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If I Am What I Eat then I Want to Be Fresh and Local

I know at least my fellow vegetarians and vegans will appreciate this entry. Below is the quiet, delicious city noise growing in my backyard. I buy my plants at the Farmer's Market each spring and plant them,...

If I Am What I Eat then I Want to Be Fresh and Local

Fuck England

- Peter - Thursday, October 20th, 2005 : goo

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image 5748

A humorous piece of from . This made me chuckle because I'm not exactly sure why anyone would have this sentiment, much less bother to spray it on the side of a building.

Thought you guys from the would appreciate this one ;)

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elaine: 20th Oct 2005 - 17:20 GMT


jamie: 20th Oct 2005 - 17:28 GMT

up da ra! ftq!

Peter: 20th Oct 2005 - 17:32 GMT

exactly... i was thinking this would fit in better with the thread better than anything else...

StripesA4: 1st Nov 2005 - 04:37 GMT

england is a tag artist from BK

Monty: 17th Dec 2005 - 10:43 GMT

America our friends you elect an idiot as president, plus U.K music rocks.

Myke: 17th Dec 2005 - 14:47 GMT

Nice, Peter... nice. Heh.

American G.I.: 26th Dec 2005 - 01:51 GMT

At least we the people of the United States of America vote people into office. You still have a royal family and your excuse for a government is a joke. We fought you twice and saved you twice. Guess what, you are our bitches. The British Royal navy will not build a new Aircraft carrier because they figured they don't need one. AMerica provides her carriers to protect airspace incase WWIII starts. England is America's bitch in gorund forces and in air power too. The Sumpreme Allied COmmander of WWII was American, the Current Sumpreme Allied Commander of NATO is American and has been AMerican since NATO started. England uses American calibers in their weapon systems.

5.56X45mm is American
7.62X51mm is American
.50 BMG is American
And 90% of the missiles that you Royal Airforces uses is American made.

We helped rebuild your nation after WWII, we prevented the soviets from taken over Europe. And infact, you guys copy American Culture.

And Lastly, our crime is lower and we as a free people can posses firearms, drive whatever we want, and talk about our government in any fashion of our choice. You have nothing but a Gestopo type police force with nothing but cameras watching your every move in public.

Your national government can abolish your city governments at any time. And your cops can't shoot for shit. Oh wait, you cops didn't carry firearms untill a short period of time. Opps my bad. And guessed who trained them. American FBI and US Secert Service.

And as a last step. I believe that Ireland should be free of your oppressive rule.

American G.I.

PS - I have served in Iraq with British forces. Those are good men, unlike England liberal youth. And I'm not Irish, I'm Cuban American.

jeeff: 26th Dec 2005 - 05:25 GMT

what an enlightened comment.

Jamie: 26th Dec 2005 - 08:39 GMT

Thanks GI Joe, you made me chuckle this morning. Much of what you say is quite true. I think your take on the royal family is a little skewed however. Is it a commonly held misconception in the us that they hold real power? Yeah our government is corrupt as is yours. It's all swings and roundabouts mate. And seriously, what use is mudslinging?

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 26th Dec 2005 - 14:51 GMT

Just like to point out , American GI, that here in the US, the individual (popular) does not vote in the government, the Electoral College vote does. So it is not one person, one vote. And Jamie is correct when he says that the royal family has no power or infuence in the running of the UK. Although they have the right to vote, they never do.
Why are you being so vicious? That's not like an American GI.

jeeff: 26th Dec 2005 - 15:29 GMT

a lot of chest-thumpers in america and elsewhere seem to sustain themselves with the loud opinion that the world is like a game of risk (. us versus them. U.S. versus them.

i prefer to see the world like this: us.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 26th Dec 2005 - 15:44 GMT

Right on!

ian: 26th Dec 2005 - 19:09 GMT

GI Joe vs. The World

Peter: 26th Dec 2005 - 20:06 GMT

ahh the cliche wanker/troll shows up to weigh in, offering info that is not only completely off topic for this entry (he surfed in via a search for "fuck england", so is apparently looking for a fight) but also rife with grammar errors... (90% of the missiles that you Royal Airforces uses is American made).

way to go, gi joe. way to bring yet more hate and disregard to the average jingoistic american. its people like you that make me profoundly embarassed to be an american.

i guess ill just have to move to now, eh?

anon ( 30th Dec 2005 - 18:28 GMT

i want iraq to win the war okadar

Random: 8th Jan 2006 - 20:48 GMT

Wow can you state the truth? Most of the firearms in England are either made there or in Europe. Our people are better than yours. Better comedy, the highest you have is Simpsons and Family Guy! What is that? The best music around is ported straight outta UK! Beatles for best band? Yep. Queen with best song and singer ever with Bohemian Rhapsody? You better beleive it.

We also have Robbie Williams, a single artist who made low impact in US, he is better as a single artist than Elvis. I used to cherish Elvis and his music, but then I grew up to realise that it is trash.

Peace maker : 12th Jan 2006 - 21:54 GMT

England has the best music in all good types of music period: Rock: Pop: Progressive rock: Drum and base: Techno: Dance: to be fare the USA is probable the second best produces of music!

In WW2 the Americans where reluctant to join the wining team even thought Hitler was massacring the Jewish people! I think that America has a bigger connection with the Jewish faith compared with England, but we where willing to send in our troops to the front line on our principles! It took the Americans to get a wake up call (pearl harbour) before they did any thing.

The Americans seem to think that they have the tactical upper hand and that the marines are the best army in the world not true. The SAS are the best trained army period:
I remember hearing about Osama bin laden escaping from the marines on a moped
that’s why you guys wanted to go in Iraq because you could not take the fact that a fool managed to get away from your so called smart army, o and daddy wanted little junior to finish off what he fuck up!

As for the so called war in Iraq (that you are losing), the English only joined because we have our major economic ties with you! Going behind to United Nations is not a smart idea! but England is there to try and rebuild the ties with the rest of the world (unlike America). The United Nations was the one good thing to come out of WW2 (which the Americans apparently one) yet they are prepared to risk this for a crusade that has managed to kill more of Iraq ‘s people than Saddam ever did, And when it is finally discovered that there are no WMD’s America says that the reason for the war is promote democracy thought the middle east!

Your self proclaimed god appointed president is a joke though out the world. I think that most English people know about the cocaine problem and the drunk driving, and think that the rigging of your so called elections (yes that is plural) was disgusting. Is this the democracy you talk of, have the masons become that tactless!

You have also managed to split the Anglican church in half!

The African people where enlighten buy the Christian religion this was meant to unite people and make then civilized. Now the American church see fit to change the rules, and has guy priest! (I know you Americans are used to changing the rules and seeing thinks your way) but to fuck with peoples faith is just sick! I have nothing against guy people (I like to keep at least ten passes) but do there really have to become priest? for a lot of Christians the belief that god cheated man and woman (Adam and Eve) is very sacred. The bastardised form of religion that you end up with will unite no one! and make the church look like a joke!


Thanks for McDonalds
image 7579

Peter: 13th Jan 2006 - 14:39 GMT

for all your accusations, "peace maker", you might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of americans would agree with you 110%. the power structure in our country is currently peopled by a shrewd, tricky, affluent, conservative minority. we dont all think like them.

also: uk dnb #1.

DnB: 29th Jan 2006 - 20:39 GMT

american GI chats out his ass. America fourt UK twice.....bollocks. and yea UK music is the best. We have the best dj's and producers in the world. I could list about 50 amazing drum n bass and hardcore dj's and i can name 1 american DnB dj who isint very good anyway diesel boy.o yea and pendulum is ok aswell for an american dj but his style is to trancey.america is just as fucked up or even more fucked up than england.if you die or get injured in new york the paramedics have to check your wallet before they take you to the hospital to see if they deserve the better healthcare not sayin that englands healthcare services are any good good because they are completely wank unless you've been taken in by ambulence.if you walk into A&E you are looking at waiting for a good 4-5 hours until they will see you.the worst thing about america is rap music though it is shit.UK DnB mc's have the best lyrics ever apart from hardcore mc's. now im completely going off the topic so il shut up.England is a shit hole but nowhere near as bad as america and ireland is the most fucked up country ever.

President Bush: 3rd Feb 2006 - 11:14 GMT

Your all being constripted bitches!

"he he he im George Bush"

des: 3rd Feb 2006 - 11:30 GMT

we all know england were mother fuckers all thru history,and they think they are the best,FUCK ENGLAND

Cheesy_Member: 3rd Feb 2006 - 14:31 GMT

image 8191

typical Bush pic, what a spaz of a president - "Like a puppet on a string"

I loved that film Farenheit 911, showed hows stupid, corrupt and uncaring Bush is.

And how incredibly stupid Americans are beliving his constant dribble "WAR ON TERROR" war on terror my ass!!! Any excuse to control the world oil market.

Wonder how easily the "new iraq" goverment change policies to what America want once fully in power?

Its a joke that its possible to get away with what he has done, Bush is is a dictator as much as Sadam!!!!

"Now watch this shot"

Cheesy_Member: 3rd Feb 2006 - 15:09 GMT

image 8192
President Bush writes a note to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a UN General Assembly meeting, September 14, 2005: "I think I MAY NEED A BATHroom break. Is this possible?"

image 8193

Jamie: 3rd Feb 2006 - 15:37 GMT

We Told You We Didn't Want War

Britsh legend: 3rd Feb 2006 - 18:07 GMT

America is a big proud country but in true it is Britian, we found we owned it. you Americans just didn't want to pay taxes and still look at what your doing. Britian has a much history than you Americans causing TREASON, We are born honorably and have one of the best elite tropps the SAS, you have delta force but that even contains SAS

Peter: 3rd Feb 2006 - 19:06 GMT

i think its funny that this thread has diverged into a rant about and when the original post was simply a tag put up by one writer, dissing another that goes by the name ""... who are both americans, btw.

its also amusing how people will follow whatever argument they like, regardless of the post.

i mean, who wants to have an vs. debate? not me. i think that was covered back in colonial days by dowdy old predjudiced men who are long dead, mostly forgotten and rarely relevant.

kroko: 4th Feb 2006 - 12:00 GMT

yes hurray you english are so great,and smart to,so you pay taxes to feed a queen who does fuck all al day and lives in luxury thank's to this day and age still with a queen yeah your soooooo smart

Peace maker : 5th Feb 2006 - 19:57 GMT

I think peter is Wright we don’t need to debate whether England is better than America!
I do however think that most English people feel a parental responsibility when it comes to American affairs, especially when you manage to fuck up as much as you do! If you are going to crusade around the world (supposedly flying the flag for freedom) then you definitely need to have more tacked and class!
After September the 11th it was only right that you when in to kick the Arabs butt’s , but do you still need to be in Iraq, what ever happens you have fucked Iraq and fucked your self!! I just wait for the prodigal son to return (from Iraq!)

Bush is a monkey plane and simple!
image 8234

des: 5th Feb 2006 - 20:11 GMT

bush isn't a monkey!he's a redneck,monkeys are smarter then bush

british legend: 6th Feb 2006 - 16:13 GMT

all america is, is the new british empire but with completelty different views and will not stay on top for much longer, EVery country hates your views, even some english (not me personally) and i have feelings if there is a new major war it would be america v.s. the world

tex: 6th Feb 2006 - 16:31 GMT

to british legend
and of course you british would be there by our side kissing our ass as always
ps:stop bulying the irish

GB: 7th Feb 2006 - 01:10 GMT

I beg pardon from kroko, the queen sits on her arse all day. I don't think that is quite true. Although her preorgative powers have been eroded over a few centuries, the queen in fact remains powers to be exercised with or without the PM's advice. Powers to dissolve parliament, go to war, appoint the PM, creat lords and pass legislation still remains but are not often used.

England became a republic before after the English Civil War and that didn't work very well as without a monarch no legislation can pass parliament and a new leader of the country is not sanctioned to law such as Magna Carta.

Also concerning WWI, The US did not formally enter the war until 1917 and did not engage in combat with British and French troops until late 1918 - just before the war finished. I should know, I'm an A-Level History student.

And personally, the British political system is far better than the US's. Indirectly electing a cretin as president, requiring a huge majority just to amend the Constitution.

At least in Britain we have an educated Head of State and an educated government along with a PM that is accountable to parliament and the electorate.

Britain does not need educating from a country that reformed the English language into an appalling state and broke ties with Britain because they didn't want to pay taxes on their cups of tea.


2009 - Vote Tory - get rid of Blair and don't let the twats of the Liberal Democrat Party nor the Labour one in too.

JJ: 15th Feb 2006 - 23:43 GMT

NOT England!!
U r the bitches...
Ur M.F*

jeeff: 16th Feb 2006 - 01:46 GMT

idiots of the world unite!

EvilGentleman: 16th Feb 2006 - 06:45 GMT

Wow, what a screwed up debate. I never realized so many Brits shared America's obsession of flag-waving. I have a thought for both the Americans and Brits, as well as any other nationalities that feel they should be inserted in this debate. Patriotism should be defined by appreciating all that is good in your homeland, and those positive things should be able to stand on their own merit. If the only way to bring your country up is by dragging others down, you are hurting yourselves more than anyone, as you are only showing a negative reflection upon your own flags. It is fine to have pride in your home, all human beings should be fortunate enough to be able to feel that, but this negative shit is bad karma, man.

jonnybadboy: 24th Feb 2006 - 14:24 GMT

i am proud to be british proud of my monarchy who are still to this day the rulers of the british empire upon which if noone has noticed is huge if it wasn't for the british empire america wouldn't be the america we know today

Peter: 24th Feb 2006 - 14:32 GMT

once again, this refers to a GRAFFITI WRITER named ENGLAND. not the country. can we get past this lame, off-topic uk-vs-us argument?

Billy: 25th Feb 2006 - 12:05 GMT

Having lived in both the USA and England, let me tell you a few things.

Both countries electoral systems are fucked! None has real proportional representation. And in terms of laws probably both have an equal amount of shit and great laws.

When it comes to crime the British media likes to portray the USA as being a crime ridden shit hole, nothing could be further from the truth. Overall American streets are far safer than British ones. Today Britain is a crime ridden shit hole where thugs do whatever the hell they want.

It's a complete fallacy to say you won't get medical treatment in the USA after an accident if you haven't got medical insurance, by law the hospital has to treat emergencies even if the patient hasn't got medical insurance. You get what you pay for, in the USA you get treated like a human being in hospital in the UK you get treated like cattle unless you go private.

When it comes to lifestyle and quality of life, face it people. Nearly everyone in England is poor by American standards, middle class people in Britain live like poor Americans. British people live in tiny shit houses, drive tiny shit cars and pay a fortune for the most basic of luxuries. My advice to Brits who talk shit about America is that they should go to America and work for a while, see what it feels like to live in a decent big house, be able to afford not just one small brand new car but two nice big brand new cars and a motorbike too! I'm most wouldn't go back after having enjoyed the American lifestyle.

As far as music goes, its entirely personal taste, I for one couldn't give a rat's ass about drum and bass DJs.

Chris: 26th Feb 2006 - 18:49 GMT

billy i dont believe u have ever been to the UK judging from ur... review of it.
I have met many cool americans that apreciate there only allie on the planet and are nice people, then i read shit like this from uneducated low lifes who really need to learn more about history. Take the Falklands for example the only modern war were modern organised armies and navys clashed and the british wooped argentine ass and the conflict only lasted 3 months. America's only advantage in war is there overwealming numbers and they only really seem to have experience in fighting farmers (vietnam) and still they lost...

I get tired of hearing americans saying they saved us in world war 2, hitler wanted to make a deal with the uk saying he would leave us if we stayed out the war but still we said we stepped in when he invanded poland and began murdering the jews, and if we didnt step in and hold him back at the start the nazis would have taken europe and africa and by that time they would have been able with the japanese and other alliances they would have formed they could have taken the rest of the world.
Also British Commandos destroyed the german chances of producing an atomic bomb when they covertly blew up the vermoc heavy water plant which creates 1 of the 2 main materials to control an atomic reaction.
Also if u look to the iranian embassy seige were terrorists took over the building in london u will c what the SAS can do on camera, they stormed the building killing all terrorists but 1 that was captured and saving all hostiges with no casualties... american special forces cant compare...

And its a fact that about half the american population is overweight with one third being obese

I read in the newspaper (although u cant always believe them) that British SAS had located Bin Laden and were ready to storm the cave network that he was in but american forces said dont go in wait for are men to arrive so we can capture him (iam guessin cause they want the glory of gettin him after 9/11) but by the time they arrived and went in bin laden had got away...

and u think you economy is so good lets look at some facts.. :)

More than 34 million Americans are officially "poor," a class including nearly 25 percent of all African Americans and more than 20 percent of all Latinos.

In the US the minimum wage has fallen by about 35 percent in real terms since its peak in 1968.

Fifty percent of New York City's Black males are unemployed

Approximately 1 million African American men under 40 are behind bars. Twelve percent of African American men ages 20 to 34 are behind bars, compared with 1.6 percent of white men in the same age group.

Approximately 1 million African American men under 40 are behind bars. Twelve percent of African American men ages 20 to 34 are behind bars, compared with 1.6 percent of white men in the same age group.

In the past 25 years, one-third of public hospitals in the U.S. have closed, mainly in rural areas and inner cities.

i could go on.. and its so funny when i c americans complaining about imagrants when the only real americans are the native indians

i cant be bothered to type any more.. i was gonna mention about how american forces give so much friendly fire to every 1 because there soldiers arnt trained well enough.

anyways sry if for changing your posts topic i just had to reply to this shit that some people are typing.

Crispy: 2nd Mar 2006 - 00:17 GMT

You know, maybe it's time for this Anglo-American "debate" to end so we all may focus on the real culprit:


Peter: 2nd Mar 2006 - 02:02 GMT

for like the 50th time, you dumbasses, "england" is a graffiti writer. this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE UK, FRANCE OR AMERICA.

shit! do you guys ever read a thread before jumping into it? geez, i mean, for real.

Crispy: 2nd Mar 2006 - 21:54 GMT

I read the thread, saw the way the conversation turned, then replied with a joke.

Yes, I realize that "England" is a grafitti writer, but the subject got changed aeons ago. Get with it Peter, it's no longer October. It is now March.

WELSHY: 23rd Mar 2006 - 15:42 GMT

Well as a Celtic reader to this US V'S UK debate I have to say put down the guns a second and consider.
Yes America did enter the war late 1941 dec after pearl harbour however the US were providing the Uk with help in the form of lend lease, ok we had to pay it all back but then we were in a bad state at the time. Hitler wanted us to ally with them we refused thanks in the most part to Churchill. We must remember that the US did win independence from the UK due to Uk tax legislation that was unfair and unjust. However the US did have France and the Dutch sinking the UK troop ships and harrasing us in Europe as well no other Power has had to fight on as meny fronts over a vast area against all these enemies before. To be fair we did beat the Europeans. However we have too much in common to argue lets not forget that 49% of the vote did not go to Bush so at least some US citizens can think for themselves. The UK is not a poor country thought far from it we are relatively small however we remain one of the worlds G8 and premier in the EU. We are multicultural and accept all regardless of religion. Our Police and Government accept freedom of speech yes there are cameras but if you ain't a crim why worry.

I love the UK especially Wales and Scotland such History and freedom second to none.

I also like the US warm friendly people may not all have a clue about the world at large but that's true where ever you go.

Peter: 23rd Mar 2006 - 16:02 GMT


Irish Mike: 24th Mar 2006 - 14:05 GMT

I'm an Irishman born and bred. I lived in the USA for five years in the eighties and for ten in England. I later lived in Japan and Korea and now call China home. So put it this way, I can see all viewpoints here.

England is a shithole unless you're rich. The USA is a shithole unless you're rich. Ireland used to be nice if you were economically average but now it's also a shithole unless you're rich.

The leaders of most western countries are detached, self-interested, coward pussies lobbying to a rich elite. They don't give a fuck about the blue-collar guy and most blue-collar guys know that. Blair is Bush's bitch. Ahern (The Irish PM) is Blair's bitch. They are all of them Donald Trump's and Bill Gate's bitches. Gone are the days of honour. We are all fucked now. The world is a meaningless cesspit of 'war for oil' and lies and bullshit. It was tolerable before the 'information age', but now we are daily confronted by images of what degenerate scum the human species has become (or always was). Watching that nigger Rice defending her 'massa' on CNN makes me want to throw up.

'Muslims'? What a fucking joke. A bunch of backward-ass cave dwellers smearing cowshit on their heads. 'US Republicans' - a roomful of guys from shitass states on the brink of heart-attacks.
Tony Blair - a liar and a scumbag who wanted to be President Of The UK but can't because the person occupying that position is an old lady who doesn't know what day of the week it is and expects her Chateau Latour to be paid for by steelworkers from the north of England. Fuck them all.

As for the guy who wants "the UK to get out of England"?. Pal, not one Irishman, except the most ardent republican 'freedom-fighter' (ie: drug-dealing scumbag gangster) gives a fuck who owns Ireland as long as we can all afford a Jaguar and drug-dealing paid for his, so I guess we're all fucking happy.

Aren't we.

Big REd: 28th Mar 2006 - 02:31 GMT

Irish mike is definetly right, i think were forgetting that england is a graff writer but whatever, the point is everythings fucked up and instead of fighting eachother, we should be joining up to fight against the rich burgoise fucks in power, how many problems have we come up with here about each others country when in fact both of us have gone way past the line of fucked up politics and economies its rediculous instead of bitching at eachother about whose better and why the other sucks, why dont you look at whats happening, the rich corporate assholes have made us all commoniditys and were just bitching at eachother, fuck that lets work on whats wrong with our own countrys and say no more, its time to stop all this pointless bitching and actually be productive, your all acting like a bunch of coffehouse pussies and its time to actually change shit, in anyway possible,what do you think

Crispy: 31st Mar 2006 - 10:12 GMT

First off, let's get away from this living in fear shit. It's driving us all into little virtual cages of our own design and allowing the very people who wish to rape and starve us into submission to have their way, to become richer, fatter, more cavalier with all that by all rights is ours.

Fuck living in fear. Let's just live instead.

grange: 31st Mar 2006 - 18:42 GMT

Peter, I have hand it to you , your better than elaine at getting something going accidently
Weird how that happens , I think its the times we live in .

Mike: 6th Apr 2006 - 18:23 GMT

Peter, you are a fuckin' tosser......a cancer of society!!!!
I know my country is shit (England), but who the fuck are you to judge, shit face!!!
What war did your country save us from you dick, did you ever sit and listen in a history cuntwadd??
I hope you choke on your shit, you fuckin' knob!!!

Peter: 6th Apr 2006 - 18:34 GMT

i am indeed a cancer... i was born in july!

Elicar: 6th Apr 2006 - 19:18 GMT

As I am sitting here, quietly working, munching on Crispers as I had only an orange for lunch (ketchup flavour, don't ever get it!), I thought I'd pop by and see what is going on....

I wonder, what has happened to some people that there is so much self-loathing? Did their parents try to smother them when they were babies? Were they bullied as school children? Or did they ever go to school....Too many questions....I guess we could never find an aswer....

A Proud Canadian: 6th Apr 2006 - 19:27 GMT

I think some people just go out of they're way for an argument.

Tamara: 6th Apr 2006 - 21:39 GMT

Btw. Peter... I love the negative space in this shot!

chiamattt: 6th Apr 2006 - 21:50 GMT

I didn't read any of this. I turned my monitor off and shit on a map of the world.

anon ( 6th Apr 2006 - 22:27 GMT

Hi I'm half German. I live in England and have done for 3 years. I like a lot of the people there, as you do in every country you meet good people and bad people. However, the government in England sucks. Tony Blair is a little bitch (what Irish mike said is right).
Compared to Germany where I lived in the first part of my life. The transport system is bad, so is the health care system, people drink too much and people don't respect your peace and quiet. And Soccer (or Football as you call it there) is everywhere, and when I mean everywhere: it is everywhere. Dad's walk around with team shirts with their kids as if that is they way you should bring up your kids. And there is more violence compared to Germany. A lot more crime, which people blame on immigrants, so that causes violence between racist people and foreigners. Hell, the houses are bad and plumming is bad in houses. And England especially London is far too expensive. They really rip you off. The price of a single ticket in the London subway is same price for travelling the whole day on the German city network.
Otherwise, music from UK, like their rock is cool and so are the people very helpful and friendly (unlike Germany). However the actually respect or distance you get from people is not there.

Chris: 8th Apr 2006 - 16:51 GMT

For fucksake, some people really do make up these huge complex opinions of a country when they dont no shit about it at present or its past.
Any one that lives in a developed country with a pc and internet access and the free time to look at pointless forums and complain about plumbing or there government screwing them out of a little £,$ has no idea what its like to live rough were your every minute is spent making sure you and your family lives another day.... if only there was some honour left in people.

Loco: 10th Apr 2006 - 10:56 GMT

Nice one peter. and im really pleased G.I Joe there gets happiness from hate. guess there has to be someone without morals ey?

Norberto Davino Santorio: 10th Apr 2006 - 12:33 GMT

Ustedes hijos de su puta chingada madre, ni saben ya ni que poner. Por eso el mundo esta chingado como esta porque no se pueden poner de acuerdo un al otro.

anon ( 10th Apr 2006 - 14:42 GMT

I think I'll make a comment on this graffiti here on the picture and then to this forum conversation. There's nothing really special about it. This is the kind of graffiti you get in every city. Just plain black and white, and spreading the a message of hate towards a different country or hip hop musician. Don't know why people took a photo of that one.

"For fucksake, some people really do make up these huge complex opinions of a country when they dont no shit about it at present or its past.
Any one that lives in a developed country with a pc and internet access and the free time to look at pointless forums and complain about plumbing or there government screwing them out of a little £,$ has no idea what its like to live rough were your every minute is spent making sure you and your family lives another day.... if only there was some honour left in people."
I'd really like you to ask this question to the politicians in England or most western countries and how they distribute the countries wealth. Seen as we are scavenging third world country's wealth already, the rich people mostly held responsible, don't even have the descency to share out their wealth. I have read that Britain has as many people below the poverty line that it could almost be called a third world country. And this is really true. Although Britain does possess one the biggest wealths in Europe, rich get richer and poor get poorer. A country can't just simply get richer. If the rich want to make a profit someone's gotta sacrifice and those are the poor.

Salzo Baeza: 11th Apr 2006 - 13:06 GMT


Scotland: 15th Apr 2006 - 17:43 GMT

This piece is a beauty go on the americans lol

Sally: 27th May 2006 - 02:36 GMT

You forgot Gerry Adams, the terrorist, and the IRA, supported by America for over 30 years. This man was wined and dined by Americans while we were being blown apart in England and Ireland by American bombs. Sickening crimes. - Supplied through collections by "NORAID" in AMERICA. Clintons adored him, he was welcomed every St Patrick's Day for years until the last year. Thought I would mention this as most Americans contributed greatly to terrorists.

fucku: 27th May 2006 - 20:27 GMT

What kind of crap is this? No living being with more than 2 neurones can feel admiration for The States. On the other hand, UK is pretty respectable

Enjoy u suckers

victor almeida: 28th May 2006 - 16:38 GMT

I'am sorry but wy people fight with words against each other ?
I live in the UK for nearly four years, i'am Portuguese and i found good things in this country and bad things like every were.
We need as humans to respect cultures and peolpe with different backgrounds i call that diversity and we should invest more in that.

Sally: 29th May 2006 - 03:24 GMT


loyal: 30th May 2006 - 21:13 GMT

America is a great place( Well it was till the civil war,) you have no history so you have to cling on to Irish roots which hardly any of you have not won a war EVER but make films as if you kicked everyones arse. YOUR A JOKE!

better: 3rd Jun 2006 - 23:17 GMT

you fucking yanks
England is much better than your country.I have been to the USA before and it is a complete shit hole and all of your people are to fat.England is a much more developed country than yours.Anyway the UK has a much better trained army than your fucking country.Your people are so thick e.g the army-they hold there guns the wrong way round and accidently shoot them selves in the head.If it wasnt for us you wouldnt exist you fucking yanks.

