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A Walk in the Park

london fields is not like viccy park. viccy park was designed for humans. london fields was designed for animals. it is grazing land, so, arguably, i could bring my sheep or geese for a bit of common grazing. i say...

A Walk in the Park

Hidden City: Girard College Founders Hall

- serlingrod - Sunday, June 14th, 2009 : goo

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Hidden City Philadelphia is going all through the month of June, allowing access to some great hidden treasures in the city, including historic tours, art installations, and performances. The first stop for me was Founders Hall at Girard College. These photos are from the rarely seen Archives, as well as some of the empty classrooms which were abandoned because the acoustics were deafening.

image 33745

image 33746

So says Wikipedia - "Girard College is a private philanthropic boarding school on a 43 acre (170,000 m2) campus in , in the United States. The school is for academically capable students, grades 1 through 12, and grants full scholarships to eligible students from families with limited financial resources, headed by a single parent or guardian."

image 33747

image 33748

image 33749

image 33750

image 33751

image 33752

image 33753

image 33754

image 33755

image 33756

image 33757

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CartLegger: 15th Jun 2009 - 01:46 GMT

your "man hole door" photo is missing a humourous reference...

Peter: 15th Jun 2009 - 13:39 GMT

awesome! i wanna go here!

noself: 24th Mar 2010 - 06:54 GMT

wow is that the interior of founders hall now? I was there in 1998 for an architecture award reception but i don't remember it being in such a deteriorated state, although the event was held on the first floor with one room as reception space and another room next to it as auditorium/sitting space. i remembered it being very beautiful and i walked up and down the floating marble stair case several times. perhaps the upper floor was never maintain as the first floor. i thought that they had received a preservation grant to restore the building, but obvious nothing had been done.

noself: 24th Mar 2010 - 06:56 GMT

actually, i'm no longer in philly, in chicago now, otherwise i would've like to take another visit there.

JimBram: 13th Jul 2010 - 18:20 GMT

As a graduate of Girard College and a practicing Alumni who visits the school and Founders Hall regularly, I can tell you that the photos above are of the very top floor of Founders Hall that hasn't been used in almost 100 years. The other three floors are in magnificent condition and look like a French palace, and are still in constant use for Dinners, Receptions and events, especially on Founder's Day, when hundreds of people tour the building. The preservation grant was used to replace the extremely large roof and repair areas near it. The building is an almost exact replica of the Parthenon, and would cost hundreds of millions to build today.

anon ( 7th Sep 2011 - 02:52 GMT

Graduated in 1969 and the man hole door is one of the many entrances's to the tunnels that go under center city phila. rumor had it that they went to city hall.

Poptop: 27th Jul 2012 - 14:59 GMT

Man Hole Door = Underground Adventure.

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from the archives

No. 1 Kitchen

The big "thumbs up" is there just in case you miss the No. 1 part... ironically, this is one of the worst of the "Ghetto Chinese" genre in the neighborhood. , , ...

No. 1 Kitchen

from the archives

Block Party

, ...

Block Party

from the archives

Silly Cow, the Exhibition

shameless plug for my exhibition, such as it is... ok here's the spec Fleapit, 49 Columbia Road, E2 7RG, Shoreditch open 28th - 8 march closed 9 - 15th open again 16th - 2 april mon closed tue 3.30 - 11pm wed 3.30 - 11pm thu-sat 11.30am - 11pm sun 9.30...

Silly Cow, the Exhibition