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Tower of London

4 shots of the wonderful tower of london.

Tower of London

Ground Zero: Lower Manhattan As It Looks Today

- Peter - Tuesday, April 16th, 2002 : goo

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image 1105727499groundzero1

image 1105727517groundzero2

image 1105727539groundzero3

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todd: 23rd Apr 2002 - 17:48 GMT

Peter, where did you take these shots from? I'm looking to try and find a place where I can take a series of similar pictures.
you can email me at

Maggi: 2nd May 2002 - 23:47 GMT

It's hard to believe that there were once buildings there. I think these are the first pictures I've seen that really show how big that area is; the construction vehicles look so small in that hole. Thanks for sharing these!

Peter: 3rd May 2002 - 00:19 GMT

in a pensive sort of way, it was my pleasure...

Peter: 3rd May 2002 - 00:19 GMT

also: the photos above are the former foundation site of WTC 1. the entire site for both buildings is exceptionally huge.

Moscow: 12th Apr 2005 - 07:10 GMT

Impressive. Very.

elaine: 19th Apr 2005 - 09:38 GMT

Re: Ground Zero: lower Manhattan as it looks today what's it like today today?

Peter: 19th Apr 2005 - 13:12 GMT

similar but different... as in, the space is similar... the ramp you can see biscecting the middle photo is very much still there, and is the only entrance to "the hole" as far as i can tell, save perhaps for a few staircases. almost all of the scattered debris have been cleaned up, and hte walls faced off with cement and steel reenforcements. that area to the right of the middle photo- where the cranes are parked- now houses the rebuilt wtc train station that connects the PATH train system to lower manhattan- the path trains being the light-rail commuter line that goes west across the hudson river into new jersey (path stands for Port Authority Trans Hudson, btw). the station is sort of "temporary" in that it is mostly open-air and will probably be rebuilt in some other form when construction commences on teh site again... though it will most likely be some time... the only thing i seem to ever see on the site is small projects to drain collected rain-water and the scattering of fresh gravel as it erodes/washes out of the hole. ill keep you posted. ill try to make some photos of the site as it looks today, on my cameraphone, when i go through it on the way home this afternoon.

Marc: 20th Apr 2005 - 02:50 GMT

yo john and debra at have some dope pics- these are amazing sites, especially the eyeballing series where they take satellite photos of buildings like fort knox, classified military installations, etc and describe the structures from their perspective- they are both architects and dyed in the wool red socialists who grew up in the socialist garment district of nyc in the 30s.. anyway after 9/11 they rented a helicopter and did a flyby of the fresh kills investigation site, aka the place where all the debris frm the WTC got moved to- and of course the videos show the police, etc destroying what could be considered "evidence", before any insurance company could investigate the port authority's claims.. check out their sites or here's a direct link for pics

Peter: 20th Apr 2005 - 14:48 GMT

oh wow... damn. those are some good sites. 3rd Nov 2005 - 14:39 GMT

wow just goes to show what hatred and intolerance can lead to. PEACE 4EVA!!!

jack: 18th Jan 2006 - 23:07 GMT

peter where you took the photos was in front of my building. 130 cedar street. im dying to get some photos of it. i can tell some stories about that area.

Ashely: 9th Feb 2006 - 21:47 GMT

when i was little i used to go there and ride my bike and one day i went there to get a drink because it was sooo hot out so my dad got me a drink and i remmber that when i walked in it was soooo big and then my dad called my name and till this day i always wanted to go back and see what it looks like but i cant because im still to young so what i want to know is why?why would somone do somthing like this?and now so many kids teens and parents cant take there kids there because of what it looks like!my cuzzins wouldn't even come with me and my father wont even take me!!!!!WHY????

des: 9th Feb 2006 - 22:03 GMT

is this still the clean up or are they constructing already?

des: 9th Feb 2006 - 22:06 GMT

oh!from what i see the pictures are 4 years about a update peter?