Ken- Boston, Massachusetts: 8th Jun 2006 - 15:11 GMT

The comments I have read here don't surprise me, but they also disturb me. I was born and raised in Boston (where the first shots were fired at the British). I hold a degree in English Literature (this includes all English Literature, i.e American and British). I cannot comprehend the level of animosity bewtween Brits and Americans. I understand that my current president, whom I never voted for, has ruined our reputation in the world. This is not my fault. Blame the rich asses that voted for him. I also concede that many Americans are ignorant and arrogant; Two qualities that never mesh well. But please do not judge an entire country by it's incompetent leader, or it's uneducated masses. I hold the British in high esteem. I have yet to meet a Brit I didn't like. The similarities of our countries and our people are too great to ignore. Both of our governments are corrupt, as are all governments in the world. We speak the same language. I know our dialects differ, but we can communicate with each other without a translator. And most importantly, we're "friends." i diasagree with the Iraq war. That's our bad. But I appreciate the British having our back. When your friend is in trouble, you help. When your friend gets drunk and picks a fight, you still takes his side.

To the British here, I apologize for my so-called countrymen bashing you. Please note that you do have many friends on this side of the pond.

tangent: 8th Jun 2006 - 15:53 GMT

Well said ken. I am british, and i think you're right in your assumption that most british peoples see americans as ignorant, arrogant and xenophobic. But i don't think this is a curiously british attitude. Your government has destroyed your contries reputation throughout the international community. I don't think there are many, if any british who base their US directed animosities on the fact that you kicked our asses back in the day and claimed independence. A great majority are probably ignorant of the facts in any case and know nothing of america ever being a british colony. Generally comments of that nature come from the US side of any debate along with "we saved your asses in two world wars!" heh

I too disagree strongly with the iraq war, and the entire war for oil/war on islam whatever it's called. I think it's plain to see that george dubya is a loon and someone needs to TAKE HIM DOWN with a SHOT TO THE HEAD.

But those with american contacts know full well that not all americans are warmongering religious fanatics, and like yourself, the educated among you quite sensibly despair at the current goings on.

maybe we should all move to

Lawrence: 8th Jun 2006 - 16:23 GMT

I whole heartily agree

Ken- Boston, Massachusetts: 8th Jun 2006 - 17:05 GMT

Very good points Lawrence. Of course, I would never claim that "we kicked your asses and claimed independence. Obviously we won the war, but it is a far cry from kicking your asses. What few american's realize is that England had too much on its plate at the time to effectively fight the war. England was unable to commit enough troops to the war because of it's war with France. Not to mention the economic crisis in England due to the extreme cost of the French and Indian War.

Also, any american who has studied even the basics of history should realize the truths about the World Wars. Yes, we came into WWI at the end, and you might have won the war without our involvement. Then again, with Russia dropping out of the war, the Germans were moving all of their forces to the west front. Fortunately, they were not organized enough to move them efficiently. We did have an effect on the war, albeit not as big of a role as many americans believe. And bear in mind, 60,000 us soldiers died. i know that is a minute amount considering the British losses, but it is still many lives.

We did have an enormous effect on WWII. Britain sustained the worst of it, but the US entering the war was a turning point. And we must not forget that many other countries were involved, i.e. Canada, Australia, etc. We did not save your asses, but rather, we helped you. I think we can agree on one thing though. Both of our countires saved France's ass.

Let us also agree on this: (1)President Bush is a very bad president. I cannot wait for 2008. (2) Both Britain and the US are comprised of generally good people, and with their fair share of bad people. (3) France is no longer a world power and they have a serious inferiority complex about it. (4) And finally, Go Red Sox

Jamie: 8th Jun 2006 - 20:53 GMT

I like how you've sucessfully turned this around onto the french. good call.

anon ( 19th Jun 2006 - 17:01 GMT

I think britain should turn against america and prepare for war,we definatly have a better army than them all though it numbers less it is proven because they are always blowing eachother up and the british never do that,our SAS would destroy them,and allthough they allways blab on about thier nukes britain has got enough to do a suprise attack with our superior technology and inialate them as they sleep then we could go on and capture the rest of ireland, use them as our slaves,beat them and treat them like bitchs and then blow up the middle east nick what oils left and then we could have our empire back to how it used to be.

Kelsey & Tori: 19th Jun 2006 - 17:06 GMT

all though

A *true* patriot never lets a little correct spelling and grammar stand in his way, eh?

GUS BRENNAN: 19th Jun 2006 - 19:30 GMT

patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

bimi : 20th Jun 2006 - 19:48 GMT

genau würd auch sagen fuck england:-D

Peter: 20th Jun 2006 - 19:49 GMT

ja, aber schreiben sie graffiti?

Ahmed: 22nd Jun 2006 - 06:02 GMT

Quite frankly, the amount of people who have proven themselves to be morons here have been English rather than Americans. The bottom line remains: as an American, you can choose whether or not you agree with a certain state of affairs, but it doesn't make you any less American. As a Brit, however, you either wholeheartedly and stupidly in the most ideological of possible senses think your country possesses some elusive concept of superior, organic and idiotically nationalistic "soul", and thus, somehow, "superiority" (and yes, to the moron who thinks SAS forces are somehow superior to American marines because they are, well, "English", that goes especially for you), or you won't be able to live in that shit-infested sorry excuse for a dumpster nation because, hey, you won't appeal to the hooligan moron majority. The average Brit makes Bush looks like a genius; it's very indicative of the progress of history when the most powerful and democratic nation on earth (s)elects a moron to lead it and STILL ends up looking better than the so-called alternative that is a third-world nation in everything but name, pretending to be an empire.

kevhutchy: 22nd Jun 2006 - 17:24 GMT

r its all about religion and greed..true!so lets stick together and make our short lives enjoyable..friends are for life!!dont forget and dont be too bitter..hope sumone has a good coment to say if not i'll have a few facts about the word we live in and where we all come from
your friend

Norman Miles: 23rd Jun 2006 - 09:04 GMT

Winning a war or stopping a war,I am a Welshman living in China,I have met some Americans,one had a lot of sense,his comment was,we did not win the war, we stopped it.With the Atomic bomb,N.S.Miles

t@ngent: 23rd Jun 2006 - 09:46 GMT

norman, do you know gavin cruickshank?

MikeUK: 24th Jun 2006 - 20:15 GMT

Why did you erase my previous message when you you will let a little arab cock sucker like ahmed talk such crap. You are not English and never would be if you lived in UK a thousand years. The only thing weak arabs are good for is holding each others hands and sucking cock. Also at least the average English person is not so backward that they cannot take a shit with out asking their religion how to do it and which hand to wipe their arse with like all arabs and pakistanis.

MikeUK: 25th Jun 2006 - 18:02 GMT

If the English nation is not special, how come they have achived more than any other nation on earth. Been a world power for 300 years, started the industrial revolution and created the modern world, founded 4 other English speaking nations, ruled the largest empire in the history of man kind, one quater of the world. Liberated europe from the nazis and won 2 world wars. English is the world language, football is the world sport (we also invented cricket,rugby and golf every one copies us) English laws are the bench mark for all others. We founded the UN. England is still great, it is the 4th richest country in the world, has the 2nd largest Navy, the 2nd most powerful airforce e.g 250 new Typhoons, the most feared army man for man. Need i say more. When you foreigners criticize England it is like worms criticizing the gods! You are beneath us so we dont care what you think. If England had America's resources we would rule the world. Where as most Americans cant find their own ass with both hands.

jeeff: 25th Jun 2006 - 18:19 GMT

maybe they got lucky.

Jamie: 25th Jun 2006 - 18:50 GMT

"it is like worms criticizing the gods" - quote of the day. i also like how, in your anti-american speil, you have opted to use the american spelling of the word criticising.

tony ny: 25th Jun 2006 - 22:59 GMT

england is a great country,and so i s america,where i live. if they threw me out of america i would live in england our friends.

Ron Slade (Scot): 28th Jun 2006 - 19:35 GMT

Ha Ha never laughed so much thank you, america saved us, (long paused while picking myself of the floor) thats the trouble with america, think they can dictate, I"I have thee bomb but your not allowed to have one because i want the power, "America saved our ass" .sorry for the pause . you (America) never came on our side till your ass was blown out the water at Pearl Harbour (harbor< American spelling ... cant even get that right ) We like idiots believed your lies about womd < work it out if you can) You show disrepect for ALL the people who gave there lives so we enjoy the "Freedom" we enjoy today. I have a question to ask you. you seem to believe in all nations being freed and returned to there country????? < this means i'm asking a question.... well why don't you give america back to the native Indians who were there long before you.

Peter: 28th Jun 2006 - 19:57 GMT

once again, for the record, this post is about a graffiti writer named "england" and a beef in which he is involved. it is NOT about england (the country) or america (the country) or *pause* even scotland.

so, if you insist on calling someone an idiot, look at who is making inflamatory, unrelated comments about geopolitics on an entry about graffiti before pointing that finger...


Wulvz: 4th Jul 2006 - 20:43 GMT

Hey American GI. I'm a Brit and here in CA , fucking your women and not drinking your shit beer !! WWAAAHHHH Baby !!

Dan: 10th Jul 2006 - 12:04 GMT


steve: 13th Jul 2006 - 23:42 GMT

England and the US have much in common. One thing being they want the world to know there are "dangerous regimes" out there intent on obtaining nukes : The Uk and the US most definetely have nukes. And no one knows that better than the citizens of Afghanistan,and Iraq, and Japan... Fucking hypocrites.End of story.

jamie: 19th Jul 2006 - 23:43 GMT

i hate to add to this argument but didn't the 'americans' pretty much eraicate the native population of their country back in the day? And the english didn't clear the Gaelic speakers out of their country, they simply moved them to Wales so they could all talk funny amongst themselves without annoying others. But seriously, i'm not sure what historical basis your argument is based on. The english language is a product of successive and constant invasion and conquer over the last few thousand years. it has it's roots in the original gaelic/saxon languages of the british isles, latin thanks to the romans, scandinavian thanks to those viking fellas, french, the list goes on. And as for america not hanging anyone.. America is one of the few developed nations still to use the death penalty is it not.

Harold insideyourmother: 28th Jul 2006 - 09:37 GMT

Comparing the US to "England" or rather the UK is unfair, what would be slightly more just would be to compare one of the US states to England directly. Seeing as England is a state within the UK, do this and we kick each individual state in the gonads. The US gains is strength in number nothing else. It's a mongrel nation of fat weaklings that relies extensively on it's Economy for military power which is bad news for you yanks. The US military should be called China's bitch seeing as the chinks own you economy. Enjoy the last couple of decades at the top yanks.

Davey : 28th Jul 2006 - 15:50 GMT

Harold is right there, the Chinese do own our economy.

But what nations military isn't based on it's economy?

Maria Latore: 7th Aug 2006 - 08:46 GMT

British people who complain about America need to get something through their heads. First, Britain was the original mega-power who everyone hated. Just because we kicked your ass in the revolutionary war and because your so great British empire has completely crumbled. Britain was in its little power struggle with France and Spain and decided to kill Native Americans for their own political and economic gain. In ten years, no one will care about America and we'll just be boring and plain like the Europeans. Oh yes, and Led Zeplin and the Beatles are great, but rock 'n' roll is American music. So is anything else modern. Film is also an American artform. All you have is classical music. New York is the greatest city in the world.

Maria Latore: 7th Aug 2006 - 08:51 GMT

PS England is a great country and I love your culture, okay? We speak your language and Americans don't hate anybody, aside from pigs like Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein. So what if we're sometimes moronic or obnoxious? That's a stereotype and there is nothing flattering about British and French sterotypes. GET OVER IT christ. Our president is a moron, but there's NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

EvilGentleman: 7th Aug 2006 - 09:21 GMT

I wonder if England (the graffiti writer) ever got the message...

Nick: 18th Aug 2006 - 22:02 GMT

I'm embaressed by the number of stupid Brits here who have come looking for an arguement, by slagging off the US in the most derogatory, assinine way possible. I'm a Brit and I also *shock horror* prefer Americans to mainland Europeans. Americans, despite a general lack of knowledge of the outside world, are far more friendly towards brits than most Italians and Spaniards.

I find it funny how people are always ready to pounce on Bush and Blair for any mistakes - has anyone noticed that everyone hates their government in every generation and every country. People complain about everything their govermment does, even when they are elected democratically. I find this whining pretty pathetic, although I agree Bush is pretty stupid, I don't think the invasion of Iraq wasn't well founded. Saddam was a violent dictator who purged his own people and the way he conducted the weapon inspectors was sure to stoke suspiscion. I mean you think that they hadn't learned their lesson with appeasement after Hitler. Most Iraqis would rather have a democratic goverment, it's just that hateful minority of extremists that cause all the chaos.

Sorry Peter, but the conversation on a piece of grafitti is pretty limited. Anyway I don't mind a debate, it's just when it descends into idotic sqwaballing. Also Irish Mike and Mike UK are racist cunts. No excuse for that.

Rocker Action: 24th Aug 2006 - 01:54 GMT

The only thing that the Anglo-cunts can hang their collective, socialist, complacent hat on is "smugness".. They know that despite their deep racist opinion of America, they are all slightley better off because of America, and they can't handle that truth.. But somehow, living in England makes you better than an American because: "We have a better worldly view than Americans" so because you holiday in third world dumps like India, and Turkey, your more worldly than us? "We have a national health service for all and take care of our people" You have a horrible excuse for a health service, i would rather slit my own wrist than stand in line waiting for some crap indian doctor who can't speak a word of english.
"We are more tolerant than Americans" as if that is something to be proud of. It's that same tolerance that landed you in the shit in WW2, and now with all those muslim scumbags that you let come and live in your dumpy little country..

Moore: 1st Sep 2006 - 02:10 GMT

Thats a funny picture, but i do somewhat agree with it being that im Irish and would like the british out of Ireland.

the landlord: 2nd Sep 2006 - 23:33 GMT

it's true: fuck england. you should have been dutch instead of being sold for one buck. and about new amsterdam: in your national parcs more weed is found then in amsterdam has been stored since WW2.

Sally: 9th Sep 2006 - 04:12 GMT

That's funny, Moore.

Like you, we would like the millions of Irish out of England too. Reminds me of the joke: Why are the Irish over in England singing about the green grass back home? Because they are all over in UK stamping on our grass.

anon ( 10th Sep 2006 - 23:58 GMT

Going back to April or something, I just have to say that probably the same proportion of blacks are in UK prisons if not higher. I know because I have been inside some. The US and UK are both liveable countries compared with places I have visited like Jamaica and Cuba where the problems, especially in Jamaica are quite disturbing considering what a natural bountiful paradise that island is. We are very spoiled and maniacally driven to secure our interests against those of our neighbors and so we consume and consume and consume neurotically. I think that generally the black man in the 21st century has little use for national borders. That's why the average working-class Nigerian has been to more corners of the globe than 10 or 20 generations of English, Irish or American work-slave redneck.

Andrew Smith: 17th Sep 2006 - 22:55 GMT

Rocker Action - get your own fucking language, you cunt.

Andrew Smith: 17th Sep 2006 - 22:58 GMT

Just joining in the spirit of the thread - peace people.

Andrew Smith: 17th Sep 2006 - 23:16 GMT

No I'm not - we saved your butts in World War 2.

Andrew Smith: 17th Sep 2006 - 23:17 GMT

Shit, no, I mean you saved our butts in World War 2. Cheers, you cunts.

Andrew Smith: 17th Sep 2006 - 23:20 GMT

Let's just get along. I love USA and Uganda and Wales and India and New Zealand and Chile and Cuba and Angola and Afghanistan and ...... well, at least I love the millions of decent people living in all countries. Not sure about some of the Governments though.

Alissa- Some where in the Midwest, USA: 30th Sep 2006 - 01:05 GMT

Being a granddaughter of a Retired Col. of the United States Airforce/ Retired Policital Science Professor, I am proud of what he and others like him (both USA/ English) who fought for freedom of the world, so that we can sit here at our computers and speak so freely without being told what or what not to say. He won't talk about it because it effected him greatly, he was one of the first to fly over Heroshima (Yes, I do spelly horribly) after we (the americans) dropped the bomb. He fought for our country, as well as, others!! I suppose in simpiler terms, we were a team, fighting for the same thing!!

Yes, Americans were horrible, to send the Native Americans to Reservations or to their death, for their land. It was horrible what our anscetors (English born, turned American) did.

All in all, we are one in the same, most of us americans have blood lines tied to the English. (I have English, Irish, Scottish, Norweign, Sweden, etc) Though we, Americans have a horrible president, whom- I believe had an adjenda to do what his daddy couldn't do, take down Iraq, and that 9/11 was the perfect excuse for that. Yes, Sadum was a very horrible man but why aren't the really going after Bin Laden?????

Saw the graffitti, did that before (not those words- Alicat loves suchinsuch). My graffitti is gone now along with the guy I thought I loved. I am now with the love of my life, who is 1/2 Native American/ Italian.

Peter: 2nd Oct 2006 - 14:59 GMT

this thread officially wins "the most off-topic thread evar" award.

Cameo: 2nd Oct 2006 - 16:39 GMT

and perhaps the most "enlightened" too.

anon ( 12th Oct 2006 - 19:47 GMT

After years of america funding terrorism aimed at england via the ira im quite glad this ambilical cord is starting to sever

To quote the exploited song "Fuck the USA" a sentiment i have held for a long time

nameless: 12th Oct 2006 - 20:28 GMT

Fuck England, because of their narrow minded and hypocritical mentality...fuck the British administration and its NHS medical is fucked up!

Jake: 13th Oct 2006 - 18:25 GMT

If the English medical care is so great, why do the English have such fucked up teeth?

Susannah: 13th Oct 2006 - 18:57 GMT

GUYS this is supposed to be about a graffiti artist, not an entire country of people who you have never met and who most probably never did anything to you.

Jake: 13th Oct 2006 - 20:43 GMT

I've seen all the Austin Powers movies Besides ther teeth name one beautiful English woman besides Elizabeth Hurley.

elise: 16th Oct 2006 - 20:35 GMT

look u american twats if it wasnt for us u wouldnt be who u r today weve helped u so much and whats all this shit bout u havin great comedy fuk u nearly all of the writers that write friend and frasier are ENGLISH becauseamericans hav no sense of humour and they all wobble around coz there so fat and stupid. and im not sayin england is perfect ok coz its not ,nowere is perfect. but u lot need to swallow ure pride and admitt that without us youd be nothing.

JS: 17th Oct 2006 - 21:52 GMT

Why can the English never spell? All I seem to get is incoherent rants that I can't even read because there is no punctuation, and they're only full of racist obscenities anyway.

I am English, and don't kid yourselves - some of you little Englanders are the type who love nothing better than to glass a stranger in anger after your footie team has lost. You are no great asset to England.

My apologies to Americans for all this viciousness. As I said to a man in NY once: 'The trouble is that we English underestimate American intelligence, and you Americans overestimate English intelligence'.

Zanzibar: 10th Mar 2009 - 19:52 GMT

Fuck the Queen!!!

Franny Wentzel: 14th Mar 2009 - 20:40 GMT

Fuck England...

What Paris Hilton is doing right this minute...

Mike: 21st Mar 2009 - 07:26 GMT

The US is the GREATEST country in the world and that's a fact. Not to diss the UK, but come on man lets be real.

Peter: 21st Mar 2009 - 08:40 GMT

speaking of being real, are you smoking crack mike? i seriously doubt your sanity if you honestly think that america is the greatest country in the world. turn off the fox news and get a clue. call me an unpatriotic american, but theres precious little im proud of about america these days. id really love it if you could step beyond the knee-jerk rhetoric and explain to us what you think it is that makes america the GREATEST. seriously. i honestly love to know.

US MARINE 15: 4th Apr 2009 - 12:22 GMT

the notion that the uk has a better trained soldiers than my beloved corps is simply ridiculous. all british soldiers that i have seen are a joke. uk is mainly just jealous of the fact that they are no longer thought of as a power in the world. when you get into trouble were like youre fuckin ghostbusters. and yes this country was built on war and i am proud of it. war means power and vice versa look where we are now #1 superpower in the world. without war nothing would exist there has to be war for economies for new countries for freedoms there will always be war that is one thing that for sure. last thing, i will never swallow my pride the us did not need any british help you honestly say that the us would be nothing without the uk. correct me if im wrong but dont we exist because we beat you... twice. the uk is nothing because of the U.S.

Modernist: 10th Apr 2009 - 07:12 GMT

I believe that England (UK) sucks big time, I am a British occupant.
The UK is a very oppressive place too live, it is a distopian Orwellian nightmare just to walk down the street in one of the large cities.
in the name of democracy the UK has slowly become a fascist state with cameras watching you on every street corner, that really does suck!!!.
Financially everything is so expensive and the tax is too high, it puts a strangle hold on the people who in turn create a bad atmosphere to live in. Arrogance,Ignorance, Bigotry and Racism are still running rife upon our shores, it is really bad.
Our hierarchy of leaders are all rich greedy and perverted, they really have no connection to their people.
there is a huge dislike toward others of a different class system.
The UK is plain and simple just a hard and tough place to live and is completely un-friendly.
Also the weather sucks all year round, the grey sky mocks us and makes us even more miserable..... it's almost like the collective though of the UK residents has created the weather above it's own heads.

the UK is a prison, but so also is The USA and other countries world wide..... there isn't one place which isn't truly free. The countries which are more 'advanced' are the ones more locked into the prison cell. Just think about it for a second why do we get television adverts telling us what to do??? thats an infringement on my rights. We are now unfortunately entering a world of Big Brother unreset.


bill: 25th Apr 2009 - 16:30 GMT

i'm english traced my family back 300 so far all english but i am ashamed of mycountry and what it has become.

we are ruled by corupt, lying, greedy poilticans england has become the dustbin of the world
the queen & her brood are nothing but parisites except for andrew who was up there front line with bullets flying in the falklands war you are right we are the thickest nation on the planet belive me if i could leave this lousy country i would i'm well over 70 lived as a kid in london though ww2

i wish hitler had won we could not be worse off than we are now

Luke: 28th Apr 2009 - 15:49 GMT

what the fuck is all this bullshit i keep reading from americans accusing the english of bullying the irish?

Luke: 28th Apr 2009 - 15:51 GMT

and I've just read another post about the english having "fucked up teeth". I was wondering when that one would come.
Stop taking your views of the world from episodes of Family Guy and actually take a look for yourself

Peter: 28th Apr 2009 - 16:56 GMT

why cant we just get along?

oh, thats right... because people wont stop arguing about stupid off-topic shit on the internet ;)

Luke: 28th Apr 2009 - 22:19 GMT

I think, therefore we cannot get along. As long as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there will be arguments. Simple :)

Peter: 28th Apr 2009 - 22:44 GMT

thinking men dont make stupid arguments over nothing. if you must be argumentative, at least find a cause thats worth it...

Luke: 29th Apr 2009 - 20:03 GMT

how's about defending myself? A lot of people on here are attacking and generalising the english and I don't particularly like it. And no, thinking men they don't make arguments over nothing - they make them over everything.

Afroblanco: 29th Apr 2009 - 20:49 GMT

No, *annoying* men make arguments over everything.... especially when they generalize just as badly and speak just as offensively as the people they're arguing with ;-)

EvilGentleman: 30th Apr 2009 - 16:13 GMT

Wot the bloody 'ell is all this blathering on about, mates?

Britain, America, Canada... what's the difference?

It's all the same people, anyways. The only difference is the locally popular varieties of immigrants.


Now would you all please just shut the fuck up?

Peter: 30th Apr 2009 - 16:47 GMT

ahh, eg, staying true to form ;) i couldnt have said it better myself.

calum : 2nd May 2009 - 22:31 GMT

im from scotland and i hate england , the reason for this is because you probably know this because the english people i have meet are not taught this in schools but you invaded are country over 100 years ago and just mabey you have seen braveheart that is about how we fought back but most of that movie is false so heres how the story goes

are king died and all his children died before him and he had no air to the throne and there was guardians elected to protect scotland untill we had a king there was 2 people that clamed the throne and we asked your king to elected the best one because we were allies at the time and knowing an english man you elected the worst one made him accept your king as his overlord so nobody liked this wanker king and went against him you tried to make us fight against the french for u but we didnt and you invaded us but are king was shit and you pretty much slaughterd us so william wallace came along after the english killed his family and his mother went into exile because the english couldnt get us to surender and give up scotland so they started raping the women willam wallace made an army and was the one to invent gurrila warfare and so on his army had crapy equipment compared to the english and was outnumbered by thousands but still managed to take back scotland and drive yous away and now were stuck in fuckin britian because yous moved into are country and claimed you were scottish and raped the woman this lead to half bread english cunts claiming there scottish much like rangers fans today so fuck the queen and england and did i mention what you done to william wallace if you have seen braveheart it fake you actually cut off his balls and penis will he was still alive hanged him untill half dead cut open his stomach pulled out his intestines draged him along the streets by a horse then cunt him in four and sent it to four parts in scotland i cant be arsed going into detail about the hole thing so google it or sumfin any way fuck england fuck britian and britians got talent also the fuck the queen

Luke: 3rd May 2009 - 19:44 GMT

I loved the fuck britain's got talent bit after all that! brilliant.
Stop with all the "you" did this, I know I personally didn't do any of that and neither did anyone I know. Secondly were you there either? I'm sure there are many stories of these events, all of them as unreliable as each other. Moreover, everyone in history has done their fare share of terrible things. William Wallace for example had King Edward's treasurer skinned and used it as decoration for his sword.

calum : 3rd May 2009 - 22:57 GMT

funny u mentioned tht about him skining the treasurer i was gonna say something about tht but just couldnt be bothered anyway and he done tht for a reason but i cant remeber why to be honest i dont actually give a shit and its kinda weird how tht guy evilgentleman did actually get ever1 2 shut up

Robert D. Wagner: 5th May 2009 - 20:00 GMT

Good to know there are idiots in the UK as well as here in the States....

You people really need to learn to use proper grammar and spelling. It would make calling someone an idiot a bit more scathing.

RDW: 5th May 2009 - 20:07 GMT

Forgot to add, my economics proffessor was a Brit. One of the coolest people i've ever met. Spoke highly of both UK and the States.

Luke: 6th May 2009 - 17:58 GMT

I'm sure there are more important things in life than seizing upon whatever grammatical errors people have made in the hope of making yourself appear superior.

Peter: 6th May 2009 - 18:06 GMT

also, there are more important things in life than continuing this silly thread, so...

Luke: 6th May 2009 - 20:23 GMT

Then stop doing it :)

Peter: 6th May 2009 - 22:43 GMT

duh, im obviously an idiot american know-it-all who cant keep his big yap shut. whats your excuse? why do you hate freedom?

Luke: 7th May 2009 - 21:16 GMT

hate freedom? err... I get the feeling I'm going to be accused of being a communist or something in a minute

Peter: 7th May 2009 - 23:02 GMT

thats right! commie! pinko! youre probably even a SOCIALIST!

so SCRAM! *waves fists in the air whilst chanting "USA! USA! USA!"

RDW: 8th May 2009 - 17:24 GMT

What about fantasizing about future advancements in butter substitute industry? Margarine is better than butter, but what are the downsides? What does the future hold? My biscuits, and bagels are curious to know.

Peter: 9th May 2009 - 02:12 GMT


Ira duffy: 21st Jun 2009 - 10:30 GMT

geta grip the lot of you,everyone was gutted about 9/11. at least here we dont have to worry about insurance if we have an accident thanks to our NHS. do you have insurace? no. oh well sorry fuck off as we need bed for some one that can pay.USA Army..the biggest contribiture of blue on blue contacts in the gulf. sit back and let USAMC and the rest do the job of the terrorist.who trained your seal or improved them? the SAS did. dont matter if you are SAS, USAMC or whatever a pick-axe to head will drop anyone including your marines, only as hard as your skull.

Ira duffy: 21st Jun 2009 - 10:44 GMT

G.I Joe. 9/11. one bad day does not give you the right to sit and badmouth every one else. the uk has lost plenty of good people thanks to terrorist groups like IRA, UDA, UVF PIRA SNLA.The reason NATO forces use same calibre of ammo is so it is mostly interchangeable, you can pick clip of one of who ever and ammo will fit your mag. just a last question are you by any chance RACIST cause you sure sound it.

