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So, What else You Got?

I don't remember who this is... I love getting shots of yawning . All the shiny, sharp teeth remind me of their carnivorous, wild heritage. I volunteer at the BARC in , . It's a great place...

So, What else You Got?

Charing Cross to Chinatown

- Jamie - Friday, February 13th, 2009 : goo

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image 30720

image 30721

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image 30724

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Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 14:10 GMT

nice! these almost look like your film-shots of yore :) i like the next to last one, especially. nice score on the c215 stencil, too...

oh and btw, is "chiquito bell" anything like "taco bell"?

Jamie: 13th Feb 2009 - 15:50 GMT

Thanks. They're DSLR shots taken with a nice wide aperture cause it was a super-dull day. I must admit I've post-processed them to look more like film, but nothing more than tweak a few color levels.

I have no idea what "Chiquito Bell" is. A google search returns nothing more telling than someone else's photo of the same sign.

Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 16:05 GMT

ooh, fancy schmancy camera, dude! i do dig the pics. glad youre posting more of them lately, too ;)

Jamie: 13th Feb 2009 - 16:15 GMT

I've had a Canon EOS 400D for a couple of years now. I just never get time to use it :(

anon ( 11th Apr 2015 - 12:46 GMT

i always enjoyed going to knightsbridge for the day, doing shopping, seeing all the shoe shops, having my hair done at leonards of london before leonard left. i like london, the cabs, the buses, the pubs. juditha.

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from the archives

Birmingham in Color

Birmingham in Color

from the archives

Montreal Noise: Under the Ville Marie 6

Montreal Noise: Under the Ville Marie 6

from the archives

Mr & Mrs Chimneystack

Painted on the end of terrace houses in , South-East . Although its in a market street, its quite a run down area , so as well as providing some colour Its just great to think some council official must...

Mr & Mrs Chimneystack