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Alley 2

Alley 2


- Paul G - Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002 : goo

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Yuba, Wisconsin: 1970 pop. 75, My Uncle's Farm

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Becky: 23rd Apr 2002 - 14:47 GMT

Nice farm pictures! Not what I would expect to see on, but that's ok.

Peter: 23rd Apr 2002 - 15:23 GMT

I really like looking at older pictures like these; the colours and hues all look slightly different. In my mind, I can almost percieve that the world, 30 years ago, actually existed in those hues and colours.

These photos also make me feel pensive; especially the first. I bet the dog, the tractor, the land... and maybe even some of the people are long gone. Unbeknownst to them, theyre now immortalized on this little webpage.

Its all just very thought provoking; i like it; thanks for posting these. Maybe I'll post some old photos. Certainly if you have more, post them here!

Paul G: 24th Apr 2002 - 06:27 GMT

A bit of the story, *here*.

austin: 2nd Sep 2004 - 04:42 GMT

that is a big barn in #3

Lacey Nofsinger: 4th Jan 2005 - 19:49 GMT

I live in Yuba, Wisconsin. And the population is 77; it seems tiny, but I've been there my whole life, and I think it's great!

Anna: 10th Jun 2005 - 12:46 GMT

We go up to Yuba once every year and I think the town is great. We are actually heading up there this weekend and I can't wait to go. It is a very cool town and the scenery is beautiful.

Darrel: 23rd Oct 2005 - 22:48 GMT

Its a little town that I like to call home. What other town has a population of 77 and 3 bars talk about competition!!

Kaeleen: 21st Nov 2005 - 18:28 GMT

I grew up in Yuba in the late 70's-80's Still have Family & friend's there.It still is a great town.Our old swimming hole was the dam in Tydrick's pasture with a tire swing hanging from the tree.Ahhhhh....the memories.I'm proud to say that I'm a friend of your mom's Lacey.We rode horse ALL the time and ALL OVER Yuba's country side.My daughter even went to school with you at Hillsboro.I do have pictures of us riding horse in Yuba.The Horse & pony pulls were great fun !!My family used to live in the old motel there and now has been torn down for quit sometime but, the memories are still there.I do stop in to visit Tiny as he knew me and my family well as a kid.Was great seeing him and chatting with him about the old days.I hope I can post some pictures on here soon though.Glad I found this site ! Thanks- Kaeleen

Kaeleen: 22nd Nov 2005 - 04:05 GMT

HI again ! Few more things is that "Yuba" was a old trading town and the word "Yuba" came from "You Buy".When I grew up there -there was population of 72 and still 3-bars.ha ha But, I also remember the 2-stores there.One of my very good friend's own'd "The Clary's" I still keep in contact with one of them yet.Oh, yes and has a kid with my best friend(Denise)we would go to the 3-Day dances above D & D's Pub.That was the greatest - sliding across the floor in our socks and dancing doing the polka.ha ha So, tell me what was your entertainment in Yuba when you could'nt get to Hillsboro OR Richland Center? I can't say some things on here what we did as teenager's Just "Yuba will never be the same" ;-)

Darrel: 15th Jan 2006 - 17:53 GMT

The name was chosen by Edward Pinick, who platted the village in 1856, and soon thereafter had a post office established there, he being the first postmaster." 2. May have been named from Yuba, California (a gold locality). Word derived from the original Spanish name of the river, El Rio de las Uvas (pron. Yubas) = "the river of grapes."

Darrel: 15th Jan 2006 - 17:54 GMT

According to Tim Gile, Cuba City was first called "Yuba," but when the city's founders discovered that "Yuba" had already been taken by a small town to the north, they searched for a new name by beginning at the top of the alphabet and rhyming with Yuba. "Auba"? No. "Buba"? Definitely not. "Cuba"? Cuba!

Charlotte: 25th Mar 2006 - 08:29 GMT

Got great pictures today of: entering Yuba. I was floored! My grandfather Herbert O. Ayres was born in that town 1867. I was expecting to see pictures of growth, but the entering Yuba on the highway looked to be deserted. My GGrandparents settled along the Pine River in the 1880's. the pictures are still great though of Yuba and along the Pine River. Thanks for being there, Yuba

Kaeleen: 7th Apr 2006 - 17:46 GMT

thanks for update on the town on the name.Was told by a older friend that lived there.Never really knew just what they said.I have several pic.of that town.On horseback mainly.That's what we did besides swim.can't picture where the farm is on the top.Maybe there last name would help.Thanks !Oh, does anyone have any old days pictures of the town also?Would love to see them.

Kaeleen: 27th Jul 2006 - 05:30 GMT

Would love to see some old days pictures of Yuba.Does anyone have any to show?