Ira duffy: 21st Jun 2009 - 10:50 GMT

we copy your culture, i think you need a history lesson. britain has history going back centuries unlike your homeland. you dont have a history thats why some of you will claim any ancestory you can. jealous of our history. not only racist but xenophobic too more than likely also homophobic. live and let live

Ira duffy: 21st Jun 2009 - 11:06 GMT

there are some right tubes on here. some have the attitude of everyone is entitled to a opinion as long as its mine, that goes for both sides of Atlantic. Ken of Boston has right idea. Im sorry to say it but it seem after reading all comments it seem that most are based here in the Uk.Calum get a grip ya bawbag go gie yerslf a shake . stop living in the past and grow up. i will tell you one thing that you might like.. Scotland is the oldest kingdom in europe.

Britannic: 21st Jun 2009 - 15:46 GMT

Some of the posts' by certain indivduals beggar's belief. The amount of anomisity regarding a varity of inter continental discussion speaks of arrogance, and ignorance in equal measures.

The past is precisely that, History. Magna Britannia has a unique place in World history. The Country supplied the world with: technological revolution, the mother of Parliaments and a sound legal system that as been copied around the glode.
The United States, since it's prima facie, has supplied the greater world at large a freedom that cannot be underestimated.

Both Countries have been, and in the Untied States case, still is a World super power.
I fail to see the point of all the bickering and mud slinging going on here, because if anything else, the best allies in the world today are indeed, the UK & the USA.

Paul: 21st Jun 2009 - 16:01 GMT

It is pointless you all moaning, China & India will be the next Nations to carry the torch of 'super powers' Most progressive nations have their time carrying the mantle.

England's time was up after the second world war.
America's time is coming to an end now, as everything was once made in these two great nations, they are now mass produced in the East.

Gino: 21st Jun 2009 - 22:08 GMT

Filthy cultureless barbarians. Rome stuck so their foot up your ass it extended to the scotland border. You cowardly imperialists, stealing people's land not just in your hemisphere but in other's as well. A country that has yet to produce a decent meal, opera or a bottle of wine. I like the way you attack the poor unsuspecting football fans of other countries when you outnumber them. We kicked your ass in the 17th century and we kicked your ass in the 18th century even with your fascist german mercenaries. We saved your fairy fucking asses in WWI & WW2, I would have let the nazi's them kick your ass personally. But I guess we had to enter to save the French - the ones who kicked your ass for a hundred years. If I was an Argentinean I would have dropped one of our missles on your monarchy loving candy asses. The sooner your country dissolves - the better of the world will be. God Bless the USA. Fuck the with the best, die like the rest.

jonathan avildsen: 22nd Jun 2009 - 11:24 GMT

britain and usa both suck, but i can tell you many more reasons why usa sucks. it's mostly the people. the people are such asholes. i dont know if they truly believe the crap that they spew out or if they are just consciously bulsh1ting, especially these military, nationalist types like gi and alisa. what kind of crack are you smoking to believe that you are fighting for freedom. it is complete nonsense. america fights for profits and thats it. theyre so desprate to fight in a war, theyre willing to frame someone for something theyre not. just a bunch of trigger happy war mongers. they never fight for legitimate reasons. america makes money off wars, and selling weapons, so people end up killing each other. is that what you call freedom? profiting from others misery. what kind of crap is that? look at the elections in iran. ahmedinejad legitimately wins an election, and america is trying to rain on his parade. is that what you call democracy? i know britain has its fair share in this kind of greed too, but america definitely takes the cake. you fools talk about taking bin laden and sadam husein down, but you were the ones who put them up in the first place. funding them, and giving them weapons so they can do the same nasty sh1t that they did to you to other people. why is it ok when the terorise other people but not americans? check out the way american torture their own citizens in prison.
with that said, america does have some lovely theme parks.

King Edward III: 22nd Jun 2009 - 18:28 GMT


You argument is, well not worth the time it took your half witted brain to write.
Uneducated American oaf!

King Edward III: 22nd Jun 2009 - 18:32 GMT

jonathan avildsewith
//that said, america does have some lovely theme parks//
I suggest you apply for a position has a clown....because your shallow rant would probably even make a red neck laugh. Are you any relation to that other idiot Gino?

Dip stick!

I Can Has a Clown?: 22nd Jun 2009 - 18:41 GMT

"I suggest you apply for a position has a clown"


Dumb ass American': 22nd Jun 2009 - 19:23 GMT

Gino & Gi and all the other retarded spectic tanks: yanks. In cockney rhyming slang, an American of low IQ is known has a 'Spectic' (spectic tank- full of shit) it rhymes wth Yank.

I Can Has a Clown?: 22nd Jun 2009 - 20:20 GMT

It's SEPTIC. Septic. Not "spectic". This is the dumbest thread in the world. You guys need to recognize how silly you sound slinging these silly insults around for no reason. Take a deep breath, it'll all be OK, LOL...... o__0

Gino: 25th Jun 2009 - 03:04 GMT

Truth hurts doesn't it gentlewomen. Sorry to disappoint you un-Americans but I just read the first comment and decided to make my own. You know we really come in the name of what's right and for the greater good, and if we sell something along the way even better - didn't you help to promulgate far reaching commodities. One of the worst things we did was let you give Palestine to Israel. The only good thing the english ever produced was our rock music in an albeit inventive pastiche. Besides that, what? Football, invented by the Romans. English gardens copiously studied versions of the Italian gardens. Why they didn't even speak english in angleland until the 18th century. You spoke Italian first, then French - the langue of whatever superior culture was dominant. But don't be offended you're quite humorous but you would have to be as ale toting louts. At least you're funnier than the germans. How come not one of you has a decent set of teeth anyway, and what's with the bowler hats, and who told you that david bowie was talented. And why do you have a hideous woman of inbred german decent sitting on your potty. By the way everytime I see a english person in my country I tell them to leave, I wouldn't urinate on you if you were on fire..

EvilGentleman: 26th Jun 2009 - 23:15 GMT

Wow, what a bunch of venemous idiots there are that wind up finding this thread. I wonder what they typed in Google that allowed them to stumble in here?

Let us raise the bar with a form of poetry named after the fair city of Limerick, on the Emerald Isle.


Happy days: 28th Jun 2009 - 08:59 GMT

There are loads of American's in England, especially London. They all seen cool and friendly, cnanot understand all this nonsense posted by certain indivduals on here. Probably pimp faced youths without IQ'

FU BRIT: 6th Jul 2009 - 21:12 GMT


king avildsen: 7th Jul 2009 - 17:50 GMT

oi edward, you might want to rename yourself princess edward, or just simply sweets as they referred to you in prison. you dont have to deny you were in prison either because most americans have. would i be taking the clown position that you just got fired from? since you got your own one man show of a circus freak. all those years people looked at you, pointed and laughed, now you can actually make money off it. i guess youre not as stupid as you look, or maybe you are? i like your in depth response of 4 sentences. did you hurt yourself writing that response? did i make your whole redneck family laugh? and were they laughing while they assisted you in writing your response. we all know you couldnt have written the full 4 sentences on your own. you know what. funny thing. i am actually related to gino, and also you, since the daddy of both of you. but i assure you, you got your stupidity from your mothers side of the family. ciao bella.

is mise le meas: 3rd Aug 2009 - 14:26 GMT

i just stumbled accross this, this is hillarious. both the US and GB have gone around the world doing alot of nasty things to people. Im irish and theres been alot of nasty stuff done by my countrymen and women in the name of ireland too. my point is.....

im sure we can all sort this out over a pint. anyone?

my round!

ellie :): 10th Aug 2009 - 18:25 GMT

urrrm whats all the fighting about... no one is better than anyone else ok we are all the same.. and we are all awesome so shut up

O'Connor.: 14th Aug 2009 - 00:11 GMT

My point is that the reason the english are hated so much is that they fucked up so many people in fucked up ways that they should be hated.

Peter: 14th Aug 2009 - 05:34 GMT

^^^omg, lol.

Conspicuous : 25th Aug 2009 - 02:56 GMT

Gino is obviously not very intelligent. He spews his mouth off, and he thinks he is the best. Frankly Gino, if I found a British person in this country, I'd welcome him or her. It would be a disservice to the country to treat him like crap. Gino is also a bully. Anyone who disagrees with him is called "un-American." Also Gino, Italian was never an official language in England. And yes they spoke English before the 18th century, but it was old English. Shakespear was the beginning of modern. Yes, French was spoken, du to the Norman invasion, but so was English. Please try to be a little more civil Gino.

Actually everyone on here needs to be more civil.

Elliot Remler (Tempe, Az.): 30th Aug 2009 - 18:26 GMT

Pres. Bush (W) told Pres. Chirac of France years ago of "Gog & Magog" in the book of revelations; that "They have got their foot in the door in the middle east."
We are fighting wars not primerally for oil, but due to Bush`s religeous beliefs.
God save us from Barbara and George Bush`s God.

how long will you hang that bollox over are head : 13th Sep 2009 - 00:34 GMT

you skip licking gypsy bastards you were learning german behind are backs you still think you saved us in the second world war.... but if it wasn't for the £20 billion debit we got in for your mouldy bread and rusty guns we might of joined the fucking krouts and kicked your ass considering you got battered by some gooks cooking with bamboo P.s im still thanking the japs for getting you off your fat ass in perl harbour in the first place and you drag us into iraq because you thick muppets shoot at your own shadow....... you weren't complaining when we helped you on 9/11 fuckin wankers

how long will you hang that bollox over are head : 13th Sep 2009 - 00:42 GMT

oh yes i forgot my house is older than your flag so stop using are culture and live in a teepee your country has gone to pot, crack smack ,coke, crystal meths and angel dust what a peach

how long will you hang that bollox over are head : 13th Sep 2009 - 00:47 GMT

american G.I your living in your own little head m8 never heard so mutch bollox go into 1 mixed up individual see a doctor

how long will you hang that bollox over are head : 13th Sep 2009 - 01:01 GMT

F U brit put some effort into it you drugged up monkey bitch rrrrrraaaaa hahahahahahahaha

Andrew: 20th Sep 2009 - 17:32 GMT

Good grief, this is very harsh stuff. Ordinarily I wouldnt post, but there are some interesting points made by some people.

I lived in England for a few years, and saw it decline into the disgusting, uninhabitable, aggressive, unfriendly and downright appalling place that it is today. I think there are various reasons for this, burgeoning underclass (3rd generation of economically inactive, uneducated loudmouthed thugs), girls who look and behave like lower-class men, a huge amount of poverty, especially in the previously-industrial north, no culture, no identity and (outside of London) extremely depressing living conditions.
Most of Europe (although having a bad recession) has very pleasant outdoor cafe culture, which the UK doesnt. The town centers at night are full to overflowing with intimidating, foulmouthed cretins, riot vans and drunks. The drivers are highly aggressive and will attack fellow motorists for merely cutting them up by accident.
The socialist dictatorship which nobody was allowed to vote out has done completely irreversible damage to the UK's society, along with the bean-eating Notting Hill-dwelling media types who use ridiculous bandwagonist phrases like Carbon-footprint, who advocate the Islamification of the UK and the allowing of the thug classes to run amok without any responsibility for their actions.

Britain is witnessing a mass exodus of its own people to Australia and Canada at the moment. Alot would go to America, but the US makes it difficult for anyone to get a visa (which is quite sensible).

I have alot of family in America, and although they face certain aspects they dont quite like, overall they love it, have lived there since 1960, brought all their kids up there and all have a good, sensible quality of life.

I live in Israel and it is absolute paradise by comparison. Beautiful place, amazingly caring, kind society - there is a phrase here "Am Kol Yisrael Chaverim" meaning the people of israel are all friends. Id go one further, its like a big family, living in palm-tree-lined, white-sand-beach paradise with virtually no crime, children can play outside completely safely, I can go into the city and sit on the beach at night or outside a cafe and people will sit and talk, meet friends any time of day or night and the work opportunites are great. I dont go to the UK that often now, but I realise it is a very backward country by comparison to here, and highly frightening. Here if you say hello to someone, they will almost certainly invite you to their house and cook for you, take you to dinner, etc... In England if you say hello to someone they will either swear at you or give a threatening look.

Part of the problem is that the English people have now found themselves in a difficult society where no-one trusts anyone and everyone is tense and worried about everything..

Everyone has a different view. I am very lucky to have a wonderful homeland (Israel) but if I had to make a choice between US and UK, id take the US - but it would have to be the south because the weather and outdoor life is better - Fort Lauderdale, Florida is very nice.

In the UK, people go to Brighton - ive been there several times and it is a filthy, disgusting, poverty stricken mess with an ugly coastline, foul weather and drug-addled tattoed population with no intelligence. I had to clean my shoes last time I went there, because the soles were covered in litter stuck to them with chewing gum remains.

The entire North of England has a frightening number of aggressive Pakistani and Somalian inhabitants and is filthy and poor. I feel sorry for the locals, it seems their life is very very hard and dreary. I have an issue with the food too. It is bland, disgusting and often the restaurants look dirty and old. I dont eat in non-kosher restaurants but I am thankful for that if the alternative is that unappetising.

At least in North America there is something (usually very good, with nice service) for everyone.

Message to all indigenous, sensible British people who want their future to be better - Leave now, and go to Australia, or Canada, before things get even worse.

Grumpy: 27th Oct 2009 - 20:10 GMT

GI and fellow England Haters, First learn your history (not your propaganda history) then research why you are speaking English and not native American. also GI if you are typical of the american that was sent to war in iraq it answers alot of questions.
As for northern Ireland neither England or Ireland want it. you are welcome to it

Johno: 5th Dec 2009 - 00:52 GMT

U dont know nuthin

Adam: 19th Jan 2010 - 23:05 GMT

Some of you need to look at history.The uk has been around since 1800s that 210 years ago. England and Scotland have been as one since 1707 thats 303 years ago. Yes England has its problems but so does the USA. As for should Scotland be its own country, not really. As Scotland needs England more then England needs Scotland but we are where we are today the 5th richest country in the world partly due to that. Also as for America saving us after both world war well to be fair you where late to both war's and yes we needed help but we did most of the fighting before hand etc. Yes you did also help us with money but we where just recoving for 2 world war and before that the boar war plus we lost are empire so we didnt have the money like we use to. Both the USA and the UK need each other if you havnt noticed we have they same polices etc.

One futher piont i would like to make about the USA and the UK is yes "us" as the uk have done thinks in the past that is wrong, but so what so have the USA. Also the last war we where in on are own we won.

The uk is going down hill. The usa still have a sense of privde for thier country, we dont. We have sold most of are companyies to forgerins etc and its making the uk a shithole. But there we go. As for the Queen she rocks. she does more for this country then people think, and she is the reason why a lot of people come to this country and why we still have great influnce in the world. As if you she is the head of the commmonwealth whos laws etc are pretty much the same as Englands. If she she goes or even the royal family the whole way the uk works will have to be changed.It shouldnt be so much a question of should the UK stay as the uk yes it should. But we do need to step away from the EU and Amercia in part so we can become a prober country again have are own business making cars etc

Amercian GI get a life and learn history. We build are own carriers and a lot of are things for are amred forces are "UK" made but a lot are jointly made by the usa. and who needed are help to defeat Japan you did that was the deal we fight Japan if you fight Germany. As for fighting us twice when??? once when we had stuipd people as leaders. Also who asked who into the current wars?? the USA did but we could of said no as for Irland well look at history to that problem. They are happy doing what they want know so let them be! Yes the UK is a shithole and it needs sorting out know!!

Adam: 19th Jan 2010 - 23:05 GMT

Some of you need to look at history.The uk has been around since 1800s that 210 years ago. England and Scotland have been as one since 1707 thats 303 years ago. Yes England has its problems but so does the USA. As for should Scotland be its own country, not really. As Scotland needs England more then England needs Scotland but we are where we are today the 5th richest country in the world partly due to that. Also as for America saving us after both world war well to be fair you where late to both war's and yes we needed help but we did most of the fighting before hand etc. Yes you did also help us with money but we where just recoving for 2 world war and before that the boar war plus we lost are empire so we didnt have the money like we use to. Both the USA and the UK need each other if you havnt noticed we have they same polices etc.

One futher piont i would like to make about the USA and the UK is yes "us" as the uk have done thinks in the past that is wrong, but so what so have the USA. Also the last war we where in on are own we won.

The uk is going down hill. The usa still have a sense of privde for thier country, we dont. We have sold most of are companyies to forgerins etc and its making the uk a shithole. But there we go. As for the Queen she rocks. she does more for this country then people think, and she is the reason why a lot of people come to this country and why we still have great influnce in the world. As if you she is the head of the commmonwealth whos laws etc are pretty much the same as Englands. If she she goes or even the royal family the whole way the uk works will have to be changed.It shouldnt be so much a question of should the UK stay as the uk yes it should. But we do need to step away from the EU and Amercia in part so we can become a prober country again have are own business making cars etc

Amercian GI get a life and learn history. We build are own carriers and a lot of are things for are amred forces are "UK" made but a lot are jointly made by the usa. and who needed are help to defeat Japan you did that was the deal we fight Japan if you fight Germany. As for fighting us twice when??? once when we had stuipd people as leaders. Also who asked who into the current wars?? the USA did but we could of said no as for Irland well look at history to that problem. They are happy doing what they want know so let them be! Yes the UK is a shithole and it needs sorting out know!!

Butler 808: 26th Jan 2010 - 22:43 GMT

I have never been to the USA but I have met many nice and many not so nice Americans - like any other nationality. I think the queen is a big tourist attraction for England and helps to retain our identity (among everything else). London is also totally different to anywhere else in England so don't judge the country by London. England is a lovely country geographically - I rate Cumbria for the mountains and lakes, Cornwall and Sussex.

I agree that the UK is a stressful place to live as prices are high - however we lead a good quality of life. Mutual respect in society is crumbling but maybe the future will see an improvement. I can imagine that the USA may be the same - people working long hours and rushing around to make the most of what little spare time they have.

Just my input. I don't see this sort of debate as small minded - I see it as interesting reading! Cheers.

Roof: 12th Feb 2010 - 09:02 GMT

elise is wrong. First of all. england has not helped america at all. english ppl came over here and started killing native americans, stole the land, gave it to their kids and called them americans. Secondly, the fact the british guys wrote friends is nothing to brag about. Friends sucks balls. Those are some of the most overrated sitcoms ever. brits are not intelligent, they are evil, sarcastic, arrogant, and they can't speak english. And they accuse americans of not speaking proper. Our accent is clear and understandable. British sounds like jibberish. The world would be better without the uk, they've done alot of bad things in the past.

Adam: 13th Feb 2010 - 23:24 GMT

roof shut up, you make no sense. First we came over with other counties e.g france thats why thier was the french and indian war! second we only killed some natives on the east coast ,so thats new york etc. The marjotiy of the natives e.g the souix and Apache where killed by the USA - united States of Amercia after the war of inderdence and the civil war. You where a formed nation away from Britian so we had nothing to do with it. As for intelligent well we are the same as ever where else we have some that are smart but we have stuipd people as well. AlSO are you stuipd! Brits speak at national laungage of English. guess where that came from England. The USA uses that as well but have changed words and spelling to make it their own. So guess what we can speak it as its are laungage. As for the accent what ever! you americans thing we speak possily but most of us dont. And funny enough yes we have done a lot of bad things but so have the USA and most of the western world. As for "England has not helped amercia at all" both are country need each other America might have the strengh but the UK has more influnce in terms of the fact we had the worlds biggest Empire so are customes have gone around the world and to see that you just have to look at America its self. And really if the UK wasnt around America would not be what it is to day. Learn history look at the current issues

Adam: 14th Feb 2010 - 09:42 GMT

Gino, you really make me laugh, look at history one you didnt save are ass in world war one. It was a stand still untill we made the first tank. Second world war 2 you where late again and ok yeah you did help and if you didnt we might have lost but there are many factors for the UK that meant we need your help. Also we needed each other then as it was ageed you help us fight the Nazis and we help you fight Japan. Third when did you kick are ass?? what the war of inderdence?? England was fighting France at the same time , the Nertherlands and Spain and 3 other nations. So we where kind of busy and who need the french to help them defeat us ,you! and thats the only time. As they send 1000s of men to help you. Fourth, the french have only kicked are ass once that was when william the conquer cam over and as for the 100 year war they may have one at the end but lost most of the battles. As for the rest of what you said about English garendens etc what ever and football was are creation ,and guess what soccer is footbal, ruby is amercia football basical so deal with it and lastly the last war we where in on are own we won! what about you! we also speak English from the 14th centery and guess what you speak English so your argment does not make sense. learn some history

sundude: 6th Mar 2010 - 00:42 GMT

Jesus it was just a bit of Graffiti, cant we all just get along?

sundude: 6th Mar 2010 - 01:09 GMT

God I wonder what the people who wrote this graffiti would say if they saw this page lol. But this debate over who is better is simply retarded, U.S was started by Irish and English settlers, hence we are all related, distant cousins if you will, and who cares who has the more powerful military, a country should not just be valued on its ability to blow up another country, there are more valuable things in life than killing, war isnt a good thing and should only be fought if they have to be fought, btw considering England and America are allies I dont think your ever going to get into a war again so lets give that one a rest. Lets forget the past involving English rule of Ireland, American war of independence, and who did what in a war that was fought 70 years ago and move on.

Adam: 11th Mar 2010 - 19:07 GMT

sorry "Britain is witnessing a mass exodus of its own people to Australia and Canada at the moment" this statement is not true many people do move to these places but like when many britains went to spain a marjority come back.

James: 14th Mar 2010 - 21:44 GMT

God fuck the British shit....the most shity shit in the world....fuch England

making sense: 30th Mar 2010 - 21:19 GMT

Are you lot for real, this is whats known as tit-for-tat, why cant you all just accept were all different and get on with your own lives.

heres one for you to crack on with -

The world is shit unless your rich! and then it aint much better just easier!

men: 13th Apr 2010 - 19:05 GMT

I love hairy men who say they are school girls on the internet.
Anyone agree with that?

Opps im a little of topic, thought this was the confessions forum?

BlueLightning: 29th Apr 2010 - 15:18 GMT

God you Americans are cocky cunts and you're pretty stupid as well. You need to look at your history before going about how great you are. YOU STOLE YOUR LAND FROM INDIANS YOU ARE ALL FUCKING EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS NOTHING MORE! Get over yourselves. Bunch of obese fat cunts. Like you to you see you try and make me your bitch, I'd fucking rip your head off! Americans are big headed pussies that's all.

Tictac: 1st May 2010 - 13:41 GMT

Giggles. This thread is years old.

That most of you who are debating this can't actually spell or speak fluent comprehensible English is a bad sign.

I'm English, and my best friend is American. Take it from me: we're both twats.

Brilliant: 10th May 2010 - 20:47 GMT

Tictac, you are the man!

Us English will finally get over this whole soveriegn pride as soon as we realise that were part of a European superstate without even knowing about it.

An earlier argument was that its a massive mistake that we have kept the monarchy going for so long. It costs each person in Britain 67p to keep them there, and in return we can sell their souls on coffee mugs, photos in front of Buckingham Palace and general gawping at them. One strange way to look at it is, is that American tourists are actually paying for their sparkly chair.

But I digress, we both have our problems, anyone who thinks otherwise is an equal twat to the rest of us.

Dalton Broadus: 21st May 2010 - 04:16 GMT

How this, If Your Going To Talk About American Places, Spell It The American Way, ( Habor ), & And To Fellow American, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! You Hate England Yet You Really Dont Know Why, I At Least Know Why I Don't Like ( Not Hate, Dont Like ) England ( their pass government actions against the scottish and irish ). America.. We Didnt Kick Their Ass During the Revolutionary War ( technically a civil war in my opinion, want to know why i think that, just ask ) It 12-13 Yrs To Win, WITH THE HELP OF France, Spain & more.

Dalton Broadus: 21st May 2010 - 04:16 GMT

How this, If Your Going To Talk About American Places, Spell It The American Way, ( Habor ), & And To Fellow American, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! You Hate England Yet You Really Dont Know Why, I At Least Know Why I Don't Like ( Not Hate, Dont Like ) England ( their pass government actions against the scottish and irish ). America.. We Didnt Kick Their Ass During the Revolutionary War ( technically a civil war in my opinion, want to know why i think that, just ask ) It 12-13 Yrs To Win, WITH THE HELP OF France, Spain & more.

Dalton Broadus: 21st May 2010 - 04:18 GMT

How this, If Your Going To Talk About American Places, Spell It The American Way, ( Habor ), & And To Fellow American, WAKE THE FUCK UP!! You Hate England Yet You Really Dont Know Why, I At Least Know Why I Don't Like ( Not Hate, Dont Like ) England ( their pass government actions against the scottish and irish ). America.. We Didnt Kick Their Ass During the Revolutionary War ( technically a civil war in my opinion, want to know why i think that, just ask ) It 12-13 Yrs To Win, WITH THE HELP OF France, Spain & more.

Dalton Broadus: 21st May 2010 - 04:20 GMT

Truly Sorry, In A Bit of a hurry, didnt mean to post it 3 times.

Charlie: 21st May 2010 - 16:43 GMT

The United Kingdom is a shit hole!! I was born British and have lived in London my entire life.

We pay very high taxes and get sod all back for all the money we pay to our government. The Queen and her family are sponge’s who do very little in return for their very, very privileged and luxurious life styles, off the backs of the hard working British public.
The NHS is beyond shit, it is unbelievably bad, 90% of nurses are rude and unprofessional with very low personal hygiene which is the main cause of MRSA (Super bug that kills patience), and the hospitals in the UK are extremely backward and comparatively medieval to other hospitals in other developed countries around the world. The medication provided to the British people is substandard and often people would usually have to make several trips to the doctor to remedy the most simple and basic of ailments.
The road surfaces in the UK are worse than some of the road surfaces in many 3rd world countries, even though car owners in the UK pay through the neck for road tax every year. A big rip off!! Car users are unable to park their cars in the streets in most places in London and other large cities in the UK, as the government insists on making British people pay more tax in the form of parking charges, despite the fact that drivers have already paid their yearly Road Tax. If you want to drive your car into the centre of London you are forced to pay yet more TAX, but under a different taxation name that the politician’s have called the Congestion Charge.

Public transport in the UK is terrible at the best of times. Buying a travel card before 9am is over £8. The trains and tube services are constantly breaking down, with consistent delays of up to 2 hours per journey, this usually occurs several times a week, for the most pathetic of reasons. I’m not even going to mention the union strikes, and the disruption they cause the people of this country. The carriages that people are forced to sit in or stand in are not air conditioned. In the summer were temperatures can reach over 40 degrees and it also smells pretty bad as well. It would be illegal for any person to transport live stock under the same conditions within the E.U. Commuters have to put up with this crap on a daily basis in order to get to work and back every day. Public transport in the UK is filthy and dirty and you can expect very little assistance from people that work on the transport system. It is a very basic and old fashioned system which closes at 12am every day including on the weekends.

Petrol prices in the UK are £1.22 pence a litre, over 75% of this is government taxation.

Labour MP’s in the UK are corrupt thief’s that were caught stealing public money by claiming expenses that they had no rights to claim, and have been doing so for over a decade. Thank god they lost the election!!!

We in the UK can get arrested without reason, under so called terror laws, and can be detained without charge for god knows how long.

One packet of cigarettes costs £5.40 for twenty in our shops, again most of our money goes to the government. A pint of beer is £3.50 a pint in London pubs going up to £8 in clubs.

If you telephone the police to say that a burglar is in your house robbing you as you spoke to them on the phone, you would be very lucky if the police would even turned up to help that night. If you were to defend your home by fighting and killing the burglar, you will be charged with murder and be sentenced to a long spell in prison. The burglar has more rights in the UK then the home owner.
If the Burglar is caught, he is likely to only get community service or get a very short spell in prison were the burglar would only serve half his term in prison.If he got 12 month prison term he or she would be out in 6 months, for so called good behavior.
Our streets in the UK are very unsafe, they are full of drunken yobs that walk the streets fighting and urinating all over the place and generally disrespecting everyone and everything that comes their way. The crime in the UK is too big an issue for me to go into here, but it is really bad in most places all around over UK.

