too big physically but let it be known he had been in the 'Marines' and walked the halls rigid and head held up high to ward off the 'toughs' who abounded at MT in the early 60's! Don't remember Hook etc. but there was a gang that tried to take over LP, originating on West 16th. St.
In regards to the effects of 'Sandy', LP was flooded and had to be pumped before electricity could be restored. Land line phones are still out I think. I now live in the high rise where 'Bat-A-Way' was, next to the afore mentioned Sagamore Hotel. I was w/o power for 44 hours in Con Eds preventative shut down in Coney Island area. Warbasse Houses was hit the hardest around here and had to be evacuated after several days w/o power. Two buildings still have no power from their own power plant!
Keep your LP memories coming everyone!

Keith Watters: 20th Nov 2012 - 01:48 GMT

Hi All: Very nice web page. I lived in Luna Park from about 1960 to 1968. Paul the ice cream man was great. I enjoyed going to Washington Baths and the Anexx, especially the steam room! (My spelling is bad). I like to go out on the rocks on the beach and fish with a drop line and taking a pocket warmer in the winter. I remeber selling drinks on the beach until the paid off cops gave me a ticket. My good friends were Michael Okun who later ran an ice cream stand,Steven Kirshbaum,Steven Kirshsteen. I loved the old jewish folks who told me to get a good education. I remember folks who were refugees from hilter who were a living testimoney of hiler's evil. Luna Park was a collection of working classs people who wanted to do bettter for themselves and their kids. I watch Walbash and Trump Villiage go up and used to play in the vacant apartments. So many nice times.

luna park: 7th Aug 2014 - 01:08 GMT


Brooklyn Alex: 7th Aug 2014 - 15:40 GMT

Nice that the website back but the last 2 years of posts have disappeared! :(

And the guy with the creepy riddles about Luna Park, come back!

Brooklyn Alex: 27th Aug 2014 - 18:21 GMT

My comments regarding other deleted comments have been deleted. I wonder if this will stay up?

@more here - love these! Were there homeless on the Luna Park property back in the day?

Brooklyn Alex: 25th Oct 2014 - 14:07 GMT

I'm still here, and just because I write with a tinge of eloquence doesn't mean I won't be quick to establish my street credentials around these parts and take ya lunch money...... watch that yuppie terminology buddy.

Nice poem nonetheless. LP must have been a concrete jungle before they smoothed the roughing around the edges.

Brooklyn Alex: 5th Nov 2014 - 19:19 GMT

@ Building Four - looks like it's just us 3. Though I'd imagine every once in a while, people Google "Luna Park houses coney island" and they find their way here. I hold the buildings close to my heart and recognize how rapidly NYC is changing, so I appreciate the memories people on here have shared.

An update for anyone that is interested, about a month ago they began cutting down trees throughout Luna Park. I'm not sure if it's because they are zombie trees left over from Hurricane Sandy, or because they want to minimize on Winter injuries or maybe they're just dead. But most of the trees are gone at the root, with many others missing their top halves.

Also, they've ripped the concrete out from between the buildings and have made a corridor of walkways with orange caution tape. I believe they will be repaving the walkways, but it's been a month and little action has been taken other than ripping out the cement.

Brooklyn Alex: 11th Nov 2014 - 23:41 GMT

Luna Park will be better after Sandy than it was before. I'm holding hope!

HOWIE: 19th Dec 2014 - 01:25 GMT

Thurs. Dec.18, 2014 7:50pm
For anyone interested, the old TERMINAL HOTEL, Stillwell Ave. & Mermaid Ave., opposite the Stillwell Ave. Subway Terminal is currently ablaze. Three Alarms sounded within 5 mins. I believe the building dates from about 1910.

Brooklyn Alex: 19th Dec 2014 - 21:29 GMT

Howie, DOB website nails the buildings age down to 1925, I think. Not saying you are incorrect, just noticing an indiscrepancy. I saw the fire last night as I was getting off my train. It really was blazing from every window and was one of the most fierce fires I had ever seen. Shame to lose another old building in Coney Island.

