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Abandoned Cart

An , with broken wheel, was abandoned on the this morning. It's black body blends with the in front of a backdrop of ...

Abandoned Cart

A Day in the Life

- Elicar - Monday, May 1st, 2006 : goo

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…in “The Beach.”

image 11591

image 11600

The Beach. The Beaches. Even after the poll where “The Beach” won by 8%, the controversy that resurfaced, when the Beaches Business Improvement Association (BIA) planned to erect street signs featuring a new design that will identify the name of the area, has not subsided. By the fall, there will be signs proclaiming the core business area from Neville Park to just west of Woodbine as the “The Beach.”

Whether it is the “The Beach” or “The Beaches” (there are four beaches), it is a community that has become very popular for the “yuppies” and the “nouveaux” rich. But the place is still reeking of old money.

Two of the most popular annual events that “The Beach” hosts are : The Beaches Lion’s Easter Parade (40th year) and The Beaches International Jazz Festival (now on it’s 18th year). This year’s jazz fest is on July 26-30, with the Streetfest happening on July 27-29.

Here is a slice of the life at “The Beach.”

Looking down at the ravine by Victoria Park just below Kingston Road.

image 11592

This is one of the beautiful homes at Pine Crescent.

image 11593

Pine Crescent is an S-shaped cobblestoned street.

image 11594

Real estate has really gone crazy at “The Beach.” This house is listed at $709,500.00. It is a rental property with the third floor rented at $950.00; the second floor rented at $1170.00 and the shared main floor is rented at $ $1720.00. Taxes for 2005 is $5,168.00 meaning that the assessment value of the house by Metropolitan Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is $516,800.00.

image 11595

It is one small block away from the Boardwalk,

image 11596

right across the Kew Gardens.

image 11597

It is almost across the Gardener’s Cottage.

image 11598

A slightly smaller detached house north of Kingston Road is $350,000.00 lesser. That’s what you pay if you want to be in the heart of “The Beach.”

But it is not just the real estate you are paying for. It is the Lifestyle.

Here is Queen Street East:

image 11599

I could not get a clear shot because of all the cars parked.

But apart from all the cars parked on the streets, the side streets are quiet, as if it’s totally a different world.

image 11601

image 11602

image 11604

image 11605

image 11606

image 11607

image 11608

image 11609

For a history of "The Beach", please visit:

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Internet Archive:*/

J: 1st May 2006 - 01:23 GMT

It's a beautiful part of the City.
And it will always be "The Beaches" to me.
I really don't get all the drama surrounding the naming of it.

J: 1st May 2006 - 01:24 GMT

Ummmm .... that would be "DUH"
Stupid keyboard.

Michelle: 1st May 2006 - 05:27 GMT

Yup - always "the beaches" - the 'beaches jazz festival'... just won't sound the same any other way. Nice pictures. The grass sure is green!

Grange: 2nd May 2006 - 01:12 GMT


Elicar: 2nd May 2006 - 01:47 GMT

Why, thank you Grange!

Unknown: 27th Jun 2009 - 16:12 GMT

Okay, here's the deal; the neighbourhood itself (Victoria Park Av. west to Woodbine Av., from the lake north to Kingston Road) has always been called 'The Beach'. 'The Beaches' includes 'The Beach' plus other neighbourhoods running west along the lake to Cherry Beach. I was born and raised in the Beach as were both my parents and their parents lived in the Beach as well. Both my kids were born in the Beach as well(4th generation).
There, it's settled!

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Kennedy street in downtown winnipeg