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 9th Feb 2006 - 22:06 GMT

It looks better today than it did. This shot is by Mitch Waxman, taken shortly after Sept 11.
image 8422

Angela Wilson: 18th May 2006 - 23:35 GMT

OOooh! It has been five years since the incident and I am blessed to see the amount of hard work and energy to rebuild. I've just seen the movie UA 93, the flight that crashed in pennsylvania. I am still upset to how this all happened and felt compassion for the families that were left behind.

Today, I pray that these families are holding up. I know the true God to whom this country stands and believes that He will and is watching over them with angels by their sides. He promise never to leave nor forsake his children.

Pacific: 4th Jul 2006 - 00:57 GMT

really troubles me that your countrys own intelligence agency would orcestrate such an event, all for the greed.

Skyler Starling: 9th Sep 2006 - 13:33 GMT

thosepictures are amazing. I've seen "the flight that fought back.""United 93 down" and others but nothing like this.

Patty: 16th Sep 2006 - 11:47 GMT

I look at these photos and see how so many lives were taken "GOD BLESS THEM ALL"I don't believe any thing else should ever stand there.

ross: 30th Sep 2006 - 21:12 GMT

hey im from Engalnd and i was reall y touched by the event. and i think they should build a big monument with all the names of the people who lost their lives.

ross: 1st Oct 2006 - 19:30 GMT check this out...

under: 18th Feb 2007 - 22:43 GMT

yeh and i wonder if united states to blame may this was a setup by bush....makes you think for accuse to go to war...

Kady: 1st Apr 2007 - 21:57 GMT

I was just there a week or so ago. I couldn't get many pictures of the ongoing construction, but I have several of the memorial set up at the WTC PATH station. Here's a few...

image 19246

image 19247

image 19248

BZZZP: 1st Apr 2007 - 22:08 GMT

that's a nice one through the mesh

Amber: 5th May 2007 - 03:22 GMT

I really think that the photos are nice, My sisters aunt died in the world Trade Center in tower 2 on 9/11, but anyways they are nice photos of ground zero.

vic: 7th May 2007 - 04:35 GMT

im doing a class report on this and these pic were very helpful. i showed my friend and she said she felt teary eyed thnx for opeing our eyes

charlene: 14th May 2007 - 22:34 GMT

really nice the one with the fire new york.

Miss Love: 27th Jun 2007 - 14:47 GMT

After all this time, looking at this pictures my eyes still get tears in them and my heart still go out to all of those lives and families.
It is just so sad.

Claire: 31st Jul 2007 - 11:21 GMT

They are good photos. I still get really sad about 9/11. My heart also goes out to all of those who lost somebody that day.
God bless x

Sarah: 11th Sep 2007 - 09:59 GMT

Moving photos. My thoughts are with all the people who lost a loved one, a friend, a collegeue. It saddens me that so many people had to go through the motions of such a terrible day.

S. CHEEK: 11th Sep 2007 - 12:32 GMT


wallace: 11th Sep 2007 - 16:28 GMT

11th of september 2007:
the shots of the construction site are amazing. great angles

M. NICK: 11th Sep 2007 - 18:53 GMT

nice photos

Katie : 11th Sep 2007 - 19:42 GMT

very nice job on rebuilding! Excellent photos!

trish: 5th Oct 2007 - 00:37 GMT

wow great photos
peter if your still around
could u emial me at
we are visiting the site taking the staten island ferry this sat oct 6th
would like to ask you about the city and how toget places..

M. NICK: 5th Oct 2007 - 17:03 GMT

I see that they are doing a very nice job there.they should build a monument there,for all the people who died in the buildings.

Cynthia: 20th Oct 2007 - 04:54 GMT

i would like to see photos as of today, october 19,2007, of what ground zero looks like, thanks!

Cynthia: 20th Oct 2007 - 04:58 GMT

i would appreciate if anyone who has recent photos as of today could send me some at! thanks again! have a great day & weekend to all!=)....

Pat Mcgrawn: 10th Dec 2007 - 16:36 GMT

Never Forget what happened that day!