Dalton Broadus : 24th May 2010 - 03:22 GMT

Thank You For Deleting Britain Lover Post.
Ur American Friend

TattieTam_Stonehaven: 24th May 2010 - 17:38 GMT

I don't know whether "Thank you" is the correct expression. I read this from the start....graffiti........ and yes, that's what it turned into - graffiti. There is a lot of sense in this whatchamacallit if you have the time to read between the loonies. Don't think I've had such a great laugh reviewing the ignorant comments (from all and sundry) to the spelling and grammar (from all quarters).- in between the sensible comments. Oh how we laughed. Get a life folks and if you do not like where you are - then move. Irish Mike can stay in China. ROFLMAO!! Have sent this to my sons to educate them just how people really can be when you lift the lid off and anonymity rules the day. Take care all of you and God bless.

Dalton Broadus: 25th May 2010 - 02:59 GMT

TattieTam_Stonehaven, Thank You Is The ' Right Expression ' You Would Know That If You Had Seen What He Posted On The 23rd or 22nd, I Dont Really Care. But Like You, I Read Every Single Post (or comment) . Was Funny Hearing The English Ranting.

darryl: 25th May 2010 - 15:55 GMT

i find it funny how America are gun and think there all mighty great, aren't the England the founders of America, not only that America did back us out of the war GI joe but as also mentioned we do use your rounds in guns and provide us with missiles but, english didnt get funding after wwII thats why you helped us as you and germany gotthe most funding.
Think aswell FBI very funny, we have the SAS etc we dont need fucking guns as we arent nutters.
we have the best navy, best secret service, and the best airforce dont be silly,
with the amount of asians and imagrants coming in the country is becoming shit as not one of them pay taxes.
I wont go on anymore as if you get depressed about a shitty country you will have to go see your shitty doctors and pay for it!

atheist man: 26th May 2010 - 11:21 GMT

Switzerland,England,Italy,Austria and even a big majority of USA are the lands greatly specialised for hidden discrimination against all non christians but specially muslims.They never care about anyones personal opinion about religion and nationalism. They just look for your citizenship and immediately classify you in according to the land where you are coming from. It does not matter for them you are an atheist or a secular muslim or whatever non dangerous.So, they are inviting the Third World War. I wish very much of luck for our planet for next 15 years.

Bill Uk: 28th May 2010 - 09:29 GMT

Not being funny or anything, but why is everyone bitching over this? im 18 and english life is pretty crap, my education was messed up in schools, there ain't no form of income for me either, in this country if you aint got G.C.S.E's then you aint going to get far.

i dont see why this has turned out to be such a big thing, everyone is just bitching about goverment and politics, can't you see that we/us/everyone that has posted on here are a different person? we all have our own views, i just cant see why this is all turned to hate? i've got friends with diffrent race, religion, place of birth and age,, i bet if we met up, had a drink and spent the night having a good time, living your life on what YOU want to do, none of this hate would exist.

Hope this makes all you think that there never will be such thing peace.

Regards, Bill

anon ( 3rd Jun 2010 - 06:37 GMT

Well, england is pretty gay. Should have supported the Confederacy then they would not be in this predicament.

Dalton Broadus.: 5th Jun 2010 - 05:46 GMT

Screw The Confederacy.

Jay: 8th Jun 2010 - 12:49 GMT

WTF! would everyone calm down. the amount of effort most of you put in about stupid facts that prob aren’t even true apart from in your own minds. who gives a fuck about the small differences between the two when over all there aren’t a lot different between us. so grow up ya bunch of homos!!

nobby: 9th Jun 2010 - 09:11 GMT

BP plc has fuked the yanks gulf coast up with black gold, shovel it up and sell it, very enteprising move

Pogue Mahone: 10th Jun 2010 - 14:57 GMT

Americans, wait until your country has been raped and pillaged for 600 years and then you can say you hate the English Bastards. Just ask the Scots, Welsh & Irish! We have a reason to fucking hate them. Also being a Scot & Living in Scotland, at this time of year when the world cup is about to start, you don’t have to listen to the unending drivel that comes from the mouths of the sports reporters. I am so sick to death of listening to how many shits a day Wayne fuckin Rooney has had this morning, or that Frank Fucking Lampard’s Bagel was not as soft as it was yesterday. FFS, gie us a break as we say in Scotland.

I Hope England get fucked in the world cup and all of Scotland is with me on this. Traditionally we take great pride in supporting every other team that plays against them. C’mon America, beat the Shit out of them this coming Saturday.

Pogue Mahone

Pissed: 11th Jun 2010 - 01:09 GMT

England would not exist if the United States had not fought their wars for them. Hitler had you in his back pocket until the U.S. put a stop to him. Now BP is fucking up ours shores and you are crying foul because BP's stock is in the toilet and the English are suffering with their retirement. Boo Hoo! What about all the people on the Gulf who have lost their lively hood, the wildlife that is dieing by the tens of thousands? If BP goes broke trying to fix this, good ridence to bad trash! You Brits are nothing but low life losers, liars, theives and cowards. Damn us for stopping Hitler before he had a chance to wipe you all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pogue Mahone: 11th Jun 2010 - 08:35 GMT

Hey pissed, its the English, not the Brits. We Scots do not like to be called Brits, but thanks to forced oppresion we have no choice. Thankfully now more people in Scotland are waking up to the fact that we can gain independence and more and more are voting for it. I think soon we will have a reforendum on it. Hopefully then we can rid ourselves of the English! Please do not blame the Brits!!!!! it is England, plain and simple! Only the English like to be called Brits, The Scots, Irish and welsh have no Choice.

Fuck England: 12th Jun 2010 - 10:02 GMT

I hate soccer but i hope we knock the english out. In england it is quite common rape old ladies or drink until you literally collapse from liver failure. England has had the best navy since the twenties. The English killed Lincoln, continued to kidnap our citizens for 30 years to make them part of her majesties imperial army, at every turn the english turn their backs on the US, pussies. The english allowed there largely unelected government disarm them. There a millions of cameras everywhere but they didnt catch the tube bomber, or the police executing this brazillian guy. They got cameras everywhere but they cant keep the undergound cool enough in the summer so that masses of people dont faint. The police dont need any probable cause to stop you. They murder a guy at the g20 protest because he was walking by on his lunch break.
Oh and my girlfriend could kill 10 british soldiers. Oh the SAS are so great. How did the Falklands go? couldnt control ireland, the english have been conquered by every group under the sun. Their queen is a German so all the accomplishment of England are really the accomplishments of their foreign rulers. Oh and english women are ugly fat and have no teeth. Cheerio

Sahu Goncho: 12th Jun 2010 - 21:48 GMT

A nation that is a puppet for the zionists!!!
Land of the free to exterminate its own indigenous population as it sucks the **** of the jews!
England should have joined Hitler and secured the bomb for Japan and the third Reich and implemented Goerrings plan to lay to waste to the states.
F*** Yall!
Jew loving whores!

Stu: 13th Jun 2010 - 09:00 GMT

You do realise that in a days time no one will be reading this and you will have all gone back to your mediaised, corrupted, controlled lifes......

dicky: 13th Jun 2010 - 11:28 GMT

stu, You do realise that in a days time no one will be reading this and you will have all gone back to your mediaised, corrupted, controlled lifes...... check the dates numpty, you will see this has been going on 5 years ,you fucking bell end

Ned: 14th Jun 2010 - 13:09 GMT

I visited UK last year and it's a really shit place.

Big JockMcSporran: 14th Jun 2010 - 18:30 GMT

Come to Scotland the people are chilled out and more friendly, thank GOD that the USA drew with England the other night. Going by the press and the Media you would have thought that England had already won the World Cup.

Ten out of Ten to the graffiti artist.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind (Ghandi)

hunter: 15th Jun 2010 - 01:16 GMT

ok, just me.... we are just average citizens wtf are we supposed to do about "bp" the fuckin england screw ups mess.. shouldnt england be doin something about it since they own the bitch!?! and we are down here cleanin up are beaches as best we can! and if we wouldve known that the 9/11 shit was a set up then, then dont you think we wouldve done something to stop it?

Just Me: 15th Jun 2010 - 17:18 GMT

Dont be so bloody Naive Hunter, it's nothing to do with Countries or Sovereignty, and that goes to all of you, you're all angry and haven't a clue where to channel your anger is the problem.

The people who have rule over us in this world, DO NOT CARE about their own or anybody else nationalities, in effect, they are Nationality-less! BP is a co-orperation owned by PEOPLE who may or maynot have been born in Britain....and? You think they don't have for example "American" passports too? doesn that not also make them American?

You all are sitting here angry but not prepared to do anything about the situation of which you're angry about. I've read people saying it's Englands fault, it's a British company.... well england is just Soil and Trees, how can it be Englands fault... and as for a British company, as i mentioned above, you think these people, the richest in the world, have only 1 Nationality?

Oh i see the name of the company has "British" in it.... well i have an "American style Chicken" shop down the road, if i get food poisoning there should i hold a law suit against america?

so maybe the people who constructed the rigg in the first place were all British?...Again no.

and the fact is also there that the rigg was allowed to be built without a specific fail safety device which would have prevented this from happening because AMERICAN government had a 2-3 month dispute over a certain regulation, which just so happened to have been at the same time this rigg was being constructed, which allowed this rigg to be built without the fail saftey device. Yet you think this is still all just a British problem. My friends this is a much larger conspiracy.

you may argue that the rigg only got built because of British Tax payers pay their taxes every month instead of saying no and being sent to prison. Well ok, but are you willing to accept that every month after working hard you contribute being an american citizen to hundreds of innocent deaths every month in the middle east so you can drive your car using their oil? hundreds of slaughterd innocent women and children, children maimed with missing limbs, girls raped, all that terror and blood on YOUR hands reading this now? are you willing to accept that?

So having said all that, there is only one place yours, and mine (being a UK citizen)anger needs to be focussed on, and thats any member of the bilderberg group, the people who control every action of every country throught the world, and you can find most of the members and possibly addresses simpley online with a little research. This has their stench all over it.

Nirvana: 18th Jun 2010 - 19:55 GMT

Can´t believe most of these comments. No hope for world peace!

Common Sense: 18th Jun 2010 - 20:14 GMT

This whole thread is just an extended argument that's lasted over three years and neither side actually has any real evidence to back themselves up with. I think it would be best for everyone to just forget about it and keep their opinions to themselves.

Just Me: 18th Jun 2010 - 20:34 GMT

I think it would be best if everyone faced up to real issues, however seeing as thats not goig to happen i can only suggest you all stock up,
I mean with BP refusing to let reporters on beeches with FEMA type security no one has ever heard of, and with the US closing off air space above the oil leak to stop the reports of there not actually being much action to help prevent too much damage from this disaster (James Fox flew across it and spotted only 1 ship)
And with the president playing jerry springer style arguments on the news with BP, and all you thick people fooling for it, and with MSNBC reporting a much more catastrophic disaster could occure from this because there could be a huge rupture in the earths crust around the oil leak which could give way any second,

we're fucked :-)

crops are already failing from poisonous rains which is caused by the oil/water mix

BP are turning away possible ways of stopping this disaster (invented plugs and oil eating microbes)

And after a while when all the oil has settled on the beeches and shores it will be too toxic to live in those areas, so people will be moved and i bet tagged with RFID too.

THEY DO NOT WANT THIS DISASTER STOPPED, GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK HEADS PEOPLE the new world order is based on carbon immissions at the moment so the more natural disasters they can make happen the better, They also want mass cullings to make humanity easyer to control, can you imagine what effect this is going to happen to the world and peoples health? and youre all hear talking about lawsuits? dumbasses!

the bilderberg group are 300 families who OWN THE WORLD, dont you get that? they own money, they are money, all lawsuits do is transfer from one families set of companies to another, or from the same families set of companies to another one of its companies, urgh its like talking to babies, dont you all realise all of this?

miranda: 18th Jun 2010 - 20:41 GMT

Im british and have seen a lot of debates in this thread regarding the queen... I say screw royalty.

Potentially lets go into some detail to what they do:

Visit places
Smile and wave
Rake in as much cash as possible

Thats true. Wasnt there facts about repairs needed to be done inside buckingham palace? it ended up being paid for out of taxpayers pockets.

The thing with royalty obviously came about during civil wars. Typically the king and queen would be the main people in charge of the whole country. They declared wars and whatever they said went. Bear in mind this was during the time where you could buy a slave for a bag of apples.

Everything changes and now all any of the royal family do is occasionally travel to foreign countrys and promise helping them out with povety. If they do help where does that money come from? once again taxpayers.

So that sums up "royalty" in the UK. Nothing but spoonfed snobs who gain money from the taxpayer to buy whatever they want and have more luxurys than anyone else could ever wish for. They have never had a hard days work in their life.

In my eyes they will never be anything more than the spoonfed snobs they really are

Rich @ London: 18th Jun 2010 - 20:45 GMT

Laughed my ass off reading this thread.

Ironically, i found it by google-ing "ENGLAND ARE SHIT" after watching the Algeria game.


And by the way..: 18th Jun 2010 - 21:06 GMT

It's easy to look back over history and point the finger. what matters is solving problems, not pointing fingers. remember, when you point a finger at anyone, there are always three fingers pointing at you.

Be nice people. We're allies and friends. People fuck up, not countries. For every gun toting nigger hanging redneck, there's a caring helpful person in the US and for every greedy environment ruining, tight arsed self-important, pompus corporate MD, there's a peace loving, tree hugging person in the UK. And in everywhere else in the world for that matter. If you don't believe me; go an find out. There are more people in the world who care than those that don't. Make sure you're on the right side.

In Ger Lund: 18th Jun 2010 - 21:34 GMT

Rich @ London, me too, so cheered up now, ha!

Heyes: 18th Jun 2010 - 21:37 GMT

as if people are mentioning BP. over three quarters of the staff on the rig that blew were American. The product that went wrong was American made, the company itself is basically not even British anymore. It is in fact the Americans who use and are that obsessed with oil that you caused the Gulf Coast Oil spill itself due to your demands being so high and therefore deeming it necessary to dig for oil in deep water.

Clueless fucking Yank as usual.

Plus BP has almost poured a Billion pounds worth of funding to try and save an American fault basically. What more can they do?

I see you forget the chemical works disaster in India where more than 400,000 people are now ill because of you idiotic American fools who did not give one cent to help those people...

And the American executives were flown out of the country withins hours of the disaster; coincidentally. Fucking tossers.

Heyes: 18th Jun 2010 - 21:38 GMT

And around 20,000 people died in the chemical works disaster by the way. Nice one Uncle Sam.

Heyes: 18th Jun 2010 - 21:39 GMT

Hunter. BP is not British owend anymore u fool. do ur research.

me: 18th Jun 2010 - 22:53 GMT

the usa was going around the world looking for oil and now they have got it! they have got it all over there most beautfull beachies but fuck that anyway some silly mfucker can clean that up but how about the wild life no body saying shit money grabing barstards i like it when the shit hits the fan but when the wild life gets fucked up it realy makes me sad you cunts

Haha: 19th Jun 2010 - 02:24 GMT

Great read

zebberdi: 19th Jun 2010 - 10:42 GMT

Rich@London, i didi the same and found this thread - England are Shit and so is this country.

To all you scottish cunts - fuck off - we dont want you attached to England, look what your fucking scottish Gordon Brown has done for us - wanker. The best thing we English could do is build up hadrians wall and block you off to carry on eating your deep fried mars bars and drown in Iron Bru.

England is shit i admit, but the reason is were over run with pakis, eastern europeans, and now fucking chinki's.

America fucked as well and can we give them a round of applause for the global ressecion, thanks america.

What you daft americans dont realise about BP is the safty valve that was supposed to stop oil leaking should the pipe break was manufactured in america! and it failed! go figure.

Ben: 19th Jun 2010 - 11:05 GMT

Whatever you may or may not say about the Americans, they love their country and our very proud of their nation. Sometimes I think this leads to a little ignorance on their parts, with respect to other countries, but at least they love their country. I am English but using last nights football as an example I saw a team of spoiled under achievers get show no passion for their country. I'd rather be a bit ignorant but proud of my nation and the people who represent it than the alternative. England (or 'Great' Britian) was once a great nation but we live on cloud cuckoo.
Whilst listening to the commentary during the game last night they mentioned something about the American striker, Oguchi Onyewu. Signed by AC Milan a couple of seasons ago and was immediately sidelined with a serious injury, only returning recently. He has offered to play next season for free because they have paid him to date and he hasn't played for them. Can you see one of our players doing that... no chance. And when everything isn't going England's way, what do they do, blame someone else. It's a bloody shambles.

fribblers_frabblers_frobbled_fudge_groggler: 19th Jun 2010 - 14:44 GMT

just me seems to be only person here who sees the bigger picture. what most people don't realise, even refuse to believe is that at times,is now in 2010 only money matters. not nationality not religion not ethnicity. it's simple. those with the money have the power. they have the resources to employ the brightest in every field and using their knowledge of years of social studies they have successfully managed to gain control of the public using fear via the media to dumb down the population thereby making us easier to manipulate. control is, was and always will be the ultimate goal of mankind. throughout history many regimes have tried and to some extent succeeded to achieve this, their methods may differ, but the end goal is the same. I'm afraid it is innate in humanity to want to have power over others, this isn't always a bad thing as giving up a little freedom in exchange for security has played a large and even a necessary part in our evolution. many animal groups including our ape cousins share this trait. but, its an imperfect system where not all will benefit. and, today where we all find ourselves in a unique set of circumstances, we, quite justly, are afraid, angry and uncertain. we unlike animals can see what's happening right in front of us but we're powerless to stop it. never before in history has the opportunity for one body or system of government to gain complete control over it's subjects been so achievable than today.(in this case it happens to be bilderberg grp.). as science and technology provide the ultimate weapons for them to attain this. those who are currently in power, will likely reap the rewards of the new world order, the new scientific dictatorship. and pass it on to their offspring. it is survival of the fittest and the fittest in this case is the richest. our evolution is continuing today in the only way it can. u can be part of it, if u comply. as is the natural order of things. fit in, or greatly decrease your chances of survival. the vast majority will, in time. those who don't will be vilified, mocked and ridiculed so as to make YOU feel like an idiot if you even slightly agree with anything contrary to what they want you to know or feel. this already happens regularly on fox news, cnn in point of social studies being effectively used to manipulate thought. it's really quite amazing how far and how good they have become at it. this is of course not a new phenomena. anyone familiar with the writings of Bertrand Russell or George Orwell will have some idea as to how long this has been part of the agenda. it's hard for most people to accept and they know this. like that scene in the matrix where Neo is informed of his actual reality. but, if you consider the facts you do actually see the world differently. it has made me question allot more rather that just swallow what I'm fed on TV, in the media and even by other day to day people who I tend to see as ignorant to the true state of things caught up in their own trivial and inane little worlds. you may perhaps see me as "uber-crittical" an outcast of society, one who will not flourish in the entertainment saturated, sports and consumer mad population of 21st century earth, i agree. i am far too cynical and will most likely end up a hermit in a trailer somewhere spouting conspiracy theories and fantasising about alien abduction whilst dancing around naked with a foil hat on my head and a copy of catcher between my butt cheeks. alas, this seems the fate of the majority of like minded counter culture folk or free thinkers as I prefer. this, you might say the ramblings of an imbecile, the verbal spewings of a hysterical, self loathing retard. I'm often the first to criticize myself so I might be inclined to agree however, when looked at with an objective eye from an unbiased viewpoint it does make a little sense. answer the following and u cannot fail to begin to feel a little disheartened:1. why is marijuana illegal? when it is common knowledge it has never been directly linked to a single death due to its consumption in any form? and tobacco and alcohol kill more people directly that all other hard drugs combined and yet the gov. makes money from them. if America is a democracy why when the majority of the populous want something, is it ignored and not even allowed to be brought up for debate? 2. why did Obama, after stating numerous times on numerous occasions to close Guantanamo, pull out of Iraq, ban lobbyists in certain sections of Washington, AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE etc. he, in actual fact does the exact opposite. He has brought in the exact same team from Bushs' government and this i think highlights the point that Obama has no power whatsoever. incidentally, if America is the great democracy, why is it for the last 20 odd years before obama it was ruled by pretty much two families? bush/clinton. surely with your wealth of universities you could have found at least one candidate outside the bush/clinton bloodline? this probably would have continued were it not for a change in the Zeitgeist toward the end of bushs reign which the caught the attention of those trend studiers and worried them a little. then they had the idea of constantly drilling the word "change" at every available opportunity and true to form the masses lapped it all up. and oh look u still have a clinton in there. some democracy. im sorry to say the American people have been duped into a false sense of security, when you pay your taxes you are effectively giving your money to a private corporation. the federal reserve who the chairman Alan Greenspan admitted on tv (check youtube) is immune from any and all law, owns your money, dictates stock markets and recently pulled off the largest bank hiest in history. Obama is the front man, the public relations general used to keep you all distracted while the real rulers of the world decide the fate of humanity. while u all squabble over irrelevant historical issues of national pride you are seemingly playing your part in what is to come. this regime knows no international borders it knows no racial creed or religious affiliation. it simply wants control of people regardless. its a machine that rewards complicity and is becoming more and more blatant and indifferent to those who would go against it. i doubt if even those at the top, the likes of Bernanke, Paulson, Rockefeller, Summers, Greenspan etc. could actually stop it now, if they wanted to, which of course they don't. and indeed why would they? if you was rich and in power would you relinquish all that you have and could have in future for a load of degenerates who allow themselves to be brainwashed, who care for nothing but their team winning the next pointless trophy, or the latest cell phone app. or what miley said to bieber on twatter. i wouldn't. i would see them as inferior, undeserving of even the most basic human rights, proclaim myself a higher species and justify any action i take for my own furtherance. having contemplated on the issue on many a dateless night:( i have come to realise the inevitable and obvious truth. we are a selfish species, for all our compassion and generosity we lack the ability to admit to ourselves we are actively contributing to our own demise. almost 7 billion people and counting by 2050 some experts think the number will top 11 billion. how can we sustain such numbers. in answer to the prior above question 1. ignorance is bliss and also a requirement if we are to survive in the long term. tobacco and alcohol kill, therefore it is an ally in keeping population growth down, as is disease, war and famine in some cases a by-product of war. all of which i might add make governments richer, feeding the machine further. globalisation when analysed from an unselfish stance is in general a good thing. one controlling body can provide safety, comfort and stability for the masses in theory end all wars all poverty and rapidly increase the advancement of theory. i guess it depends how you look at it. would you give up most of your liberty for these things? although you probably won't have much choice. future generations will know doubt become privy to the virtuous narrative of hindsight so obscured from us currently and ask the question with disparity, how have we come to this?

the graffiti as an expression of a section of our rich human culture which is slowly being suffocated by the ever tightening dictatorial grip of big brother. all art is a reflection of the society that it is born out of, respect it, love it, loath it, dismiss it, discuss it. its our shared humanity in different forms. fuck england!

steve: 19th Jun 2010 - 23:41 GMT

This is to zebberdi

The only reason why your country is run with pakis, eastern europeans,and chines is because you english pricks are lazy the indians were brought to england to do your dirty work cause you english people are too lazy . Not only that ,your english people are too expensive and guess what im an english bloke and proud of what the foreigners did or the country (UK) would of been a big shithole

steve: 19th Jun 2010 - 23:45 GMT

thats True (ME) the americans dont give a toss to wildlife its all about money to them those motherfuckers with there shitty accent.

England is Great: 20th Jun 2010 - 13:13 GMT

Fuck you lot! England rocks, even if the cities are full of dirty paki bastards, we'll get rid of the twats one day!

The only thing shit about Enlgand is the Football team! WANKUS MAXIMUS

And for all you skirt wearing scottish twats.....DO ONE, you are shit too

dglenn: 20th Jun 2010 - 17:20 GMT

Wow! What a bunch racist morons.

USA ARE DUMB CUNTS: 21st Jun 2010 - 07:40 GMT

england will shit all in your mums monster black lips, all over your fucking black faces , yeah man lets go gang banging cus were so fucking black and american FUCK THE PO LICE. slaves.

fuck the jocks: 21st Jun 2010 - 09:14 GMT

england is a shit hole because of the jocks welsh and FUC they sponge the state,they are a bunch of celtic cunts. H.ope the fuckers all break away from the union england dont need them . The scots are the worst tossers just so pissed off cause there football team is even worse than ours.FUCK YOU SCOTLAND FUCK YOU WALES GOD BLESS THE ENGLISH..

i8yanks: 21st Jun 2010 - 15:50 GMT

American cocksuckers are full of shit. England must stay clear of these religious inbreds.

septic tanks...full of sh*t, standard!: 22nd Jun 2010 - 17:25 GMT

howdy yanks. got bored of reading the first few comments. good to see that this argument has raged on for nearly 5 years! heres my two PENCE. america (aka NEPHEW sam), was founded by the scum who narrowly avoided deportation to australia (ironically nowadays full of much nicer, friendlier and generally better class of person) and decided to emigrate to the new country that had been discovered. they butchered the natives with methods FAR worse than the nazi's ever used (considering the age and time), brought hundred's of thousands of slaves over, then, when they were released (by an ENGLISHMAN) they 'allowed' them ghetto's and now wonder why they are killing each other and hate white people. also could go on for years about the shit music, culture etc... so i will. you yanks gifted the world with AIDS, CRACK, WAR OVER OIL, NUCLEAR BOMBS, HIPPIES, GANGSTA RAP, CELEBRITY WORSHIP, CONSTANT ADVERTISING RAMMED DOWN YOUR THROAT, GUNS, DYNAMITE, THE KKK, GEORGE BUSH and many many more delightful additions to this already fucked up world. you've got 'fiddy' cent, kanye 'fishsticks' west, guns n roses, bruce springsteen and britney spears..we've got chester p, jehst, pink floyd, the beatles, the who and lily allen (ok, so we're not perfect). dubstep, drum and bass, house, hardcore, jungle, techno, breakbeat ALL ENGLISH. shakespeare, more intelligent that anything america has EVER produced, AND about 100 before the was even founded!! anyway FUCK THE QUEEN, FUCK THE PRIME MINISTER, FUCK THE PRESIDENT'S & FUCK YOUR RESIDENCE i'm repping EARTH..BLESSSSSSSSSSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

me: 22nd Jun 2010 - 21:26 GMT

thats it let it all out maybe in the end of time when the some sort of AI ar studying our exsistance on this planet that i must say looks very fucking nice from a distence like space,
thay will see what a complet bunch of cunts we realy where. art.

you: 22nd Jun 2010 - 21:41 GMT

all i have to say is come on england and fuck all you other cunts

anon ( 23rd Jun 2010 - 08:51 GMT

this article has been going on for 5 years.

BoB: 24th Jun 2010 - 03:51 GMT

fuck england

Paul MyCock: 24th Jun 2010 - 11:27 GMT

This thread is bollocks. England is a brilliant place to live, and the sun actually comes out to play in the summer. I'be lived in many countries, I'm from Mars oginally, and I must say all other countries are shite in comparison. New York is a shithole compared to London, so to the OP "FUCK U..." wanker!

zebberdi: 24th Jun 2010 - 20:03 GMT

its fucked - the whole world is - and were really fucked when china becomes leader

have you seen mike hunt : 25th Jun 2010 - 22:17 GMT

today i fill that the u.s.a is a drag queen next in line art.

andy: 27th Jun 2010 - 12:27 GMT

england and america are both shit, they're both quite good as well.

ULOOSE: 27th Jun 2010 - 15:51 GMT

Where is england?

Big Nick: 27th Jun 2010 - 16:19 GMT

England is a great country, but it's football team are shit. So we do have something in common with America after all. It appears from the comments above the America like to do a bit of Brit bashing. What a shame they forget their own history, what little they have that is!.

They think it's all over: 27th Jun 2010 - 17:55 GMT

I tell you what is REALLY shit about England, those fucking useless pricks playing football for the national team.

Duncano: 27th Jun 2010 - 18:26 GMT

England out to Germany..not even penalties to winge about. England football team are trully shit, we have very limited technical skill, over glorified players who can only perform in the premiere league surrounded by skillful talented foreign players. Bad Management, bad skills, just fucking dire. ENGLAND are shit!

Muslims: 27th Jun 2010 - 19:43 GMT

For fuck sake we wouldn't of had this argument/lost to Germany/drew to America/had a credit crunch if it wasn't because of those bloody Muslims seriously, jihad somewhere else paki cockroaches.

