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Trapped Blossom

Looking up...blossom.

Trapped Blossom

Kensington's Norris Square

- serlingrod - Monday, August 24th, 2009 : goo

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My girlfriend and I moved from to a beautiful rowhouse in . Here are some pictures of our new neighborhood near Norris Square. With its high concentration of factories during the industrial revolution, was once referred to as the Workshop of the World ( and white flight occurred after World War II, much of the neighborhood has become blighted. However many sections are quite healthy, with large populations of Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics locating here in the past few decades and investing heavily in the area. There’s also been a large influx in recent years of young creative professionals who have been gentrifying the area.

image 35446

image 35442

image 35440

image 35441

image 35439

image 35443

image 35444

image 35438

image 35447

image 35448

image 35449

image 35450

image 35451

image 35452

image 35453

image 35454

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angelenesdreams: 26th Aug 2009 - 00:34 GMT

awesome collection, thanks for sharing.

@caroline815: 10th Sep 2009 - 13:17 GMT

Hey, nice pictures. One of the graffiti art pics in on my block. I just moved to Norris Square and am trying to learn about my neighborhood. Hey neighbor.

Abeni Garrett: 27th Oct 2009 - 19:50 GMT

Dude, I lived in the Greater NorthEast in the 80's and I would take a bus to the El train and the train to Center city to go to South Street.

Kensington was a primarily poor/working class white neighborhood well into the 80's and early 90's. (Middle/Upper middle Class) White flight might of hit Philadelphia in some areas in the 50's, but Kensington residents were mainly to poor to take flight anywhere.

It's good that Kensington is becoming more diverse, but please get the facts straight.

laz: 9th May 2012 - 12:15 GMT

That entire area looks absolutely horrible. MOVE!

Poptop: 27th Jul 2012 - 14:52 GMT

Coupla' nice shots..
The Garden Madonna, Berk Station guy and
the BAR front.

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from the archives

Bushwick Mural

A selection from , ...

Bushwick Mural

from the archives

Montreal June 2005 Part 3

Montreal June 2005 Part 3

from the archives

Kuujjuaq Stop Sign

Wanted: Stop sign, bilingual preferred (English-Intuttitut). Must be able to take abuse. This ad paid for by Death-Day Records.

Kuujjuaq Stop Sign