Peter: 10th Dec 2007 - 16:43 GMT

you know, i really hate it when people repeat blatantly knee-jerk (and ultimately, meaningless) mantras like "Never Forget what happened that day!" if its going to just, you know, skip right out of our memory or something. its a reminder to remember something we (or at least i) cant ever forget, even if i tried.

it just sounds cloying, and is reminiscent of our nation's general propensity towards saber-rattling.

why are we supposed to remember? so we can keep rationalizing this pointless war? so we can, for the zillionth time, picture the towers falling in our minds, with the death, destruction and people jumping? so we can rally and shout "go america!"?

yes, by default, i shall never forget, but i am wary of those that are constantly reminding us to remember.

Bob: March 7th 2008: 7th Mar 2008 - 23:20 GMT

Are you serious? If you seen a termite in your house, would kill just that one or would you tear the house apart and kill every one of those bastards? That's just one reason we are over there fighting. Remember this, not one of our troops is over there because the govt. made them go, they want to be there, and God Bless Them for being so unselfish. We are gaining on alquida (spelling?) and I'm feeling better about it, I don't know about anyone else. And I'd also rather take Hell to there country than make more people suffer in ours. Like the song says "If it were up to me I'd show it everyday". For all the people who have fallen and their families, my prayers are with you always. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

Peter: 7th Mar 2008 - 23:37 GMT

bob: i was poised to go to great effort to provide you links to mass-media sources that refute almost everything you say- about the misplacement of blame in iraq, about soldiers who refuse to go back, about lives and families of patriotic americans torn apart by our government's blatant sham and lie of a war.

but then i got to your closing "GOD BLESS THE U.S.A." statement, and thought "you know, this guy is an ignorant american; it wouldnt be worth my time because he wont bother to read it, much less be open-minded enough to care".

but damn, man. do you live under a rock? i took the above photos, and i watched the fall right in front of my own eyes, and i neither agree with ANYTHING you say, nor do i empathize with ANY of your deluded hallucinations about freedom and patriotism, and i wholeheartedly hope that every american soldier over there is brought back as soon as possible before theyre forced to die painfully torturous deaths for a lie of a war that is continued simply to provide an excuse (cover up) for ongoing (and very well documented) american deviousness in world politics.

its people like you who believe such a simple line as "al qaeda [thats the prioper spelling, btw] ran around the trade center like termites and killed a buncha good ole americans!" that make the fight for the truth and acceptance of reasonable doubts about the american government nearly impossible.

open your eyes. start here:

and if any of that strikes your fancy, and you can come back here and discuss it with me and prove youre not a total lost cause, i assure you that the pleasure would be mine to discuss it until you understand.

Tom: 8th Apr 2008 - 13:29 GMT

hi, i'm from the u.k, so u probably won't care what i think, but sod it. I dnt kno the politics of your country v.well, but wether it's a cover up or not, the terrible truth is thousands of lives were lost that day, people who didn't deserve to die. Look I ain't gettin into a debate about 9/11 conspiracies, people can look at whatever evidence is available and be grown up to make up their own opinions, but as above lives were lost, and to me that means more than any silly allegations or accusations, as a u.k citizen i've heard things like there were bombs in the building, the french filmmakers jules and gideon naudet who made a 9/11 documentary were in on it, but none of that matters. what matters is how much courage,love, and determination people showed in the aftermath of the tragedy. As an outsider your country became even stronger, as a country you defied al-qaeda and said you may have taken our buildings you may have taken our peoples lives, but kno this we are a united front and we will hunt you down and make you pay for the hurt and suffering you have caused to so many people in our country. Well like i said at the start you may not care what i think, but i believe as an ever changing world, we need to stop terrorism.