Berf-Kontrul: 27th Jun 2010 - 19:44 GMT

Americano's where do i start:

1. You call your sport (NFL) FOOTBALL even though you use your hands, makes me laugh all the time

2. You only have us as your main allies which is pretty god damn stupid as th British have many other allies

3. You think its cool that you have gun shops when stupidly they are there to keep your viral low-life population down. Give your goverment due its pretty smooth that its allowed

4. You get teenage punk ass kids who listen to rap music and play games such as G.T.A and the next day think its cool to shoot up a school or the street, also steall your parents cars no RESPECT

5.You have too many spics, coons and mexicans which your too afraid of walking your street at nite incase they pop a cap in your ass

6.SOME of the ladies in america are fine but they have soo much dick they probably dont even have a decent vagina anymore


Yes we have a royal family which gived us support everyday day of our lifes, your fucking presidents get too much pressure from everythings go on they have like a six month break from it all no wonder why america has no goals of making there life or the world bettter..

Berf-Kontrul: 27th Jun 2010 - 19:49 GMT

8. We have the best currency in the world soo the other poor ass punk countries cannot afford the shit we excreet

OLO: 27th Jun 2010 - 20:43 GMT

when it comes down to football,England have been shite since 1966(Lucky to win then)
id rather watch Chelsea.

William Wallice: 27th Jun 2010 - 21:51 GMT

The english are The usa's Bitch anyway SCOTLAND SCOTLAND USA USA USA

William Wallice: 27th Jun 2010 - 21:53 GMT


William Wallice: 27th Jun 2010 - 21:55 GMT


Laughing: 27th Jun 2010 - 23:35 GMT

LOL this thread is sooo old but some of the comments such as "english are the usas bitch" made me think WTF..paha..the average american does not even own that much wealth or even have any influence of the country in fact 95% of the USA's wealth is owned by only 1% of the population so We are not your bitches but Your bitches of the american capitalist system and your all nothing but puppets-brainwashed puppets living in a little buble of ignorance in which you think everything revolves around you when in reality no one actually likes you or your stupid accents..get over yourselves and get of that buble-i know the buble has McDonalds in it by just try and leave it en educate yourselves..AMEN motherfuckers..Please feel free to put that in your rusty yankee oven and bake it.

anon ( 28th Jun 2010 - 01:35 GMT

You are all a bunch of cunts. usa unusually sucking anus

Freddie: 28th Jun 2010 - 09:39 GMT

All I have to say on this matter is:

AMERICA HAS A NIGGER PRESIDENT.......hahahahaahahaaaaa

Pogue Mahone: 28th Jun 2010 - 10:14 GMT

Fuck all you English Cunts!!!

I like americans but unfortunately retardation is a birthright: 28th Jun 2010 - 20:53 GMT

The British invented more or less everything in the world, including the USA

Queens ToyBoy: 29th Jun 2010 - 09:36 GMT

You fucking whores the british empire owned 2/3rds of the world. SAYS IT ALL YOU THE SAND MONKEYS. MEXICAN FUKING ASS LICKERS

Adam: 29th Jun 2010 - 10:35 GMT

I like America and Britain :-)

golden jasper: 29th Jun 2010 - 14:02 GMT

fuck england, and fuck your mars bars

Boxer: 1st Jul 2010 - 12:09 GMT

USA the biggest landfill site in the world, FULL OF SHIT!

i8yanks: 1st Jul 2010 - 18:59 GMT

you're all sausage jockeys

Morris dancing poofs: 2nd Jul 2010 - 05:07 GMT

I hate England becuase they are a bunch of morris dancing poofs who think they know everything about nothing. The poofs cant go to the shop without trying to seem impressive by debating the ins and outs of a packet of bacon.They also think they are hard man thugs in numbers, but cry like babies when you confront them on their own. They are greedy, selfish, arrogant and ignorant scum who think they have a god given right to rule the world. Fuck you and your moris dancing you English poofs!

i8 yanks: 3rd Jul 2010 - 08:19 GMT

Whats over that hill send 50 men. Thats how we conquered the planet. Americans just bomb weddings from 35000 feet.

mike hunt (1 word ): 3rd Jul 2010 - 20:45 GMT

suck it

i8 yanks: 4th Jul 2010 - 23:22 GMT

Keep on eating fat fuck its full of genetically modified shite anyway

Mammals: 5th Jul 2010 - 05:25 GMT

Aren't we all on this planet together?
Screw the boundaries between countries, and realize uniting the people is the only way to go. Nations have conflict and debt because we have limited resources within the lands. Is hating not more tiring, draining, and pointless than comedy and loving? We are not animals. We are Mammals. It is time for us all to learn to behave like one.

"If I want to live in a peaceful world, then it is up to me to make sure that I am a peaceful person. No matter how others behave, I keep peace in my heart. I declare peace in the midst of chaos or madness. I surround all difficult situations with peace and love." - Louise L. Hay

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."
-Albert Einstein

You never know, maybe you can even reach the Hitler characters before it is to late for them.

fuck of scotland: 5th Jul 2010 - 18:54 GMT

I HATE SCOTLAND bunch of haggis eating cunts fucking who the fuck was william wallace we killed the fucker.bravehearts my arse losers go fry your fucking mars bars unhealthy bastards we in england hate you smelly fuckers. FUCK OFF YOU JOCK CUNTS..

ItsAmadWorld: 5th Jul 2010 - 23:40 GMT

America has just become the new Britain. Britain in the past thought the rest of the world were savages and invaded countries such as India, The Africas and Ireland suppressed, raped and butchered there people stealing everything they had. For 600 years they supressed Ireland, murdered our people, raped women, and walked all over our people taking our land. They did the same to the Indians and in the African countries. I have no problem with Britain today but in the past the face that they thought they had a born right to control the world and invade countries and treat there people like shit. I really don't see what makes them any different from the Nazi's any country that invades another country is wrong. It is up to the people in that country to choose there countries destiny if they have bad leaders then the people must stand up and rebel. It is not up to America or Britain or any other country for that matter to invade countries unless they are a direct threat to there country. Iraq was never a direct threat to America or Britain and i fail to see the reasoning been there to spread democracy, it is up to the Iraqi people to decide when to rise up not up to countries thousands of miles away. I have a lot of respect for British and American people but your goverments have destroyed the world for generations. If Britain had acted fast when they knew Germany where building up there army and navy which went against the orders of the Versailles treaty from world war 1 then they would of been able to prevent millions of Jews been killed. They knew and saw how many Jews where been killed but waited and waited to act until an all out and horrible war took place. If the British and European community had acted quicker then there would of been no war, maybe a small one but they would of had the power to end it within a year but instead they waited and allowed the Germans to grow powerful. But I suppose all this is really just the benefit of hindsight but both Americans, British and indeed all the worlds super powers need to take a look at what they've done and are doing to the world and stop with the fucking Wars!

anon ( 6th Jul 2010 - 13:00 GMT

you yank twats know nout watch the history channel or read a fuckin book powerful countries fuck smaller ones as for the yids hitler didnt start doing them in till the war started as for me being part of a mob well im proud to be its mobs that sacked rome and start riots over shit wages the middleclass halfwits

ian: 6th Jul 2010 - 22:16 GMT

There is great racism in US as compared to UK. British people are more polite and well mannered.
Britain have history and US got no History.
First ever industries in the world started in Britain not in US.
Britain have more cultural and family values as compared to US.
English language is the language of English people, u adopted our language.
Sometimes when all the world go against America, Britain is always by US side as a good friend.
US always play double games, one day saddam was their best friend, then one day became enemy and many more such stories in the history.

anon ( 14th Jul 2010 - 14:48 GMT

in the blue ridge mountains of virginia

Tony M: 20th Jul 2010 - 18:32 GMT

You must not blame all of England (or Britain) for BP's mistakes or crimes. If anyone (from England, Scotland or anywhere else..) released Megrahi for oil rights, that person should be found and put on trial. We don't blame the US for the trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our lads and lasses are getting killed out there, too. This U.S. v G.B. Gulf+Lockerbie row is greatly pleasing to the Taliban, to Hamas, Hezbollah and most of the ragheads who hate our countries, yet choose to enjoy the freedom our countries provide. We treasure our Monarchy, and love our Royal Family, in a similar way that you Yanks are in awe of your Hollywood stars, only our tradition goes back to Alfred the Great (871-899), so it is a vastly more intense form of loyalty than something going back to, say, John Wayne (1907-1979). Some of our London (and Edinburgh) restaurants are older than your constitution, as are some of our buildings, warehouses, gardens, lawns, swimming baths and kasis. We may be little, but we're valuable. You may be big and brash, but your boys (and girls) came here over two World Wars, and fought and died for the same fundamental truths their forefathers found to be self-evident, and that is what they (and we) are still doing in the Middle East. So I continue to stand in awe of your Great Nation. Peace between us!

i8yanks : 25th Jul 2010 - 13:29 GMT

fuck off tony you kneebending lickspittle homo they dont like us and we dont like them we give them free oil and all they do is gripe

Sick of it all: 7th Aug 2010 - 18:15 GMT

Both countries are shit... simple as!

America has got to be blamed for the slow eradication of the differentiation between most western countries. American capitalism is the embodiment of Hell on earth. The only thing that makes every other country more stupid is choosing to accept American ways.

America... land of the greedy.

Personally, while I don't agree with terrorism, I do think Islamic Extremists have a point. Capitalism is evil and America is the home of everything that is bad about it.

England should be a 21st century socialist country... Lets stop backing America

Worker: 8th Aug 2010 - 16:25 GMT

Capitalism is the real evil and Britain, led by the US, is now a capitalist country. Whilst the people of both countries support a system that is based on exploitation, greed and self-interest, both will continue to fail on moral terms.

That is why so many people are flocking to Islam. Because when faced with two ideologies, at least Islam has historic philosophy's to back it up, whereas Capitalism does not even pretend to embrace any type values - it's about money and money only. Britain and US both site democracy as the main thing that all civilized countries should aspire to and yet capitalism is the opposite of democracy because those who are kept ignorant through poverty are unable to make conscious, informed decisions in regards to political representation.

The US and Britain are facing hell and torment, karma will have the last the say and we in the West will pay. Just as the Nazis followed Hitler into a disgusting war against the Jews in order to feather their own nests, we as citizens of the West allow our countries to destroy and manipulate many countries around the world. We will be made to answer for the part that we play in making the capitalist horror story a reality. We purchase shit not caring who had to die to have it made. Our countries are shit and many of us are merely the products of our countries, so what does that make us?

where have my words gone : 16th Aug 2010 - 18:06 GMT

where are them words you cunts "open forum" you mug faced 1 mile and out son of a bitch red faced and black eyed peas....

Dublin Boy: 22nd Aug 2010 - 21:49 GMT

Im Irish and i can't stand americans they seem to be obsessed with ireland heres one ireland will never be friends with america. irish Americans FUCK OFF you are not irish you are american. Meiriceánaigh a fháil ar mo nerves.

Jack: 26th Aug 2010 - 18:35 GMT

Well said Dublin boy

vakza: 26th Aug 2010 - 19:53 GMT

hi from Paris, France !
England is a beautiful country, where we drink the best milk of the world and where people developp such an amazing humour
let's do it, england
( sorry I d'ont know so much about US)

Ryan: 1st Sep 2010 - 18:42 GMT

Your all a bunch of incorrect mislead jed heads. Not one thing I've read here is completely true. Fuck England and America.

Edward Rex : 2nd Sep 2010 - 20:52 GMT

Fuck you all! England is the best country on the planet!

Aaron from Australia: 18th Sep 2010 - 13:46 GMT

I made a mess of them outher two comments last night even pasted the last website i was looking at in the name bit. Any way my comment was england is a great country but what would america be like if the brits dident take america from the natives.

Aaron from Australia: 18th Sep 2010 - 13:51 GMT

England is a great country but what would america be like if the brits dident take america from the natives.

LeicesterCity: 18th Sep 2010 - 23:27 GMT

Who actually gives a fuck?
English aren't better than americans. Americans aren't better then English, we're all the fucking same. We wouldn't of won world war 2 without you, fair enough. It's a pointless shite argument American GI your a twat no-one cares whos better, we're just the same people..

danny.: 22nd Sep 2010 - 20:11 GMT

wasn't it an english guy that discovered america? END OF ARGUEMENT.

combo: 22nd Sep 2010 - 20:15 GMT


oijoih: 22nd Sep 2010 - 20:41 GMT

Were all gonna get fucked in the ass by china anyway so yeah.

JOCKthe scot: 23rd Sep 2010 - 10:25 GMT

HOW DARE YOU INSULT ENGLISH THATS OUR JOB.ONLY JOCKING ! WE love you dearly. Iam an ex paratrooper you could not get a better soldier or friend in the army like the english_ british troops god bless one and ALL.

Lad: 23rd Sep 2010 - 15:30 GMT

The differences between England and America are so vast – politically, geographically, socially, economically, historically and almost every word that ends in ‘ally’ that you can think of. No wonder this thread is filled with generalizations, bar a few exceptions, from beginning to end. Interesting to note that most English people prefer England and most Americans prefer America, it just shows that people like what they know and are scared by what they don’t. I’m British, and I prefer Britain.

Paul MyCock: 25th Sep 2010 - 19:33 GMT

I'm going for a shit, I'll be back in a jiffy.

anon: 25th Sep 2010 - 20:01 GMT

paul my cock going too clear your HEAD YOU TWAT???????

you can all fuck off if you think you're getting my name: 9th Oct 2010 - 16:59 GMT

Whatever happened to our two countries just gettin' along. Are we really all that differant. Well, yes actually, but the point is, we should just be nice to each other. World peace man. And I'm not a friggin hippy, just because I like the idea of peace you brutal wankers.

missing the point: 12th Oct 2010 - 14:12 GMT

You arrogant bunch of numpty's! The real enermy isn't the Brits v the Yanks, it's the West against those pedo worshipping muslim cunts infesting the west with their barbaric 1400yr old book of bullshit. Sort it out, Nuc Mecca!!!!!

cdb123 : 21st Oct 2010 - 18:35 GMT

i think england great we was the people that ruled those fat americans and we dont make car etc and we made our own language so america copied ours and added a couple of words and in our country we have a queen but she got nothing to do with parliament and so its a lot easy and that we were used to rule nearly a quarter of the world at one point conclusion we have bigger dicks than u

Fuck Islam, not England: 22nd Oct 2010 - 11:51 GMT

I wish the West would just kick the shit out of Islam, deport all the peado followers back to the desert where the false religion sprang from. Europe is a WORSE place for letting those retarded muslim assholes into her lands. There WILL be a 3rd World War and it will between Europeans kicking the false prophet followers' heads in. I cannot wait! FUCK ISLAM!

Jester1988: 24th Oct 2010 - 21:27 GMT

I live in the UK and I personally HATE this shit hole, My brother went to jail for self defence (caught on CCTV showing his attacker beating hell out of him till he fought back)and he didnt report it but the attacker did. We get rapists go free even though there is compeling eveidence to show they are was guilty and they go free when they say they will sue the prosecution for harrasment!! this country puts the criminals rights first and fills the rich's pockets with cash while robbing it from the poor. I pay 35% tax ffs and i get less than £1800 per month! for every £1000 I earn I pay £350 to HMRC so they can pay for dole dossers to get a fix of crack!

MOST americans (not all) are just as bad as the fuckers in this shit hole but if I had a choice of living in the US over the UK I would take it. The yanks have freedoms we dont and they are our ALLIES!!! why bitch about them when it could well be an American that saves your life when the british government fucks this country up so much that the fucking taliban that out government pay for to live in THIS country take over and convert brits to islam! Enjoy fuckers! I wont be there but I will be laughing at you while im fishing on a Minnesota lake while you stay proud brits and I pledge my allegiance to Obama (If bush comes back I'll take my chances in the UK :P. We did well when the royals were in power - the british empire spaned 80% of the planet FFS and now we have this government they are scared to put an illegal in jail for raping a 14 year old girl in case a terrorist blows up a Tesco!

Every country has its problems because of money. Money buys education which gets people further up the government- and the majority of people with money are pompous pricks so running a country is a bad idea. If you want a country to run smoothly - put someone in power who worked for the money that paid for ther education rather than having daddy pay! they know the problems the average man faces!

Say what you like back to me as I dont give a rats ass. just remember that what ive said is what many people know to be true. FUCK ENGLAND i believe was the topic- NO! fuck the people in charge.

Jester1988: 25th Oct 2010 - 10:45 GMT

Yea I know it the same in all countries (was just going with the thread of the UK and USA) - I just count myself lucky I dont live in a war torn country with no running water etc- Dont stop me hating the country I live in though (I think I have issues :P)

The USA & the UK are prob the 2 most hated countries in the world. As for The 60 Families - Just goes to show that money rules power and power rules all! lol

Jester1988: 26th Oct 2010 - 17:02 GMT

Such a hostile person quick off the mark to call me and my brother who was assaulted by a thug and he defended himself and his wife whereas I dont have a criminal record, I have a high-ish paid job, a car and a family. you on the other hand must be a low life thug simply because of your hostility. And believe me if I didnt have comitments to my daughter and Fiancé and if we had the finantial fitness to do so we would leave- just to get away from people like you. You need to calm yourself down because some day you will open that mouth of yours to someone like the peoron who assaulted my brother instead of hiding behind a computer when you spit venomous remarks at people. have a good day.

Jester1988: 27th Oct 2010 - 17:07 GMT

lol, No promlem mate.

mark: 3rd Nov 2010 - 21:19 GMT

im E

THIS IS ENGLAND wake up people! doesn't sink in!: 3rd Nov 2010 - 21:46 GMT

you no what paul my cock i need a shit aswell i think ill have a fat shit then im off down the shop to buy some fags after ive finished my pint! :) Got to love England - i count myself so lucky when i get to have a shit im such a lucky person!

Mike: 4th Nov 2010 - 02:20 GMT

Not enough

Swift eh: 4th Nov 2010 - 02:31 GMT

Need more man im tripping balls right about now

Paul my cock: 8th Nov 2010 - 10:49 GMT

Brother there is nothing like having a nice big dump! I say we should have an international 'let's all shit day' it would be like a flushing the worlds troubles down the pan!

jack: 11th Nov 2010 - 12:55 GMT

god bless the british

anon ( 11th Nov 2010 - 18:51 GMT

Who cares about the UK having a history. It's the present that matters, and at present, the UK is an overcrowded, over surveillanced, crime ridden, chav infested shit hole. I am due to be moving to the USA next year and I can't wait.

Jester1988: 11th Nov 2010 - 20:51 GMT

Good for you mate. wish you the best.

sean1978: 15th Nov 2010 - 07:02 GMT

fuck england and fuck america you are both politcal corrupt god help our sibblings that will grow in to a system that stands for england ltd and america corperation (respect to guy fawkes)

Toggleberry: 16th Nov 2010 - 14:27 GMT

"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. he has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice. This disgrace to civilisation should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder." Albert Einstein

There are good and bad people everywhere, and a lot in between. Instead of spreading hate and wasting time posting poorly written, vitriolic and ignorant posts about other countries, stop hiding behind the keyboard, rise above it and do something about it!

Jester1988: 16th Nov 2010 - 18:05 GMT

Nothing we can do about it. The only way to stop political corruptment is to get rid of them. Lets not forget its the ones who are currupt that control the countries. The curruptment has been there since the start and will never go away and "hiding" behind a keyboard is sometimes a way to be heard when you knw nobody in power would give a toss because they get rich off a country going down and that is where britain is heading. If you stand up for what you believe in in britain you get screwed over.
But I agree with you on the rest

Jonathan weston: 24th Nov 2010 - 15:14 GMT

FUCK America, they have never won a war by there self, they think they won ww2 even thought they came in to the war right at the end and also made money off the war!! well the brits and the common welf were defending the world they sat back and made us pay for food and arms, and even after the war we owed them loads of money and they still never sed okay forget what you owe us because you played a big part in stopping the world from becoming german for many years before we even joined the war, after all do the americans realy think if it want for us fighting off the germans that they would'nt off attacked them after they finished with europ, americans are dump thats why im glad we now have the eu and europ is one big country like america because we all know europ would fuck the americans up!

Oneagainyou'rewrong: 24th Nov 2010 - 15:54 GMT

QUOTE: "American G.I.: 26th Dec 2005 - 01:51 GMT
At least we the people of the United States of America vote people into office. You still have a royal family and your excuse for a government is a joke. We fought you twice and saved you twice. Guess what, you are our bitches. The British Royal navy will not build a new Aircraft carrier because they figured they don't need one. AMerica provides her carriers to protect airspace incase WWIII starts. England is America's bitch in gorund forces and in air power too. The Sumpreme Allied COmmander of WWII was American, the Current Sumpreme Allied Commander of NATO is American and has been AMerican since NATO started. England uses American calibers in their weapon systems.

5.56X45mm is American
7.62X51mm is American
.50 BMG is American
And 90% of the missiles that you Royal Airforces uses is American made.

We helped rebuild your nation after WWII, we prevented the soviets from taken over Europe. And infact, you guys copy American Culture.

And Lastly, our crime is lower and we as a free people can posses firearms, drive whatever we want, and talk about our government in any fashion of our choice. You have nothing but a Gestopo type police force with nothing but cameras watching your every move in public.

Your national government can abolish your city governments at any time. And your cops can't shoot for shit. Oh wait, you cops didn't carry firearms untill a short period of time. Opps my bad. And guessed who trained them. American FBI and US Secert Service.

And as a last step. I believe that Ireland should be free of your oppressive rule.

American G.I.

PS - I have served in Iraq with British forces. Those are good men, unlike England liberal youth. And I'm not Irish, I'm Cuban American."

It makes me laugh when people who wish to vebally abuse something they have no clue about barely even hold a grasp of the english language, "G.I American" might be an idea to remember where the glorious roots of the american people sprung up from - and then hang your head in shame as you country of "freedom" was built on slaverly & imperialism.

Bottom line

BRITISH = Intelligence

And all empires collapse at some point my patriotic lunatic, Rome did, Brtitain did & it sure as hell looks like America will too

Big Kiss

Jester1988: 24th Nov 2010 - 17:56 GMT

lmao, Well said Oneagainyou'rewrong.
i would like to add: The bullets - most were invented in europe (mostly german) and the missilies britain uses are mostly ours.
Fact of the matter is, small country made a massive empire (uk) and ruled 80% of the world at one point (not proud of that but its true) and USA- one of the biggest countries lost in vietnam against farmers with world war 2 rifles and are getting there asses kicked in iraq and afghan (fair enough so is the UK as its an unwinable war but even so)
no matter how big your firepower- the smartest will provail in the end - not the ignorant.

joe_t 17 love all the people: 24th Nov 2010 - 23:48 GMT

the way i see it britains modern culture, people are changing there idiolect so they differenciate from their different social groups, this is all because britains society bond has deteriated, people in the modern culture feel seperated from different social groups and ethinic groups. when in reality we are all human, we all talk,feel,breath and most importantly love, because we learn to love when we value the human race, but; unfortunately people of my day and age are losing the sense of value towards humans, because of wars,unanswered conspiracies,heartless greed,the monarchy, loss of freedom through religions and false forceful faiths,the media and america; for destroying the english language, breaking the connection of thought, re-tuning our brains with your celeberity materialism and status, above all of the rest of humanity

vakza: 26th Nov 2010 - 16:32 GMT

mother england, get up earlier!

Rohit Sharma: 30th Nov 2010 - 20:25 GMT

Here we have two countries fighting with each other over which one has done the world better good.Take a word form an outsider, None of you is better. In fact, a Nigerian loves his country as much as an American loves America, Brit love England or Indian loves India. And when it comes to anyone's motherland, all other points loose their significance. Even a penguin loves Antarctica, he won't agree to come to either of your countries even for the best of snow parks. Just respect other people's feelings whites, you have all already given much in the world to spread hate.
Today, on google's UK website, the search for "India is..." shows derogatory remarks against my country. What is the reason for that? No one asks people to visit India. No one asks anyone to follow my principle, no one asks anyone to learn form India. The reason is that people (and especially the lesser learned whites) these days cannot tolerate a difference. To each man, his country is the best, and thus the argument is pointless.

Markus: 3rd Dec 2010 - 00:46 GMT

The one thing I do find ironic, is that American pride and joy, within their national anthem, was actually composed by a British composer!

Markus: 3rd Dec 2010 - 01:02 GMT

I also love how americans express their strong pride, for independence day. But I got to admit, who the fuck would be proud of such an event, which the real aim and meaning, was to not pay taxes simply because of their quite imaginable 'extreme poverty rates'. If I found out Britain used America, and that is 'used' America for slavery, trade and income, I would wonder where
My pride came from. I am a true Brit, and in fact, I am a aristocrat, freemason, imperialist and royalist. Anyway. My point, don't you I'll educated kids let yourself get ahead of your capabilities. You say you have a much larger and experienced military organisation than the uk. Perhaps you do have a larger army, but quality does not match the uk. You lost to a bunch of farmers in Vietnam. That war was bloody pointless. All you wanted was to get noticed, and spread your anti-communism beliefs!

Peter Pan: 10th Dec 2010 - 17:40 GMT

I'm back, how about a game of patter cake?

Mr Cuntus Maximus: 10th Dec 2010 - 17:43 GMT

You're all 2 bob cunts

Mr Cuntus Maximus: 10th Dec 2010 - 17:43 GMT

You're all 2 bob cunts

C maximus: 13th Dec 2010 - 16:28 GMT


Mr. Noodles you can suck my bellend you soft pile of shite! You name suggests you think you're hard, however, you'l l soon wilt and curl up like a little bitch under the hammer blow of the mighty cuntus maximus, rumour has it that the legend is the biggest cunt in the world! Hail the cunts! Bow down you weakling noodle to the power of a big cunt. And to all you american fags slagging off my country well fuck u too.

C maximus: 13th Dec 2010 - 16:28 GMT


Mr. Noodles you can suck my bellend you soft pile of shite! You name suggests you think you're hard, however, you'l l soon wilt and curl up like a little bitch under the hammer blow of the mighty cuntus maximus, rumour has it that the legend is the biggest cunt in the world! Hail the cunts! Bow down you weakling noodle to the power of a big cunt. And to all you american fags slagging off my country well fuck u too.

Jester1988: 13th Dec 2010 - 18:10 GMT

why the fuck do people bother watching eastenders and other shit like that? just keep an eye out on these posts. now thats entertainment.

Spaceweed: 17th Dec 2010 - 04:53 GMT

Oh god this is bloodcurdling stuff, no wonder the world is so fucked up, with patriotic morons like these chaps walking our streets and being allowed to breed freely.
“GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS ENGLAND” for you need all the help you can get, raising idiots like these. Maybe more fodder for the front line?

woy wodson is wubbish: 18th Dec 2010 - 19:34 GMT

fuck off spaceweed, by the way god doesnt exist

ratty: 26th Dec 2010 - 14:39 GMT

America is Fucked with a capital "F" firstly there hasn't been a war America has won without the Brits, secondly, your fat, lazy or fat and lazy, America you have lost your balls and your money is owned by a few very rich people or the Chinese..... Obama is on his way out, then there will be a 2 year artificial bubble, just to make all you fat lazy people feel comfortable, then your doomed, total financial collapse..

Markus: 28th Dec 2010 - 01:13 GMT

Yes many people are full of patriotic shit, like me, but it is all man knows. Man has 2 instincts 1 to dominate, and 2 to reproduce. What we have done is brought instinct to civilisation! We have progressed so far into humanity. We have developed the brain to the full. Most people are not aware of their instinct, but oh yes, it's still there. We are wild animals tamed by money, comfort and profit. Our minds still tell us to be the best, fight for your reputation, fight for your territory! But the problem nowadays, is that when you mix a democracy with instinct, things start to go wrong. It really does show, look at this forum for christs sake! This world has become to fake. We are supposed to be at peace (uk and us) but wikileaks released info on us spying on the uk??? What the fuck is this? Well, this guys... We are in the middle of an arms race, and as long as humanity lives, our instinct will also. Brace yourselves, and prepare for what might become a nuclear war. Nothing lasts forever, peace is only temporary, history proves that. Look around you, and perhaps you will suddenly be exposed to extreme corruption and insanity. And remember, no war is won, it is stopped!

anon ( 13th Jan 2011 - 18:38 GMT

Im british and i do believe britain is better than America. But remember America your time is over... China and India rule the Earth. China hates the US. India has better ties with Britain. YOU'RE NOTHING AMERICA. GET OVER IT.

leo holker: 16th Jan 2011 - 02:46 GMT

england i smell the country. i breathe it it is me. america like a halo a beacon fighting always fighting. death of my fore fathers in my mind. again we have to rise to the challange. weak and feeble, muster strength must over come. the evil is still in our midst. one last time. push. overcome.