Kendra: 30th Jul 2006 - 05:20 GMT

Hi I have a question that I was hoping someone might be able to anserw for me. My grandmother told me a story about a cousin in our family that dissapered at Lake Tahoe, it would've been about 30 or so years ago. Anyway there was a street in Yuba City Ca named after him, Jamie Street? I'm not sure about anything of him and I've tried to call my grandma many times because I've taken a heart interest, but she hasn't anserwed her I'm trying other things, like this for instance. Anyway anyone who may know any little info it would be me at
Thank you(:

Kendra: 30th Jul 2006 - 05:22 GMT

oopss I'm sorry I just realized that this is Yuba City WI, not CA. Sorry for the mistake.

Ashley: 9th Sep 2006 - 23:15 GMT

I live in Yuba. It's a small town, but its wonderful! I'm proud to call it home.

Susan Lopez: 14th Sep 2006 - 16:10 GMT

I was born in Yuba City, CA. and I have been looking in websites to see if I could find some old pictures of Yuba City during the 60s. Yuba City has great memories for me. I was interested in seeing pictures of the old Bridge Street school, and the area around the school during that time. I don't know if anybody out there has any pictures, but it was worth the try. Thank You.

susan: 1st Oct 2006 - 18:33 GMT

your pictures are great i visited my relatives in arena, wisconsin, 1954-2004. i have a photo album full thanks to my mom keeping things organized put up more pictures

Curt Fisher: 9th Feb 2007 - 11:34 GMT

I had a friend who had a farm in Yuba (out on Pine), Dave and Judy Elders. He died in a tractor accident in the late 90's, and she sold the farm and remarried. He had a sign on the barn that said "In the Chips Buffalo Farm."

Rose Novy: 2nd Jul 2007 - 20:15 GMT

Mt family and I grew up in and around Yuba, I would love any pictures of the town. I haven't been back home for a while but still have fond memories of the Yuba school and all the programs that we had using the area above D&D bar

Jim Clary: 6th Aug 2007 - 16:34 GMT

I have pictures to share and would like to be in touch with some old Yuba Pals. I grew up there during the 70's. Trying to find Kaeleen, and many more

CartLegger: 6th Aug 2007 - 16:41 GMT

well, share them. please.

Teresa Novy: 20th Aug 2007 - 14:01 GMT

Hi Jim,

I remember you and think of a club we used to have, if you are the Jim Clary I'm thinking about,I can't remember everyone in it but Roger and Kim were a couple of people I remember, they were relative of mine and are related to Tiny. I think I also know Kaeleen, if you are who I think we are related and I remember you from time in Yuba. Do you have a sister named Kim and one named Helen?
I ran across this site using google looking for pictures and news on the flood there August 18/19, 2007.
I also am an old friend of your Mom's Lacey. We were best friends for a long time, we had a lot of good times together and we've known each other since we were kids. I also knew your Dad. Your Mom and I were best friends when she was married to your Dad. I moved away 9 years ago August 1st and kind of lost touch with her. You also go to school with my oldest son, he lives with his Dad down there.
I was looking for pictures posted besides what is above and couldn't find any. I remember going to the Yuba school for a couple of years and what fun it was to ring the recess bell. I also remember the 2 day dances. Those were a blast for that small town. Same with the horse pull...those were some good old days. It was fun running across this and bringing up some good childhood memories.
I'll keep coming on here from time to time just to see what's new.
Nice to recognize some of you.

Jim Clary: 22nd Aug 2007 - 14:54 GMT

I would like to arrange a reunion of the club. And or the school. It seems we cant post our emails here and have no idea of how to start a different line of communication. I hope they dont mind it, but I will post my email in hopes that people start contacting me. THis site is great and I want to add pictures soon

Bill Sanders: 22nd Aug 2007 - 20:00 GMT

My wife was raised on a farm outside Yuba WI, Her dad was Bob Stowell. She has a brother Curt still living in Yuba. She has and had a lot of family in the area. She left the area in late 50's but we have been back many times.

Teresa: 27th Aug 2007 - 15:31 GMT


I took your email and will be in contact some time soon. A reunion of some sort would be awesome, especially the school in the school, I've wanted to go in numerous times just don't know who to contact. As far as old classmates from there, the Clark family still live in the same place and I remember some of their kids went there, I believe Kevin still lives on the Grandparent's farm. Karen J. not sure if Willard still lives in his old home but last I knew he did and still drives bus on occasion. I'm sure you could contact Kim & Roger just by talking to Tiny and his wife. Since it was only Kindergarten and 1st Grade that I went I don't remember a lot of people. Refresh my memory and I could possibly help you contact a few others or let you know where they are. I may live in Green Bay but I still have lots of friends back home and my family still lives around the area down there.
Off that subject, I've been wanting to contact a long lost friend of mine Lisa Wilmont. I know you were married at one time and had children, I would love to find a way to contact here as well. Any help in that area would be appreciated.
Would also love to know what happened to your niece and nephew I used to babysit for and who used to hang out with my sister when they were our neighbors.

I know the Stowell family as well. Can't remember your wife's name but I would recognize it if I heard it.

