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Polaroid 100 City Pix

Actual city pix taken with my old polaroid 100 Erie Boulevard - they use the term 'boulevard' loosely here... Ruby's diner - always seemed to be closed whenever I was downtown... Schenectady Federal Savings - the decorative slats have since been removed Apartments along...

Polaroid 100 City Pix

Please Marry Me!

- Peter - Friday, June 30th, 2006 : goo

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image 13164

Today, when I got to work, there was a minor flood in the men's room. After it was repaired, I noticed that a previously painted-over valve-access door had been opened (I assume to turn off the valve that was leaking)...

image 13165

Ever the curious one, I, of course, had to open the door to see what was behind it. I found a message scrawled in pencil, in hasty cursive handwriting... what did it say?

image 13166

This building was built in the early 60s, and as the writing looks like it's been there for a long time, I'm imagining that this message has been there since then, perhaps written by a hopeful construction worker.

I wonder who Evelyn is, if they ever got married, and where they are now?

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Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 30th Jun 2006 - 16:35 GMT

what would Evelyn be doing in the mens room?

Peter: 30th Jun 2006 - 16:39 GMT

well, im assuming it was written as a secret or a wish or something...

Susannah : 1st Jul 2006 - 12:57 GMT

If your estimated date is right - they could have had children who would be in their 40's now. But my guess is - if he couldn't ask her in person they never got married. Evelyn - if you're out there - it never too late!

Grange: 1st Jul 2006 - 13:09 GMT

Found notes like this add history and intrige, even to a bath room .
Sure is better that "for a good time call...."
Evelyn , marry me instead i will not put your name in a bathroom , i promise !

cerniagigante: 2nd Jul 2006 - 10:22 GMT

He could have scribbled his phone number... just to increase the chances.

Lawrence: 3rd Jul 2006 - 16:24 GMT

Probably wrote the note before the door was installed. Or maybe Evelyn was the cleaning lady for the bathroom. He wrote the note and left the door open so she could see it when she went inside to do the cleaning.

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from the archives

Lost Art

continuation of the morning light theme. is that a ?

Lost Art

from the archives

Broken Records on a Rainy Day

Found this outside a school, at Central and Eldert. I am impressed that these kids found some records to throw out! Maybe they know something more about the history of the recording industry now, probably not.

Broken Records on a Rainy Day

from the archives

Things Seen Prior (2)

Things Seen Prior (2)