ANON: 16th Jan 2011 - 13:03 GMT


eitwam jaiswal: 20th Jan 2011 - 10:03 GMT

Excelent presentation. Everyone should read it for insight and knowledge.

LCPL Pete: 23rd Jan 2011 - 07:31 GMT

Consider this. (1.) James Bond is a fag, (2.) the most popular name for newborn males in the UK is Mohammad, (3.) Bush may be seen an idiot - but it was always "yo Blair, not yo Bush!", and (4.) it is US bases in the UK - not the other way around.

The biggest blunder we as Americans ever made is continually supporting your limp-wristed, snaggle-tooth, faggoty tea-drinking country.

The simple fact remains: the UK, like most of western Europe is under attack and you are unable to do shit about it except curse the Americans.

LCPL Pete: 23rd Jan 2011 - 07:34 GMT

Regarding Iraq, remember that most of the problems in the middle east are due to British imperialism. In other words, these are problems you started. Now, you limey fucks wanna jump on our case for trying to clean up your mess.

Guess what, the sun doesn't rise and set on the british empire.

ANON: 24th Jan 2011 - 10:24 GMT


JohnAdams420: 8th Feb 2011 - 06:56 GMT

First of all America did not save England in WW2 it was a stupid german pilot who decided to bomb london instead of his military target when the british subsequently bombed berlin Hitler started targeting the public sectors and allowed for the raf to put up a reasonable defense

second of all one of the primary causes of the american revolution was the fact that great britain would not accept our colonial elitist class as equals. Proving that the british aristocracy preferred to look down on americans rather than maintain beneficial mercantile economy.

Thirdly after WW2 Great Britain no longer had the capital to maintain their influence in the middle east and America was asked to step in.
plus England did a fucking retarded job of dividing up the middle east. You would think they did it on purpose

And lastly

America, FUCK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother fucking day yeah,
America, FUCK YEAH!
Freedom is the only way yeah,
Terrorist your game is through cause now you have to answer too,
America, FUCK YEAH!
So lick my butt, and suck on my balls,
America, FUCK YEAH!

anon: 14th Feb 2011 - 22:44 GMT


Oliver: 19th Feb 2011 - 22:29 GMT

england has no freedom of speech! fuck england

BILL: 2nd Mar 2011 - 11:56 GMT


i wank: 6th Mar 2011 - 23:10 GMT

this is cunt mug face hole in your head fuck turd smells like rose
cookie eating blueberry wanker WANKER-------->>>........WANKER USA USA USA
USA USA USA USA USA USA ----------->>>..........WANKER. LO(very)L

logic: 15th Mar 2011 - 19:12 GMT

England is a festering shithole full of scrounging,lazy,junkies and foreigners!maybe thats why they're so jealous of every other country as they are losing their culture and country year by year.That can only be a good think haha

2005_to2011...really??!!: 18th Mar 2011 - 00:41 GMT

'Patriotism is the virtue of the viscious'Oscar Wilde

'Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!' ~Albert Einstein

'The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?' ~Pablo Casals

'To me, it seems a dreadful indignity to have a soul controlled by geography.' ~George Santayana

'Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.' ~George Jean Nathan

'It is not easy to see how the more extreme forms of nationalism can long survive when men have seen the Earth in its true perspective as a single small globe against the stars.' ~Arthur C. Clarke

'The stench of the trail of Ego in History. It is ego - ego, the fountain cry, origin, sole source of war.' George Meredith

'It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.' ~Voltaire

.......anything peeps above on this forum write gonna be quoted in years to come ?- no. coz blinkered idiocracy changes topic for debate from one whim to the next as history unfolds but common sense remains the same eternally. go watch some porn or something -jeez even thats better than wasting away hours of your life arguing over who'se limited, inaccurate information is more justifiable than the others, one up manship....these stupid forums of back and forth whining irritate me endlessley - i type something into google to search -this page seems to match -but what is it- an insightful educational piece from someone who has put sacrifice of man hours, effort and thought into an article - no -a 6 year long debate amongst cerebrally withered dip ships over a graffiti tag from either some middle class wannabe hippy who thinks he's getting some insightful anti globalisation message in or from some crack riddled street junkie who lets be frank should just get some small recognition for the fact he can spell England. If the internet where a country -you're all 3rd world citizens.

MR U.K.: 26th Mar 2011 - 09:33 GMT


we burnt your white house: 29th Mar 2011 - 14:52 GMT

god bless america land of the religious inbred

Anglo-Saxon: 1st Apr 2011 - 20:59 GMT

You got the usual American pricks who think they are Irish giving the Free Ireland shit, the up da RA shit. Bunch of fucking wannabe cunts. Nothing worse than a yank who thinks he is Oirish. Come over to the UK with that rotten mouth your fucking whore of a mother gave birth to. See how brave you are when you've got a few UAF boys surrounding you, ya lame yank cunts. Plastic Paddys in America are like a fucking living, breathing gimmick. Did they walk through a gift shop in Dublin and buy everything in sight? Right down to a green t-shirt with a four leaf clover on it! Desperate cunts, wanting to hold on to anything that might resemble a bit of culture, tradition and heritage. Cos let's face it. America has got Mickey Mouse and fuck all else. Bunch of inbred, obese cunts with more blacks than Africa.

Yankee pricks praising the IRA? Ive got 3 words for ya...................World Trade Centre!!! LOL, get to fuck you yank cunts. You didn't like terrorism much when it visited you on 9/11!!! We all saw the news, we saw you pissing your trousers in fear, crying and screaming. Bunch of fucking girls.

America, the land that still speaks the language of it's colonial masters. America, the land that is in such awe of the UK that it used the red, white and blue for it's own.

Brit : 3rd Apr 2011 - 16:55 GMT


we burnt your white house: 3rd Apr 2011 - 19:34 GMT

brit hes spot on so fuck off you middleclass twat

andrew : 5th Apr 2011 - 15:50 GMT

gino you fag rome didnt go all the way to the scottish border they went as far as newcastle fucking bellend

anon ( 6th Apr 2011 - 04:41 GMT

you guys are retarded, England is another writer's name.

retard: 6th Apr 2011 - 20:38 GMT

yeah but theres nothing better than slagging off americans and there fading empire not that they really scrapped anyone for it cold war my arse

........................: 13th Apr 2011 - 20:01 GMT

that is not nice to England and its all wrong because im English and im proud of it you little Amercians

Lolage: 13th Apr 2011 - 23:00 GMT

I live in england and I got to say one thing.

what a shithole: 13th Apr 2011 - 23:37 GMT

fuck off then you flabby cousin fuckin bellend

England Born N Raised.: 17th Apr 2011 - 21:59 GMT

American G.I, your comments and opinion was comical, showed your narrow mindedness and made me laugh. America didnt 'Save' us or 'Win' ww2. lol In fact if you look into the history you will find that the Germans invaded most of europe, with the exception of England. We, as a nation, men, woman and children, including both my grandads fought them of for 2 whole years till 1941, (granted that doesnt sound long but we are a small country with a small population). Yes you did send us supplys, that was really brave of you (sarcasm) I have put that because americans dont realize when us brits do it. No, it was only when you guys got your ass handed to you buy the japs that you joined.Otherwise you wouldnt have! Then you showed your unbelievable disrespect for civilian life buy Nuking them!!!!! You couldnt out fight them so u just dropped 2 big ass fucking bombs! Woman, old people and kids, those who lived got cancer, and all other radioative illnesses. England has been proven to be one of if not the best fighting forces in the world. the only thing you have we dont are pure numbers.I have served with the US guys in Iraq and you lot are un diciplined idiots, who are pig headed with no sence of the big picture, u shoot first ask later which is why you guys keep killing our team with so called frendly fire. We however, asses situations quickly and react affectivly. our police dont have guns, unless they are the 'armed police', and that means they are very highly trained to deal with all situations, without a wepon, even though the public could have any type of wepon includung guns. they dont just resort to pulling out a pistol like your cops, ours actually use there brains. funny enuf, one of my friends is a armed policeman who was offered a jon in the usa to teach the NYPD S.W.A.T recrutes how to fire guns but he turned them down, you guys didnt teach us!!!! look at statistics you dumb fuck, your crime rate is much, much higher, your the no.1 cotributor to the green house effect, you guys have little to none knowledge of the outside world, i had 1 american in the forces say to me europe was a country, lol, and another tell me about this place called 'Ibiza'. lol all of europe knows the world!!! America has typical sterio types of other countrys because all they show on tv is american shows, they buy very funny british shows like the office, or good films like the italian job and they 'americanize it'. they do this with everything, into there one type of humor, so they only kno what there told instead of fact, like they think we all have 'queens english' accents and have bad teeth. we help the sick and ill, regardless! you guys, die and are not helped if you cant pay. your education is way overpriced, and not very good, compaired to ours, fresh food over there is very expencive, and junk food is cheap and you get large portions (like a small nato air drop to a starving nation) hence the obesity issues. Americans always say they are irish or itslisn or scottish in phrases like, 'you can kiss my irish ass'. Now unless your are from there YOU ARE AMERICAN!!!! your not Irish etc cuz your family came from there 200 years ago, it means you have irish roots etc!!! the reason you/they do this is because they want to feel like they have a history and culture, like the Brits or Europe, because there culture is only 400yrs old. But in actual fact America has culture dating back 1000's yrs, but its native amarican culture, and they dont wanna remember thst, they only want to remember white history. im half Italian but i dont say im English italian, i say im english cuz i was born in ENGLAND, you have a leader who isnt that good, he is there just because every black person wanted a black presedent, cuz there still hung up on the slave trade, it finished like 200yrs ago, get over it. and lastly, i think THE WORLD should be tsken out of your rule as you think you can do whatever you fucking want!!! your so bad that they made a film about it purly to make fun of you called 'Team America'. but you prob didnt understand they were doing it, cuz it wasnt in your face over the top slapstick comedy.

SCOTLAND BORN AND RAISED.: 18th Apr 2011 - 12:56 GMT


anon ( 25th Apr 2011 - 18:26 GMT

Hey England, can’t believe you British subjects (not citizens) still subsidize those royal inbred parasites.

Now that I got that out of the way---I don’t know why the British people have such a hard-on for Americans, perhaps it started back when an Army of farmers (with a little help from our friends the French, God bless them) put the whup on your asses (excuse me, arses) twice. After that it was all downhill as the world entered the American era and British stiff upper lips became British limp lower dicks. On a more positive note, I wouldn’t feel too bad about losing your colony here, after all, we were fighting on our home turf and you had no more chance of winning here as we would’ve had we tried to cross an ocean in wooden ships and invade England. That’s right, we were your 18th century version of Vietnam (only wish we’d learned that lesson before 58,000 of my brothers-in-arms became KIA’s in that country). You still managed to raise hell for 8 years, no shame in that. While were on this subject, interesting how Anglos, such as many of our forefathers were, excelled when emboldened with the American spirit instead of hog-tied by rigid British society.

But what I don’t get is why England must continually dishonor the men resting under the thousands of white crosses in your backyard by portraying America as a Johnny-come-lately to WWII. Forget Lend Lease, 3rd Army, 8th Air force, Omaha Beach, Bastogne, etc. etc., to you ingrates, our contribution to the war effort in the ETO amounted to nothing. Take time to give Mother Nature a little credit too because were it not for the Channel, Hitler would have blitzkrieged your limey behinds into the North Sea. I don’t need to remind you all that it was you appeasers who punked out at Dunkirk with the maxim “Retreat and live to fight again”, a polite way of saying you chickened out (I can’t imagine anybody making 300,000 armed Americans leave anyplace before we’re ready to leave). Always found it interesting how you had the boats to save those lightweights but not to reinforce them. Had you wimps had any cajones, you would’ve made a fight of it then instead of turning tail and losing a foothold on the Continent, which American fighting men had to buy back with blood at Omaha Beach. The real tragedy though is how we let a British cigar-smoking closet homosexual further drag out the war by whining Patton to a halt for the sake of that Ghetto-on-the-Thames, another Anglo-centrist misstep that resulted in millions more lives lost or consigned to living under the Communist yoke for 40 years. Bottom line is we could’ve sat out the entire war while we developed the bomb and spared thousands of American lives.

Bump to pop music where again we find Brits thinking that nothing good comes out of America and you guys write and record all the great songs even though virtually every British pop artist sites a Yank as their inspiration. Sure UK music is great, but without American Blues and Jazz, there would be no Beatles or British Invasion because there’d be no Rock ‘n Roll, an uniquely American invention. Anyway, I’ll take the Doors, the Dead, and Nirvana any day. We also have (had), far and away, the best rock axe men, i.e. Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Randy Rhoads, to name a few, while yours tend to be over-rated and learn from copying ours.

In the early 70’s while assigned to NATO, I had the pleasure of serving with West Germans, Danes, Belgians, among many other fine soldiers from around Europe—and the displeasure to serve with you English, whom I found to be a bunch of stuck up snobs.

Get a life UK. Start by spending less time sniveling and obsessing on empire lost, and try to establish some redeeming value for your society.

So, God bless America; Viva la France; Germany Uber Alles; Wail Britannica

Love them Irish too. IRA rocks!

Joe: 27th Apr 2011 - 04:24 GMT

Why can't we all get along and work together to kill the fucking terrorist

England Born N Raised.: 28th Apr 2011 - 20:07 GMT

to anon- ur clearly a cunt, do u know anything about the IRA and why they 'fight'??? What they do is blow up police or busses full of school kids, pretty much are terrorists like the taliban. Do u support them also?? u have just proved why Americans are known as the morons of the world, narrow minded and have no real concept of the outside world, stupid twat.

greg: 29th Apr 2011 - 13:23 GMT

Wow, what a bunch of idiots on these threads and all that over a graffiti dissing another tagger named England? How moronic are you people?

Matt: 1st May 2011 - 02:08 GMT

A lot of people need to get their "facts" right on here. Also, maybe I'm the uneducated person here, but when did the US beat the UK twice? I assume the people that have said this mean America's war for independance (not sure whether "beat" is the correct word though)is the first time, but when was this second conflict?

boston: 1st May 2011 - 09:05 GMT

boston tea party

bill: 1st May 2011 - 09:41 GMT

to boston -the government are taxing us up too the eye balls may be we should have a (coffee party) ha!!!!!!

Dominic Jermano: 2nd May 2011 - 06:31 GMT

It was American and Prescott Bush and Henry Ford who were funding Hitler to bomb Britian. I hardly think America was saving Europe. Furthermore it was Russia who finally stopped Hitler not the US. Prescott was never prosecuted for aiding and abetting the enemy Why? Because he was financing the Manhattan Project and forced Harry Truman to use it on Japan, despite Japans earlier surrender. This way Prescott could claim it was his A-bomb that ended the War in the Pacific while discrediting the fact he was aiding Hitler financially. Bush Republican CIA people are the real enemy in the world. Not the UK. In fact God Bless the UK. Fuck ass Americans wish they paid their taxes now instead of bankrupt and in endless pit of financial debt and ruin. Democracy sucks you fucking idiots. At least the King of England was right to lead the people toward financial stability. Democracy is not the is the problem in the world. Look what they are doing to Libya. Kadaffi had jobs for his people. They had surplus money. Money that the US, and your misguided leprechaun Camron stole from the libya people, and to bomb and kill innocent people there. I don't like Tony Bliar, or Camron, but it does not mean the Crown is bad. God Bless UK.... God Damn you punk idiot Americans.

anon: 2nd May 2011 - 12:59 GMT

what a load of shit, sure your name is dominic jermano? or is it dominic GERMANY.

Geronimo: 3rd May 2011 - 02:41 GMT

It's Geronimo... you piece of $hit

anon: 3rd May 2011 - 07:57 GMT

from piece of shit-sorry hope i didn't affend you.

anon: 3rd May 2011 - 08:00 GMT


Tommy: 3rd May 2011 - 14:59 GMT


Simonthecrescent: 7th May 2011 - 22:17 GMT

New York is a fucking shithole (apart from that little bit of Manhatten). Britain isn't a shithole it's just going down the plug hole fast :-/

IDUNKNOW: 10th May 2011 - 16:28 GMT

I'm American, grew up in London and go back and forth a lot... all I can say is its a round world last time I checked... as an American living in London I do get a lot of this on a daily basis (so this is really interesting)... I will say American's are more hospitible they are just so excited to meet someone who isn't from America that they make you feel at home and in fact roll out the red carpet and welcome you there... English can be really cool too (all of my best friends are English) but are harder to get along with at first, though once you break that cultural barrier they can be some of the sweetest most sensitive people on earth :)
You CAN judge an entire population based on one person, IE their political leader, which if you've ever met more than one person in your life (I'm assuming most of you have) is likened to saying they are all identical.
One of my main points is; I'm going to reference Bill Hicks here when asked are you proud to be an American he responded... I didn't have a lot to do with it you know... my parents had sex there... that was about it O_o
If you've made it 3 years down to this post... and haven't written a comment yet but are about to take another swing at someone else's culture I saw this really amazing experiment on the BBC about discriminmation... The lady who invented it is Jane Elliott and she does a demonstration on discrimination / racisim based on the colour of people's eyes (she separate people into two groups - Brown Eye and Blue Eyes)... It is amazing and I think there are many people that should be made aware of it...

Kind regards.

p.s I found a video on youtube to start you off, if you're interested but I haven't watched it myself

bill: 13th May 2011 - 10:16 GMT


bill: 13th May 2011 - 10:44 GMT


IDUNKNOW: 13th May 2011 - 13:08 GMT

Thanks Bill,

Really the best way for people to learn what other cultures are all about is to travel & live there.. they say travel is to racisim like education is to stupidity.

anon: 15th May 2011 - 10:22 GMT


bill from London: 23rd May 2011 - 09:50 GMT

i've read some of th ecomments made abour how thye USA saved us in two wars , well listern lived in London as a kid in ww2 you r country done nothing ....thats correct NOTHING for us what we didn't pay for VERY costly.
you only came in in ww2 because of the cowdly jap barstards & becuse if we had been beaten by Hitler which we would have been the next fighting would have been on USA soil.

Read proper history books not the crap from Hollywood.
Sure a lot of US men did fight for us because they wanted too. And I THANK THEM ALL but your country didn't not without we paid

anon: 26th May 2011 - 10:16 GMT

who is the censors on this site?do they just leave in or take off anything they wan't ?too the wankers in charge go on prove my point. thank you.

jock THE SCOT. : 26th May 2011 - 10:52 GMT


kickbrtn: 26th May 2011 - 15:15 GMT


Hi all Brit Bloody Bastards & Skunk Smelling Retards,

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Understood, you all Brit shit-filled scumbags & sick gay fucking morons ???

kickbrtn: 26th May 2011 - 15:18 GMT

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kickbrtn: 26th May 2011 - 15:20 GMT

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kickbrtn: 26th May 2011 - 15:22 GMT

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anon: 26th May 2011 - 17:45 GMT

you can get the porn pictures of this its not clever.

Michael: 27th May 2011 - 06:38 GMT

You need to take a good look at America, and not while the anthem is playing. They say porn was found in Bin Ladens possession when he was killed. Osama was elected on the Go Daddy platform. America was forced to look at what has been called, "Michelle Obama's big ass." The little women and girls that America has been saying it has been fighting for, well they don't resemble Osama's wives, but they can be seen on the internet getting fucked in the ass by their white male counterparts, and they get the police judges so excited that the commit crime and toot their own horn, just not at Guantanamo. Now they use the brainwashing technology to torture, while pointing at other countries as terrorist hideouts. Fuck Ass Americans should be put on a no fly list, and their brainwashing bitches told to shut the fuck up lying bitches. A white Congressman enjoyed a Fuck Ass American right in front of Obama after his State of the Nation Address. Guess that means the brainwashing agency is Fuck Assing the nation.

Michael: 27th May 2011 - 06:38 GMT

You need to take a good look at America, and not while the anthem is playing. They say porn was found in Bin Ladens possession when he was killed. Osama was elected on the Go Daddy platform. America was forced to look at what has been called, "Michelle Obama's big ass." The little women and girls that America has been saying it has been fighting for, well they don't resemble Osama's wives, but they can be seen on the internet getting fucked in the ass by their white male counterparts, and they get the police judges so excited that the commit crime and toot their own horn, just not at Guantanamo. Now they use the brainwashing technology to torture, while pointing at other countries as terrorist hideouts. Fuck Ass Americans should be put on a no fly list, and their brainwashing bitches told to shut the fuck up lying bitches. A white Congressman enjoyed a Fuck Ass American right in front of Obama after his State of the Nation Address. Guess that means the brainwashing agency is Fuck Assing the nation.

Michael: 27th May 2011 - 06:55 GMT

Big Brother federal government is deleting my blog, like they've already deleted my files and block access to my webpage, some blogs may not get through.

Michael: 27th May 2011 - 07:09 GMT

I've tried to send this blog through once before. In the City of Oakland, Ca., the whole community is on brainwashing. They use it for torture and manipulation. The police, courts, and lawyers are involved, as well as local government. If I were to sue, I would have to go to an outside lawyer, because the whole community is blaming their actions on the brainwashing organization, or they don't confess to their crimes at all. They are trying to censure talking about their use of the brainwashing technology. They make threats as landlords, fines, fees, the tamper with food, private property, bank finances, and credit records. This has be led by both the black and white female community. There are shootings regularly and UC Berkley has claimed rapes regularly. White girls stalk me regularly with nefarious end results. The Veteran's Administration has participated in the torture and lied on occasion. The area is under the mysterious leadership of Santa Barbara Lee, who has yet to comment on the brainwashing and her black women's groups. This area is reponsible for the death of Michael Jackson and others, and they are still trying to kill people today.

anon: 27th May 2011 - 08:59 GMT

(to kickbrtn) pathetic shit keep your porn of the site,go to a brothel you pathetic turd thats if you don't go blind wanking first.


"One love, one heart, one destiny."
— Bob Marley

BILL: 10th Jun 2011 - 10:41 GMT


Yanks are the dumbest cunts: 15th Jun 2011 - 17:20 GMT

Without England there would be no america you backward fucks.It was White English that colonised America and you stepped in right at the end when everyone was practically dead you little pussies, everyone knows Brits were the bravest fighters in that war and didn't we take out nazi aircraft by ourselves??? don't remember any little coward yanks doing that .You have English names stupid cunts and you have the fuck cheek to say shit about us?You win wars because of money not bravery just like russians.

yank/chap: 18th Jun 2011 - 16:30 GMT

detest England and America both backward inbred,self obsessed,cesspits both countries brimming with scum.

kickbritain: 20th Jun 2011 - 07:51 GMT

To all queen pussy-licking li'l li'l cute (and "braaaave") and cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute brits,
USA is an immigrant country full of europeans(NOT ONLY BRITS) and I HAVE A LOT OF RESPECT FOR RUSSIANS JUST LIKE ANY RATIONAL-MINDED AMERICAN.So, while you brits weep like a baby for not giving you your "deserved' credit for taking out nazi aircrafts all by yourselves(????????????????) with the help of american fighters and pilots (study history a little bit instead of singing your disgusting royal song for a change), I would also like to point out that 80%-90% of the nazi military machine was lost against the war with Soviets (or Russians whom you illiterate brits hate so much). However, the biggest tragedy is that
Americans now realise that they have fought the 2nd world war on the WRONG SIDE.They would have joined the Nazis if Hitler did not torture the Jews.In that case, they would have kicked brit butt even more harder, captured and annexed canada and liberated other poor countries by force, and maybe help firmly plant the Nazi swastika in london (UK's only city, others are shitty).How do you like you cute brit butt then, assholes and disgusting motherfuckers ?

kickbritain: 20th Jun 2011 - 08:04 GMT

To anon,
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kickbritain: 20th Jun 2011 - 08:06 GMT

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image 47790

kickbritain: 22nd Jun 2011 - 05:58 GMT


anon: 23rd Jun 2011 - 10:23 GMT

to kickbritain: i bet your waiting to go on next, which one of those brown eyed beauties are you going to pleasure yourself with? i see the monkeys looking at you perv.

kickbritain: 24th Jun 2011 - 16:09 GMT

Hey anon,Only brits,especially like you can think about mating with monkeys and dogs.

anon: 26th Jun 2011 - 11:18 GMT


Jummm...: 27th Jun 2011 - 11:30 GMT

I hate England.

koz: 29th Jun 2011 - 00:09 GMT

funny how all these british people are on here "America is shit" whilst using an american made OS and browser to be on the internet, and probably after watching american stuff on tv, listening to american music on an american (probs apple) device, eating at american restaurants playing, american video games. im from finland but live in england and i hear "i hate yanks" and "fucking stupid yanks" all the time, british people are the biggest idiots going too, but ill get into that some other time

ANON: 29th Jun 2011 - 09:39 GMT


joker: 3rd Jul 2011 - 17:40 GMT

Americans don't understand the difference between England and Britain! what a bunch of backward twats

Wow Wee: 5th Jul 2011 - 17:15 GMT

Bunch of sad idiots cop on would you , a 4 year old thread about some bad art graffiti shows how much evolution is going backwards instead of forward...If this is the society of people i have to bring my kids up around , well then i hope theres life on Mars im sure it would be far more superior in interlectual levels this thread shows how many degenerates are out there...

Wow Wee: 5th Jul 2011 - 18:19 GMT

Dublin boy your a twat im an IRISH person from Dublin and i can say that we do like real Irish Americans and have respect for the British despite our history you dont speak for all of us so shut the fuck up you dick , and stop disrespecting our language no one here understands its so stop using it to make youself look good your a fucking embarressment thick...I fucking hate individual people speaking for all of us were a tolerant people so stop making us to be like all these xenophobic fuckers above...Take off your coat grab a drink and socialise

Markus: 8th Jul 2011 - 19:15 GMT

I have changed a lot since I previously posted. The world is full of patriotic shit, but why is this? Clearly patriots are just brainwashed by pro-war propaganda from the media. You patriots are just puppets for the elite. But what will you do when you realise we are all one species, divided by a long history of wars, religion, etc. I am truely shocked at this extremely long argument, which seems to have no sign of resolution. It is time the worlds people actually grows up, and started to work together, rather than against eachother. And no I'm not a communist, hippy, or some Eco-freak, I'm just a man with a good cause, and sense.

Good luck to you all, enjoy killing eachother!

(Maniacs) Join the zeitgeist movement!

ANON: 10th Jul 2011 - 10:55 GMT


Indien_a_paris: 13th Jul 2011 - 03:45 GMT

I am an Indian and lived more than 5 years each in the US and UK, now I live in France. I am one of those people who did not move around the world for "job" opportunities - I don't need a job nor have I ever had one so I am very different from the economic migrants these countries get.

As far as I am concerned both the US and UK are disgusting countries - however if I had to chose I would rather live in the US anytime. I spent a total of 10 years living in New York and while I was in the US - I never hated Americans or hated living in America - I always felt happy there and felt very "positive" as well as very optimistic and energetic.

