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from the archives

Happy B-Day, Emily

Some shots taken in Dorval over the weekend.

Happy B-Day, Emily

Flying Down to Jersey

- jack - Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 : goo

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image 12927

it all looks so small and insignificant down there on the ground,
the air, the force, the wing and sky all around,
makes me feel as if i were meant to fly,
what a crash i would make hitting the ground.

image 12928

where the east meets the west,
manhattan and newark,
skyscrapers at their best,
never to move forward.

image 12929

lets take route 78,
over the casciano bridge no pay,
into bayonne that's great,
looks easy today.

image 12930

about to land,
i caught a glimpse,
of machinery and men,
working hand in hand.


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Jamie: 21st Jun 2006 - 22:33 GMT

have i ever said how happy i am that you learned to post photos, jack?

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 21st Jun 2006 - 22:53 GMT

I second that emotion.
Jack, this is great. I thoroughly enjoyed your journey.

EvilGentleman: 21st Jun 2006 - 23:05 GMT

jack did poetic Bayonne
who woulda thunk?
had I taken that on
I would have stunk

I can only hope
jack had a good flight
I could not cope
if he was not all right

I bet it's safe to say
that we will soon see pics
from when jack was away
on his far-away trip

Sometimes my mind
is just like a kid
the pics, I now find
already posted, he did

It is time to end
my poem for today
hope to see pics from my friend
in good old N.J.

Franny Wentzel: 15th Feb 2009 - 21:43 GMT

I see the shapes,
I remember from maps.
I see the shoreline.
I see the whitecaps.
A baseball diamond, nice weather down there.
I see the school and the houses where the kids are.
Places to park by the fac'tries and buildings.
Restaunts and bar for later in the evening.
Then we come to the farmlands, and the undeveloped areas.
And I have learned how these things work together.
I see the parkway that passes through them all.
And I have learned how to look at these things and I say,

I wouldn't live there if you paid me.
I couldn't live like that, no siree!
I couldn't do the things the way those people do.
I couldn't live there if you paid me to.

I guess it's healthy, I guess the air is clean.
I guess those people have fun with their neighbors and friends.
Look at that kitchen and all of that food.
Look at them eat it' guess it tastes real good.

They grow it in the farmlands
And they take it to the stores
They put it in the car trunk
And they bring it back home
And I say ...

I say, I wouldn't live there if you paid me.
I couldn't live like that, no siree!
I couldn't do the things the way those people do.
I wouldn't live there if you paid me to.

I'm tired of looking out the windows of the airplane
I'm tired of travelling, I want to be somewhere.
It's not even worth talking
About those people down there.

Goo Goo Ga Ga Ga
Goo Goo Ga Ga Ga

Franny Wentzel: 16th Sep 2014 - 11:23 GMT

The problem with all the conspiracy theories is that none of them can satisfactorily explain why - of all places - JFK had to die at Dealey Plaza and in such a showy way as a public assassination. There are plenty of ways to kill a president without having to go through the bother of hiring a hit squad. In the old Soviet Union their premiers would just come down with a bad cold.

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from the archives

All Rights Reserved

(i posted before as one half of anon toronto street artists. kind of a clunky name...)

All Rights Reserved

from the archives

Under the 407

Under the 407

from the archives


Shot with my Canon AE-1 Program - 1/125 4 - Expired ISO400 Film