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from the archives

How Appropriate!

...for this site, that is! These pictures were taken at the northeast corner of Bay and Front Streets today at around 1 PM during a scene filming of the upcoming TV series, Angela's Eyes. This street corner was transformed to...

How Appropriate!

Philip Johnson's Water Gardens

- dfwtiger - Monday, September 25th, 2006 : goo

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image 15927

image 15928

image 15929

image 15930

image 15931

image 15932

image 15933

image 15934

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procyon: 26th Sep 2006 - 01:49 GMT

I remember them looking a lot more full-of-water in the Philip Johnson coffee table book. Did they permanently change the way water flows after the deaths there? Or is it just the black-and-white?

zagg: 26th Sep 2006 - 01:50 GMT

the first one is beautiful.

aer: 26th Sep 2006 - 08:39 GMT

that first one -is- beautiful, they're all good shots. what sort of camera are you using?

jeeff: 26th Sep 2006 - 13:42 GMT

what's the story behind the deaths?

Peter: 26th Sep 2006 - 14:41 GMT


jeeff: 26th Sep 2006 - 15:42 GMT

that's sad. and it looks so good with the water cascading down. i hope they find a way to make it safer without caging people in.

dfwtiger: 26th Sep 2006 - 20:45 GMT

The water gardens are going through renovations right now. An accident killed several people a couple of years ago. The City decided to do a retro fit....and then decided to clean up the whole park. I wanted to document the gardens in a run down state...then I can post the park after the renovations. It's a really cool space/place.

Jamie: 26th Sep 2006 - 21:52 GMT

Philip Johnson's Pennzoil Place

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from the archives

Take Me Somewhere

This photo was my first commissioned work by the Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission. It was on display in CIty Hall in Downtown Sacramento. I'm very proud to represent Sacramento.

Take Me Somewhere

from the archives

Hornet's Nest

My friend Jeff cut this 's nest off of a tree in his yard last year. He has kept it a conversation piece. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

Hornet's Nest

from the archives

Toronto's Got the Right Idea...

As a rider, I was really excited to see this news... I can only hope that follows 's lead in innitiatives like this... Two-wheeler riders no longer have to feed the meter: Last updated Nov 14 2005 12:10 PM EST CBC...

Toronto's Got the Right Idea...