This site is cool. It is nice to think back and remember some of the good old days.

Kaeleen: 5th Sep 2007 - 15:38 GMT

OMG ! Jim & Teresa,

Yes, I remember you guys VERY well.Jim I lost contact with you a few yrs back.Do you still live in the eastern side of WI yet? Teresa where you living now ? Yes, the good ole days.Miss them dances and walking down the road in the middle of the night....Remember jimmy ? We had so much fun.I have old pictures of me and friend's riding horse in Yuba as we did many times.Mark Wallace still lives in the area as he bought Randy Dalberg's old place there outside of Yuba.Last I knew.Tina saw her a few years ago in a store and talked to her as well as Amy Rynish(sp) too.She lives in the country around Yuba.Lost track of Denise and Linda Wallace though.Aronald & Janice still live on the farm.YES,YES,YES we need to have a Yubaian reunion.That would be awsome.They tore down the old house we used to live in,but there's a city park now across from Tiny's bar where the old house sat we could have our reunion at.Lost track of Kim Hynek. Roger Hynek he got married awhile back and now works with my cousin Pam in Elroy.Would love to share old pictures with you guys.I have to run some errands,but when I get back will get some on here for ya.Oh, great news for me as I live in Iowa now and I'm planning on moving back home next year.I miss home ! :( Ok-lattah guys ! :)

Kaeleen: 5th Sep 2007 - 15:44 GMT

Oh, Jim your 1st post was on the day of my b-day looking for me.Weird if ya did not remember on my b-day at the ball diamond ? LOL....If, ya don't I can refresh your memory.....I'll let ya know in private.Also here is my email address

Kim: 7th Sep 2007 - 03:06 GMT

Yes it's me.One of the Pearsall girls.Kaeleen & Helen's sister.I really like this site.Hope more people see it and join in.Those 2 day dances were a riot and the dam,wow!!!life was so uncomplicated then.The memories could move a person to tears.I wonder how many people get to have that kind of life.No one had a lot of money but we sure had everything money can't buy,fun with friends.I really don't think we'd share much of anything if we had lived somewhere else.I will NEVER forget anyone who was a part of our group from Yuba.IT was like a club and the one requirement was that you had to live in Yuba.A reunion of all the "club members" would be AWESOME.Jimmy,remember when you used to give us rides to and from school?We were the coolest weren't we?
I am also interested in "old time" Yuba.I remember the store that was in the building on the left by the bridge before the old co op.I was pretty young then.

Kim: 7th Sep 2007 - 03:12 GMT

I was in the same classes in school as your mom.Tell her "hi" from Kim Pearsall.

Bill Sanders: 16th Sep 2007 - 18:45 GMT

Her name is Barbara (the oldest of three Curt and Doug are the brothers.

Kim: 20th Sep 2007 - 21:54 GMT

I know Curt.He was married to Mary(Novy)?marx.I dated Mary's son Chuck for years.

Steve Pinick: 9th Nov 2007 - 22:24 GMT

Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any history on Yuba, WI. My great great grandfather was the founder. I was thinking of traveling there to see what it was like. If anyone has any history or know who I could contact, I would be grateful.

Samantha Cairns: 20th Nov 2007 - 15:27 GMT

Hey i hear that the reason the old yuba store (which has since been closed) was named yubuy is because the indians used to come to the townspeople with furs and stuff and say "you buy?" and later that's why the town was called Yuba....haha i'm sure it's just an old tall tale, but I sure liked it when I was a kid :)
I still live in Yuba...and guess what--we have a new population sign. We're all the way up to 91 residents now! how bout that eh?

Kaeleen: 24th Nov 2007 - 01:53 GMT

Hello-OMG When I grew up there it was only Yuba come along way huh? I heard the same thing that it was trading town.The kids that grew up there in the 70's-80's we are planning on having a yubaian reunion.Hope to get in contact with some folks.Have a few,but need more to contact.Still have step-grand parents that live there across from Tiny's Bar.Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving !!!

Wayne Carlson: 24th Nov 2007 - 18:59 GMT

My grandfather took us up to Yuba about 40 years ago on a saturday trip.
we stopped in a tavern at the edge of town next to a cow pasture and a steep hill to cool off.I recall the population sign read 93 back then..
Anyone have pictures online?

JoAnne: 28th Nov 2007 - 01:49 GMT

Steve -
My 101 year old mother will be coming to spend the winter with me in a couple weeks - she would be happy to communicate with you about what she remembers of her early years in Yuba -

Merlyn: 5th Dec 2007 - 23:49 GMT

Well, I cant agree more.

JoAnne: 11th Jan 2008 - 02:44 GMT

Steve Pinick
You asked about anyone who could give you some history of Yuba. My mother taught in the Yuba school in the mid-20's and would love to communicate with you about her recollections she's 101!-

Jeff Vlasak: 26th Feb 2008 - 18:29 GMT

The "2-Day Dance" still goes on....I'm trying to remember just when? (February I believe?) Perhaps someone can post it so others can mark their calenders.