Whereas in UK - after the first 3 months my energy levels went to hell, I felt so negative as I never felt before in my life and had severe bouts of Depression. The weather is one thing - but what really made me sick in the UK is British people. They are the worst, most barbaric, UNCOUTH and uncivilized dirty people in the world. It's a huge myth that British are sophisticated - if you know their history and culture they were always Barbarians...only 1% of British are cultured and sophisticated and throughout the history of Britain very few people at the top have ruled over everyone else. The majority of Brits are the most pathetic people in the world. They also have the worst reputation in Europe for their Drunk disgusting behaviour. Talk to a Brit when he is sober and they can't even open their mouths - once they have 5 doses of alcohol then they start talking - but they talk only about how great Britain is and how superior the British are and how everyone is so inferior to them...ya right. If you were so bloody superior then why is your government constantly begging foreigners to Invest in the UK?? Why is your government handing out British passports freely to Criminals who spend £5 or £10 million to buy one?? British people are cold and nasty and evil to the core - even with each other they have no attachments or compassion. British families are completely dysfunctional - and god help the kids who are growing up in UK - the United Nations officially declared UK as the worst country to raise a child in the western world and said its worse than even most 3rd world countries. The crime situation in UK is also nothing to be proud of - and more than 300,000 brits emigrate each year from GREAT Britain... if it were that great why would they all be leaving??? The only people who want to live in UK now are - desperate eastern europeans, asylum seekers who want to misuse the British benefits system and high level criminals who are given protection by the UK government as long as they bring money into the UK. People with real class and sophistication don't even want to step into the UK anymore... there was a time when Britain attracted royal families from India and other countries - now none of them want to go and deal with the shit you see on British streets.

As for Americans - they are fake but not deliberately - it's just their nature... they are a bit ignorant as well however Americans are much more positive and happier people... and a lot more fun to be with than stuck up miserable asshole Brits. I moved out of the US because I needed to be closer to my country of origin and also wanted some culture - America is still a great country for people who seek true "equal opportunity and are willing to work hard"... I am happy in France now thankfully and still visit the US several times however I would never step foot in filthy Britain ever again. Once I landed at terminal 4 Heathrow and felt like I have come to some 4th world country...the quality of Immigrants UK attracts now is the worst in the world and no one even wants to visit the UK anymore. France gets 80 million visitors a year.. Italy gets about 70 million... whereas UK gets only 24 or 25 million.... and then they make such a big fuss about it...Ugly Britain... most depressing place on earth with the most nasty people on earth... when I hear a Brit taking in Paris with that attitude I just want to slap them. One more thing - Brits are very angry these days you know why?? Because their former colonies like USA and India are much more powerful than them now and don't give a shit for any "special relationship" with the dirty Brits....according to one recent headline in a British newspaper it read "Move over it's Indias turn to Rule over you"....and it shall happen soon...some of the top British companies are already owned by Indians and an Indian is the wealthiest man in UK.

Crooked Yellow Teeth shits....

ANON: 13th Jul 2011 - 07:12 GMT

TO (indien~a~paris) your running out of countriES to live! DID they all find you out as the lazy load of( PIG SHIT YOU ARE?)poor France whatever did they do too deserve you,i have a great respect for (Indian and Pakistan people,) i have allways found them hard working people. OH! I FORGOT SCUM LIKE YOU DON'T WORK. HOPE FOR YOUR SAKE THE FRENCH WILL PUT UP WITH YOUR (CROOKED YELLOW TEETH AND SHITTY BREATH)GOOD BY MY FRIEND HAVE GOOD LIFE NOT!!!!!!!!FROM A HARD WORKING BRIT.

kickbritain: 15th Jul 2011 - 06:15 GMT

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ANON: 15th Jul 2011 - 08:16 GMT


England: 22nd Jul 2011 - 04:32 GMT


Englishness: 27th Jul 2011 - 02:29 GMT

Fuck England? It's not England that's bending you over and giving it you up the rear,'s Mexico!

anon: 27th Jul 2011 - 10:16 GMT

poor mexico still blamed for the Alimo! DAVY CROCKET must be spinning around in his grave no offence ment DC but you must have known who really was to blame.

anon: 27th Jul 2011 - 10:16 GMT

poor mexico still blamed for the Alimo! DAVY CROCKET must be spinning around in his grave no offence ment DC but you must have known who really was to blame.

fuckbirts: 28th Jul 2011 - 19:37 GMT

Fucking bitch brits

fuckbirts: 28th Jul 2011 - 19:37 GMT

Fucking bitch brits

fuckbirts: 28th Jul 2011 - 19:42 GMT

All you bitch ass motherfucking brits cant talk english for shit, always motherfucking mumble jumble, dont know what the fuck you faggots are talking about. And they talking fast like fucking monkeys. Why dont you all stick that old fucking language shove up your motherfucking faggot ass, Mate!

fuckbirts: 28th Jul 2011 - 19:48 GMT

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fuckbirts: 28th Jul 2011 - 19:48 GMT

Although I have to say english pussy is pretty good for my american dick, these young cunts suck it for gooood

anon: 29th Jul 2011 - 09:00 GMT


kickbritain: 31st Jul 2011 - 07:18 GMT

To anon, I hang out in gents toilets cause I hate to relieve myself in open air, unlike you. Anyway best of luck with your brit micro-dick !!!

anon: 31st Jul 2011 - 14:20 GMT


anon: 7th Aug 2011 - 08:58 GMT


Patrick: 10th Aug 2011 - 04:37 GMT

Come on people let's stop the bickering already both England and USA are very good countries i know this because i have been to both. Every country including Australia have their positives and their negatives although i have to say America's negatives outweigh the positives and England is the other way around only the weather in England is bad the rest is pretty good much more attractive women too ;) Fair enough America is a cheap place to live but at what price? Your infrastructure is failing you have to spend 2.5 trillion dollars to upgrade it from class D to class B and don't even get me started on the obnoxious arrogant behavior MANY americans display atleast English people are polite and welcoming even to American tourist's and then you spit in England's face. I only met a very few obnoxious English people in London i went to a lot of places in England and many of them were very respectable,caring and humble people and don't forget America whether you like it or not England CREATED USA and Australia and most of Canada we are all England's children only us Australian's have the guts and the humbleness to admit it. America was also a prison colony of England but you cover up your dirty history because of your arrogant pride but most Aussie's don't give a rats ARSE not ass stop butchering the queens english we will never go republic because we are quite happy being a part of the british commonwealth more Australian's go to England than USA not just because of loyalty but because it just seems a lot better.

english: 10th Aug 2011 - 11:11 GMT

Cant believe this thread has been going on for so long,its just took me half an hour to read through it,the england v usa debate will continue for a a long time to come,lets not forget that we are both democratic countries and have had our ''difficulties'' in the past,but theres no getting away from the fact that modern america as it exists today would not exist were it not for the english settlers who founded the first settlements in the early 17th century,the british colonies in america were very successful for well over 150 years,until the british government attempted to impose excessive taxes to fund their wars in europe against the french ,leading to US war of independance,a war in which britain not only fought america but french and spanish forces as well,this was the first time the 2 countries fought,the 2nd time was the war of 1812 which lasted for a couple of years and ended in a draw,we nearly came to blows again during the US civil war when we came close to supporting the south,thankfully it blew over (that would be an interesting debate!).america entered ww1 in 1917 but did not actually make any real contributions until the british and french armies had the germans on the run in mid 1918,as for ww2 if Hitler had not declared war on america they might not have even entered the european theatre,although they provided huge material support to the Uk under lend-lease it was all paid back (with interest ) after the war,truth be known it was the soviet red army who beat the nazi's.since the war both countries have had their moments (vietnam,NI,falklands etc) you have probably guessed i am English and proud of it,i like america and americans ,i have met a few and they've all been nice friendly guys,i am also an ex serviceman and personally speaking the professionalism and expertise of the british armed forces is second to none,and lets make no mistake abot it the SAS are THE best,US delta force is based on them.Both countries have their goods and bads but we have been allies for a long time and its a shame to see so much animosity on both sides,sorry for the history lesson but there is a lot of misguided info on this thread and i just wanted to put the record straight.

Paul My Cock: 12th Aug 2011 - 18:33 GMT

Fuck me are you lot still arguing over England? We have the best riots in the fucking world!

mitch: 12th Aug 2011 - 20:40 GMT


anon: 13th Aug 2011 - 09:58 GMT


Phil miMuffin: 17th Aug 2011 - 08:44 GMT

Fuck off camel breath

anon: 17th Aug 2011 - 09:38 GMT


Love England: 17th Aug 2011 - 10:39 GMT

Understand this America, we BUILT the internet, we are the brains that made it all possible. Heard of Alan Tuning? How about Tim berners lee? The British physicist who GAVE you the internet....HTML, the language you speak comes from where?

Phil miMuffin: 17th Aug 2011 - 11:24 GMT

up yours!
Cunt chops, fanny breath, donkey dick!

anon: 17th Aug 2011 - 18:55 GMT


Mr. Charlie Muggings: 18th Aug 2011 - 05:54 GMT

i dont get this tread at all, the americans are a friendly bunch. i remember the first time i visted miami, and met a bloke called raul in the airport bar. nice bloke, he offered to toss my salad in the mens restroom, and after a 8 flight i was happy for him to run his tongue up and down my crack and around my ring piece. im not a fudge packer though.

American expat in the UK: 26th Aug 2011 - 15:09 GMT

It is true that nationalism is as strong here in the UK as in America. They're less outspoken about it, but also it seems as if they have a mistrust of all things foreign. Not to agree with the American nationalists here, but I think too many Americans believe than the US is somehow the worst of all possible worlds. When in fact, the only place on earth that is better to live is Canada. You may long to live somewhere in Europe, hear about people that do, and envy them, or visit yourself for vacation, and long to stay. But there are some things these people aren't telling you, and there's a lot you don't see on your trip. The cost of living is outrageous in Western Europe, and it's getting much much worse by the month. Even the good destinations in Eastern Europe can often be much more expensive than their American counterparts. NYC for instance by European standards is cheap. This is why you see so many Europeans there, and this is why you see them shopping so much. It's highly unlikely that they would ever report their purchases to EU customs as well unless they were a complete moron. Go online and message someone from the UK that you think it's outrageous that you have to pay 50 pence per litre for petrol in the US. Also, their sales tax is 20 percent here. Higher in many other EU nations. Another thing you may not realize is that the number of middle class families in the EU is shockingly small. It might as well not even exist. You have dynastic wealth, and you have the lower classes. Although, it is definitely the easiest place in the world to be poor, you certainly have little chance of becoming rich without inheriting it. In America, this is not yet the case. So, there is no reason to engage in a nationalistic pissing contest with the Brits. They deserve our sympathy(not in a condescending way), because they'll never have the benefits of American citizenship without first submitting to our government, and our people. And trust me on this, there is no better citizenship to possess than US citizenship. And don't fall into the absurd notion that somehow the british are more intelligent because their accents make them sound so. In America they only allow people with acceptably clear accents into the public arena. Most of the British-born people here don't sound intelligent at all. They sound as ridiculous as any of our ignorant, rural hillbillies, and they're half as bright. Also it's funny how when you talk about the royal family they say "You couldn't understand, you're not British." when the truth is they've been conditioned to admire the royals during their formative years, and they have no logical argument for the defense of such brainwashing, so they say "You just don't get it." Sure GB, sure I don't.

Stevie Divers: 26th Aug 2011 - 18:25 GMT

Fuck all the idiots of all the aforementioned countries. A lot of Americans are right-wing, pig ignorant, egocentric people whose hubris defines them. Not all of them though. The same goes for the arrogant and unapproachable English who haven't even the common sense the riot in somebody else's back yard. You ain't supposed to shit on your own doorstep!! I feel sorry for the decent English people who have to deal with scum like that running wild. I'm proud that Scottish people didn't tear up their own street(well not proud, just not disappointed) It shows that despite what the false stereotypes say about us, we are a decent civilised country which harbours the greatest city in the world.... Glasow!! Fuck all you ignorant felchers

pal: 29th Aug 2011 - 09:04 GMT

to stevie divers:whats a felcher?

Jackmiester: 30th Aug 2011 - 17:21 GMT

Stevie you are one silly fucking cunt, you have absolutley infuriated me. You are a fucking stupid homeless scottish arsehole. Please never try and get into a serious conversation, ever again. I feel very, very sorry for you, this must be very embarassing for you. So long penis - regards viscount Clemence.

anon: 31st Aug 2011 - 09:41 GMT


jackmiester: 31st Aug 2011 - 10:42 GMT

Anon dont lie you havent got a wife you are ginger

anon: 31st Aug 2011 - 14:34 GMT


Jackmiester: 31st Aug 2011 - 17:09 GMT

I put it to you Mr anonymous that you are a ridiculous, pathetic spectacle of a human being who like that sweaty sock jock Stevie, should learn to shut there fucking mouths. Especially when a gentleman in my social position requests for you to do so. So long penis.

Stevie Divers: 31st Aug 2011 - 17:36 GMT

I agree with Jackmiester, i am a silly no good crack-head gypo. Jackmiester, i am your biggest fan, i salute you brother.

mitch: 31st Aug 2011 - 17:59 GMT

American expat in the UK,if the states is the place you describe it to be,what the fuck are you doing here,why do all the yanks i've ever come across have such a huge inferiority complex,and struggle to justify ''the american dream'',truth is americans have a blade runner replicant complex,dreaming of a culture and glorious history they just don't possess,this shows itself best in the way hollywood re-writes history at will.I've visited the states several times,some nice people,but a lot are obese and a hell of a lot are ignorant of anything that goes on in the next state never mind country!

Anyone: 31st Aug 2011 - 20:38 GMT

Increible, i just got here and see this topic has got almost six years, stop fighting like brainless retards you Yankees and Brits, there's no reason for this discussion, it's like a father and his son doing it, c'mon!!

Jackmiester: 31st Aug 2011 - 20:50 GMT

Anyone and Mitch, shut up and become one of my followers. Stevie Divers listened and now he has became quite respectable. imbeciles, so long peni.

anon : 1st Sep 2011 - 09:08 GMT

to jackmIeter did i hit a nerve you piece of SHIT GET A LIFE WANKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackmiester: 1st Sep 2011 - 10:03 GMT

you like men. so long penis.

Anyone: 1st Sep 2011 - 10:08 GMT

ohh!!! anon you going to take that Jackmiester is right u are a penis

Anyone: 1st Sep 2011 - 10:09 GMT

GOOO! Jackmiester, you should run for primeminister, you are amazing

anon : 2nd Sep 2011 - 09:45 GMT

to jackmiester : i see anyone wishes he was right up you, you sound like a lovin match!sounds like you got a penis fixsation pee wee

Jackmiester: 3rd Sep 2011 - 08:13 GMT

To anon, you might want to take English language lessons as your spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar etc. is absolutely hopeless. Absolutely revolting commoner.

ANON: 3rd Sep 2011 - 08:49 GMT


Jackmiester: 3rd Sep 2011 - 09:29 GMT

I beg your pardon, I will have you know I am English through and through, London born and bred.

ANON: 3rd Sep 2011 - 14:40 GMT

Nice of you too take the blame! i'am the one from Peru.BRODDY IRRIOT.

ANON: 3rd Sep 2011 - 14:40 GMT

Nice of you too take the blame! i'am the one from Peru.BRODDY IRRIOT.

Jackmiester: 3rd Sep 2011 - 14:52 GMT

Oh really, how embarrassing for you.

Jackmiester: 3rd Sep 2011 - 14:52 GMT

It must be awful for you.

Jackmiester: 3rd Sep 2011 - 14:58 GMT

I will be back tomorrow to continue this argument as i have a really busy life, look forward to terrorising you all tomorrow.

esp: 3rd Sep 2011 - 18:31 GMT

i knew it. british and american. they all look the same and are just as pathetic as one another.

jim: 4th Sep 2011 - 18:25 GMT

To esp. fuck off, you dirty foreigner.

jim: 4th Sep 2011 - 18:25 GMT

To esp. fuck off, you dirty foreigner.

humpty cunty: 6th Sep 2011 - 00:44 GMT

us gay

England Stinks: 14th Sep 2011 - 06:13 GMT

The government here is fixed, the job market is fixed. England is is not England it is full with Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs and Muslims. What a sewer, can't wait to leave.

ANON: 14th Sep 2011 - 08:48 GMT


ANON: 16th Sep 2011 - 11:31 GMT


I hate Scotland: 20th Sep 2011 - 11:08 GMT

Fuck off Anon you skirt wearing ginger headed twat! You sweaty socks are just jealous of the superior English you haggis eating cunt! Deep fried mars bars indeed! Fucking idiots! Build up Hadrians wall I say, keep the sweaty socks out!

ANON: 22nd Sep 2011 - 11:45 GMT


espanyol: 22nd Sep 2011 - 19:11 GMT

LOL at all the jokers in this forum. i've lived in both places. both can be shitholes. have to say though, some places in the US are pretty nice. not as backward as Britain is. England is just... a disgraceful and depressing place to live in! however, both are absolutely going to SHIT really soon if recent signs are anything to go by. move to Asia everyone.. things work there and they're goin up up and up.

Jackmiester: 22nd Sep 2011 - 19:26 GMT

Why the fuck would anyone want to move to Asia, its absolutely gross, rife with crime, disease, sewage and nutters.

UGLY BRIT BASTARD: 22nd Sep 2011 - 19:48 GMT

No secret.
The British are officially labelled "the ugliest people in the world".

When I visited, I felt like a Greek God because British men were so hideous. ALL OF THEM!

The British people of both sexes were fat, pale, poorly fed, never exercised, had bad teeth, etc. Mining towns up north were 'blinding'. The only good-looking girls in UK were Oriental (Chinese) and East Indians (Indo-Paks). UGLIEST NATION!!

espanyol: 22nd Sep 2011 - 19:54 GMT

LOL. rife with crime? mate i've lived in london and even in a so-called HIGH SOCIETY place, crime is everywhere and the fucking sound of police cars and ambulances just won't go away. london is an absolute crime hole!

how many places in Asia have you been to? i have a business that brings me around the globe. i am based here now. and i have to say.. by far, Asia is the most up and coming place. a little bit messy here and there but good food, efficient, vibrant and dynamic world. i suspect you have never been. are you a student?

Jackmiester: 24th Sep 2011 - 14:01 GMT

Obviously not, i am 67.

ANON: 24th Sep 2011 - 23:03 GMT


Jackmiester: 25th Sep 2011 - 16:18 GMT

See this is what i mean, absolutely no respect whatsoever for your elders, disgraceful.

ANON: 26th Sep 2011 - 09:48 GMT


anon ( 26th Sep 2011 - 11:14 GMT

what a lot of bollocks who in England gives a shit what a filth nation like "AMERICA" thinks about any other country, subject, individual, just remember it was Russia that saved europe and still continues to be the life force of the world

Jackmiester: 26th Sep 2011 - 20:29 GMT

sorry anon lol, 1943 but 1944 is good enough haha.

kickbritain: 27th Sep 2011 - 07:55 GMT

To anon & other stupid brit patroits :- 1st of all, I am NOT American. I am just a man with at least minimum common sense and an average G.K. Its loud & clear that America beats britain by miles, at least in this current I.T. age. America has been defeating britain traditionally even before its birth militarily, industrially,culturally and even economically.With every passing year britain is losing its importance.You just cannot deny that no matter how much you scream and swear like your football "lover" thugs and unruly street gangs.
I agree that there America has its problems and other countries such as China, Israel & even India is rising.And don't forget Russia which is still the largest country in the world with a good economy.Soviet Union & Russia are(were) not the same thing.
Empires(any) are always destined to fall.
Not only that the brits got their asses solidly pounded by Israel in 1947-1948 (although I don't think there is little shame in that because Israel and Mossad are great powers even though its much smaller in size even compared to britain).India is reverse-colonizing britain without firing a single bullet, and believe me it has the power to do so.
The real fact of the matter is building an empire by capturing huge tracts of empty land or land inhabited by small groups of tribal/backward people and collapsing when fighting alone against an enemy with standard disciplined military is not at all a very respectable thing.You brits did just that and have an illusion that you are "Great".
At the end of the day, America is a much much much better country to live in than england/britain(or whatever shit it is).

ANON: 27th Sep 2011 - 08:30 GMT

To kickbritain: you still here you piece of shit? THOUGHT you left this great NATION.

ANON: 27th Sep 2011 - 09:06 GMT


Jackmiester: 27th Sep 2011 - 19:14 GMT

TOO true.

espanyol: 29th Sep 2011 - 15:32 GMT

Excellent post, kickbritain. Revealed everything true that the butt-ugly Brits didn't want to hear.

As much as the ugly island inbreds want to cling on to their (lack of a) decent past, England will always be this tiny little shit of a nation and cock sucker of America. A poorer version of America. And guess what, presently, America as a nation isn't even that impressive at all! Look to the other countries guys.. It's a New World Order with the new players at the reins.

Jackmiester: 1st Oct 2011 - 12:47 GMT

I take it you are from Spain, they are struggling terribly economically as are america, the deficit in great Britain is manageable and we are coping with the recession far better then most other countries.

eroe: 3rd Oct 2011 - 11:38 GMT

Fuck all of English people in the world ..... fuck UK british queen .... fuck usa ....fuck son of bastards ... the father unknown(English-speaking people)... where are you christ????? The advent of Jesus Christ is close .... If Jesus Comes .. he will kill all of you the bastards... your ancestors were caveman ... caveman english .... you are without history and identity and culture ... There were friendly relations between the two countries( Rome and Parthian 50B.C-226A.D and ROME and Sassanid 226-652 A.D )
Both love each other... we have proud history in the world...
piss in your mouth Britania......


anon ( 3rd Oct 2011 - 19:05 GMT

What a stupid cunt, hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha Britain is extremely rich in culture, incredible nation, The grandest people in the world, full of morals, traditions and fighting spirit. God save the queen, England and St George. Rule BRITANNIA! By the way eroe, if I was in the same room a sou right now I would knock your fucking head off - wanker.

eroe: 3rd Oct 2011 - 20:12 GMT

yes ...Britain culture: Colonialism - Exploitation of poor countries- slavery countries-oppression - full of bastards and unknown fathers first england political system must be change to republic
then kick in the queens ass .... political system medieval- king and kingdom is in the books and story ...kinging empire were useful before 19century shut your mouth anon

eroe: 4th Oct 2011 - 05:44 GMT

cavemn and cowboys(UK and USA) their army is sattans army .... why small england(cockland) suck the americas cock???
Dont forget beat the tottenham protest ....
and know in manchester... the police beat the people... this is human rightly... democracy died in cockland

espanyol: 4th Oct 2011 - 15:32 GMT

laughing my fucking head off at this.

"What a stupid cunt, hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha Britain is extremely rich in culture, incredible nation, The grandest people in the world, full of morals, traditions and fighting spirit. God save the queen, England and St George. Rule BRITANNIA! By the way eroe, if I was in the same room a sou right now I would knock your fucking head off - wanker."

this is the kind of DELUSIONAL bullshit taught to those really ugly english cocksuckers in textbooks, TV and in society. living in the past and unable to move the fuck on. now india, middle eastern countries, asia are buying their asses, land and women out. little do they know that in many aspects they are actually sucking the cocks of so many nations around them.

good news though. england, by tradition, has been a really unattractive nation. maybe foreigners might take away some of their baldness, bad skin, shit complexion, shit body genes.

P.S. did i also mention? many british accents sound like they speak with a cock with their mouth. probably america's. wait, america's shit broke now. so some indian cock maybe. whatever the fuck it is... WHAT A SHIT NATION!

Jackmiester: 4th Oct 2011 - 15:37 GMT

Dirty foreign cunt, we look down on the rest of the world, because they are all working class. Especially Asia. By the way we ruled India for centuries.

ANON: 4th Oct 2011 - 16:06 GMT

we love you Jackmiester, you speak the truth xxx

anon ( 5th Oct 2011 - 08:34 GMT

image 48325

good english family ...god save english people....hahahhah..hallelojah...amin

espanyol: 5th Oct 2011 - 18:59 GMT

LOL. you're saying.. you? look down? now who the fuck cares what you think? you're English.

and remember, you are ONLY a pathetic little English shit.

very clearly, the WORLD looks the fuck down on england and its pathetic people with bad looks, teeth and stench.

notice the past tense in the word 'ruled', stupid fuck. now your wives and daughters are being fucked by indian cock. recognize the fact that after America, Asia is owning you. taking over your shithole of a place and making it more comfortable for them to lay their eggs in. by the way, 'working class'. LOL! richest country in the world = China. next superpower = India. Britain.. fuckheaps of social problems, financial trouble, regressing people, and people like you.

trust me, i've lived, played, done business there. you poor British strugglers............... Not Good Enough.

Backward race.

espanyol: 5th Oct 2011 - 19:03 GMT

also, get a toupee. or some propecia........ only if you can afford it. LOL. Poor balding British fucks.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 19:53 GMT

America should invade England, dump their entire tea supply in the Thames river, and tax the shit out every English citizen, including Queen Elizabeth. Just to get even.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 19:54 GMT

The British SAS likes little hairless young boys.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 20:00 GMT

The ironic thing is Great Britain was prevented from becoming a German colony by their own former colony and subjects - the Americans.
Show some gratitude you ungrateful bastards.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 20:02 GMT

Go see your dentist and have your dentures fix Brit.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 20:02 GMT

Slimey Limey!

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 20:02 GMT

Cricket is boring as hell.

Rickmeister: 14th Oct 2011 - 20:07 GMT

Prince Edward, Sir Elton John, George Michaels, and Boy George represent the true essence of British machismo.

ANON : 16th Oct 2011 - 12:59 GMT


General Kung!: 17th Oct 2011 - 16:35 GMT

Britain has become a colony. And a really shit one at that.

Asians, Russians, Middle Easterns just come in to pump in money for their own good.

Their people are helpless and have run out of ideas and money to deal with it. It is, without a doubt, a degenerating society where people are growing increasingly stupid, morally ugly and taken advantage of.

You have to agree that can't be closer to the truth. What a pathetic nation!

Aussie: 19th Oct 2011 - 22:01 GMT

You 'mericans can't deny you're the most hated-on country in the world... Judging by a lot of your comments, the world has good reason.

Aussie: 19th Oct 2011 - 22:04 GMT

I don't think you mean to be so hate-able, you're just completely fucking ignorant and brainwashed.

RuleBritania: 20th Oct 2011 - 15:33 GMT

Good old Aussies, loyal and trustworthy :)

Deeznutz: 23rd Oct 2011 - 03:24 GMT

I have had the miserable and hellish experience of working with Brits for nearly 11 years now. I have been in and out of British Parliament, played and worked with SAS and SBS, I represent your sad country in Latin America and know your little country from the Lake District to Eastbourne (sp?) and I am a proud American who wouldn't think twice about sliding my bayonet slowly in through the back of the ribs of any RED COAT had I been born in the 1700s. I guess all I really want to say is "FUCK THE BRITISH"...that is how I found this impressive display of written vomit by searching "FUCK THE BRITISH".

mitch: 23rd Oct 2011 - 18:20 GMT

stupid inbred yank cunt!

englishman: 23rd Oct 2011 - 18:53 GMT

Any country that could vote a complete idiot like Bush junior into office,has lost all credibility with a lot of brits,america is a nice country ,trouble is its full of stupid yanks!...give me good old blighty anyday, but not the shithole that London has become,Blair and new labour messed my country up in a big way with their open border policies, ''multiculuralism'' and unlimited immigration,but i'm still proud to be English,and i cant think of any other nationality i would rather be.

General Kung!: 24th Oct 2011 - 08:47 GMT

The United States is so yesterday. Britain has faded into absolute oblivion.

Arise, Asia.

Deeznutz: 28th Oct 2011 - 20:24 GMT

Nice mitch. What? you think that combining the words YANK and CUNT somehow offends me or is an intelligent expression or commentary. Come on you pussy, maybe you can do better...but if you are a Brit I doubt it. Give it a try! I am right bitch, uh...I mean mitch.

vivid: 31st Oct 2011 - 14:41 GMT

America should get rid of agents of the British Monarchy first, because you SUCKERS don't know it but YOU ARE ACTUALLY INVADED RIGHT NOW. And your economic problems come from that fucking FACT. They are driving you down a shithole. Once you get rid of them you should invade England and kill Tony Blair, Cameron, all of the Rothschilds living there, Charles, the Queen, the rest of the nobility and 3/4 of the City of London. Then you should invade Israel and kill all of the zionists over there. You would do Britain, Israel and the rest of the world a favour. KILL THE REMNANTS OF THE FUCKING BRITISH EMPIRE. BURN THEM ALIVE!

rock of ages: 31st Oct 2011 - 23:36 GMT

wow. this thread has been running for years. started to read it but have given up. someone close it

anon: 4th Nov 2011 - 13:33 GMT

rock of ages MY ARSE 1!!!!!!!!!

