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Around Peterborough: Part One

I have this tendancy to focus on small details, often missing the bigger picture. This applies to my life as much as it does my photography, but it occurred to me recently that i've never really posted anything that gives...

Around Peterborough: Part One

Graffiti on the Roll

- EvilGentleman - Sunday, February 12th, 2006 : goo

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I will be the first to admit, I am no expert on . But I also realize that citynoise has a large number of users who really enjoy graffiti a lot. When I saw these rolling past my place yesterday, I realized this might be the beginning of a way for me to say thank you for having such a cool website, so I grabbed my camera and took these pics from my patio.

image 8526

image 8527

image 8528

image 8529

image 8530

image 8531

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joey: 12th Feb 2006 - 19:12 GMT

nice show

kc: 13th Feb 2006 - 03:22 GMT

well, the graf's nice, but I like the train cars, too. I also always like to look at the writing on the trains and think about where it's going to go, who it'll pass, what it may carry, what yards it'll sit in....that stuff on the walls has a pretty dull life in comparison.

adam: 13th Feb 2006 - 09:01 GMT

damn.. you live close to the train tracks huh? the one thing thats always bugged me about train graf is the composition.. i feel like people should utilize the large space better like they do with subway graff. maybe i shouldnt look at this stuff like graphic design :)

EvilGentleman: 13th Feb 2006 - 15:47 GMT

kc, one of my friends is a train afficionado, and he mourns terribly every time another old set of tracks is removed. I am sure he would agree with you.

joey, thanks :-)

adam, I don't mind the tracks, but having the main highway between Toronto and Montreal in fron of me (these pics are shot across the highway), and then Montreal's international airport on the other side of the tracks... Talk about noisy.

NERC ONE NYC: 2nd Nov 2006 - 15:58 GMT

very nice flicks!

EvilGentleman: 8th May 2007 - 23:00 GMT

The tracks are north of the highway.,-73.757728&spn=0.001833,0.003616&z=18

BelRoC : 13th Aug 2007 - 20:24 GMT

Second train.
The piece on the right is Sigh....
He is known as a king in the freight train graffiti world..
I would love to live near a freight line..
Gotta drive to Highland, NY to see trains like this!!!

JOEY TPA - THE PUBLIC ANIMALS: 18th Oct 2007 - 04:30 GMT

For a guy thats not into graffiti, this was a generous and insightful gesture to those of us who are (or were). Thanks for taking these shots and do yourself a favor and take my advice...sharpen your eye and your lens, keep taking these shots from the same vantage point in several different seasons, and you will have amassed a good amount of personal data that could make a nice coffee table book. Take my hint, it would make a lot of cool places look hip. Get some sleep...the trains make noise, I know.

KODAK 2: 30th Oct 2007 - 03:01 GMT


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With all this talk of , who has an extensive collection, and who's quickness to offer a taste-test led to my purchasing something of the above s in , in the , in , in ,...


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Mural Magic

how to beautify an ordinary parking lot

Mural Magic

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A Foggy Day in Newark

A Foggy Day in Newark