Peter: 8th Apr 2008 - 15:50 GMT

tom: i think its ludicrous to simply look at the "thousands of lives lost that day" without trying to dig deeper into the why and how of it. i think it disrespects both those who died and those of us who continue to live in the aftermath, either here in , in as a whole, and generally, the entire world.

yes, the "courage, love, and determination" matters, is respected and is appreciated... but thats just a drop in the bucket. singling those factors out as the only empirical worth of 9/11 is like telling someone with an awful flu that they merely have a cough.

furthermore, as an american, i do not think our "country became stronger" at all. quite the opposite. neither do i think we "defied al-qaeda" (what, exactly do they have to do with 9/11 anyway?). neither do i think that america is a "united front" in the least. do non-americans think we are? i think if you asked just about any american, of any political/religious/social background, we'd all agree that were hardly unified. especially in regards to international politics.

then we have the iraq war, which perhaps you think is our retaliation for 9/11. here, i remind you that over 60% of americans are opposed to this misguided, pointless war.

and in regards to your statement "we will hunt you down and make you pay for the hurt and suffering you have caused to so many people in our country"... who are we hunting down? why are we hunting them down? are they really "paying"? how? is revenge the answer? is their death any better/worse/justified than those who died on 9/11? is revenge on a people that, though arguably dispassionate towards human rights, may have little to no connection to 9/11 the answer?

i dont think so.

your overly-generalized blanket statements spouting revenge, misplaced nationalism and "stopping terrorism" are part of the problem. when people, like yourself, rally around emotion and focus on the glossy surface and never bother do dig (or think) much deeper than what status-quo thought or media reports continually spout, were never going to get any answers. nor are we going to get any solutions.

as a new yorker, american, and world citizen, i do appreciate the elements of your comment that im sure you intended to be a compassionate, empathetic, supportive reply. but it does worry me to know that there are countless people out there in the world that believe exactly what you think, and are content to cater towards misplaced american nationalism without casting a suspicious eye at the events that happened on 9/11, the mystery surrounding them, and the illogical aftermaths our snap reaction continue to cause on a global scale. im not trying to spout any particular "conspiracy theories" here, myself, but if you dont think something fishy has been going on, then you really havent bothered to look at the facts and pause for a moment and truly think about them.

Josefine: 18th Apr 2008 - 08:27 GMT

hey, Im frome sweden and at our english lesson were going to work about ground zero. I would like, in all respect, to know something about what is going on there today. are some new buildings planned? or is it going to be a memory place?

God: 18th Apr 2008 - 15:37 GMT

It would be great if they just left it as a memory place. Last time they showed it on the news, was about 3 months ago. And it was still nothing rebuilt, nothing touched. Just like on September 11,2001. God Bless All.

Peter: 18th Apr 2008 - 16:05 GMT

are you crazy, or just seriously uninformed? nothing rebuilt, nothing touched? thats not true at all! i commute through the WTC site/station every day, and theres so much going on there... sure, its a slow process, but its a radically different place than it was 6-7 years ago, for sure, and changes substantially month by month. they just moved a huge chunk of the temporary station several hundred feet to the northwest in order to make room to begin the new permanent station there.

it seems like the rest of america- those that arent connected to the wtc at all, and dont see it daily- seem to think that the site should have gone from rubble to a completed memorial within a year. get real. this is one of the more ambitious construction projects nyc has ever seen, coupled with a huge cleanup effort as well as trying to do it in a way thats sensitive to the historial nature of the site... its complicated.

and left as a "memory place"? just leave 16+ acres of some of the world's most valuable real estate sitting vacant as a testament to something terrible? i think most new yorkers would agree with me that its time to move on some. you can rebuild and show respect simultaneously, you know.

anyway, heres a quick overview:

september, 2001:
image 27091

summer 2005:
image 27092

many images spanning 12/15/07 - 1/04/08:

please do your research before you start spreading false-truths about such a volatile topic...

anon ( 26th May 2008 - 22:39 GMT

wish i could go to ny

Country Boy: 8th Jul 2008 - 04:54 GMT

Peter, am sorry I didn't see this months ago so I could respond then. Thank you for your photos and update on the progress at "ground zero". I apologize for everyone for not being as updated or as "informed" as you are. No need to call us names, however. I visited the 991 truth site and really found nothing but requests. Requests to question the info that was made available, requests for support (money) and help to deliver a message that something (still not sure what) was being pulled over on everyone. This sounds somewhat similar to the battle cry of a current presidential candidate. He says he will bring change but never says what, you (the website) says there is some other truth but never tells it.. As far as the Iraqi war. I'm not happy that we have young men there, my grandparents were not happy to have sons in France and Germany either. Ask your jewish friends if Germany had any weapons of mass destruction.. they did, his name was Hitler. We helped rebuild their country and now we get some of our finest medical instruments, automobiles etc from there.. ironic.