Jim J: 31st Mar 2008 - 02:36 GMT

I posted some pics of Yuba on Wikipedia ... going there in 2008, too, and will post more pics.

Elena Smith: 22nd Jun 2008 - 00:22 GMT

I grew up in Yuba for most of my life... I know from experience that you don't appreciate all that Yuba is until you leave. It will always be my home, the place I met my best friend, and the one place that I can brag about to people from the city!

Michelle M: 12th Jul 2008 - 13:33 GMT

I didn't live there but would frequently visit Jan and Arnold Wallace. I believe that I know most of you as I was a year younger then Linda was. My Email is: What a great little town and as my kid were growing up, they would always ask me.. When are we going to the farm Mom? :-)

Helen: 18th Jul 2008 - 00:52 GMT

WOW! And to think my older sisters never clued me into this site!! :-) many memories... I still go back every couple of years to remember Amy, visit our old hangouts, and see Bill and Kay. My little girls love to go along and listen to the stories (the ones I can tell them) - same ones each year. Last year one of them and I ended up in the middle of a pasture and Amy and my names were still painted bright white inside an outhouse - over 20 years later (only in Yuba)...which of course led to another story....

Kaeleen: 26th Aug 2008 - 16:33 GMT

Hey Michelle- I knew the Wallaces very well and my best friend was Denise.We rode horse ALL the time and ALL over as well as with Amy Rynes.Have tons of pix of Yuba and us riding horses.Have pix of Linda,Tina,Mark & Denise.We were like a big family. :)

To my little So sorry never crossed my mind as I have been so dang busy here on the farm.Yes, was a great time when we were kids in Yuba.Kinda like living in a Mayberry When I come up with the motorcycle I'll have to criuse there.ALOT of fun memories are still there.I'll never foreget any of them.....He He

Michelle M: 3rd Sep 2008 - 01:15 GMT


I do remember you and a lot of the other people that are posting on here. Does anyone know of when they are going to have the next 2 day dance? Would love to go and see everyone again!

Your thoughts?

Kaeleen: 12th Oct 2008 - 18:17 GMT

Hi ! not sure when the 2-day dance is.You would think I would can contact my ma & pa Fanta and find out.I did also hear that they were not having one cuz, of the dance floor was weak.Not sure on that either.I and Jim Clary were seeing if we could get all the yuba kids together and have a yubaian reunion this year,but not heard back from him for a few months now.Hopefully next year we can. Be great !!

Diane: 24th Oct 2008 - 03:21 GMT

I am also from the Yuba area. Actually I am Kaeleen, Helen and Kim's relative. I was a Machovec and my mother's maiden name was Revels. I happen to work with Teena Wallace who lives in Hillsboro and her sister Denise lives near Yuba and I beleive drives school bus for the Rockbridge school district.
Yes they still celebrate the two day dance, but have it in the bar area because of insurance liabilities of having it in the dance hall. This is such a shame because it was a beautiful dance hall.
My father's family has lived in the Yuba area for more than five generations. My father can also remeber when the dance would go on all week long. It was considered a huge gathering were the bands would play all night long. It was always held around Ash Wednesday with the guests blackening there faces with ashes. I'm not sure of the significance of this.
Yuba at one time was considered quite a prospers town with it's own bank and motel. I do believe it even generated it's own electricity from one of the dams that was on the river. I do believe that Phillip Braithwate may have wrote a small book about the history of Yuba. My mother in-law was related to the Rott's and may have had this book, but she has since passed away and I do not know of what would have happened to her copy of the book.

I hope all of you old friends are doing well.

Helen: 6th Nov 2008 - 23:33 GMT

Hi Diane!! How is everyone doing? I remember all of you and running into your parents all the time - and I always made it a point to look them up when I was a kid and knew they were in town
:-) How are Kim and David and the kids? I used to spend a lot of time with them on their farm - and I wonder if David remembers the dough fight he had with Kaeleen in the kitchen??

Kaeleen: 20th Nov 2008 - 16:33 GMT

Well, hello Ahhhh.... the good ole days of being in yuba. :) I loved the 2-day dances.I and Denise would go and do the polka' we had fun dancing in our socks and sliding across the dance floor.They some kind of stuff on there that would be slick.We had the best time.Yes it is a shame they cant have them up there any more.I still remember the layout of the dance floor and where the band would sit.We did however go up and play in there even when the dance was not Talking of the Yuba dam I wonder if it was the dam we swam in ? In Tydricks pasture.Although I'm ot sure as I think farther down the river is a old mill so that could have been it as well.I would love to have read the book on yuba.I love the History part of it.If, I could go back it would be to yuba and living that life again.

