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loved on unloved nightlike days rain persistent pulse unfettered no question need no answer just goes goes its okay and music flows flows abetted as way leads on to way christen haste a safety net sink softly into sleep unlonely wake to glow warm shapes move slowly wait...


Ground Zero Visit 5 May 2002

- Franny Wentzel - Thursday, February 12th, 2009 : goo

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Digging through some old floppy discs. Found some from NYC visit in 2002

image 30686

Family from China visiting NYC. They didn't have a camera so I took a floppy discs worth of pictures of Ground Zero site for them to take home in exchange for one picture of them.

image 30689

image 30690

image 30687

View of demolition truck passageway

image 30688

Damage to nearby building from WTC6

image 30691

Photos of some of the missing.

image 30693

image 30692

The church where George Washington prayed.

image 30694

Mementos left behind.

image 30695

image 30696

Another viewing area.

image 30697

Obligitory Starbucks shot.

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Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 14:14 GMT

i was glad to see these. i commute through the every day, and everything around there looks so much different now... i should really do an update on that area sometime... perhaps when the days are longer and there's still good light there by the time i get off of work, hahaha...

EvilGentleman: 13th Feb 2009 - 15:46 GMT

With all the NYC visitors to Citynoise, I think we really need more 9/11 coverage. I know it has been plastered all over the net already, and I recognize the trauma and nightmares that many of those pictures represent to the people who took them, but those dark horrible days are also the days that the constantly battling metropolis of New York pulled together and showed the world the absolute best that humanity can offer.

I think one thing the patriots and conspiracy theorists can agree on is that the people of New York did their utmost best to help one another through tramatic times in a city where one usually drowns in anonymity while adrift in an ocean of humanity.

Painful as the memories may be, they need to be purged and left here for the world to see. The world should always remember the events of September 11, 2001 and the normal people like you and me who wound up perishing on that day, for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all due to the actions of madmen.

I have deliberately left the wording of this as ambiguous as possible, so that politics are left out of it. For me, 9/11 is all about respecting those who perished. I try to avoid discussions of who did what, because all that will do is cause arguments that make us forget about the lives that were touched, and the lives that were lost.

I hope others who comment after me will do the same.

Let us never forget:
the 2974 confirmed victims on September 11, 2001
the 24 still listed as missing since September 11, 2001
the 2 firefighters who died from a fire during the deconstruction of the Deutsche Bank Building on August 18, 2007

And aside from the 2998 deaths of September 11 (hijackers not included in the numbers), and the 2 related deaths of August 18, 2007, let us not forget the deaths caused among the first responders and recovery workers by exposure to the toxic environment of Ground Zero and the Pentagon, as well as the millions of people who breathed in the toxic smoke.

The death toll continues to rise, but it is now becoming impossible to differentiate between natural death and 9/11 related health issues. It is clear that well over 3000 innocent people have perished as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

Let us remember them.

Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 16:04 GMT

i shot two rolls of film that day, but have never developed them. maybe someday.

im glad you took the time to mention the exposure sickness of the first responders and locals. few people remember that that has taken almost as profound a toll as the psychological shock of the event itself...

EvilGentleman: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:06 GMT

The film is getting old, Peter. Get it developed ASAP, before it deteriorates further. You can ask them to put the developed photos in a sealed bag, and then you will at least know that if you ever decide to look at them one day, that they are there.

Or perhaps they will stay sealed in their bag, to be "discovered" one day a few hundred years from now, by a distant descendant of yours digging around in a storage bin.

EvilGentleman: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:26 GMT

Perhaps you could lock them in a box alongside the artifact you mention in Kinematics. They will be contained together, and anyone finding them down the road of history will be able to deduce what the artifact is, by the mere virtue of it being in the same box as the photos. Perhaps include a transcript of your Kinematics post in the box as well.

I wish they could be shared here, but that is an intensely personal choice of yours that I have no right to interfere in, possibly for reasons that I will never understand, not that I may have any right to know about.

And as far as 9/11 photos go, I always wonder if any CompactFlash cards or any other photo apparatus survived the collapse, and what might be contained on them.

Maybe one of those involved in the search effort has a mysterious memory card tucked in their sock drawer, that they have often held in their hands, but never checked to see what files are in it.

Even years later, the weight of the artifacts must still be heavy. History and pain have a strange way of intertwining, especially if combined with personal memories.

Franny Wentzel: 13th Feb 2009 - 21:38 GMT

"ways wonder if any CompactFlash cards or any other photo apparatus survived the collapse, and what might be contained on them."

Such is the changing nature of technology that you'd be lucky to find a card reader to handle *ancient* 2001 flash card technology. I've had an Apple Quicktake 200 for years and the cards for it are no longer being made and few if any readers being made today can handle its cards.

EvilGentleman: 14th Feb 2009 - 01:53 GMT

My wife's Kodak DC200 still works fine, and I still have two card readers that can take it. Mind you, we have not used the camera in a few years, except to test it periodically...

Franny Wentzel: 30th Sep 2009 - 06:56 GMT

As luck would have it I was able to find a PC card reader for the 5v cards the QT-200 uses. I don't even use the camera much anymore but it's nice to have a reader for it in case I upgrade to a newer Mac or the lithium battery dies on my Kodak camera...

Peter, you should get those rolls processed at least. I finally got around to having serveral rolls of 110 and 35mm film developed from a dozen years ago and they were maybe able to pull 2 pictures off the 3 rolls of 110 film. The 35mm flim fared better but the pictures came out slightly shifted to the blue spectrum.

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