Jamie: 8th Jul 2008 - 08:17 GMT


Peter: 8th Jul 2008 - 12:54 GMT

tangential pseudopolitical rant? check! ignorance of actual facts? check! invocation of ? check!

Shannon: 13th Aug 2008 - 06:34 GMT

Peter: I dig every point you're making and wish there were more like you (us) out there. The backwards ignorance evident in previous comments is terrifying...really! The propaganda machine with much help from FOX news has been working over time looking for fools like these.

kelly: 14th Sep 2008 - 20:14 GMT

i just wanna say september 11 was a sad and scarey day for everyone and i just wanna say that im sorry to all the familys and friends who lost someone that day. It would be nice to see gound zero left as a memory place with a wall with everyones name that died there that day and make it a place where familys can go and be with there loved one or make it a garden with flowers and just leave it be and not to rebuild.

eyeofodin: 14th Sep 2008 - 20:41 GMT

If you would like to follow the construction of the Freedom Tower (the tallest of the towers to replace the twins), here is the link Go to the last page if you would like to see how far along the construction is. It is definitely starting to pick up speed, and the design, imo, is gorgeous, as well as the other buildings being built on the plot.

CHARMED: 25th Feb 2009 - 23:24 GMT


Mary: 20th Apr 2009 - 21:59 GMT

what does it look like today in 04/20/2009 17th May 2009 - 10:16 GMT

charmed, you are a very forgiving sort of person, me personally would never forgive the people or country responsible for 9/11, i would nuke them if i had the chance, this is the sort of crime waiting to happen here in england and it is only a matter of time, god bless you all

Peter: 17th May 2009 - 19:00 GMT

@codyiamf: looks like youre another victim of the irrational thoughts and fear-control churned out by the american media. learn to forgive. nukes are bad. ok.

Jim: 12th Jun 2009 - 16:38 GMT

911 was a very horrific and terrible day for America and the world, but as always, we Americans stick together and we will pull through the dismal and hardtimes after 911. Thanks to the paramedics, NYFD, rescue personnel, NYPD, and our military, and all who helped with the clean up and rescue and recovery efforts starting after that tragic and terrible events. Those who perished in midst of this tragedy, we will never forget you, and to your families and loved ones, they will always be in our hearts forever. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the people who lost a family member, loved one, friend, or somebody they knew on September 11, 2001.

US Service Member: 6th Aug 2009 - 01:58 GMT

I was 12 years old when the twin towers fell that day in september... And now I am going to be depolyed with my unit sometime this month... Hopefully without any losses... But that day in history is seared into my memory and every other american and person that saw it unfold... Now I am taking the fight to them... Because its personel to me because I'm a New Yorker and that just how we are... I just hope you guys havent forgotten what we are still fighting for... Its not for oil or a foot hold in the middle east its to pay back what they did to us...Just dont forget those you lost there lives and those who are still in the fight...

i see u: 4th Sep 2009 - 22:58 GMT

i hope we get the people who did this 2 new york R.I.P 2 all.

Peter: 5th Sep 2009 - 04:06 GMT

i think that ive said everything here that i want to say, some of it perhaps passionate to a fault. i commute through the trade center site every day of the world, so its something ive thought about every morning for almost a decade. this really isnt a conspiracy or partisan political issue so much as it is the result of very empirical human greed and behavior. ive had this exact discussion- including that very same increasingly cliche star wars cut-and-paste talking point- from some of my more partisan family members and friends, and ill tell you the same thing i told them: i know what i saw in person there that day, and i know that when it comes to cataclysmic disasters and world-influencing events, theres always more than meets the eye and to not be at least a little bit skeptical about the existing power structure in todays global world is to be... well... blissfully ignorant and ill-informed.

if youre trying to make some sort of rhetorical point, fair enough, ok i get it and can see beyond your observation that my views might make me a "moron" in your eyes... but if you want to actually talk about it, feel free to contact me off-site, as i dont really feel like i have much further to add to this public discourse. as two individuals who are much more intelligent than some of the traffic in this thread has proven itself to be, it might be worth discussing one on one.