Anyways how ya doing? Are you on the old dairy farm by Hillsboro and Elroy yet ? The last time I saw you was at the Kendall horse sale I think.You still have horses ? I remember riding your mare Jessica at the farm at yuba.I think that was her name anyways.Had lots of fun on the farm there.Of course I still have horses.Have 10 head now.You take care and will have to check this more often. :)

To my sista helen--- I remember that. That was funny. I think I rolled it in some hot coco mix or something like that before I threw it I think it was Kim's doughnut dough..ooopppsss lol

Jim Dinger: 31st Dec 2008 - 05:15 GMT

Wow,my sister lives in Yuba and I was bored so I googled and would up here.My sis is living in Yuba with her boyfriend Chad and their 2 daughters. Might go down to see her tommorrow and spend New Years Eve with her.Im from Tomah so it would be a little trip for me but worth it.Anyways keep up the talking folks dont let the site die down!

Kaeleen: 14th Jan 2009 - 22:16 GMT

Jim I was wondering if you were related to a Hum Dinger? .....Just couldn't resist.Just Kidding.We need to keep the little board going.Such a little town and don't want it to fall between the cracks.Help keep the little town alive with our fun memories.Hoping to come by soon when the weather gets better.-45 tonight in Iowa Brrrrrrr....

Drake Dahms: 19th Jan 2009 - 06:47 GMT

My wifes family lives in Yuba,so I get there a few times a year, when we go to visit them. I envy the people who get to live in small towns like this,they don't know how good they have it. If I could find work out that way I'd move to the area in a heartbeat,though I think my teenage kids would find it too "boring".

yububbas: 17th Feb 2009 - 03:59 GMT

Hello All, I had been reading about how many of you remember the TWO-Day Dance at D&d's in Yuba. Well it's that time again. The TWO Day Dance will be this coming weekend 2/20 & 2/21. It's always the Friday and Saturday before ASH Wednesday.

Maybe we'll see you there!

chickie: 18th Feb 2009 - 22:44 GMT

Is this the 130th year of the 2-Day Dance? I'd love to hear the origins of this celebration! Does "manapul" have any meaning to this dance?

Jan Stowell: 19th Apr 2009 - 15:12 GMT

Yes Yuba is alive and well. We survived 2 floods, one in 2007, and one in 2008. I am married to the local welder, Curt Stowell, and have read some messages here from my wonderful brother-in -law Bill Sanders. We have the welding shop near our house in the village, and have a garden each summer. I also am a new Wine-maker and am having fun with my hobby.

Bill Sanders: 23rd Apr 2009 - 21:38 GMT

Hello Jan and everyone. I have not visited this site in a long time.Glad it is well and moving along. We thought of moving back to the area a hundred times but don't want to be away from grandchildren. I thought about buying the Tiger Inn in Hillsboro once. Probably should have.

Kaeleen: 27th Apr 2009 - 02:27 GMT

Hi Jan,

Are you guys the one that bought my parents place in Yuba yrs back ? The light blue sided one ?

Kelly Stowell: 27th May 2009 - 00:09 GMT

Hi Jan, Hi Bill, and Hi to all others with interest in Yuba. Growing up in Yuba, I spent my share of time cooling off in the old Pine River. Didn't matter if there were cow pies floating by or not! Sure felt good after a long day of stacking hay. Wondering if anyone ever went to that cave in that old rock quarry between Yuba and Bloom City. Had some fun times spelunking in that one.

Dean Cupp: 30th May 2009 - 03:21 GMT

Yes, I have been in the cave several times, that was about 30 years ago, it was a pretty cool cave.Not sure if you can still access it now.Part of our family farm runs next to cave road near the quarry. I was down with my son turkey hunting on the farm this spring and checked out Full Throttle (formerly Tiny's bar)

Kaeleen: 7th Jun 2009 - 20:43 GMT

Hi ! Who owns the bar now ? I remember when Alice & Ernie had it. Loved the paintings on the wall and wished they would of never covered it up.Never been to that cave. I been to the one at Yuba just up the hill above the town though.

Michelle: 16th Jun 2009 - 23:46 GMT

Kaleen: If you get the chance, email me at: I'd like to talk to you about getting a group together for a reunion. I missed the dance this year :-(

As far as the caves.... Yep, I've been to both of them! Oh the trouble we would get into as kids there.

Diane: When you get this will you PLEASE pass my e-mail address above to Tina. Tell her that I'd love to talk to her.... (* Her dad gave me away for my wedding as my real dad passed away many years before that*) She'll know who I am :-)


Jan Stowell: 27th Jun 2009 - 17:14 GMT

Hi, to Bill, Kelly, anyone connected to Yuba in any way. Kaleen, Yes, Curt Stowell and I live in the blue house below the road, but I was not married to Curt at the time he bought the house. It is a smaller house, although it looks pretty big from the outside. Curt and I live there happpily, we feel small house, love grows stronger. We added an enclosed porch to the north side of the house. Otherwise the house is maybe much the same as it always was. I want to also send my greetings and love to Bill, my brother in law, and to Kelly, my step-son. They are both great people, and I think the world of them both. I am sitting two of my grandchildren today, and am having an awsome time, as my grandson, Hunter told me to say.

