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Olde Graf?

- kc - Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 : goo

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Walking around Queens this weekend, I noticed a couple of spots with old, faded, graf-like scrawls---which I gradually realized were slightly elevated on the surface...were painted! Did graf predate spraypaint? Does graf as we know it require spraypaint?

image 10517

image 10518

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GGP: 4th Apr 2006 - 22:03 GMT

hey, that wall looks familiar!!
(I have no insights to lend on the history of graf.)

Biff: 4th Apr 2006 - 22:12 GMT

Used to be done in coloured chalk. They found graffiti in the ruins of Pompei...

Peter: 4th Apr 2006 - 22:28 GMT

re: predating spraypaint... yes, of course.

i saw a "swan" piece under the (painted ca 1975-8?) that was definitely done with yellow and black housepaint... i mean, you could see brushstrokes as if it was painted with a 4" paintbrush.

i wish i had photos of it, but alas, its in an amazingly inconvenient-to-access spot... which would attest to the fact of why its still there...

kc: 4th Apr 2006 - 23:01 GMT

That B'way bridge (thanks for the ref) looks extremely difficult to access--like you'd need a kayak. And right--I guess cave painting is graf, then, too. What's the def, any writing on the wall, except the metaphorical kind? (and what's that "writing on the wall" a ref to, anyway?)

elaine: 5th Apr 2006 - 08:07 GMT

i see your pompeii, and raise you cave painting, granted, not lettering, but still...

SCAM28: 5th Apr 2006 - 08:44 GMT

re: does graff require spraypaint....

I'm from Berlin, Germany and it's pretty normal here that people do large blockbuster bombings with paint and paint rolls and then usually use spraypaint for the outline, but not always...

Jamie: 5th Apr 2006 - 08:53 GMT


elaine: 5th Apr 2006 - 12:24 GMT

nice! i forgot about that one.

kc: 5th Apr 2006 - 13:47 GMT

Ha! Thanks for the tips, J, E.

Peter: 5th Apr 2006 - 14:36 GMT

kc: yeah, i saw it from a boat, while going down the ;)

also: what scam28 said... i forgot all about roller pieces!

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