Nick: 7th Sep 2009 - 12:27 GMT

To be honest, i find it disgusting that nothing has been done with the site yet. Im from England so dont hear everything that goes on over there, but 8 years on, how can it be that the site is still just a large hole?

I think it would be incredibly disrespectful to ever build anything there. I think it would almost be like people were trying to forget what happened. The site will always be a grave for so many people as so many bodies would never have been recovered. Its only fitting that a cemetry should be placed there in the form of a garden. A place where family members could always go and think of the loved ones they lost.

I can only imagine, but burying empty coffins cant be the same as actually burying loved ones. I cant believe you could have the same connection to someones grave if you knew their body had never been burried their.

I know a site that size must be worth alot of money due to its location, but come on, some things are way more important than money.

Peter: 8th Sep 2009 - 12:48 GMT

where are all of you getting the idea that "nothing has been done to the site yet" or that its still a "large hole"? the wtc site is probably one of the largest construction projects going on in nyc at the moment...

jason eugene, union mo: 9th Sep 2009 - 03:14 GMT

peter some of them will never get it. i want to show my love an respect for those who passed. I WILL NEVER FORGET. thank you to all of you trying to help construct memorials for the victims an families of 9/11

jane Brown: 11th Sep 2009 - 08:16 GMT

Even though I dont live in the USA, I am thinking about all the people that lost their lives that day and their families. The world will always remember.

Alison: 11th Sep 2009 - 10:15 GMT

I don't think many people realise how vast the WTC area is. While it is still a contruction area it should not stop us remembering those lives that where so sadly lost. Remembering innocent lives that where lost is far more important that tickle tackling what should or should not be done with the site. Today and every day is a day to REMEMBER!!!

Nick: 11th Sep 2009 - 12:10 GMT

Construction zone or not, its still a large hole. 8 years today and theres still nothing meaningful their. Even taking off 2 years of that for clearing the site, thats still 6 years where theyve done what? Theyve rebuilt the underground station, and really, thats about it.

It shouldnt take 6 years to fill the area and create a garden to show respect for the people who lost their lives their. The idea of putting other buildings there is quite sick really.

Peter: 11th Sep 2009 - 13:11 GMT

sorry nick, thats just not true. its not a hole in any way shape or form, and your perception of what should and should not be done with such a huge slice of real estate in downtown manhattan that hundreds of thousands of people pass through each day is just not realistic. just this morning, i was watching them pour cement for upper stories of the memorial and museum's floors... as of today- the 8th anniversary- over 80% of the memorial's steel has been installed.

this is a good start if youd like to read more:

and alison: i get really tired of people yammering on and on with this "REMEMBER!" rhetoric... do you really think that this place and everything that happened here is something that anyone is going to... forget... any time soon?

Nick: 11th Sep 2009 - 17:12 GMT

Thanks for the link Peter. Ive had a good look through. Being in England im very much looking at it from afar so your link was very beneficial. I hadnt actually seen those plans, having seen them now, i have to say, i quite like them. I think it was important not to build where the twin towers stood, and going by those plans, the respect has been shown to the lives lost on that day. I just hope now that they dont change.