Jan Stowell: 27th Jun 2009 - 17:18 GMT

I forgot to mention that I wanted also to tell my cousin, Glen, that I hope he gets on this line sometime. He lives near Montello with his wife, Barbara, and they just became grandparents for the 1st time, so Hello to you too. He is the one that got me started on this citynoise space. He used to live pretty close to Yuba, up Pine River and up on the Hill.

Helen: 11th Jul 2009 - 18:31 GMT

Hi Kelly! I remember a few of us swimming with you at the dam with the cowpies!! :-)

Helen: 11th Jul 2009 - 18:33 GMT

At least I think it was you... :-) You and Chris... ??

Charlie (Chuck) Marx: 17th Jul 2009 - 15:42 GMT

Wow! Hi all you Yuba people! Was told of this page from my mom Mary. Not enough time to read through this all today as I will be at family reunion this weekend... later today. I have to get away from the city life at least once a year and smell the sweet aroma of the farm. lol
I'm on facebook if anyone else is on there. Listed as Charlie Marx - Milwaukee area. Yes I go by Charlie now... was tired of Chuck, Chuckie, etc... Special 'Hi' to Jan S., Jim C., my family, and all my old friends from Yuba who have been posting on here. Time to get heading out to the farm, I'll try get back to this site when I get back.

Charlie (Chuck) Marx: 17th Jul 2009 - 15:54 GMT

FYI - That's the Novy Reunion at Steve Novy's farm. Friday - Sunday.

Kelly Stowell: 30th Jul 2009 - 01:08 GMT

Helen - Wow! Way back in the corner of my memory I DO remember a girl named Helen.....hmmmmmmm.....who are you related to again? Kick my memory into gear! AND - to Chuck - is this the same Chuck who actually bought a hearse to drive around in????

Helen: 3rd Aug 2009 - 23:06 GMT

Hey Kelly! Parents: Rick and Sandy Fanta Siblings: Kandi, Kim, Kaeleen, Richie. Friends: Amy Gies, Tammy Holzli, Bobby and Amanda Clary, Vernie Hayes, etc......

And Chuck - I'm on facebook too am sending you an add - on there as Helen Becker. Kaeleen said she just sent you an add too :-)

Charlie (Chuck) Marx: 4th Aug 2009 - 17:00 GMT

Hi all -
Yes Kelly this is the same crazy guy who bought that nice 1966 Cadillac Hearse / Ambulance. I've got a few pics of it on my facebook account. Wish I still had it.

Hi Helen. I accepted yours and Kaeleens's friend request on facebook today.

Update on Family reunion - was fun! But alas Yuba is not the same old place anymore. Too many new people living there. *shrug*

Helen: 4th Aug 2009 - 23:23 GMT

Thanks for the add crazy guy!! :-) Hey Kelly - you have a sister named Jill and a bro named Chris right?

Will Klein: 8th Aug 2009 - 04:59 GMT

I hope to visit the area in October, to learn more about my family.
I have 4 grandparents buried there, George Wells/Martha Elloit, and John Long/Annie Essex. Are there several cemetaries there?

Kelly Stowell: 16th Aug 2009 - 05:04 GMT

Helen - Yes, you are correct. Jill is my younger sister who lives in Hillsboro. Chris is actually my stepbrother who lives near Columbus. I have many other siblings, as well, but none of whom you would remember. Good memory, though!
Chuck - I totally agree about the people in Yuba. When I go visit dad, I really have no idea who the people are that I see roaming the street. It amazes me every time I drive around that corner going into town by the feed mill, I think about the ball diamond that used to be there and going to Benish's Bar to get pop and chips to go watch the fastpitch softball games. The playground equipment from the school (right next to where grandma Anna used to live) was moved down there to the park, and I would have a blast playing on that stuff. Now, it is just a hay field. Horse pull was always fun, too. I used to think I was rich when I won 5 bucks in the money ring toss game. You are right, Chuck.....not the same old place anymore.

Kelly Stowell: 16th Aug 2009 - 05:08 GMT

Who put those two extra pictures up at the top of this page. That looks like Sophie and Rich Maier ... and their farm........I spent enough time there as a kid to know it when I see it...but those pics were taken much earlier in their lives than I remember.....actually, I just talked to them at Pizza Hut last week....was good to see them again.

Kaeleen: 20th Aug 2009 - 14:49 GMT


There are 2-cemetries close by. Good Luck !!

Kathy: 7th Sep 2009 - 18:42 GMT

My sister is in the process of renovating Jewell School, just outside of Yuba. Do any of you have stories or pictures from your families about the school. I would love to put them together and give them to my sister for a gift. Please contact me through email. Thanks in advance, Kathy

Mike J: 7th Sep 2009 - 21:57 GMT

Hi all,

My great grandparents & many other relatives lived in Yuba. My dad used to spend time there when he was a kid. I actually was in Yuba in July of 2008 and took several pictures if anyone is interested. My dad posted many on the Yuba, WI entry on Wikipedia. My family is the Jindrick's. Anyway... Just wanted to contribute to the site here.