HOWIE: 19th Dec 2014 - 22:25 GMT

Alex check out this link to a 1915 photo and look at right side, midway up. Find building to right of double smoke stacks which seems to have a sign atop it. It is to the left of the inverted cone atop the building which was once Jack's Bargin Store or something like that, and whose space is now occupied by a McDonald's. The 1925 date I bet is for a conversion to a hotel of an existing structure.

HOWIE: 19th Dec 2014 - 22:27 GMT You will have to Copy and the Paste it in your browser I think.

HOWIE: 20th Dec 2014 - 00:15 GMT

Alex I looked at DOB site using 2900-2902 Stillwell Ave. as the address. Vacate Order Issued due to the fire. I could notfind a Certificate of Occupancy or any dates.

Jerry G.: 26th Dec 2014 - 19:04 GMT

It's nice to see comments about "the old" neighborhood. I lived on W. 1st St and Neptune Ave until they knocked down our streets and built Trump Village and Warbasse in 1959. I knew all the names mentioned from Nass Walk in my age group, PS 100 class of 1949 and Lincoln HS class of 1953. Guys from Neptune ave were the Ehrlich twins, George Russel, Patty Spear, Dicky App, Pete Ezzo, John Strauss, Bobby DeMaria, Nick Amplo, Carmine Nuzzo, the Derry brothers, the Fox brothers, the Buckley brothers, the Dwyer brothers. Anyone out there find these names familiar? Combine them with the guys from the Nass Walk area only 4 blocks away made up our neighborhood. Some made the army a career, some went to prison, others became doctors and lawyers, and all who are alive are in their late 70's and middle 80's. And the only thing we have in common is the experience of growing up in a fun and exciting neighborhood where we learned the value of friendship and loyalty which is sadly lacking today.
I invite all those from our neighborhood to join the Nass Walk group on Facebook.

HOWIE: 28th Dec 2014 - 01:54 GMT

Hello Jerry G. Sorry I do not know any of the people you named, but that is because I am about 15 years younger than your group.
I lived first on Neptune Ave. near Holmes St. and then W2 St. and Sheepshead Bay Road. till the demo in late 1961, and ended up relocated into Luna Park at that time.
I remember the candy store possibly in your building near W1 and Neptune Ave. and the empty lot at the southeast corner of W2 St. and Neptune Ave., that was dubbed 'Little Ebbetts Field'. Also remember funny turn Neptune Ave. made as it entered Ocean P'way and the gas stations on the island that was formed with it and Sheepshead Bay Road. I remember Nass Walk and Stern Walk (I think) and that long bus-trolley barn on W5th. St. Used the barber near Nass Walk & W5th. St. and put air in my bike tires at the gas station across street. Like you I attended PS 100 and LHS, just 15 years later than you.

nooner: 23rd Feb 2015 - 03:27 GMT

yes it is

Bill Mather: 6th Mar 2015 - 20:39 GMT

Must mean something...?

Brooklyn Alex: 27th Oct 2015 - 19:44 GMT

Just wanted to give you a guys a small update. I'm still dismayed about the disappearance of my previous Luna Park updates above, but there's nothing we can do.

80% of the walkway construction has completed and ~90% of the scaffolding throughout the property has come down. The playground near Neptune Ave. with the fire truck jungle gym is still unopen and used for construction material storage. We are unsure if the park will reopen.

The empty lot by the newest playground, closer to West 8th, is also being used for storage. Same goes for the playground abutting the above playground. Only 2 playgrounds in Luna Park are currently open, not including the BBQ courts.

All the buildings have finished rebricking and new windows have been installed. Notices have gone up around the property regarding the condition of the 'skyways', the outdoor elevator lobbies connecting the different towers of the building. These are supposedly next on the list to be done.

Grass has (VERY SLOWLY) begun to regrow in places where it was gone due to construction. Trees are still missing, unplanted.

I hope everyone is well.