Linda Starks/ December 29th, 2009: 29th Dec 2009 - 15:22 GMT

I came for the holidays to be with my family. I moved 3 1/2 years ago to pittsburgh, pa, but always remember the day that God made a change in the city of new york.
As cold as it is, I will make it my business to go to ground zero and take pictures of what once was and remember what is today, LIFE!

ryan: 5th Jan 2010 - 19:26 GMT

it was terrible what happened on that day

anon ( 31st Jan 2010 - 21:46 GMT

oh wow this is crazy whats going to happen when the 2 new twin towers get rebuild i ope nothinh bad will happen

Deborah: 11th Feb 2010 - 01:49 GMT

It is interesting that someone recently made a comment about the area not being a big hole and I just watched a video someone recorded in December 2009 talking about bodies still being found. It is sad that all the area's were not checked. Here's the thing about me, I say what others think, I'm not afraid to say it out loud. Now we're waiting to see what is going to happen on 2/11. Iran has stated that they're going to do something that is going to stun the "Western government", since it is already "tomorrow" there, I guess it's just a matter of time to find out what is going on.

hu: 11th Feb 2010 - 20:04 GMT

this is sad

saya : 27th Jul 2010 - 00:24 GMT

I can not believe this! i love the fact that we are remembering the lost and fallen, but i've been hearing alot of rumors about someone thinking of rebuilding the towers. I know its probably old news but i think i speak for everyone when i say they shouldn't rebuild the twin towers unless he/she wants more families, better yet innocent LIVES to be lost again. I'm not trying to sound mean but we should have something better than more violence put into NY,NY. Sorry if i'm not making sence but if your one of those people who want the twin towers back, then think about what will happen. If you truly believe that the twin towers will bring happieness, then your wrong. We should at least try to have peace in this cold cruel hell of a world, again i apologize for me saying this but think about kids who lost there mom's and dad's in the accident and the wives and husbands as well. That's all i have to say, so for now goodbye.

Nuri Alco: 27th Jul 2010 - 20:43 GMT

Excellent photos. I have very fond memories of visiting the twin towers when i was 15. i have some pictures somewhere of the view from the street looking up at them and the clouds obscuring the top. I have to say though that I find it depressing that people use the tragedy that occurred here as a justification for bringing the same terror and destruction to other cities such as Baghdad, Kabul etc.

Breaking News: 28th Jul 2010 - 18:04 GMT

Hans Blix states the Iraq War was and is Illegal,

He criticised decisions that led to the war, saying existing UN resolutions on Iraq did not contain the authority needed, contrary to the case put by the UK government.
Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

Some people maintain that Iraq was legal. I am, of the firm view, that it was an illegal war
Hans Blix

"Eventually they had to come with, I think, a very constrained legal explanation," he said. "You see how Lord Goldsmith wriggled about and how he, himself, very much doubted it was adequate."

Lord Goldsmith has acknowledged his views on the necessity of a further UN resolution mandating military action changed in the months before the invasion and that the concluded military action was justified on the basis of Iraq breaching disarmament obligations dating back to 1991.

But Dr Blix said most international lawyers believed these arguments would not stand up at an international tribunal.

"Some people maintain that Iraq was legal. I am of the firm view that it was an illegal war. There can be cases where it is doubtful, maybe it was permissible to go to war, but Iraq was, in my view, not one of those."

He said he agreed with France and Russia, who argued that further UN authorisation was needed for military action.

"It was clear that a second resolution was required," he said.

In the run-up to war, he said the US government was "high on" the idea of pre-emptive military action as a solution to international crises.

"They thought they could get away with it and therefore it was desirable to do so."

saya : 31st Jul 2010 - 04:16 GMT

I also think it's horrible that nothings been done for the past nine years, i'm disappointed that we have not done anything about whats happened. I'm from honolulu,hawaii and i mave to texas when i was two, and this happened about two mare years after we moved here. I'ts sad that we don't do anything to help, they say we should honor the lost and fallen but, looking at the pictures of what it was and what it is now, it's truely sad. I think we should do something about it think outside the box try to do something to remember the people for who they are. But for some reason we won't, sorry for being off the point again but this place is my home now and i refuse to sit and do nothing. God created us to be peaceful and loving, not to hate and kill.

Darren: 31st Jul 2010 - 16:30 GMT

Saya, WTH are you talking about? Nothing's been done, what does that mean? The Memorial is not far from completion, WTC 1 is like 30 stories up, WTC 4 is climbing, I was jusgt there last week. Or did you mean, a military response, we've been in Afghanistan chasing the Taliban for 9 years.