Helen: 15th Sep 2009 - 02:26 GMT

Hi Mike. Willard Jindrick was a bus driver for most of us! Is he your grandpa?

Kouba: 21st Oct 2009 - 17:41 GMT

Message for Steve Pinick. One of my classmates and a former Yuba resident, Phil Braithwaite, wrote a great little book about the history of Yuba. His dad was the postmaster for many years. He lives near Marshall, WI now if you're interested in seeing a copy.

Best of luck with your search.

sheryl stanek gehri: 27th Oct 2009 - 10:54 GMT

wow, weird i came upon this site. my mom grew up in yuba. berniece (hynek) stanek. she lives in hillsboro now. her folks richard and rose hynek lived in yuba all their life. they had the tavern that is now full throttle. my grandpa then had the tavern with my uncle ernie housner and his wife(my moms sister) alice and later they just had it themselves. i am not sure when tiny took over. he married my cousin kathy who is my moms brother richard jr's daughter. he has also passed. kathy's sister kim i think lives in hub city and roger hynek lives in valton. the 2 day dance is still going every year but not the same as what it used to be when my my grew up there or even when i went in high school. o those were the days. o and tina wallace lives 2 blocks from me if anyone wants to get ahold of her (in hillsboro). i still go to yuba once in a while to go out. its always a good time. kaeleen i think you were in high school when i was or maybe one of your sisters. can't remember for sure, but i remember your name. my email is if anyone wants to get ahold of me.

Brother J: 22nd Nov 2009 - 06:05 GMT

Yuba seems to be a real interesting town. Been through it a few times but never had time to stop.
Does anybody know anything about Bloom City, Woodstock and a small town just to the north of Yuba salled Greenwood?

Brother J: 22nd Nov 2009 - 06:08 GMT

I mean to say called Greenwood. Also, does anybody know anything about Hub City?

dmr37: 9th Dec 2009 - 18:55 GMT

I was born and raised in Chicago and used to spend a lot of time in this area. My uncle had a house in Bloom City and we would go there for weekends. This was from about 1971 thru 1977. We would go to the Catholic church on Saturday nights in Yuba and my uncle would wait for us in one of the bars. I also remember going to the horse pulls and watching the softball games.

Dean Cupp: 11th Mar 2010 - 00:32 GMT

I was sorry to hear of the passing of "Tiny" He will be missed. His family has our sympathy

Dennis Jewell: 3rd May 2010 - 19:55 GMT

I grew up on the Jewell farm just west of Yuba. The farm was given to my grandfather, Frank in the 1920s. He lived there all his life. His two sons, Edward and Donald, both attended the Jewell School. My grandfather and my dad farmed together until the late 50's when may dad bought a farm next to Don Stowell's in Henrietta Township. My sister, MaryAnn and I first attended the Yuba school, then the Henrietta school.
My dad had to quit farming due to a bad back, and so moved to Richland Center. I remember having a lot of fun in Yuba when I was growing up.
When we were kids, Dick Novy and I spent a lot of time fishing in the Pine River. My dad and mom were good friends of Larry and Eleanor Stanek who ran a general store in Yuba. I have so much I could put on this site, but do not have the time right now. Will do so later.

Jim Jacobson : 8th Jun 2010 - 04:57 GMT

My grampa and gramma used to live on a farm close to Yuba. It was owned by a Mrs. Hutson. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the farm or know of its whereabouts?

Carol Machovec Subera: 11th Aug 2010 - 02:15 GMT

I just found this site-I spent time in Yuba way back (1950's) and grew up going to free wedding dances on Sat nights. Smoking was allowed in the hall and the floor would feel like it was shaking! Four of us in high school dressed up for Masopust (2 day dance) and won 1st and 2nd prize. Had a blizzard the next day and were stranded at Gorman Braithwaite's. The blackening was to remind us of ashes. My parents were both from the Yuba area-very interesting history and the book by Phillip Braithwaite is great. I remember Barbara and Curt Stowell plus many others of that era.

Mike J : 15th Aug 2010 - 23:56 GMT

Hi there. I posted on this site a year ago... Someone asked about Willard Jindrick. He is not my grandpa, but of course he is related and I have talked to him once before. I believe he is a second cousin. My grandfather was Arnold Jindrick and his brother was Adolph Jindrick.

