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Op Art Fences

spatial anomolies seen from the driver's side window while in line at the car wash. like i said at the car wash

Op Art Fences

Old Compton Street, W1

- Jamie - Friday, February 13th, 2009 : goo

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image 30736

image 30737

image 30735

image 30734

image 30733

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Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 16:41 GMT

another hit! the first photo reminds me of this one for some reason. now i want to have a beer or three at the three greyhounds, heh.

Jamie: 13th Feb 2009 - 16:56 GMT

I feel like the "Extremely Dangerous Absinth" deserves a re-crop:

image 30740

zagg: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:26 GMT

Oh absinthe; this makes me think its obvious --- Britney Spear's radio edit should have gone like this:

Love me hate me, say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to seek green fairies
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see
All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to seek green fairies

Am I right?

Jamie: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:33 GMT

i've never been more confused

Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:43 GMT

i blame a certain ignorance of britney spears' lyrics that is most likely a common trait of most of the male demographic of cn users, heh...

Jamie: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:47 GMT

Britney whu..?

Britney Spears: 13th Feb 2009 - 17:55 GMT

image 30741

EvilGentleman: 13th Feb 2009 - 18:00 GMT

Britney... Isn't that region on the coast of France? And Brittany Spears are used for fishing there?

Heh, reminds of the bit done by in the B.C. comic strip:

Buffalo (n.): See Bison

Bison (n.): The second-largest city in New York State.

zOMG: 13th Feb 2009 - 18:06 GMT

image 30742

Peter: 13th Feb 2009 - 18:56 GMT


zagg: 13th Feb 2009 - 20:35 GMT

What would rather? CityNoise entries be hijacked by Britney Spears or Middle Eastern porn lovers?

Mime: 14th Feb 2009 - 11:10 GMT

Hey, I notice in Jamie's photo. That's a export, made from sugar cane which grows abundantly around these parts, much like corn in some parts of the US, with the similar, eeriness that the corn fields emanate.

Rather fitting that it should be displayed among absinthe bottles. It's horrible, liver-destroying swill. Absinthe, however has it's own customs, traditions, rituals that make it somewhat more acceptable to cultured, refined beings...and fun to prepare. Hey, sugar, fire, alcohol, what's not to like?

Jamie: 15th Feb 2009 - 22:42 GMT

sugar, fire, alcohol, cutting off one of your ears, what's not to like? ;-)

Azriel: 11th Jun 2009 - 23:35 GMT

Thanks for the Hunters Russian Vodka Will I will be in contact to see what business I can make come your way jani.


Kevin: 17th Jul 2009 - 22:14 GMT

Hey guys, these pics, or more to the point where thay were taken...Old Compton Street.
If anyone who's not been to London to take pics reads this then take my advice and go there. The street is full of gay bars with all the attending characters and like being quite a site to see and photo. Best time is weekend, summer, late evening.

steelisreal: 24th Mar 2010 - 20:26 GMT

I remember that store well, bought my first bottle of absinthe there in 2003 I believe.

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from the archives

Duplo and Fack(germany)

Duplo and Fack(germany)

from the archives

Gun Farm

Shane and I went to Cambodia a couple of years ago and shot a lot of guns. Oh it was so much fun. Anyway, we had our picture taken with the workers of the gun farm. I'm the one with...

Gun Farm

from the archives

Flamelets on Vanderbilt Ave

Last night, on my journey in search of Pet Bird stickers, I came upon a mini-mini-drama on Vanderbilt Avenue and Bergen Street: a fire in a garbage can. Just as I was preparing to cross the street to get a decent...

Flamelets on Vanderbilt Ave