Brooklyn Alex

Brooklyn Alex: 23rd Feb 2016 - 17:01 GMT

Another update - February 23rd, 2016

The grassy area in between the playground with the swings, and building 5 has been converted into a private parking lot for Luna Park residents. This is across the street from the fire station / NYPD parking lot, off west 8th. There additional rumored parking lots being built, but I’m not aware of where.

Electronic tablets have been installed in building elevators displaying news headlines and local weather reports. 80% of the screen real estate is dedicated to advertising of local businesses.

After several robberies, assaults and attempted rapes, the back entrances of Luna Park buildings have been converted to EXIT ONLY for security purposes. Electronic key fobs and keys no longer work to open up back entrances to the buildings. This is probably really annoying for food delivery drivers reliant on those entrances.

The laundry rooms have been updated with new machines and payment systems. The machines are clean and much roomier.

The majority of walkways within Luna Park have been repaved with the new stones. The exception is the walkway in front of building 2 that faces back out into Luna Park, into the playgrounds. That path still under construction all the way down to west 8th .

Notices have gone up several months ago letting tenants know that management is aware of the terrible condition of the terraces. I quote – “It is to be done.”

A temporary structure has gone up outside building 1 between the main entrance and where the management office is. This is in that generally empty lane beside the building, where the railing is looking out at the grass. The temporary walls of wood reveal a more permanent cement structure inside when looking from above, from the terraces. I suspect this the ‘bike parking lot’ they promised to build after sending notices out several months back. Tenants have to register to use this new amenity.

The management company has switched from Douglas Elliman to Metro Management.

While not directly relating to Luna Park, I think this is interesting enough to note – the playground between the subway overpass and Luna Park property, on West 12th street, is used every Sunday by a group of older teens / young adults professional wrestling. I’ve observed this for a little over 2 years, though I suspect this has been going on for longer. The crowds vary but I’ve seen over 100 people present at a time, and the crowd reactions and yelling can be heard from the terraces in buildings 1 and 5. As of Summer 2015, they’ve begun bringing professional equipment and their own PA sound systems to make the wrestlers’ entrances more exciting. I personally think these kids are great, I admire their dedication as they are there EVERY SUNDAY rain or shine, and are utilizing a space most people don’t know exists. Many people don’t understand what’s going on when they pass, others get scared by the sight of people fighting.. but I know it’s just ‘professional wrestling’. 

'Coney Shack', the korean/american taco shack next to the DMV on West 8th has received BEST RESTAURANT IN BROOKLYN designation by Yelp! I love this spot and highly recommend it.

I hope all you guys are well.

Brooklyn Alex

Biz: 25th Feb 2016 - 02:33 GMT

I remember Billy Blinkin getting knocked out in Oceania.

Abraham: 12th Mar 2016 - 10:33 GMT

I love Luna Park!

Brooklyn Alex: 19th Apr 2016 - 19:11 GMT

Hello all. 3 quick updates.

The JASA facility in front of Building 1 on West 12th has begun to offer yoga classes.

The temporary structure I referred to in my last update has been confirmed to be a metering facility. I'm not sure if we're moving towards submetering or if this is an effort to calculate energy/oil metrics more efficiently as a whole.

The grassy lawns in front of several buildings have been razed and we just have huge patches of dirt there now. Management said they are planting fresh grass. I HOPE THIS IS TRUE, but I'll believe it when I see it. Scaffolding has been down for years now, and the grass could have regrown a dozen times since then.

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. I hope you all enjoy and I wish you all well.

Brooklyn Alex

HAROLD CHICHESTER: 20th Apr 2016 - 16:10 GMT

I am probably one of the few people living that has been to the old LUNA PARK. Dad met mom in coney island in 1924 ,they married in 1933, I was born that Dec.. I was 4 or 5 yrs old I remember shoot the chutes clearly and the excitement that the place generated. Feltmans beer garden was across the street. the mardi gras parade was a spectacle that we visited every year,I would sit on dads shoulders

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They've installed this around the facade of a building on Ave in , most likely in order to keep the renovation debris from falling to the sidewalk when they're working above. My favorite part is the upside...


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