Kaeleen: 9th Sep 2010 - 02:14 GMT

I would love to purchase this Book,but do not know where to buy it at. Anyone know ?? thanks ! :)

Carol Machovec Subera: 13th Sep 2010 - 04:02 GMT

The address I have for Phillip Braithwaite is:
4996 Tower Line Road
Marshall, WI 53559
Check the white pages to see if is current.
Good luck as the book is very well-written and complete

Dave Wood: 22nd Nov 2010 - 05:47 GMT

Sounds like paradise! I livein the UK, suburbua.........anywhere i n the countryside is unfortunately outside many budgets.....including mine! My wife is German and comes from the old East - plenty of affordable rural housing however no work...a bit of a catch 22! Hopefully we will retire there at some point (unless they keep upping the UK retirement age...just gone up one year). Hope you are all keeping well and please excuse my interuption!

Marla Beranek Paris: 28th Jan 2011 - 20:40 GMT

Hi, I was looking for a great bakery to order kolache from- my Grandma Anna Beranek use to make the Best . If you know of a Bakery I can order on line... write in and leave a msg. okay? I live in Florida now and miss Wisconsin alot!!! If any of the Beranek family is out there ,HELLO this is Mel and Lorraine 's daughter , Marla

Jim Snow: 4th Feb 2011 - 02:23 GMT

Just wanted to add this. Yuba is a Great little town with lots of great memories for me. Excellent Deer and turkey hunting and great friends. Steve and Kelly fawcett, Augie Langer,Al Urbanek,Sog,Dick Fawcett. I really miss my 2 buddies that have passed away.. Tom Fawcett and Tiny. If you have never been to Yuba.. Put it on your bucket list. Don't forget to hit the Chicken bbq in Rockton and make it a point to go to '' Beezers'' bar and grill and hotel in Hillsboro great food and tons of fun.

Marla Beranek Paris: 6th Feb 2011 - 16:13 GMT

2011 Packers in the Super bowl... Good Luck Green Bay Packers!!!

Wendy: 8th Feb 2011 - 20:11 GMT

I'm not from Yuba but live in Eau Claire. I was given a box of old postcards of my great grandfather's from WWI era and one of them is a picture of a soldier in uniform and on the back is written Frank Machovec, Yuba, WI. So I was trying to research & maybe find some family member of his that would want this picture postcard. Does anyone know if Carol Machoves Subera that has written above is related?

Val: 23rd Mar 2011 - 17:20 GMT


My maiden name was Machovec, so I've asked my dad to go through our family records and see if/how we are related to Frank. The Machovec family originally settled in Yuba in the 1860s, so there are quite a few branches of the family tree around the area. I hope we can provide some more information. So glad you posted!

Val: 29th Mar 2011 - 14:02 GMT


My dad was able to find two Frank Machovecs listed in our genealogy. The person in the photo you have is most likely my great-grandfather's nephew. If you would be willing to send the photo, I would love to have it.

Nancy Jo: 9th Aug 2011 - 19:04 GMT

Hello, I'm (Kathy's sister) the one renovating the Jewell School just a mile west of town on Johnson Hill Rd. Right now I only know a few people in the area and would love to meet others. Are there any social events that take place that I could attend to meet people? My email address is:

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time there now that the schoolhouse is nearly done.

Todd Brown: 19th Aug 2011 - 03:13 GMT

To Dennis jewell who posted back in May about the jewell farm. I'm wondering if that is the farm I grew up on. Mom's still there but Dad past away a couple years ago. How far West was this farm from yuba?

Kaeleen: 28th Oct 2011 - 02:21 GMT

We had our Yuba Reunion this year. Sept.3rd,2011 Was a blast !! Todd got to see your mom,was great seeing her again & our old bus driver Willard. Old friend's I loved it !! =)

Richard Johnston: 16th Nov 2011 - 21:19 GMT

Was in Yuba Aug. 2008. Went to West Lima High School reunion in Hillsboro. Drove to Yuba just to see what it looked like now. I used to go to the Catholic Church in the 50's. My neighbor, Kate Marshall taught at the Yuba school for several years. Reading through this site, I recognized several names. Curt Stowell used to work for my Dad at Pleasent Ridge Cheese factory. I now live in California.

Harold Fowler from Warrens,WI: 15th Feb 2012 - 05:10 GMT

Hi all from Yuba--I am Harold Fowler and am looking for any relation to Mary Jane (Norman) Fowler. She is buried in the Yuba cemetery. Her husband, Burgess Fowler had a store in Yuba. my email is Mary Jane and Burgess are my Great Grandparents. I would love to see photos. please contact me

dave beranek : 10th Jul 2012 - 20:41 GMT

hi still alive and kiking still living outsid of chicago retired

Bill Weber: 22nd Jul 2012 - 10:12 GMT

Hi Curt. Hi Jan. I think about you all the time and miss you.

Jan Stowell: 13th Apr 2013 - 19:06 GMT

Bill, please contact me again. I need to

talk to you. Its a long time since we seen you. Please contact again.

Darlene Nelson: 26th Aug 2014 - 03:24 GMT

Does anyone remember a man named Ike who lived on a small farm outside of yuba? My Grandmother was his housekeeper. This was in the mid to late 70s. Her name was Clara.

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