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Crime in Oslo

This pictures is taken by suvilence cameras operated by Police in my city Oslo,Norway. It shows everything from drug busts, pick pocets thiwes,gang member violence,knife stabbings,fights with uniformed Police...Drug addicts with illegal fire arms.Norway used to be safe,but now....Norway aren't...

Crime in Oslo

Subways and Trains

- Andy - Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 : goo

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Coming from a city (, NZ) where the public transport is horrible, expensive and has a train network that is laughable considering its the largest city in the country. Coming to I fell in love with the subway and trains. The ease, the frequentness and extensiveness of the public transport here, its something that I really appreciate, especially everytime I go back home.

image 20697

image 20694

image 20693

image 20695

image 20696

image 20698

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Andy: 30th May 2007 - 14:47 GMT

One photo I forgot to add
image 20699

kricket: 31st May 2007 - 02:08 GMT

good shots. going by them, seoul's public transit system looks like a mall.

jeeff: 31st May 2007 - 02:32 GMT

good thing you added that last shot, it's my favourite.

Andy: 31st May 2007 - 03:43 GMT

Thanks guys. My first post here. Maybe I'll put some more on later.
And Kricket, it gets crazier than any mall at peak times, but I love it.:)

joey: 31st May 2007 - 04:15 GMT

that last shot looks, off-peak, to me

Andy: 31st May 2007 - 05:15 GMT

The last photo is of the Seoul Station train platforms, which is the main train station. The subway at this station is underground so that's where all the people are. Nevertheless you're right, it was in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday so very off peak.

jane: 31st May 2007 - 14:20 GMT

GOOD STUFF!! a lesson for koreans to appreciate their subs~ Is dis ur official blog thingi now?

Andy: 31st May 2007 - 14:45 GMT

lol subs Jane? Sounds like the sandwich. And no this is no official blog thing. Though I might upload stuff here every now and again.

jane: 31st May 2007 - 15:06 GMT

lol i was thinking about subs the sandwich when i wrote subs wot can i say I LOVE subs at 3am!

Chiamattt: 31st May 2007 - 22:15 GMT

Nice shots of the subway. I am never on the subway during off-peak times. I don't think id be able to get good shots from within the train at 8am and 6:30pm. Keep posting dude!

Andy: 1st Jun 2007 - 11:45 GMT

Thanks Chiamattt. Try using your handphone to take a few? Be cool to see ones of peak time. I'd love to see some shots of the people selling stuff on the subway too. Maybe I'll try get some sometime in the future.

Brad: 1st Jun 2007 - 18:41 GMT

Those stations and trains look really nice! Like a luxury subway system or something. The stations probably don't smell like pee either.

Chiamattt: 2nd Jun 2007 - 03:32 GMT

Things look luxurious when tax dollars are spent on upkeep and people respect their surroundings.

My handphone makes a horribly loud sound when I take pictures with it, Andy.

Andy: 2nd Jun 2007 - 06:53 GMT

Yeah true, It's actually law for all handphones in Korea now to have a sound when you take a photo. (One that you cannot disable) Stick to our cameras aye?

ROB: 2nd Jun 2007 - 09:57 GMT

Show us the ghetto part too.................lolz

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from the archives

Brattle Bookshop

Brattle Bookshop

from the archives

Fort Wadsworth

Fort Wadsworth

from the archives

Golden Gate Park

neo-classical scenery empty benches of euclidian geometry to stare at an empty band shell

Golden Gate Park