The only pictures here are from 2 and 1/2 years ago if you'd care to check, want to see it today and everyday then link here >>>

Darren: 31st Jul 2010 - 16:49 GMT

This will help you get a better picture of the site TODAY -

annie: 8th Aug 2010 - 21:42 GMT

thank you for the link darren. i couldnt find the links until i came to this site so thanks.

Valerie: 30th Aug 2010 - 18:27 GMT

I think we should build on top of the old WTC. It will show them that we are not going to give up and that we're still a strong nation despite what happened on 9/11...or we should be anyway. O'Bama is not making that easy for us now is he? But I do agree with the memorials they have made in honor of those who died from this horrendous act.

kathy: 31st Aug 2010 - 08:21 GMT

awe i love all the info yall are given me and go see remeber me it is a very sad but moving story and it will make you think twice before you say somthing without respect about 9/11

anon ( 11th Sep 2010 - 14:55 GMT

we should all be grateful to live in a country where we have the right to say whatever we spite of everything, we are a blessed nation!!!

SUZI: 11th Sep 2010 - 21:01 GMT

It is so sad and i feel for ll familys and everone who served i still cry and i live in france but im from the uk xx

anton: 25th Oct 2010 - 13:43 GMT

Some good progress made as can be seen on this link

earl: 2nd Nov 2010 - 16:16 GMT

legalize it.

willie: 4th Nov 2010 - 14:19 GMT

sad for what happend

willie: 4th Nov 2010 - 14:21 GMT


Chanc: 2nd May 2011 - 19:12 GMT

It's really sad what happened but at least Osama is dead now

jennifer: 2nd May 2011 - 23:03 GMT

God bless!!! Rip loved ones

Cody Steiner: 6th May 2011 - 00:33 GMT

My heart and prayers go out to everyone touched by the horrific event of 9 11.

Anonymous: 7th May 2011 - 07:49 GMT

I do not believe that Osama Bin Laden did this, like many others I believe that it was an inside job and its very depressing that our government would stoop that low just to get their way. Im glad Obama did not get his way he wanted to put a Muslim mosk (which is basically a Muslim church) at the ground zero site. Now they are putting a 9/11 memorial and a 9/11 museum, plus the freedom tower which will be the tallest building in America by 2013, it will be over 200 stories tall.

Anonymous: 7th May 2011 - 07:53 GMT

I will be checking this site once and a while for updates on posts and other stuff so if you ask me a question it may take me a long while to get back to you.=]

bergan: 19th Jul 2011 - 03:20 GMT

can anyone upload a current pic of ground zero as 2011? please

Jose : 9th Aug 2011 - 22:22 GMT

Even today i still cant see this happening to all these people. I am sorry for to all that lost someone.

ramiro htx: 10th Sep 2011 - 21:51 GMT

this todate is the sadest thing i have ever seen in my 33 years of living nothing good came out of this act i think it was a loss that was felt the world over and cost a great deal of pain and suffering by every one involved

Andy : 11th Sep 2011 - 02:38 GMT

I have to say all this evidence of the trade center attacks, the conspiracy theory and all the information that is not well supported brings me to the question "what really happened on that day", as a member of the public, I will never understand or know why this happened, it just goes to show you how much the public does not understand or are "allowed" to understand. My heart goes out to the people that lost loved ones, I guess the saying "only in America" is true, sad but true.

anon ( 11th Sep 2011 - 18:38 GMT

my emotion is too strong - today 9/11/11 is a wonderful day of rememberance. i watched brit tv and wish we had the same pride in our flag...vidaann.

Lyle: 12th Sep 2011 - 02:48 GMT

Ten years ago today... can't believe it still. God bless the families and friends of all those whose lives were lost on 9/11/01. God bless all those who have been and are presently engaged in fighting the ongoing war on terror. What a heavy price is paid for the freedom we enjoy!

j grindrod: 12th Sep 2011 - 15:51 GMT

god bless america and the families of the victims 10 years ago

violette.: 17th Sep 2011 - 10:41 GMT

this memorial must be so memorable that the world will know that America honours her people and learn from it. Be strong!!

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