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Old San Juan

I love this city to it's core: El Moro Old Church Cemetary on the water Blue Brick Downtown

Old San Juan

Left Turn Only, No Left Turn

- Peter - Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 : goo

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image 32704

Should I turn left or right?

Spotted in , ...

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Hurleyman: 21st Apr 2009 - 13:41 GMT

LOL New Jersey, you guys and your crazy roundabouts.

anon ( 21st Apr 2009 - 13:47 GMT

just ... stop ...

RtF: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:11 GMT

You're both allowed and prohibited to make the turn, until someone observes you doing one or the other and collapses the wavefunction.

Bailzzararco: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:12 GMT

What's a driver to do?

Earthly Gnome: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:30 GMT

I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa, and that sign makes perfect sense to me.

I'm sure that says something, but I am not sure I want to know what.

Sidekick: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:35 GMT

Awww it's unfair to judge the rest of Jersey by the actions of Newark! You should know the rest of Jersey ignores that place!

Floweranza: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:36 GMT

I got lost driving in Newark at midnight. It was because of signs like this.

Wazira: 21st Apr 2009 - 14:47 GMT

Don't you people read Discworld? It's clearly put there to trick the Auditors.

Lulu: 21st Apr 2009 - 15:01 GMT

oh, lol.
accident waiting to happen!

Sanzay: 21st Apr 2009 - 15:18 GMT

Just throw the Exception ;-) Seriously did anyone tried to contact traffic authority regarding this bug?

S: 21st Apr 2009 - 15:47 GMT

Oh god >_< I'm going to be in Newark in June.

Carless Sam: 21st Apr 2009 - 15:49 GMT

See, this is why I don't drive. I'm from Jersey and all, and this cluster of signs says to me "screw this, I'm going home".

Peter: 21st Apr 2009 - 16:21 GMT

indeed, this is why i drive in as rarely as possible...

Kirsten Larson: 21st Apr 2009 - 16:40 GMT

Wait, WTF??!!

Pancom: 21st Apr 2009 - 17:58 GMT

Damn. And I though our traffic engineers were idiots.

Tekno Dave: 21st Apr 2009 - 18:11 GMT

Joy! Another thing to add to the list of "Why I never want to visit Newark Again" ... LOL

(I got stuck overnight @ Newark Airport...long and complicated, I dubbed Newark Airport as the Voldemort of airports)

EvilGentleman: 21st Apr 2009 - 18:55 GMT

Clearly, you can only turn 45 degrees left. A full 90 degree left turn is prohibited. Unfortunately, it looks as though if one wishes to follow the law, they are obliged to crash into the building in the photo.

Naomi: 21st Apr 2009 - 19:37 GMT

Fail, odious fail.

seeking: 22nd Apr 2009 - 01:58 GMT

LOL!!! Those city engineers!!

Happy Little Moron: 22nd Apr 2009 - 02:45 GMT

Hey! The drunk who designed St Paul must have been from NJ, then!

Arplight: 22nd Apr 2009 - 13:12 GMT

... and after you can explain that, you get to learn the correct maneuvering within traffic circles! Geez, i love this state 8).
Alway miss the 287/78 exit going north on turnpike on way home from the shore, end up in Newark. Road signs are subjective.

volare: 22nd Apr 2009 - 15:07 GMT

....and things like this would be why we got pulled over at 11:30 at night in Newark trying to find our hotel...

anon: 6th May 2009 - 17:46 GMT

It means you turn into the right-hand lane of the intersecting road, not the left-hand lane.

Peter: 6th May 2009 - 17:58 GMT

as most american drivers dont drive in the left-handed lane, im pretty sure this sign is saying something else... something like "we installed the wrong sign", which would make sense, as this was fixed rather soon after i snapped the photo...

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"Graffiti in the old Baxter Train Station."

DETH but Not Nesisarily Death

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