Frodo Baggin: 5th Nov 2011 - 12:11 GMT

hiiiii......... what do u think about wall st protest???
Down with USA

mitch: 5th Nov 2011 - 18:58 GMT

Proud,American ????...what the the fuck have you got to be proud about?...everything you touch turns to shit,you're so far up your own arses that you are ignorant to anything that really matters,as for playing with the SAS/SBS,i doubt that very much... they hate potato headed yanks more than me!,jesus ,when your dumb assed ''special needs'' forces try and rescue a hostage they just bottle it and kill her instead,go munch on your hamburger,and keep grieving for 9/11,JERK.

Aussie: 8th Nov 2011 - 10:07 GMT

can not a single person on this thread fucking spell, huh at least in Australia they teach us how to spell

Rickmeister: 8th Nov 2011 - 14:29 GMT

Hey Aussie! Why do you get offended when the Yanks are bitch slapping the Brits on this thread? As far as I know Aussies aren't Brits and Brits aren't Aussie's. Maybe once upon a time you were Brits but so's the Americans. Listen, why can't you people do what the Americans did in the 1700's and the Irish in the 20th century. Create your own nation! Create a republic instead of assuming someone else's nationality. It's quite embarrassing to a British lap dog mate? Get the freakin' Union Jack off your flag you ain't Brit mate, you're a Salty!

tim of timmings near timmingsworth: 9th Nov 2011 - 02:46 GMT

i love this shit hole we call uk,
for all its glory and pride.
the world leaders are the real problem you silly bunch of cunts
the land is good and green.

as for the rest of the world (peace) you silly bunch of cunts

anon: 9th Nov 2011 - 10:42 GMT

TO AUSSIE: try a capital C at the start of your sentence.

Frodo Baggin: 10th Nov 2011 - 05:32 GMT

image 48494

image 48492

Frodo Baggin: 10th Nov 2011 - 05:35 GMT

image 48495

image 48496

image 48497

i love the uk: 14th Nov 2011 - 18:31 GMT

i know people say americans are retarded but this is just funny you slagging off a country that helps you and act like you don't need us if we were in vietnam you would have one hahaha

world war 1 we helped you
world war 2 we helped you
vietnam we didn't and you lost
iraq and Afghanistan we helped you

uk : 14th Nov 2011 - 18:33 GMT

fuck america your just fat ugly cunts

anon ( 14th Nov 2011 - 18:49 GMT

ha you couldn't even beat vietnam

anon: 15th Nov 2011 - 12:51 GMT

More yank casualties in Gulf war by friendly fire than actually killed by Saddam,gung-ho,ignorant inbreeds with guns!...and your so called' special forces' are an international joke.

General Kung!: 17th Nov 2011 - 02:12 GMT

generally, brits are the ugliest bastards on the planet. period.

RuleBritania: 18th Nov 2011 - 23:43 GMT

General Kung, you sound like a filthy chinky, they dont even look human, whos the ugly bastard now slitty eyes? hahaha

Deeznutz: 19th Nov 2011 - 14:48 GMT still haven't written anything remotely intelligent, funny or offensive. Get the needle out of your vein and your monkey father out of your ass and try to write SOMETHING that gets at're a total fucking pussy. I might even loan your mom my phone to call you and set you straight once she gets done eating my ass hole. Mitch, why are you such a pussy? What happened to you? As for your SAS/SBS ignorance...wake up you faggot....who do you think writes my paycheck every month?...They do you bitch! Someday...and yes that day will come, I am going to rip off your head, shit and your neck and jack-off in your empty skull. If fact...I think I will aspire to do that to all brits who don't cut me in $$$. I expect it may upset your family when they get a box in the mail with your head in it and my cum leaking from your nose you ignorant dick....are you sure you're not French!?!?

mitch : 19th Nov 2011 - 18:03 GMT

The biggest insult you just wrote is the implication that i am a frog!...

mitch : 20th Nov 2011 - 11:43 GMT

I said you were a JERK...Wot a load of fuckin bollocks,i'm shaking in my boots,Osama should have taken a few more of you Cunts out when he had the chance!..and you're still a JERK,what the fuck did your mother shag to pop you out,a fuckin Chimp,i bet thats all the ugly scrubber could get...JERK.

Frodo Baggin: 20th Nov 2011 - 15:25 GMT

image 48537

Frodo Baggin: 20th Nov 2011 - 15:26 GMT

fuck wild uk fuck wild usa

uk : 20th Nov 2011 - 17:22 GMT

ha ha this is fucking retarded all you bitchs bitching about some fucking writhing on a wall we still died for you and you died for us

General Kung!: 22nd Nov 2011 - 08:33 GMT


Apart from your appalling alias, which more likely than not will make people in this day and age laugh at you, it seems you're oblivious to the fact that Asians are the dominant force now. We can actually pay to fuck all of your mothers. That's how rich we are.

Appalling teeth, fish breath, alopecia that runs in the Brit genes (fuck I was in Britain and most men over the age of 30 start losing so much of their hair it's scary), absolutely fucked up white skin (shit Brit weather, lack of sun) and shocking general hygiene.

'nuff said.

Now how that does compare to exotic characteristics like great bronze/olive skin, hair and "slitty" eyes?

"British are officially named the ugliest people on the planet."

United Mingdom: 1st Dec 2011 - 02:55 GMT

Strike after strike after strike... how backward can you get?


Let's all laugh at those ugly motherfuckers. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

tonic: 12th Dec 2011 - 15:28 GMT

The English fucked many countries for many decades, stole unimaginable amount of wealth, screwed their culture and traditions, sowed communal hatred..... fuck england.... they should give back what they took....

Nik: 27th Dec 2011 - 08:03 GMT

Your all idiots...both countries are great..the best 2 in the world. And stop bashing America cause most of the Brits on here have probably never been there. And you Americans have never been to England..both nations have their ups and downs but you should be proud of your country no matter what...fighting is just fuckin stupid. After all the threads about a tag artist..not the country

I helped in 911 attacks: 8th Jan 2012 - 20:34 GMT

if America has a problem with us were just get the Vietnamese on u n then ur shit ur selfs

Staff sgt hearne us army: 8th Jan 2012 - 20:41 GMT

I've been a us soldier for 12 years now and I never thought much of the British people until I was ambushed by the Taliban in afghan and British soldiers were close to are base and me my best friend corporal boon was shoot and British army medic saved his life I love the British army I owe them my life and I will die for britian god bless the united kingdom and the united states united we stand

Israeli: 10th Jan 2012 - 22:54 GMT

Hi this is wrong argueing about this I'm Israeli and I love both countries but personally the British are harder people nothing scares em and to be honest why not gaffiati fuck Arabs on the wall coz there the real enermy

USA!!!!!: 3rd Feb 2012 - 12:34 GMT

Why is it that England feels like they HAVE to control the world. Look at their past. And for all you english assholes who complain about America.....we should have let Hitler have your skanky asses!!!! FUCK ENGLAND!!

Geez.....: 3rd Feb 2012 - 14:03 GMT

^^^ Comments like this are why the rest of the world hates America. And I say that as an American. You say "Why is it that England feels like they HAVE to control the world"... seriously?! How can you be so absolutely oblivious to the fact that its *America* who feels like it has to control the world these days? Have you even read the news in the past, oh I dunno, TEN YEARS?

Dear The Rest of the World: We're not *ALL* ignorant imperialist assholes that chant "USA! USA! USA!!!!!" all day. It's just that the ignorant imperialist assholes (like the one above) are usually the ones who speak the loudest.

staff aft British army pwrr 2nd : 4th Feb 2012 - 00:25 GMT

fuck this only people who served truly know and the rest of you are pussys hiding behind a computer man up and join the army we will fuck you up then you can have a say in this otherwise fuck off and grow up

Bradley boii : 4th Feb 2012 - 00:33 GMT

Who gives a shit what happens 200 years ago the problem is now with the Taliban al Qaeda Hamas fatah hezbollah and Iran trying to build and nuclear weapon most likely to hit Israel if they are allowed to make it and the hole problem is with Muslims not us in the Quran witch is the Muslim holy book 8:39 it says wage war on all non Muslims kill them until they submit then the only religion will be Islam and the muslims want to take over the world because it says they should in the Quran fuck that shit nuke every Muslim country fuck the civilians

ASIAN SUPERPOWER: 6th Feb 2012 - 20:41 GMT

what a bunch of fucking morons talking absolute bullshit in this web space and making an absolute mockery of yourselves. talkin' about muslims and fighting over WHO IS MORE PATHETIC. LISTEN TO YOURSELVES FOR FUCK'S SAKE!


all but confirms the inevitable global prophecy that western civilization is goin' downnnnnn, bitches

Brendan: 11th Feb 2012 - 16:22 GMT

Why is everyone fighting over a stupid bit of graffiti saying fuck england when it's about a completely unrelated thing? America doesn't hate Britain it hates the Britain's government and the Queen as people have said does still have power. I'm British and Irish myself and I'm proud to be British but disappointed by a lot of the decisions made by the British government as some Americans would feel about their government. I'm 13 years old and I can see this but grown men can't. Maybe both our societies are going down the shitter.

jizz tastik: 12th Feb 2012 - 17:38 GMT

At least the English are tuff i just hate these people that are like usa usa and the people that are like england, french are the biggest enemies LOL =^) i also think that the two goverments are utter shite also scotish people, u have never ever liked the english i would just like to know what have i done too u learn too move on RESPECT USA FROM AN ENGLISH MAN ALSO RESPECT US I LOVE MUFFINS =0

Scots person: 17th Feb 2012 - 09:53 GMT

TO jizz tastik: You know as much about the French as you do the Scots NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGG

101: 18th Feb 2012 - 10:27 GMT

"and of course you british would be there by our side kissing our ass as always"

well were loyal to our allies, so what if we kiss your arse?

"we should have let Hitler have your skanky asses"

we shouldve joined with hitler like he wanted us to, then we couldve smashed you yanks, you pitifully small navy, air force and army wouldve have stood a chance against the largest navy, air force and army on earth, in 1940 you yanks had only 18 tanks to defend you entire country! lol

wtflolha123: 18th Feb 2012 - 15:51 GMT

ive had international relations, the queen of england was on her knees sucking my huge american cock, she was deep-throating when i blew my load into her mouth she loved it, she told me she loved american cum

oh, i nearly forgot she also kissed my american backside and loved it, she said she loves kissing american ass, like the PM does lol

wtflolha123: 18th Feb 2012 - 15:59 GMT

oh i forgot them pics of Diana are wicked! how did the creator do that?

wtflolha123: 18th Feb 2012 - 16:10 GMT

the queen also has to kiss working-class arses to stay in power

wtflolha123: 18th Feb 2012 - 16:11 GMT

before you ask i use ass/arse interchangably

Scots person: 19th Feb 2012 - 11:11 GMT

To wtflolha123: The working class has to lick the side of her face ON STAMPS SO WHAT-PLONKER.

wtflolha123: 19th Feb 2012 - 21:48 GMT

ok then, Scots person...

Scots person: 22nd Feb 2012 - 12:32 GMT

See its not hard to be pleasant.

Lisa : 20th Mar 2012 - 04:14 GMT

Americans just shut the mouths up.You are a nation without roots,the war mongers,greedy,fat ugly nation,a threat to worlds security.NO united states of war mongers no wars in the world.
We know how you worship our royals especially our duchess of Cambridge.You can only dream of a royal family.

Duh: 20th Mar 2012 - 04:16 GMT

^^^fuck you. england is as bad as america, all imperialist bastards. pretending to be any better just makes you look less so. DERRR!

BRIT SHIT: 22nd Mar 2012 - 18:35 GMT




Adam Smith: 22nd Mar 2012 - 21:18 GMT

For God's sake we beat the British, the most powerful country at the time, with an army of farmers! Do you people really think that your army is better? We also have a fleet of ships in every ocean protecting your European asses and for what so you ungrateful assholes can try to brag about your sham of a country? You've always had a history of being assholes, starving innocent German children with a naval blockade after World War One was already OVER! Not to mention the Boxer's rebellion incident, where we put down the rebels in China even though your Imperialist asses wouldn't let us trade there and gave all the money you DID give us to repair the damages in China. I guess history does repeat itself, the British will still be dicks and we'll still beat them.

Croydon: 23rd Mar 2012 - 00:13 GMT

Yeah an army of farmers, the French Navy which was the second most powerful Navy at the time, the Spanish Navy, the third most powerful Navy in the World, and a whole bunch of War veterans...

You tried to take over Canada, we burnt your capital city and took over Florida, the British Empire had no slaves while you were still into it. The Boxer's Rebellion was an international affair and the american support on this was the same as it was during WWI, slacking and laughable, we could just have made it out without you.

And you entered WWII just because Japan bombed Pealr Harbour, had not the Japs called you over, you would have allowed the Germans gas over Europe happily, thats how wonderfully humane you were...

- We discourage slavery and discrimination, you keept it for twenty brutal more years and later on develop laws discriminating the blacks and other minorities in America.

- We enter into WWII after the Germans raze Poland, you go visit Hitler and write in the Newspapers how Europe needed a man like him so bad.

- We try to get a peaceful resolution to the situation in Israel and Cyprus, you force us out and fuck the situation so bad that it has not actual end...

The list goes by mate, we are America's bitch though.

Bill: 31st Mar 2012 - 09:05 GMT

what a load of old shit.

Will: 3rd Apr 2012 - 04:48 GMT

western civilization goin down bitches... very evident. end of a laughable era

dan : 7th Apr 2012 - 11:45 GMT

Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns by the ruling class.

anon: 10th Apr 2012 - 11:38 GMT

Not you (dan )just a snivling little shit, who would let any foreign basterds walk over us. Except America bless them ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just the facts: 11th Apr 2012 - 21:45 GMT

I think we have past the argument about who's army is the best....none, both are getting beat in Afganistan by the local nomads who have little technology while and call it progress, that's the reality of the day, I totally agree with dan's comment's the military is exploiting the lower ranks on a wasteful war while other 3rd world countries are gathering economic pace. I am british but not proud...we keep going on about the WW2, hitler etc but look at germany now!! class leaders in production of goods.

anon: 13th Apr 2012 - 07:51 GMT

dan who put the ruling classes in place?

mitch : 21st Apr 2012 - 19:46 GMT

Very true,we whupped the krauts and the japs,and then out of guilt the yanks helped the japs build one of the most successful and energetic economies of all time,and the jerries arent far behind them,i remember a british ex prisoner of the japanese saying during an interview that the only regrets he had during the war was that the yanks didnt drop a few more nukes on japan,and he meant it...i think we brits keep going on about the war because its the last time that we felt we had any influence in the world,going from the most powerful nation on earth to where we are now in less than 100 years is a huge reality check,and make no mistake,the same will happen to the US,maybe not tomorrow but its only a matter of for afghanistan its a no brainer,if the USSR couldnt beat the mujahadeen(taliban) in the 80's then we got no fuckin chance,especially when stupid yanks keep pissing on their dead enemies,and nutjob loners keep killing defenceless women and kids for a laugh.rock on.

just the facts: 28th Apr 2012 - 11:21 GMT

I agree, whilst I like some aspects about America every country has its faults and it is just a matter of Time before they get put into place, China, India, Brazil are just gathering pace and will one day take over.As for GB well sad to say but we will lick the arse of the next ruling superpower who ever that is. The only thing that is keeping GB alive is the fact that we are the finance capital of Europe and all the world's and especially America's money (through war gains) is laundered via our financial system.

anon ( 13th May 2012 - 18:23 GMT

well said.

Great Britain is in Great Fuckin' Decline. one correction though, they are already licking the asses of all that will keep it alive, including its former colonies.

When I look at London now, I think to myself.. this place is absolutely PATHETIC!

man city: 13th May 2012 - 19:28 GMT

check out how brits get bullied by the rest of the world. imbeciles.

kickbritain: 20th May 2012 - 05:53 GMT

To anon,
Hope you did not miss me.I am NOT a piece of shit unlike you who does not have the balls to face reality.

O.K. you wanna ignore logic & reason, here you go.

Stick your hand in your father's ass and jerk off with his shit.

Suck on your brit mom's hemorrhoids and wait for better days.

May you get fucked by a blind bear.

Suck devilcock in hell you faggotdwarf.

Eat your own pubic hair with salt-dip.

STOP licking fucking loser royal family's shitty ASS. These garbage are non-functional today.




anon 2 : 22nd May 2012 - 09:08 GMT

I have to agree with part of your rant kickbritain,the bit about the Paki's is true and the sooner we stop being scared of offending them the better,in my opinion they should all be physically castrated,and so should the idiots who support them in the establishment ie.the libdems....the rest of your diatribe is just immature jealousy stemming from the fact that you yanks dont have a glorious history and culture to celebrate,learn to live with it.

just the facts: 1st Jun 2012 - 10:57 GMT

Britian is reaping the rewards of all the bad things they have done in years gone by, you do bad stuff and it comes back to haunt you, the same is happening to the USA. Partners in crime. The yanks have bombed over 30 odd countries since WW2 and as far as history is concerned Hitler may have been evil but Churchill was no fuckin saint, he bombed the Arabs, gased the Kurds. As for you ANON - Pakis are here in numbers and thats your fuckin governments fault along with historical policy's, never though I'd see the day when people would be scared of them when you think of the 60's, 70's hardcore racist abuse & attacks they had to put up with, now the shoe is on the other foot. Fuckin serves you guy's right. You should have stayed out of India maybe then they would have had no reason to settle in your country. Be scared be very very scared. and fuck England, the queen and its Jubilee - Royals are nothing but a bunch of cheap free loaders - while the nation is skint they are spending millions to celebrate some old fucks regin as the biggest benefits cheat in the UK.

anon: 5th Jun 2012 - 08:25 GMT

To Kickbritain: sorry i upset you wanker, get a life you are a pathetic bit of shit!your parents must be so proud i don't think.

anon 2 : 7th Jun 2012 - 18:39 GMT

I do wish you colonials would learn to spell ....

As for the british empire and its legacy,we were the best thing since sliced bread for India,and all of our African colonies,The majority of indians are not the problem,they are mostly Hindu/sikh,we brits dont have any bones to pick with them,just the muslims same as you Americans,and as for Africans since they gained their independance,i cant think of a single successful african country,all of them are corrupt to the core,and would struggle to manage the economy of a corner shop.
It is true that we reap what we sow,and if i was a yank i would be very worried about whats going to happen in the next 20 years or so,what goes round does eventually come round as they say.

Great britain is still the best country to live in ,and to be british is something i and millions of others are very proud to be,i wouldnt want to be anything or anywhere else...God save our queen.

The President of the United States of America: 12th Jun 2012 - 22:58 GMT

Hello. my fello AMERICANS, as an american we are the best of all in the world there's no question about our GREATNESS! hey, listen to me the brits fuck you, you fucking cocksuckers, you motherfucking you shit eaters, you Pigs, never insult the Beautiful and number one country like the United States ever again, we helped you in the WWii otherwise Hitler would Rape all your women and rape all you men with donkeycocks, so fuck you all the fucking dumbass english persons you are shit, you all fucking pigs.

The President of the United States of America: 12th Jun 2012 - 23:05 GMT

hey by the way the english language is originally a West Germanic Language, so don't say that we use your language because you use German Language, ok, fuckos, and Our American Accent is the best in the world your shit accent is like farting... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and over again and over, GOD BLESS AMERICA, WE have hollywood, california, New York, many other beautiful things and stuffs we are the best of all thanks to MR. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS who found America, and thanks for Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, thomas Jefferson who fought and killed the fucking brits or the fucking english.

anonymouse : 13th Jun 2012 - 18:49 GMT

You stupid redneck cunt,Ben Franklin,GW and TJ were ENGLISH you dumb twat!...and why the fuck would we want Hollywood and the other shit holes ya mentioned?...typical yank inferiority complex kicking in again, as for your accent,WOT the FUCK drugs are u on.everything about blighty is ten time better than you inbreeds can come up with.Now fuck off and Die you cunt!...RULE BRITTANIA.

The way it is : 28th Jun 2012 - 20:19 GMT

TO, The President of the United States of America, you are clearly still sucking your mums nipples and getting sour cream.......America is not the best but now close to the end, China, India, S.America's on their way along with Soviets, you are run by the Jewish Whitehouse senate and most yanks have no idea, you do nothing but bomb countries and destroy life....yet can't sort out Afghanistan....why because that involves a real ground level fight - note the Afghans had to kick the soviets ass in the 80's because the USA was to scared to do it, so fact America became a lone super power because of some Muslim extremists ...and now you are trying to wipe them out, it would seem that your fate is not without a sense of irony. PS note that Britain sucks your dick....reluctantly.

anon: 7th Jul 2012 - 12:05 GMT

well done england never hurry a murray great tennis pl
layer wel;l done england

JACK (RUSSIA): 8th Jul 2012 - 19:58 GMT

Hahahaha you're fucking deer!) you two fucking country! What a shit-that the other!
America is fucking finally can complete, srach, bums! you have an apartment is not profitable! lack of money! We have this in Russia)
But England is a hole ebannaya! All broken, some poor people all around, broken roads!
ps you wallpaper asshole!))) with love from Russia!), namely from Chelyabinsk!)

JACK (RUSSIA): 8th Jul 2012 - 19:59 GMT

We in Russia there is no such)

JACK (RUSSIA): 8th Jul 2012 - 20:00 GMT

We (RUSSIAN) LIVE better than you!

us cunt: 19th Jul 2012 - 14:30 GMT

I just wanted u all to know I burned a American flag today fuck you

BadTeeth: 20th Jul 2012 - 23:30 GMT

To Scots Person
This debate is about countries that have shaped the world. England has done just that. America, being the child with a tantrum is trying to challenge Daddy, albeit sometimes getting it wrong - viz Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan - but they're trying to make a stamp in their swansong before Asia dominate for the next 100 years or so. Scotland on the other hand... can you remind me of it's world changing impact?

scots person: 25th Jul 2012 - 12:53 GMT

To badteeth: I could fill this page with the inventions Scotland has giving the world!including deep fryed mars bars byyyyyyyyyyyyy ha!

Deco: 7th Aug 2012 - 00:04 GMT

A the sweat sensation of taking a shit on the English flag

scots person: 7th Aug 2012 - 09:14 GMT

To deco:If it helps clear your head i am sure the English won't mind you thick twat.

Henry VIII: 12th Aug 2012 - 04:47 GMT

damn this has to be one of the longest threads....

Ivan: 23rd Aug 2012 - 12:28 GMT

But all we know is that the fucking small island is gonna be submerged due
to the global warming sooner or later in the future.Sorry for loss.And by
then,you respectful British guys are never supposed to settle down in US,where seems a terrible country according to you ,those so respectful British.

Ivan: 23rd Aug 2012 - 12:38 GMT

But,if that does happen, will those who really want to fuck England be happy?

christopher weed: 29th Oct 2012 - 04:58 GMT

yeah, fuck Britain. thanks

anon: 29th Oct 2012 - 11:54 GMT

to ivan:are you from america?look at the news!i prey that all the american people survive this hurricane don,t be such an arse hole the british have got GOD with them good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee twat.

free Sotland: 7th Dec 2012 - 02:31 GMT

Fuck Britain Fuck the USA LONG LIVE SCOTLAND

Retarded: 7th Dec 2012 - 02:38 GMT

"Free Sotland"? LOL. You are retarded!^^^

free Sotland: 7th Dec 2012 - 23:48 GMT

fuck you

anon ( 8th Dec 2012 - 09:19 GMT

LOL the united states and england are, in this day and age, third world countries and if you don't already know, ARE ON RAPID DECLINE!

look at the rapid expansion and advanced technology of all these other countries compared to the crumbling walls of rainy london and new york (which is absolutely a-fuckin'-shambles right now)

CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA, BRAZIL individually have more money to pay to fuck all your wives and daughters. soon we will buy over your entire countries for landfill!

A Normal British Person: 14th Dec 2012 - 15:20 GMT

Hello to you all,

I am a pretty normal British person. I am from the north east of England, one of the poorer parts. I am quite well travelled having visited the USA, Pakistan, all of Western Europe, I've also travelled extensively around China and South East Asia.

I'd like to chip in my thoughts.

1. History - History is not the story of good vs. evil, it is the story of the powerful vs. the weak, this struggle is not confined to nationalities. The greatest conflict occurs within societies.

2. National Character - Having met lots of different people from all over that place I am quite confident that all society's posses as many 'orrible bastards as they do cool bro's. I would not say the England / Britain is any different in this respect.

3. Decline of the West - The US still accounts for 25% of all the worlds wealth. The emerging economies will not be in a position to challenge US dominance within a generation. Most of the emerging societies have serious internal problems China and Russia spring to mind. This is not to say that US & UK do not, all societies face serious challenges.

4. Looks wise I found the most beautiful people to be in Eastern Europe. I was surprised by how many ugly people there was in China. I would say that the UK is defiantly below average in the looks department and we certainly have an above average number of very ugly people.

5. The English are, generally, quite deceitful, we're very two faced. I think this comes from generations of class based discrimination which has placed a hearty self-loathing at the heart of many English peoples personalities.

6. The Future - I think that England will stagnate, similar to Japan, most of the immigrant groups will be integrated within a generation or three, except those with cultural traditions with a pronounced emphasis on separation. The current elite will become more entrenched and the divide between the rich and the poor will grow wider.

P.S. UK/US Defence-Intelligence-Arms Manufacture are very, very integrated even though politically and economically we are not.

geordieg: 16th Dec 2012 - 16:36 GMT

i disagree. i know that beauty and charm come at many different interpretations. i am british and i find that the ugliest people in the world are from england. the more good looking people actually come from the east. better skin, agile, strong and athletic bodies, smoother features, hair. climate plays a pivotal part in this. i, too, have travelled, lived in many parts of the world incld US, thailand italy, korea and china have been with a few people from east and southeast asia and i am astonished how very beautiful those people are. genetically, english people are by far the least physically attractive people i have met in the world.

geordieg: 16th Dec 2012 - 16:38 GMT

not to take anyway from this argument which i feel is senseless. like how most people in both places are. i dont take sides as this is stupid and ridiculous. maybe thats the reason for the so-called decline.

FUCKENGLAND: 20th Dec 2012 - 06:48 GMT


English: 20th Dec 2012 - 19:04 GMT

Are you talking about English or British. I would never regard myself as British, you can be anyone from anywhere with that title. I agree many British people have attitude problems even with themselves. USA I think is the best country on earth and many of us would be at risk if it wasn't for their support for us. There are many Liberal democrats who run down the USA and side with the other lot of low life. Good true English people don't

FUCKENGLAND: 5th Jan 2013 - 17:40 GMT





scots person: 20th Jan 2013 - 17:14 GMT


COLLEEN FAILEY: 21st Jan 2013 - 15:38 GMT


cameron: 12th May 2013 - 02:26 GMT


Fuck the yanks: 27th Aug 2014 - 01:24 GMT

I can't stand americunts the sooner China/North Korea/Russia nuke the inbred moronic cunts the better. Baseball cap wearing, hot dog guzzling fat stupid single digit I.Q cunts. I'd love to have a shit on a yank's face right now.

Best Post On The Internet!!!: 20th Sep 2014 - 02:40 GMT

This may in fact be the single best post in the history of the interwebs!
Love, hate, nudity, Merica', 13 mentions of the word Nazi...14 now..., awful grammar (more now), plenty of Caps Lock, and monkeys!
And it all started with a single picture of some NYC graffiti that could have EASILY been painted by anyone. Though, if I had to bet, I'd put my money on someone from either Ireland, Scotland, or India.
Americas leaders may not have always done the right thing(s), the right way(s), for the right least we don't have to debate the rest of the world regarding which sport should be called Football (or how to spell it) and which should be called Soccer.

There is no doubt that there has been some amazing music that came from the tiny ass island of England of the best lines from one of the best bands sums up just about every iota of support from every English person in this thread as well...
"Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way" -Pink Floyd

Best Post On The Internet!!!: 20th Sep 2014 - 02:45 GMT

Interesting Fact:
There are as many mentions of 'teeth' as there are 'Nazi' in this thread.
At least until I showed up and pointed out how fantastic this thread is!

Have fun pondering any possible correlation.

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